Introducing Plucky Knitter’s 2017 Fall Collection: Coming Home

You’re Invited to a Very Special Update!

It seems like just yesterday. It was a hot day in June, I was standing in my kitchen over boiling pots filled with yarn, then, I blinked, and a decade went by! How did that happen?!  We’re not only celebrating Plucky’s 10th Anniversary, but, also…drum roll, please…our 2017 Fall Collection: Coming Home!

Fall has finally arrived in Michigan, and, with it, I’m so excited to share our latest collection! Coming Home will give you a glimpse into our part of the world, Western Michigan. All of the photography for the collection took place here, in and around our hometown. Our side of the state is known for its woodlands, lakes and rivers, and, at this time of year it absolutely shines! Inspiration is truly in abundance, from weathered buildings filled to the brim with character to the natural beauty of the landscapes that surround us.  We hope you are as excited for this peek into our part of the world as we are in providing you with a little tour!

Traditionally, our collections have been collaborative ones and this one is no different. Hayley provided invaluable support throughout this project, and, of course, our fellow Michigander and pal, Jill Zielinski has once again joined us in contributing designs.  In addition, this year, I am so proud to include Michele Wang as a part of the creative team!  My deepest thanks to all of you lovely ladies!

From the perfect Fall accessories, to fabulous sweaters that will become staples in your wardrobe, this collection has something for everyone!  Without further ado, we are absolutely delighted to present you with 13 new designs! So, grab your coffee, tea, or mulled cider (I’ll be having a mimosa!) and join in Coming Home with Plucky.

And, how’s this for exciting?!  There will be a blog update centered around the collection on Friday at Noon EDT, with a second part on Sunday at 8 PM EDT!

These types of updates can be especially fast moving, but, of course, we want to help as many as we can! Therefore, we will be starting a Collection NO CHAT Thread where you can post your questions, and, Hayley and I will answer. There will absolutely still be the regular Update Chatter Thread where we can talk about all things updates, this thread will just be for the Collection Update this weekend.

We have put together a smashing list of colors and bases for this special update, but, we wanted you to have time to view the collection and let us know what your wishes are! The WISHLIST Thread will be reviewed before EACH update time!

Colors Available…

Bases Available…
  • Cachet
  • Cashmere
  • Groovy
  • Groovy, Baby!
  • Nifty
  • Oxford 1.0
  • Oxford 2.0
  • Primo Fingering
  • Primo Sport
  • Primo Worsted
  • Scholar 1.0
  • Scholar 2.0
  • Snug Fingering
  • Snug Worsted
  • Sophisticate
  • Spiffy
  • Traveler
  • Traveler DK
  • Yakpaca*
Helpful Information…
1. Please join us, on the Plucky Blog, Friday, October 20th at Noon EDT and again Sunday, October 22nd at 8 pm EDT.
2. Please note, once an update begins shipping, it can take up to 4 business days for the entire update to leave the barn.  For administrative purposes, your shipping label may be generated an unspecified amount of time prior to actually leaving the barn.  This is a pre-order update and will ship the week of November  20th!
3. Scholar 1.0 and Oxford 1.0 will be discounted (but NOT discontinued) and offered at $22 per skein.
4. The colors of the month are not offered during this update.
5. *Colors: Bobbin, Going Gray, Nailhead, and Pinstripe are only available on Yakpaca.




  1. If you are new to Plucky, Welcome! We are so glad you are here!  Please take a moment to read through our FAQs, found HERE.
  2. We welcome you to join us in our Ravelry group, as we chat about the update, favorite recipes, pets and what to cast on next!
  3. If you haven’t already downloaded the Plucky Knitter app (link below), it is a great way to explore color pairings and combos that Hayley and I have put together for you.

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