Scenes from a cottage garden ~

Because it’s not all dyeing all the time around here –  I thought I would share some pictures of some of the lovely plants that Mr. Plucky planted for us this spring – it seems they are all going crazy in just the past couple days (especially the basil – thanks for all the great recommendations, by the way!).

132.JPG  Hibiscus –

136.JPG  I have no idea what this is, I just like it. Mr. Plucky planted them – aren’t they cute?

1381.JPG  Uh… not sure.

1391.JPG  Nope, no clue…..

Ok, I have to admit – it’s a wee bit embarassing how much I don’t know about what is in my garden.  But, that sure doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it! So if any of you happen to be an  amateur or professional horticulturist and  know the name of my plants, I would be very interested to know. If not, that’s ok too, just  do what I do and  enjoy the pretty flowers.

A Line of Plucky Girl Yarns ~

As you may or may not have surmised from previous posts related to my Plucky girl, she’s is a bit artsy/quirky. Her artsy talents are definitely the strongest in photography and music. When she saw all the yarn laying about the house, she quickly picked up a few of her favorites and wanted to name them. So, I present to you the Plucky Girl line of yarn (dyed by me, named by S). Now if I could just get her to re-skein some yarn for me!

jungle-love.jpg  Jungle Love by Steve Miller Band – 100% Merino Fingering

garden-grove.jpg  Garden Grove, Sublime – 100% Merino Lace Weight (shades of peach, faded tangerine and orange)

mr-brown.jpg  Mr. Brown, by Bob Marley – 100% Merino Fingering (Kettle Dyed) various shades of brown, pale  sage and cream.

trenchcoat-rock-3.jpg  Trench  Town Rock, Bob Marley (her fave)  – 100% Merino Fingering. Shades of vibrant teal with subtle variations of sea green. Very caribbean and fun.

 lucy-in-the-sky-w-diamonds-4.jpg  Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – 100% Merino Lace Weight – Yes, Plucky girl knows this song wasn’t on this LP, but on the Sgt. Pepper LP – but she didn’t want to get that out of her record frame for the photo. I assured her this would work just fine (she’s a stickler for this sort of thing). Shades of blue, silver grey, cream and denim blue.

Ok, I named the next one – I couldn’t help myself.

tsarinas-boudoir.jpg  Tsarina’s Boudoir – 100% Merino Fingering – Various shades of mauve, pale lilac and silvery grey. Oh so subtle and pretty.

While I wan winding this one, all I kept thinking about was Tsarina Alexandra’s Mauve Boudoir. Odd inspiration, I know, but there you have it – that’s what I see when I look at this yarn.

scarletts-red-dress-2.jpg  Scarlett’s Red Dress – 100% Merino Lace Weight   – Remember in GWTW when Scarlett shows up at Ashley and Melanie’s (Melanie is dying)  house in “the” red dress? Oh.The.Scandal. Well, this just screams that dress. Deep, dark, blistering red and crimson. So dark and lovely.

***Edited to Add*** This was actually the dress Scarlett wore to Ashley’s birthday party. Oy. I am off my game the last couple days!   It was a scandal because the   whole town thought they had been caught in an  scandalous embrace – when   it was actually a “good-bye hug” as Scarlett finally accepted that  Ashley really did love Melanie.   Scarlett wanted to skip the party, but   Rhett made her go, wearing that dress. Thanks Karen!! There is someone out there that is just as (or more) obsessed with GWTW than me!

Lest you think I no longer knit, that is so not the case (In fact, I am missing the needles very much today. But, while skeining up the yarn  I have been day dreaming about  what to put up in my knit que on Ravelry).  Just trying to get as much dyeing in as I can before Thursday when I head back to the day job.

What I did on my summer vacation ~

Just a couple of peeks at what has been cooking around here:

audreys-lace-soaking.jpg  Audrey’s Lace – Soaking……

green-merino-silk.jpg  Basil Bliss…… It’s approx 1,400 yards of 50% merino 50% silk – too lovely to believe. Various shades of vibrant moss, sage and faded greens. This would make a gorgeous shawl/wrap. This will show up on etsy later tonight or tomorrow.

1311.JPG  Speaking of basil – what should I do with all of this? I have three basil plants that are going crazy. It is such a shame to let it all go to waste. Let’s just say there is enough to keep me in caprese salads for the next year. All you talented and clever ladies (and any fellas out there) must know what to do with a bumper crop of basil. Maybe you know of ways to preserve it for the winter months, any recipes to use now?

raspberry-kiss-merino-silk.jpg  Raspberry Kiss  -More 50/50 merino silk lace – 1,050 yards of laceweight.

Then, this came in the mail today…. a little yarny goodness from Hello Yarn and the Yarntini Sock Club – boy these ladies are talented!!!

maisy-day-handspun.jpg  Yarrow – Hand Dyed & Hand Spun

122.JPG  Mint Mojito – Verigated

It’s About Time ~


I  strive to  be a person that keeps my word – so I am happy to say that I  have begun knitting two socks at a time – but instead of two circs – it’s Magic Loop. I’ve always been a sock on two circs gal, but this weekend I learned two at a time with ML – I LOVE it. Well, perhaps, I am more in love with the idea of having a pair of socks (and loving the idea of not being ridiculed by friends and family any  longer over all the mis-matched knit socks that currently occupy space at the Plucky House). Warning: It can be a bit wonky at first, but stick with it – you will be glad you did. (I’ll post pics of the progress later….proof is in the pudding, as they say).

In other news….it has begun anew. Dyeing that is. Tomorrow and Tuesday (have a couple days off from my regular job) will be occupied with dyeing, dyeing up a storm for a little project I’m working on. Also, in addition to the Loopy order, there will be an update at the etsy shop too. Some of my colorways will be repeated and I will be unveiling some new colorways.

Then, in completely non-related knitting and dyeing news… I have been bawling my eyes out tonight because of this. Cried like a  baby.  

So, where were you  when you heard the news? Me?  We had been shopping for my sister’s wedding dress and stopped at a restaurant afterwards –  CNN was on at the bar  and I read that she had  been in accident. Of course, they didn’t have sound on  the T.V.  but I begged, pleaded and, finally, badgered the bartender and he gave me the remote so I could turn up the volume and hear what was going on. That got everyone’s attention and soon a crown gathered and we watched it all unfold. I am such a nerd…… Should have seen me when JFK, Jr. died. Oy.

10mar2007-030.jpg  Because when I don’t have a specific picture for the post I just put up a picture of Sam….what a face….