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Shown in Plucky Bello. After Dark, Fondant, Milk Maid & Tiny Bubbles

I am so excited to be able to share with you the newest design from Gina House (a.k.a. SleepyEyes) and her first design for Plucky. When photos for the Camilla Shawl arrived in the studio, my mind began to race with the color and base possibilities. Knit in a single color, Camilla will be subtle yet dramatic. Or, you may want to play with multiple colors (3, 4, or even bind off with a 5th color perhaps?!), accentuating the lace. Whichever fingering base you choose, your Camilla will be gorgeous!

And what is better than debuting a new kit? How about a new kit AND a new custom Plucky base?! OXFORD is in the house and would be a fantastic choice for your Camilla Shawl.

Camilla Shawl Side use.jpg

If you choose Oxford for your Camilla, your finished shawl will be a light and lofty, blocking out a bit larger than if you knit it in one of the other fingering bases. And the juxtaposition of the more rustic (but still very luxurious – 25% cashmere after all!) spin of Oxford and the ladylike Camilla – well I just think it’s a match made in pattern/yarny heaven!

Camilla Shawl Collage.jpg

The Camilla kit will be offered on Thursday, July 24th at Noon Eastern on the Plucky Blog. Seth (good old Seth!) will set up drop down menus for all of the Plucky fingering bases (Feet, Primo Fingering, Bello, Single and Oxford) and I will be putting together the color options for him to set up as well.

Camilla Upfront side close.jpg

Pay no attention to my dyeing attire, just had to show Camilla + Oxford in all their glory – Thank you Gina for such a lovely design!

Please keep an eye on the locked color thread for kit choices and pricing and be sure to post your thoughts in the Wishlist thread. We will email you the pattern within 48 hours of your purchase of a kit.

Thank you and happy knitting everybody!

P.S. Please note: Not all color combinations will be available across every base. The kits will be chosen based on how each individual base takes color. There will be kit offerings that are available in Primo Fingering, Feet, Single & Bello only. THEN there will be kits available in all bases, INCLUDING Oxford. They will be marked accordingly.

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Do the summer months have a hump day? A hump week? This morning I was checking a few dates on my calendar and I was shocked to see that we are already half way through the summer. I don’t know if this realization makes me sad that the warmest months are ticking away or thrilled because we are that much closer to real sweater (and boot!) weather!

This summer has been filled with planning new bases, working with designers, exploring and developing new colorways (yet to be unveiled!) and fine-tuning the workings within the new/old barn. We are tweaking the traffic flow, from dyeing to drying, and all the way through shipping your yarn to your front door. And, this careful examination has shown us that we needed to revert to the good ole’ US Postal Service for better delivery on many of your orders. While the larger orders will still ship via UPS the smaller orders (and please bear with us, Seth is still working on the grand plan) have begun to be shipped via the Post Office (without the stop over for Smart Post) which is why you are getting those packages faster. Win win I say!

photo 2.JPG
I spy some Oxford, Scholar, Snug, Bello Worsted, the new cotton/merino blend and….. I don’t want to give anything away, but in the swatch stack there are a couple of BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW BASES!!!

Just for fun, here is a photo of how I have been spending some of my at home after hours time this week. I have become a swatching fanatic. I decided that I needed to build a library of swatches on various needle sizes, block them, label them and fondle them! Now, when I am thinking about how I want to wear a sweater, a wrap, a hat, or any other knitted item, I can reach into my swatch library and feel the fabric. I cannot even begin to tell you how relaxing and rewarding swatching has become for me. Mashed potato knitting indeed.


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Sold out for the time being. Thank you!

An Exclusive Sweater Kit
from Fiona Ellis & The Plucky Knitter

collageIt’s time to wear (and knit) your heart on your sleeve!

A gorgeous cardigan, designed by Fiona Ellis, that tells a love story using Celtic knots and entwined hearts. It is perfect for showing your softer side. This sweater is a stunner that pairs beautifully with super casual jeans and a tee, but works just as well dressed up (think pencil skirt and heels!). The entwined heart pattern runs up the sleeves and is a feature on the upper back. The fronts have a smaller partial pattern flanking the center front opening and running around the V-neck. Our finished samples were a huge hit at the Plucky Shindig, being tried on by many different body shapes, all agreeing that the fit was flattering and fabulous. I’ll bet there are some Plucksters out there just itching for a HOYS KAL!

This pattern is written for a sport weight yarn and you will be able to choose between Primo Sport or Traveler Sport. Both bases will be offered as a Sweater Quantity kit for your size, in a range of colors, with or without the pattern. Please look at the drop down menu choices so that if you have already purchased the pattern, you will not be charged a second time.

You may remember that this gorgeous pattern was offered during the Shindig as a special pre-kit release purchase. So, if you were a savvy shopper and already own the pattern, you will not have to buy it a second time. Please look at the drop down menu choices and you will find sweater quantity kits for your size, in a range of colors, with or without the pattern.

The Colorways

price chart
*Yardage info shown above is for the actual yardage of yarn you will receive based on the number of skeins in the kit.*

All prices shown in USD, include yarn and the exclusive HYOS sweater pattern. If the option you select includes the purchase of the pattern, please note that the pattern PDF will be emailed to kit purchasers within 24-48 hours after the update has completed to the email associated with the PayPal account used to complete your purchase. Yarn for the kits will ship the week of August 11th, 2014.

We hope you enjoy knitting and wearing your Heart On Your Sleeve.

Sarah and the Plucky Team

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