Itty Bitty Cuteness ~

  Simple hat pattern from Itty Bitty Hats – yarn, chunky cashmere from Posh Yarn. Knit for a very special little guy who’s arrival is imminent.

Believe  everything you have heard….. Susan has  done it again. Her new book Itty Bitty Nursery is darling. I don’t even know where to begin, there are so many things I want to knit out of there. Of course, the cupcake set, the bebe door hang-y thing and don’t even get me started on the peas and carrot pillows and the wipes/tissue cover. Run…. run and get yourself a copy (I was so excited to find one at Barnes and Noble on Friday, as I didn’t think the book had been released yet).

What else has been going on? Dyeing, of course. Look for these and others to show up in etsy later today.

 Walk In The Woods – BFL Superwash


That’s Rich – BFL Superwash


Pear – Merino Superwash

 Gingerbread – Merino Lace Weight

photo-289.jpg  And Plucky Girl was busy this weekend too….. Hanging out (not to be confused with babysitting…. her favorite 11 year old triplets). C,K & D. Here she an K are hamming it up for the camera. They had a ball.


Bottom of the Barrel ~

Small etsy update. I am officially out of sportweight (those cute booties with the fun buttons from the other day….   knit in the sport weight)  base yarn at the moment. But, I will be getting more in very soon.

Anyway, it’s raining and nasty outside – so I thought I would do a small update. Enjoy.

pemberley-dress-bfl.jpg  Pemberley Dress – BFL Suri Alpaca

wuthering-heights-sport.jpg  Wuthering Heights – Sport Weight

blueberry-queen.jpg  Blueberry Queen – Merino Superwash Fingering Weight

New Yarn ~

Because I have been under the weather the dyeing has taken a bit of a back seat (still a smidge was done this weekend, but back seat nonetheless). This weekend, combined with skeins I have been saving…. well it’s beginning to take over the house. Thus, a small update.

grab-bag.jpg  Piper – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca (one skein left)

 Harvest Moon – Merino Wool Fingering Weight

 Faded Grandeur – BFL Superwash


Grass Is Greener – BFL Superwash

resolute.jpg  Resolute – Merino Wool Superwash Fingering Weight

 Clippers – 80/20 Merino Cashmere

This and more can be found in the shop.

Is it just me ~

Or is everyone having a problem with WordPress being woefully slow to load and use?

Buttons, Booties & Baby Socks Too ~

Meadow  made the Baby Ribs socks –  made with the 100% merino superwash fingering weight yarn.  Thank you so much Meadow, they are just perfect!  

And then Amanda  decided to surprise me and knit these.


100% Merino sportweight – superwash

She even saved the fun part for me and sent them without the buttons – which is great as I have three big jars of vintage buttons that I purchased off eBay last year that are just begging to be used. So when these showed up in the mail today, I immediately dumped my buttons out and just happend to have four of those little beauties. Couldn’t be more perfect if we planned it that way.

These booties are so darling – I am thrilled that Jodi is knitting some for me to. Different color  + yarn = completely different look.

Etsy update tomorrow.

I Blame The Tylenol ~

and all the other cold meds I have been existing on the last 4 days – I can’t hear, smell, taste or sleep. But, apparently I think I can sew? Must really be sick…..


Tana Lawn – Liberty of London. Since I cannot sew, and am not in a position to learn anytime soon (much as I would like to), perhaps I will make these. Until then I am completely content to admire this  kicky fabric.

 This may be the beginning of a fascination with peacocks  (personally, I think J. Crew does amazing things with their fabrics and prints and it was on sale – bonus!).    You do realize that this will become a colorway for some yarn, right?

Speaking of yarn….. The test knits are starting to arrive!


Fingerless gloves knit by the ever so helpful and kind  Maleana. I can’t thank her enough. They are perfect!


Based on  the fingerless glove pattern by Wendy at Knit and Tonic.  Yarn – Plucky Knitter single ply 100% Merino fingering weight – Revolution colorway.

I am over the top excited to see the rest of the test knits coming along – you are all doing just fabulous and I can’t thank you enough. You can be sure I will be posting about each and everyone as they arrive.

And, since it is either try to sleep (which is almost impossible, thus the overwhelming exhaustion and  the somewhat mis-guided  purchase of fabric)  or sit here and, well, sit – I have been knitting away on Juliet. Plucky girl has already claimed her and picked out the buttons. Pictures to come.

***Edited to add*** Fingerless glove pics taken by Plucky girl – she wants it known that this is not her best work, but she took them nonetheless.

This Is The Way To Re-skein The Yarn ~


The house has been covered in yarn for weeks and weeks ….. yarn that has been dyed and  in  need of re-skeining.   Apparently  Mr. Plucky  is wanting to use his telescope (forcast says the sky will be clear tonight) and therefore took it upon himself to  get the re-skeining  done (see, there is a method to my madness).  I came out into the living room this morning to this scene:


The postman brought some  treats today…..


Satchel purchased from DrikaB. Wow. The craftsmanship on this bag….. very impressive.


Thaki Bunny  to make Juliet.  How cute is  this?

Small etsy update later today.

Happy Saturday.

My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Stomach ~

Can that saying apply to knitting too?

habu-haul-21.jpg  Habu Textiles Kushu Kushu merino and silk stainless scarf kit – I will include the pattern for you.  Color 21 (the stainless steel – deep burgundy/cranberry color) and then the merino is the charcoal grey.  (Back, far right of photo).   $22.00 SOLD

1sep-002.jpg  Yarn Pirate Booty Club – Calamity 420 Yards BFL – $25

1sep-006.jpg  Yarntini Sportweight – Chocolatini Self-Striping – $23   SOLD

1sep-004.jpg  Yarn Pirate – Karma – $23 SOLD

yarns-011.jpg  Sweet Georgia   Superwash Sock 100% Merino  – Avenue $23 SOLD

1sep-011.jpg  Sweet Georgia Super Sock – Omakase 1 – $23 SOLD

yarns-013.jpg  Koigu – $20 SOLD

yarns-003.jpg  Scout’s Swag – Tencel superwash – Cookie – $22

1sep-005.jpg  Queensland Collection – Uruguay Chunky – Color 109 (deep burgundy)  Dye lot 359 – 5 skeins for $25

If you are interested in any of the items I have listed for destashing, please email me and I will send you an invoice.

And, in other exciting news – I can’t believe it, but we are closing in (very fast) on the 1000th comment on The Plucky Knitter. You must know by now how I love to give things away…… so, when you least expect it – the person who  leaves the  1000th comment will get a surprise.

Oh, and the test knits are coming together….. how cute is this?

They’re here! Anna’s Socks & Achillea ~

Kirsten, I love the color of your door!

door-anna.JPG  Anna’s Socks~   Kirsten named this sock after her grandmother Anna. The stitch pattern reminded her of the tufted back on her large, cobalt blue couch. Can’t you just picture that lovely sofa?  Anna’s socks are knit on two circular needles from the top down. The easily memorized stitch pattern ends in a  point at the top of the foot. How unique!

Anna’s Socks  ~  Design by Kirsten for The Plucky Knitter

Yarn:  Plucky Knitter 80/20 Merino/ Cashmere
Color:   Tiffany’s

Pattern Price: $5.50


achillea-door.JPG  Achillea ~ Because I cannot say it any better – to quote Kirsten: “I was struggling to think of a name for this sock, until Teresa commented on last week’s post.   She said of this sock, “It kind of reminds me of a yarrow stalk with all it’s leaves.”   This awoke the gardener in me.   You see, the botanical name for yarrow is “Achillea”.   It is named for Achilles of Greek myth; magnificent warrior, hero of Troy.   I’m sure you’ve all heard the story, his only vulnerability was his heel, and this eventually led to his demise.   I thought this would be the perfect name for a sock.   And so, Achillea it is, the flower or the hero, your choice.”

Perfect choice Kirsten – just perfect!

Achillea Design by Kirsten for The Plucky Knitter

Yarn:   Plucky Knitter Single Ply Merino
Color:   Dragonfly

Pattern Price: $5.50

Both patterns are available for purchase here at The Plucky Knitter or at Through The Loops. As soon as I get the paypal button issue sorted out I will have that posted here for ease of purchase. Until then, please contact me and I can invoice you and upon payment  send you the PDF file.  

I Thought I Smelled Something Funny ~

etsy-listings-017.JPG  Taken just after I put out the flames (because I thought the Mr. Plucky would frown upon me looking for my camera prior to putting out the fire). FYI~ Latex gloves and plastic pitcher cover on top of ceramic spoon rest = very flammable.

 Yes, those are Mt. Palomar Oberservatorysalt n pepper shakers. I have my yarn, he has his astro, space geek  stuff. Boy, I really liked that spoon rest too.

And no, my stove is not usually this messy…. that is soot you see. It seems I turned the wrong burner on, walked away (ok, got distracted by some yarn) and then there was the smell, closely followed by the billowing smoke coming from the kitchen, then the flames. Oh. The. Flames. Not sure, but I may need to pick out a new color to paint my kitchen.

charade-w-wonky-toe.jpg  A finished Charade sock. There has been a bit of knitting here, not much, but enough to finish my sock and start a hat for Plucky girl…she has been waiting very patiently.

Extreme Makeover  – TPK edition:

tpk-makeover.jpg           bt-lamp-2.jpg  Lighting sale at Pier 1  and Boston Terrier picture from here.

Well, not that extreme, but new lighting and a bit of organization. Stacey has the best lighting. Granted, mine isn’t even remotely as kicky as hers, but I am still embarrassingly excited about  the new  teal drum lamp and olive lamp.

Thanks for all your nice comments about the recent update. Have more to add, so check back often – I got really dye crazy. So this next batch that will be posted is really fun.

A small update ~

cruella.jpg  Cruella – 100% Merino fingering weight

grandpas-cardigan-lace.jpg  Grandpas Cardigan – 100% Merino lace weight

ooh-la-la.jpg  Ooh La La – 100% Merino fingering weight

fever.jpg  Fever – 100% Merino fingering weight

vivis-dress.jpg  Vivi’s Dress – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca

crimson-sage-grey-cream.jpg  Dingbat – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca fingering weight

lake-oliver.jpg  Lake Oliver – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca fingering weight

color-tour.jpg  Color Tour – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca fingering weight  

Just a helpful hint (as it has been pointed out to me several times), but the fingering weight… don’t just think of that for socks. It is also great, in fact, it’s fabulous, for lace weight projects, hats, baby sweaters, mitten, and on and on.