a wandering post (with some housekeeping thrown in) ~

Single Girl Melty Chocolate Cake from Joy’s cookbook. The Mr. and I have taste tested and we wholeheartedly approve.

Fiar pattern. I’m knitting aimlessly on this and loving the fabric/color/texture.

An old school house I pass on the drive to the studio every morning. It’s my dream studio. For now I will have to keep dreaming……

Now for the housekeeping:

1. Shop update tomorrow, Sunday, April 29th (edited to add proper date. Oy.) at 5:00 p.m. Eastern in the Plucky Shop.

2. There will be a nice mixture of things available with a heavy emphasis on Primo Sport and Rustic. Also available will be a nice amount of Primo Fingering, Plucky Feet and 50.50 Silk Merino Fingering and Lite added for good measure. Please note: The items available in the update tomorrow will ship by May 11.

3. For those of you who do not frequent the Plucky Group on Ravelry, thought you might like to know that during updates we have an ‘Update Chatter’ thread where everyone gathers to talk about the updates, what colors/bases are available, what they would like to see, etc. I, too, chime in and grant as many requests as I am able, help explain things and make note of any issues with the shop.

While I do not have a brick and mortar store where I can welcome you personally, I like to chat with you all during an update just as if you were here in my studio with me. It’s the next best thing!

4. It never fails, during the first minute(s) of the update, the shop bogs down a bit. Please be patient – it is greatly appreciated.

Seth (Mr. Wunder-Tech) is aware of the problem but so far a solution has not been reached. The server can handle the traffic but doesn’t seem to ‘open the front door’ very fast when people arrive all at once. Hope that makes sense. Just please know we are aware of it and that it does clear up within a couple minutes of the beginning of the shop update and then proceeds to run according to plan.

5. Color Affection kits: I will have a small amount of kits available.

6. Fiar Kits: Those will not be sold tomorrow but will be sold in the etsy shop. Time yet to be announced.

Finally, have a great weekend!


Fiar ~


I’m so happy to share with you something that Carrie and I have had in the works since Sock Summit (is it just me or does that seem like a 10 years ago?!).

Fiar, the Gaelic word for slant or crooked, seemed like the perfect name for this infinity scarf.  The zigzags created by the chevron pattern twist, turn, and slant, creating lovely lines of color.  Have fun with this scarf by choosing different colors or using up your leftovers!

Fiar will be available in the ETSY shop update tomorrow, Monday, April 23rd. The update will begin at 10:00 a.m. Eastern and go throughout the day. For added fun, in addition to the Fiar kits available tomorrow there will be many of your new and old favorites available as well. Ready-to-ship items, pre-orders, pure cashmere, MCN Lite, Primo (in all three weights) and more.

Back to Fiar…. this pattern offers so much potential for so many fun color pairings. Just like Carrie says, Who says you can only use 3 or 5 colors?  Get out those scraps and add in a bit more color! I am! I’m working with 9 colors right now!

Carrie was able to get one long and one short infinity scarf from 5 skeins, with enough leftover for another if you add in another color.  So many possibilities!!

Finished measurements: 22” wide and 10” long for short infinity scarf; 27” wide and 10” long for long infinity scarf, after blocking. 
Yarn: ~495 (610) yards total of fingering weight yarn such as The Plucky Knitter Primo MCN 75/20/5 or Plucky Feet
For 5-color version, need ~ 115 (140) yards (A), 105 (130) yards (B), 80 (100) yards (C), 90 (110) yards (D), 105 (130) yards (E).

For 3-color version, need ~ 185 (230) yards (A), 165 (200) yards (B), 145 (180) yards (C).


Three color, long version



Couldn’t help myself – I’ve already cast on and am about half way done with my own version of Fiar.

like, totally tubular~

Happy Monday everyone~

The Plucky Knitter retreat is over and I think I can safely say that a great time was had by all!

When prepping for the retreat I made doubly sure there would be enough to go around at the retreat and then enough to share with all of you! So, it’s time for an update tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. To make it easy, let’s just say there will be a nice mixture of, well, a bit of everything.

The bulk of the update will be made up of ready-to-ship items. However, there will be a small amount of pre-orders (shipping 5/4) available in several new colorways: Bleu, Olive Bar, Papyrus, The Road Home and Less Traveled.

Also available in the update tonight is the new Valley Girl yarn club. Much like Plucky Fellas and Hippie Chic, this one promises to be just a crazy fun time. Trust me, this is so not wallflower yarn. Please note: Valley Girl, Plucky Fellas and Hippie Chic will all ship April 30th.

Plucky Valley Girl



Papyrus - a repeatable


Bleu - a repeatable


Less Traveled - a repeatable

Less Traveled