Necessity Is The Mother ~

Of invention……

Maisy Day Handspun  purchased at Hello Yarn  about a year ago.

This handspun  (a.k.a. as “shexy handspun”  as coined by  Nicole) first became a scarf… not quite right, a tad bulky and not quite long enough to wrap about the neck twice with enough leftover to tie in front. But after mulling it over and having it sit by my beside for weeks, I had an “aha!” moment. Why not make a neckwamer out of it? First I set about frogging… not so easy. Then I remembered  the jars of vintage buttons in my closet….. So I ripped back about 3 inches, bound off and went about sewing on the button. Voila! Neckwarmer. Stays put. Not too bulky. Super warm and cozy.


  • Yarn: Maisy Day Handspun (any bulky yarn would work)
  • Needles: Size 17
  • Cast on approx 16 sts (or any  even  amount of stitches)  and work in Turkish lace pattern – K1 *yo, k2tog* across ending with a K1
  • Sew button on one end of scarf about 6.5 inches in from the end. No need to make a button hole as the lace pattern lends itself to easily letting a button through.
  • Finished measurements: 48″ long by 6.5″ wide

Hope this makes sense. If you are interested in making one and have any questions, please feel free to ask.

FYI~ This is also a great pattern for a scarf – the edges don’t roll!

First Come First Serve ~

Who here loves to untangle yarn? If you want to tackle the job – It’s yours!  Just leave a comment and I will mail it to you pronto.  

In a perfect world, it’s suppose to look like this.

100% Merino fingering weight

Free Shipping ~

splendor-in-the-grass-bfl-alpaca.jpg  Splendor In The Grass – BFL Suri Alpaca

touch-of-mink.jpg  A Touch of Mink – Merino Superwash

Starting today, Saturday, December 15 through Tuesday, December 18 I am pleased to offer  FREE priority shipping on any and all orders shipping in the U.S. and free regular shipping internationally!

Just pay as you normally would, and I will refund all shipping costs. Just my way of saying thank you~

Soooo…… snap ’em up while you can!

Thanks and have a great weekend!

paisley-superwash.jpg  Paisley – Merino Superwash

Not much, but some ~

Knitting is taking place (one thing about dyeing yarn – it sure does cut into knitting time!).

Although, this first item (an easey peasey hat for Mister C)  has been finished for a while now but I had no pictures to share.  The little guy’s mum just sent me this picture  so I just had to share. Not because the hat is any great shakes (basic roll brim pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts  which, by the way, happens to be the very first knitting book I ever purchased and to this day remains in my top five favorites), but because he is  so darn cute in it!  

A little big on his noggin – but he carries it off well, don’t you think?

Le’ Slouch is fini’! Yay! Hear that M? You’ll have a hat to wear in Wisconsin too…..

You may have noticed –  I LOVE knitting hats. What are your favorite hat patterns? In that case, what are your favorite things to knit?   What are your “go to” patterns? An inquiring knitter  would love  to know…..

Next up –  a picture of Le’ Slouch post blocking and a an update on the progress of Flair.

Enough Slouch in Le’ Slouch?

When in doubt ask your knitty friends, right?

Just a few rows from finishing Le’ Slouch for M (which is something considering I was going to frog the whole thing because I didn’t like the decreases – but Ms. F loved the hat so finish it I shall….. that and I haven’t touched the needles other than to finish a sock in two weeks).

Question is – Do you think the hat will get a smidge more slouchy when blocked?    Or, should I rip back to the increase section and add a few more? The fear I have in adding more sections is ending up with something mushroom like and, well, that is just not a good thing.

Coming soon to a stash near you:


Tea & Crumpets – Merino Superwash

Good Old Days – Merino Superwash

Lazy Day – Merino Fingering

Also new, for a limited time, I will  be offering a few skeins of some bulky weight 50/50 merino cashmere  in 100 yards skeins. Here is a sneak peak (these and lots more yarn, too many to attempt to mention here, will be available in the shop throughout the week):  

Emilee – 50/50 Merino Cashmere Bulky 100 yards per skein

Evergreen – 50/50 Merino Cashmere Bulky

Snow. Just couldn’t resist having a yarn-y photo shoot in the fluffy white stuff that has been accumulating this week – it’s just so pretty and cozy. Remind me of this in February when I am clawing at the door, desperate for sun and warm temps.

Small Update ~

There has been a bit of an update at the shop tonight….some merino worsted and a tad more of the new base yarn. My apologies for the small updates, but I am still getting the dye pot back in the swing of things, so to speak. But, no  worries, there will be a bumper crop of yarn to list on Sunday. In the meantime, please check out these lovelies.

biscotti.jpg  Biscotti – Merino/Cashmere/Nylon

derbyshire-worsted.jpg  Derbyshire – 100% Merino Worsted Weight

orchid.jpg  Mara’s Orchid – Merino Wool Worsted and Fingering Weight

tilley-worsted.jpg  Tilley – Merino Wool Worsted Weight

I think we have a winner here ~

Well, the new base yarn is here. And,  boy do I think you will like  it. Great twist, super strong, so soft and good yardage. Oh, and superwash to boot.    

Here is the first of the batch. Lot’s more available in the shop and much more to be added over the next week or so. And, not just the new base yarn, but much more of the 100% merino superwash (sport and fingering weights), 100% merino worsted and fingering, some new DK weight merino cashmere and 50/50 silk merino lace weight – phew, that’s a lot!

Prickly Pear – 80/10/10 Superwash Merino, Cashmere, Nylon

Adobe – Merino/Cashmere/Nylon

Patina  – Merino/Cashmere/Nylon

Pendulum – 100% Merino Fingering

Sloane – Merino Fingering

Off to finish updating the shop….check back between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. EST.