An Update ~


Derby – Sport Weight Superwash Merino


Lady In Waiting – Fingering Weight Merino


Sloane – Merino Fingering Weight

Grace – Merino Wool Superwash Fingering Weight

These and lots more updated in the shop tonight.

 Thank you!

A Plucky Sale ~

Thought  I would let you know that I am having a little sale over at the shop today  – select skeins on sale and a few new skeins listed. To make it the shopping  easy, I put all skeins in a Sale section. Thanks for looking! Yep, time to clear the shop out a bit, as I am expecting new yarns over the next couple weeks, including a new base yarn – 80% merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon – super squishy, lovely twist and durable. Really think you will like it!

And, just because Sam hasn’t been posted in a while and I didn’t want a pictureless post.

A New Toy & A Mailing List ~

Yep, I was serious  about the camera. I  adore  Amazon – not only are they super fast, but they have a fabulous selection and great prices. What’s not to love?  


What’s that on my head you ask? Why that is the beret! Can you believe it? I knit something!

And, because I promised to show more pictures of the test knits (and I wanted to  test out the new camera… are a few more pics of test  knits they had yet to make their appearance….).  

Mad Color Weave by Mai – Yes, you’ve seen these before, but here they are modeled on my feet – See Mai…. they fit!

Knit by  Anna, Anna of the Flying Fingers fame. Please see Anna’s post for lovely modeled shots, but I couldn’t resist playing with the macro setting. It’s the Diamond Fantasy Shawl – so pretty!

And then we have the Easy Flame Lace scarf knit by Rachel  and the Opera Scarf knit by Nicole. Thank you ladies!

And, one more FO for Plucky Girl (took one Grey’s episode and 1/2 an ER). Just your basic drop stitch scarf with fringe. Yarn by FeltStudioUK – Retro colorway.

Recently I have had quite a lot of people ask if I had a mailing list to notify of shop updates. If you are interested in having your name added to  my mailing list, please leave me a comment to that affect and I will add you to the list that I will be making up this weekend. Please rest assured I will keep your information strictly confidential.

Stash Enhancement and Stockinette ~

So you’ve just finished a huge project. Finally have some time to sit, think, relax. What is the first thing you do? Well, the first thing I did was, well, buy yarn. Seriously, couldn’t help myself. Now I have to get to knitting. And because dark olive green stockinette is hard to photograph and, well, a little dull to look at until it is finished, I will spare you from an inprogress shot of the beret. We’ll just wait for a modeled shot when it’s finished, ok?  


And, because it’s been a while since I’ve posted a picture of S (How cute are they? Plucky Girl and her friends) I thought I would share this picture.

This is what she was up to while I was at the open house. I would have taken her to help…. but she had other ideas. You know how it is…..  weddings  to attend, friends to visit, dancing….. just love her new dress. And check out those bangs (yep, cut them myself).

A First ~

My very first  pair of hand knit socks that fit perfectly! And  I did not knit these beauties. The super helpful and talented Mai did (Just one of the many that answered the call for test knitters).

 100%  Merino wool fingering weight

As soon as I can get a picture of them on my own little (ok, big, feet) I will post. Oh. They are divine!

And, small etsy update.

 Doyene – Merino Fingering

 Iris – Merino Fingering


Persian Rug – BFL Superwash

Fall Splendor – BFL Superwash

These and several more in the shop.

Test Knits – Part Two & A Neck Warmer ~

More test knits have arrived…… Jodi made me the cutest set – booties and a vine lace baby hat to match! But, I can’t show it to you yet, as I have not had a chance to put the buttons on, hopefully Saturday, and then pictures. Oh. The cuteness!

Then Macoco  was sweet enough to test knit some cashmere lace weight for me and make a neck warmer/cowl.

cowl.jpg  Used her pic – couldn’t resist her lovely photo shoot.

And then the Chevron….. Thank you MLE! She used the BFL Suri Alpaca yarn in Vivi’s Dress and the Merino Fingering weight in Kicky.

Thank you so much ladies – and there are still more to come – how exciting! I could not have done all this, no way no how, without your help!

Now, the season for hand knit accessories is upon us.

Maisy Day handspun….. think this will become some sort of easey peasey, uber basic scarf. This yarn can totally stand on its own.

Got a smidge of gift knitting done this week – a little something to keep Tracy’s neck warm this winter. Knit with FeltStudioUK handspun in the color Joy.


Exceedingly fast knit – took well under 2 hours.

  • Needles: US 11 20″ circular
  • Cast on 76 sts
  • Pattern based on Charade


****Free shipping on all etsy orders through midnight tonight****

Endurance & A Reconnaissance Mission ~


Macoco read the meme post of  early this morning  and remarked on my favorite character trait (which is so hard to narrow down as there are quite few character traits that I consider “must haves” but lately endurance is really resonating with me) Anyway, she  sent this – and I loved it:

Endurance according to  a song that Fred  and Ginger sang in Swing Time.
Nothing’s impossible, I have found.
For when my chin is on the ground,
I pick myself up, dust myself off,
Start all over again.

Don’t lose your confidence if you slip.
Be grateful for a pleasant trip,
And pick yourself up; dust yourself off;
Start all over again.


Words to live by, I think.

Big plans for the weekend – headed to the Leland Fiber Festival. A reconnaissance mission if you will. Thinking of being a vendor next year – exiting times, I tell you!

Small etsy update took place while you were sleeping…… Unveiling a very limited supply of worsted weight.


Go With The Flow


Mulled Cider


Mrs. Bennet’s Drawing Room


Aubergine superwash merino

These and more have been listed in the shop.

Sock Cube & Socktoberfest ~


My new favorite project bag – the cube. From here. What a perfect size and so well made!    

What’s that poking out of the bag? Why that is the first sock of Socktoberfest. You heard it hear –  I have a goal for one pair of adult socks, a pair of baby socks and baby booties (those count for socks, right?).   Pattern from Knitting Pure & Simple  – this is the mashed potatoes of sock knitting, comfort food if you will. Completely mindless and perfect. Yarn is my superwash merino wool in sportweight. Talk about speedy. Might even be able to get two pair of these done in Socktober (but don’t quote me on that). What are your goals for Socktoberfest?

Now I leave you with a silly picture of my two fellas – boy, that Sam is persistent….. won’t take no for an answer. “Walk me, play with me……I’m going to sit here and breathe in your ear until you pay attention to me.”