8 baby hats ~ one down, 7 to go

Received a call from some close friends of ours last night and it seems we have a bit of a baby boom going on in these parts. That makes 8 new and/or soon to arrive babies. So, I am getting busy with the hats!


Pattern: Cotton Stria Stripe hat from Itty Bitty Hats

Yarn: Manos Cotton Stria (various girlie colors)

Needles: Two size 6 circulars

Modifications: Made mine just a bit shorter than the pattern calls for.

Would I make this again? You bet! Super cute, fun and quick. Took all of about 3 hours on and off to make. So cute, I had to add another pic. Next up – a boy version


I know this is a knitting blog, but I thought I would share~

You know when you have to bring a treat or dish to pass somewhere and you need something quick, easy and delicious (if it’s pretty that doesn’t hurt either)? This is the ticket. I make this all the time – kids and adults all love it. It’s sweet, but not too sweet.

Easy Peasy Lemon Poppyseed Bread ~


350 degree oven –
1 box lemon cake mix (Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, etc.)
1 box Royal brand Toasted Coconut Pudding
3 tablespoons poppy seeds
½ cup oil
4 eggs
1 cup hot water

Combine all ingredients (add water last after everything else has been added and blended) and pour in prepared loaf pan – makes two loaves in smaller loaf pans or one larger loaf pan like this one – I got mine at Williams Sonoma. Also, I have made mini individual bundt cakes with the Williams Sonoma mini bundt pans. So cute!


Bake for 35 minutes until tester comes out clean.

Sometimes I put a glaze on it ~
2 tbps confectioners sugar
Lemon juice
Blend until drizzle consistency. Or, you can dust with powdered sugar.

People LOVE this. So moist… If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Need a kick in the pants~

Ever have those times when you are bit more taken with yarn, knitting books and blogs as opposed to actual knitting? I think I am having one of “those” times. Real question is – how do you get in gear so to speak?

Do you just keeping plugging along until you get your zing back? Do you tackle a project that you never would normally, or think is out of your reach? Perhaps join a KAL or Secret Exchange – that sounds fun….

Don’t let my angst fool you, I am in no danger of not knitting (can’t imagine my life without it!) – just a bit aimless at the moment.

However, I think I must start this ~ from Wendy at Knit and Tonic

That kicky little sweater plus some new sock yarn might just be the ticket! But if any of you wise knitters out there have a cure for what ails me, let me know.

So much sock yarn, so little time~




Just look at that loveliness! Is that not just the most capitavting sight? Sock yarn…. love sock yarn. The possibilities are endless. Let’s see:

  • Socks, duh
  • Scarf – some of this is most certainly going to become a chevron stitch scarf (imagine the stripey goodness)
  • Hand Warmers for daughter
  • Baby socks
  • Baby hat
  • Not sure what else, but I will think of something. And, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

First, Twisted Fiber Art purchased from the delightful Cam at The Urban Knit in the signature TUK colorway – chocolate brown, turquoise and pinks. Organic striping yarn and 500 yards!!! Seriously, go see Cam and her great store, you will be thrilled. And the fun blue and green striped yarn is from The Fiber Denn – it is just swell!



What’s that you say? Why yes, that is an obnoxious, yet blissful amount of Vesper sock yarn (that Julia is just a doll!)- however, in my defense, it is not all mine. Some of it is hers (see sister-in-law below on left)…. Taught S to knit a little over a year ago and she is nuts about it. Crazy as I am – love it! A freakish amount of stalking of her website and, basically, begging went into this purchase and S and I are over the moon estatic with this yarn! What colors you may ask? Knit and Tonic, Muddy Waters, Neopolitan, Love Stinks, Aquamelon, SweetWater and Strange Little Mama…..

Ok, it appears we ordered one too many Neopolitan and one too many Knit and Tonic and Sweetwater… not a bad problem to have (too much yarn) but I feel badly knowing there are others out there wanting some Vesper. If you are interested in any of those colorways, let me know and I can send you a paypal invoice for the actual cost of the yarn plus nominal shipping.


Mr. Plucky again

I’m getting mixed signals here.

Mary F. says “get some woolies at J. Crew” and Yarnophiliac asks if I plan to learn how to knit socks.

Mrs. Plucky says these are my choices of sock yarn colors-

  • Breakfast at Tiffanys
  • Peony
  • Fondant
  • Cookie
  • Neopolitan
  • Cherry Cordial

Not a very manly selection. Maybe I will learn if she ever gets some sock yarn that is, let’s say, black. I guess it’s Target for me tomorrow – grab some socks while she’s not looking.

And besides, I can never find the right sticks (is that what you call them?)

Mr. Plucky here..

I have holes – in my socks.

Mrs. Plucky won’t buy me any socks because she says she can knit them (which I hope is true, because you should see all her sock yarn). I ask “when can I expect a pair?” And I get this reply – “Oh, sometime this fall…”

So I have to ask, just how long does it take you to knit a pair of mens socks?

Comments and insight would be helpful. My toes are cold.