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Welcome to Plucky Knitter

Welcome to the Plucky Knitter, a family-run business dedicated to creating hand-dyed yarns in unique, one-of-a-kind artisan colors on custom luxury bases.

I started Plucky in 2007 because I could not find colors in the marketplace that captured my personal vision for beautiful hues and spectrums yet undiscovered. Thus began my journey as an indie dyer and my desire to create a truly unique product that keeps me here today.

Color is only part of the story. I discovered for color to truly sing, it must be placed on superior yarn. This led to my extensive search for the perfect luxury fibers that allowed for the ultimate combination of yarn and colorways.

Today, Plucky offers a wide range of both repeatable and limited edition colors on a variety of custom luxury bases, in multiple weights and fiber content. Our yarns are custom milled to my specifications and are available only to Plucky. In a mass produced world, Plucky yarns are exclusive and unique. Just like you.

After creating what I felt was my perfect yarn, the next search was finding just the right patterns to knit. I am proud to offer some of my own patterns along with those of other talented designers who share my passion for approachable, wearable clothing and accessories that are current, fun, engaging… and classic with a twist.

The final piece of the Plucky story is customer service. Whether you are a first-time buyer of a single skein or a long-time customer, you are part of the Plucky family and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me and the Plucky crew.

Plucky is privileged to serve customers throughout the world. I am grateful and humbled by the support and encouragement you have provided during every step of the journey. The Plucky crew and I are dedicated to providing the best possible products and service to all knitters who share our passion for color and fiber.

Warmest regards,