A Contest ~

Plucky girl doing her very best Vanna White imperssonation.

What familiar objects do these ancient  Roman symbols represent? Extra credit if you can tell me where this column is located.  

All correct entries will be entered into the random number  generator  and a winner chosen. What does the winner get? Why a skein of my brand spanking new merino/cashmere fingering weight yarn, of course!

**Edited to add:   Contest will be open until midnight EST Wednesday evening, November 21.**

**Edited to add #2: Please feel free to leave your message in the comments – I won’t post the correct answers/comments until the contest is finished.** Thanks!

Knitting Drama in the Twin Cities ~

Off white hat “Le Gretel”  a hybrid of these two kicky patterns. However, I so should have listened to that voice – you know the one…. “this isn’t right, it’s not going to turn out the way you want, it has to be perfect because it is for two of your most favorite people ever….. get it right” and on and on.

Gretel (as written) while lovely, was making my head hurt. Why? Well, for starters I didn’t have a cable needle with me. What’s the problem? Easy enough to fix, right?  Either use another circular or, better yet, learn to cable without a cable needle. Well, in theory it was a great idea, but I was also hoping for a knit that didn’t require too much concentration, I was on vacation, afterall. And Plucky hubby’s good nature was being put to the test by all my shhhh’ing and counting.

So, I thought I would get creative and combine all the great parts of Gretel with the snazziness that is Le’Slouch. Turns out I should not have gone with the moss stitch. The decreases – ick – I just couldn’t make them look right. (It really is a lovely, fun pattern though – think I will definitely have to make this in stockinette).

Then I remembered this pattern. Said to myself – “Don’t you dare start another hat with the yarn for M & B – use some other yarn and make a test hat.” So, that is where my extra skein of Malabrigo Graphite  Blue came into play. Good thinking, right?  But, wouldn’t you know it – gauge – waaaaayyyy off (yes, should have made a swatch). To the tune of I can’t get it on my head. At.All. Yet I kept knitting and by the time we reached Minneapolis I just couldn’t deny it any longer. Either I stop, rip and reknit or keep going and  give it to Sophia (and, while  she would look adorable in it,  I  really don’t think is quite what her Mum had in mind when she mentioned Sophia needed a new hat. See, Miss Sophia is only 11 months old and I think Mum was thinking more color). So, rip it I shall.

I’m thinking though that this is a great pattern with  nice detail without being to fiddly and will be lovely in the off white yarn. Just need to go up a needle size on the ribbing and on the body of the hat. What do you think M? B? Do you like this pattern?

Here’s hoping that works. The girls need their hats – it’s going to be cold Up North this weekend!


There was other knitting done. Knitting that turned out well and was even color coordinated with our surroundings. Yarntini Pumpkin Spice self striping, uber basic sock. Much further along that this picture shows (yes, that is the yarn I was making the Dublin Bay socks out of, but I ripped it and I am so glad I did because these are fitting perfectly).

And, because I am still in vacation mode – here are a few more pictures of our trip.

I leave you now with my favorite pictures from the trip. Beatnik B & S

Up tomorrow – A contest!!!

“Nice Toes” ~

We went to the  Grand Canyon today – what a picture perfect day. Decided to take a hike down Bright Angel Trail…. but, wouldn’t you know it, I forgot my shoes.

Started the hike looking like this……

encountered some cowboys and pack mules (they were so cute – the mules, that is). Apparently my flip flop clad feet stuck out like a sore thumb on the trail, cause even the cowboy’s noticed and commented – “Nice toes” – I swear I saw him shake his head at me.

Ended the hike looking like this. But it was so worth it…..

Scenes from the trail:

Yes, that is my knitting project bag attached to the camera bag – never know when you might have an extra minute or two to work on the project….

Spindelicious Handspun, “A Little Night Music”  – Basic Handwarmers (my own pattern, if you want to call it that) for Plucky girl.

Coming up next – Le’ Gretel.

Well, it’s offical ~

I’ve arrived. At least that is what it feels like. Jess  (a.k.a. Bob’s Mom and co-founder extraordinaire of Ravelry) chose me to be one of the featured yarnies for the month of November. What a thrill. Thank you so much Jess.

Because I am so happy about this, all Plucky Yarn purchases from now until Friday will be an additional 10% off (just mention Ravelry in the memo portion of your transaction). Thank you! Thank you!  


An Update ~

Netherfield – BFL Superwash

Peppermint Patty – Merino Wool Fingering Weight

Tilley – Merino Wool Superwash Fingering Weight

Old Oak Tree – Merino Wool Superwash Sport Weight

These and lots more…. Thank you so much for looking!

Patience Is A Virtue ~

That I do not possess today.

Up for grabs are two skeins of lace weight that are a smidge tangled, but with some tlc and perseverance they will be just fine. Yours for the asking. If you would like one or both, please contact me – they are yours!


Blue Belle – Merino Wool Lace Weight


Miss Ellen’s Corals – Merino Wool Lace Weight

I feel so, I don’t know, responsible….

and like an official, grown-up knitter. Just knit my very first swatch (ahem, we will not mention the knitting of the BSA Cropped Caridgan last year  – suffice it to say it  was a painful experience and I did not swatch. Lesson learned.).

Even blocked  the swatch  too. Now if I could just figure out how to read it. As near as I can tell I am getting 22 sts per 4″ (pre-blocking it was 23″ish) which is just what the pattern calls for. Row gauge, I have no idea – I thinkI’m a little over on the row gauge.

So, next question…. I fall between the small and medium size (and the sweater looks to have a bit of ease) so what size to knit? Cast on for small and then add a couple extra increases for the bust? Cast on for medium and hope for the best? Really, I think I may have to sleep on it. Big decision.   I would happily welcome any and all advice.


Malabrigo Worsted Graphite Blue (one of their new solid colorways)

Proof positive – T.H.E. Swatch.

I want to – no, I must, knit Flair. Yes, I’ve mentioned it before, but this time I am dead serious. Thus the swatching. Thus the purchase of 6 skeins of Malabrigo (don’t actually need all 6 skeins for the sweater – just wanted to be sure I had some left over to knit something else out of this yarn – in my humble opinion – the very best blue ever).

And, how cute is this? Jenn (aspinningjenny…..crafty scientist and knitter extraordinaire who works with Plucky hubby) was so kind as to knit a Baby Surprise Jacket out of a skein of the merino fingering weight as a test knit for me. Thank you so much Jenn,  it couldn’t be any cuter! Now, must find the perfect buttons.

Two posts in one day – crazy isn’t it? I’m just so thrilled with the whole swatching business and the adorable jacket – couldn’t help myself!