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Cashmere pic 1

As the temperatures fall, my need for all things wool rises. Cowls, mitts, socks, sweaters and hats. To paraphrase Little Orphan Annie, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile AND a hat and a cowl”!
So, without further ado, please help me welcome the brand new Plucky Cashmere to our custom base line-up!

If the reception to the new cashmere at Rhinebeck last weekend is any indication, I predict that more than a few swoons will be in order when you feel this one. The new cashmere is a higher grade of fiber with a tighter twist and double the yardage in each skein. That extra yardage means less variation within each skein and greater consistency in sweater quantities. The hand and the halo of this cashmere is positively extraordinary. Your finished piece will have a beautiful soft drape while still maintaining a bit of structure thanks to the tighter twist. Each skein is 285 yards, weighing approximately 100 grams and will be $74. And, just because EVERYBODY needs a cashmere hat, we are including the pattern for ‘My Cashmere Hat’ with any order that includes cashmere today.

My Cashmere Hat

But, you didn’t think we would forget about our other Plucky bases, did you? Of course not – they are here too!

The only word of caution I would like to add is that the Cashmere is in transit and our shipping notices say it will arrive any second. We’ve been waiting sooo long for this…. and it’s arrival in the final large quantities at the studio is so close that, well, I’m just going to pull the trigger and say – here we go!!! But, I always like to build a tiny window of safety, in case of, well, anything and everything that might throw a few extra days into our schedule!

The Colorways

Please note: This update will be a pre-order, and will ship the week of November 24th.

Thank you so much for joining up tonight!

Sarah and the Plucky Crew

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It’s the ‘Knittin’ The Blues & Hippie Chic party’ – If one party is good, two is even better!

Please join us tomorrow, Wednesday, October 22nd, at 9:00 a.m. and again at 8:00 p.m., here on the Plucky Blog as we throw a double party for two of our favorite clubs. You will be able to order the newest Hippie Chic and/or Knitting The Blues Club color in the offered bases of your choice. The colors will be a surprise. The Hippie Chic color will be something that would fit perfectly into that bygone era of tie dyeing, psychedelic coffee cups and shag carpets. And, Knitting The Blues Club will be a brand new Plucky blue. As always, these two colors will be exclusive to this party!

Veruca Salt

And to kick it up a notch, we’ve invited a few of our favorite past Blues Club offerings to attend. Here is your chance to order Pack Your Bags, Bootlegger and Veruca Salt again.

Knittin The Blues USE

Bello Fingering
Primo Aran
Primo Worsted
Snug Worsted
Traveler Aran

With the both clubs you purchase your desired quantity and base at the time of the update, and then when you receive your yarn the color is a surprise. When it is decided that the clubs will again be offered, you would then decide if you want to purchase another installment and do so at that time. There is no recurring payment or commitment beyond what you manually purchase each time the yarn is offered.

Please note: As with all clubs, the yarn will ship the month end following the release of the club. This particular shipment will ship the end of November.

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We are sold out of the time being. Thank you so much for your interest in Corvina. If we can be of any help at all, please email us at We are happy to help!


We are so excited to share with you a brand new sweater from Michele Wang. Michele’s designs are always classic, timeless and gorgeous. And, Corvina is all that! From her studio in NYC, Michele has been designing knitwear for years and every one of her patterns has been a crowd pleaser. I am over the moon to share with you Mishi2x’s newest design as an exclusive Plucky kit!

Corvina is a worsted weight pullover sweater, worked in a figure flattering chevron stitch pattern, with stockinet and seed stitch detailing and +4-6” of ease. Corvina is a worsted weight pullover sweater, worked in a figure flattering chevron stitch pattern, with stockinette and seed stitch detailing and +4-6” of ease, knit flat, from the bottom up, and seamed together. As always, Michelle’s patterns are beautifully written, making them a great choice for the less experienced sweater knitter or even the first time sweater knitter!

We have selected five bases for this kit, giving you the choice of several looks for your Corvina. Bello Worsted and Primo Worsted will give your finished sweater a soft and lovely drapey feel, perfect for those times you want something light, airy and luxurious. Or, you might choose to knit yours in Sweater or Trusty if you are looking for a bit more structure. Perhaps Snug Worsted is just what you have been waiting for (that’s right, SNUG WORSTED!!!). This brand new Plucky base will give your sweater all the luxury and drape of a cashmere blend with just a wee bit more heft than Bello Worsted. Whatever base you choose, your FO is going to be lovely!!

The Colorways





Please note: This update is a pre-order and will ship the week of November 24th. And, as with other kits, Corvina is an exclusive Plucky kit and will remain as such for the next four months. The pattern PDF will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours after the update concludes.

Warmest Wishes,
Sarah and the Plucky Crew

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