big plans ~

knitting plans

Big knitting plans for the rest of the week. Sound crazy? Sure it does. There are weeks that go by and not a stitch is knit (sad but true). I fully intend to make up for lost knitting time this week. Yarn is wound and ready to go – now the only thing that remains to be seen is if my hands and wrists will keep up with my will to knit. In the que for the week:

Commuter – primo worsted- Barely Birch (FUN buttons) and Elmer T (more fun buttons!)
Phaedra – primo worsted – Humphrey or Fat Fish Blue
Thisbe – primo worsted – this months classics
Albina Armwarmers – handspun from Sock Summit

And maybe, just maybe at least cast-on for Mustard Scarf (to use another fun button).

Before I go, I owe you a few contest winners. You guys are so clever. I must say, I get the biggest kick out of your comments and suggestions! Several observations (nothing scientific here, just quick observations)…. you love reading the classics (Pride & Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird) and cannot get enough of caprese salad or anything from the grill. There were a few surprises and ‘excuse me, what did you say?’ moments. For instance –  salmonberry pie?! What? I have to do some research on that one. And one suggested recipe that has already been tried, tested and enjoyed this week. Thank you, everyone for your great suggestions. For some fun reading suggestions and tasty recipe ideas I highly recommend going back through the comments.Oh, and I have one quick recipe suggestion for you guys. Try them, you’ll love them.

So, back to the winners of the tangled mess~


Favorite Book I’ve Read Recently: Uglies It made me think
Favorite Food this Time of Year: Salads and Watermelon It’s SO hot!

I’d love a chance to win!

Sarah Louise:

Love the giveaway! My go to recipe this time of year is Salmonberry Pie. It’s a super simple recipe I learned while living in Alaska – SO delicious (and addicting).

and last but certainly not least….


holy giveaway batman! love it!!! my fave book is a hard one to pinpoint… but every summer i like to try to read great expectations… love charles dickens. and recipes this time of year? well if i had a garden.. THEN i’d have an answer for ya for sure.. but what i wish to me making now? canning canning canning.. maybe pizza sauce and pasta sauce, and salsa. yep i need to go on a tomato hunt.

Congratulations! If you could contact me at thepluckyknitter at gmail dot com with your contact information I will get your prizes mailed to you next week. Thanks again for playing along!

millwater ~


Millwater by Beth Kling

Over-the-moon, head-over-heels in love with Beth’s Millwater pattern. I had a great time knitting this (easey peasey, yet still highly entertaining). The finished product……  garter stitch + off-set cable + Primo Worsted (the cable actually POPS) = total win!

Oh, and the squish factor, well, you just have to knit one up and see for yourself! I love this cowl so much – there will most definitely be more.

knitting on the go

Felted knitting bag from QueenBee Creations

There is a bit of secret knitting going on as well but I’m having the worst time staying focused. Serious cast of cast-on-itis going on here. I want to make this, this, this, this, this and possibly this (but bigger – more like a throw for the sofa). Not to mention another Millwater! Someone stop me. Please.

tangled mess ~

tangled web

See that mess up there? Care to take it off my hands?

There was a time, right before Sock Summit, when anything that even hinted at a tangle went in to a box to be dealt with another day. Another day is here! In an effort to get the studio in tip-top shape for Fall (and high knitting season) it is time for another tangled yarn giveaway. So, tell me (answer one or both – doesn’t matter. I’m easy that way)~

1. What is your favorite book? Could be a new book or an old favorite you return to time and again.

2. Your favorite go-to recipe this time of year. Zucchini coming out your ears? What do you make? Bumper crop of  tomatoes? What to do!?  Headed to the lake/cottage/beach/mountain/stay-cation for a last Summer getaway? What will you cook?

I will have comments open now through Monday, August 29th and then choose a winner Monday at Noon Eastern (btw – there is a bunch of yarn in that bucket. I’m thinking enough for three winners).

misty morning

Have a great weekend everyone!

Vodka Gimlet – The Sign-ups

Gimlet Collage

Sign-ups for the Vodka Gimlet sweater kit are now closed. Thank you very much for your enthusiastic response – let the dyeing begin!

Humphrey ~

What do you call a camel with no humps?……… Humphrey!

Do I hear a collective groan? We can thank my Dad (Elmer T.) for that knee slapper. He’s been telling that joke for 30+ years now and still cracks himself up every time.

Humphrey - A repeatable

Humphrey – A new repeatable colorway

There are a few new repeatables colorways on the block, just in time for Fall knitting. And, more to the point, just in time for the release of the Vodka Gimlet kits – another fantastically fun and flattering yarn/pattern collaboration with Thea!

The Vodka Gimlet kits will go on sale (here on the blog) tomorrow, Friday, August 19th at 9:00 a.m. Eastern and will remain open for sale until Sunday, August 21st or while kits/spots remain. Please note: Because these kits are dyed to order, the shipping of the Vodka Gimlet kits will be the week of September 19th.

All Spruced Up -

All Spruced Up – A new repeatable colorway

Fly The Concord - A new repeatable

Fly The Concord – A new repeatable colorway


Photo courtesy Splityarn. Colorway shown – Barely Birch

Seriously, look how cute that sweater is!

Lizards n stuff ~

You guys sure know your lizards! Sorry about the delay in announcing the winner – we experienced some technical difficulty with the blog so I thought it only right to wait an extra day or so for more entries. The winner of the Plucky swag is:

Samantha who guessed: “Northern Alligator Lizard! So cute!”

And, because I think it is never a bad thing to have more prizes to give-away and because I can, we have a second winner:

Karate – “I do believe this is a wee alligator lizard. I think.”

Congratulations ladies! Please email me your contact and mailing information (thepluckyknitter at so that I can get your goodies to you the first of the week. Thanks to all of you for playing along. You know how I just love contests and quizzes…. thanks for indulging me.

know your lizard

Sneak peek at the next sweater kit….. details to come.


Photo courtesy Splityarn


Photo courtesy Splityarn

Continuing the festivities~

Well, Sock Summit is over. I’m home and have lived to tell the tale (yes, there will be a blog post coming – much harder than I thought it was going to be to re-cap the whole experience) and am just now slowly getting back into a routine and very happy to enjoy the rest of the Summer at a slightly slower pace.

But, a slower pace doesn’t mean we won’t have a Plucky shop update. Sock Summit was so fun and such a thrill that I’m just bursting with excitement and want to share some of the Plucky yarn festivities with you.  You know what that means…. it is time for the ‘even if you were not at Sock Summit you’ll feel like you were there’ update(s) coming this week!

Because it will just make more sense if I list it out, The update(s) will feature the following:

Free Shipping
50.50 Silk Merino (both fingering weight and lite worsted)
Primo (of course!)
Sweater quantities
2 skein pre-orders
4 skein pre-orders
‘One-Hit-Wonder’ sale – $22 – just like at Sock Summit
‘One-Hit-Wonder’ Colorwork sets (two skeins) – $44
‘One-Hit-Wonder’ Colorwork sets (three skeins) – $66
Paulie Kits
Merino Singly Ply fingering
Merino Singly Ply lace

Merino single ply anyone?

A view of the booth at Sock Summit

Did you catch that? I said update(s) – plural!

Please note: Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 10th AND Friday, August 12th – those updates will be a sneak-ups. Meaning I will be listing things through the day (starting approximately 7:00 a.m. Eastern) and will keep you posted on beginning, end and breaks in-between on Facebook/Twitter and Ravelry.

The update on Sunday, August 14th will be at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

Three updates in a week, can you believe it?! Yes, there is a method to the madness. I know there are always so many of our knitting friends in other time-zones and on different schedules that have difficulty attending the updates. Just trying to spread the cheer and make it a little easier for everyone this week.

Let’s see, what else? It’s shaping up to be a very busy Fall as well with so many fun things coming up at Plucky HQ. More sweater kits (sweater and accessory), new colorways (repeatables and limited-editions), and new base yarns (Primo sport and another couple super secret bases are in the works as well) too. More information to come.

All that said – have a great night and back tomorrow with the ‘Know Your Lizard’ contest winner.

know your lizard~

know your lizard

I have lived to tell the tale (the Sock Summit tale that is). But, before I try to make heads or tails of the whole experience I wanted to pop in, say hello and have a little contest. The last week or so have been all about yarn and knitting. All the time. However, there was a chance to sneak away for a few days after the Sock Summit festivities to visit a lodge, go on several hikes and knit something just for the sake of knitting.

cabled oz

So about that contest~

Know your lizard. Any ideas what that little guy is? Submit your answer and I’ll draw names from all correct entries. What do you win? Why yarn of course! But, not just yarn. A cute goodie bag from Sock Summit featuring Plucky (of course) along with my favorite stitch markers and a super cute notions bag.

I’ll be taking entries all weekend long through Noon Eastern on Monday, August 8th.

Have a great weekend everyone!