Whether you lived the 60s and 70s or just heard it from your parents, who doesn’t smile when they think of lava lamps, Sonny and Cher, Macramé and bell bottoms. Then there’s color. Nothing says 60’s and 70’s/hippie chic better than color. Psychedelic colors. Earth tones. Mellow yellows, oranges and limes. Explosive and vibrant colors all melting into each other.

We have taken the psychedelic 60’s & 70’s and given it a modern twist. The colors will still be lively and fun or mellow and moody on their own, but will play nicely with today’s neutrals. In fact, how about mixing some Hippie Chic with a dash of an unexpected bright, a scummy green or one of the Blues or Gray Club offerings? There are no rules. Let it be, let it be. I can feel the love!

With the Hippie Chic Club you purchase your desired quantity and base at the time of the update, and then when you receive your yarn the color is a surprise! When it is decided that the Hippie Chic Club will again be offered, you would then decide if you want to purchase another installment and do so. There is no recurring payment or commitment beyond what you manually purchase each time the yarn is offered. The main thing to remember is that you will be surprised when you see it because a picture of the colorway(s) won’t be released prior to it shipping to you.

What is it?: Hippie Chic Club – just like the Knittin’ The Blues & the Just The Grey’s club.

When: This week, Thursday, April 17th at Noon AND at 6:00 p.m. Eastern on the Plucky Blog.

Bases Available: Feet, Primo Fingering, Primo Worsted & Single

This will be fun!


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April Aqua All

It’s always a good day when we can multi-task. You know how it works. Pushing the grocery cart and texting. Or getting your hair done, a mani & a pedi … at the same time (a gal can dream!). This update (this Sunday, April 13th at 8:00 pm Eastern here on the Plucky Blog), I thought it would be fun to put one color family in the spotlight and build gradient possibilities – at the same time!

So I pulled all the Plucky aquas from our list of repeatables and have placed them into one eye popping (for the aqua lovers) line up. In addition to picking up the color(s) that speak to your love for all things aqua, this will give you the opportunity to build your own gradient with the exact number of skeins you want. For some of us, three shades of aqua will be the perfect fit for a project we have in mind. But there are others who would may not want to stop at three and have ideas for a more graduated gradient, needing at least five shades. And, just for good measure, I have carefully selected a few neutrals that work beautifully with our April Aquas. Jack of All Trades, of course, and so many others. So, here is your roadmap – where will it take you?


Please note that while the update on Sunday will feature the Plucky aqua’s, that won’t be all! Here’s a list of all the colorways and bases available.




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Happy Saturday everyone!

Your positive feedback to the Transmute update and the changes I’ve made to posting about updates and kit options have been so positive. Thank you!

As promised, Monday morning, March 31st at 10:00 a.m. in the Plucky ETSY shop there will be an Instant Gratification update, or as we call it at the studio and here in the Plucky group – an IG. This will be mostly mysteries and a smattering of onesie twosies (maybe even a few SQ’s) to spice things up a bit. There will even be some pure cashmere!

Stay tuned for details, but this time we are going to offer:

  • 8 skein MYSTERY kits, giving you the option to order your kit in Neutrals, Warms, Cools or Brights or PURE MYSTERY.
  • 3 skein fingering weight kits
  • 3 & 5 skein sport weight kits
  • Worsted, Aran & Sweater blanket kits (don’t want to make a blanket? Well, here is your ready made colorwork kit and/or hats and mitts for you and those you love)
  • Mystery Polar Opposite kits
  • Mystery Cozy sets, Lace & Single mystery
  • And who knows what else I may have up my sleeve (I’m not even entirely sure yet!).
  • Bases – Probably all of them in some way, shape or form.

Thanks for your continued support and for being so patient as we work to build the website. We hope you are finding it easy to navigate, and are enjoying the expanding Plucky colorway gallery.

Have a fantastic weekend and happy knitting/crocheting!

P.S. Please remember in the Plucky ETSY shop and as with all IG updates, these items are ready to ship!

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