It’s Spring!

Hello and happy happy Spring!

Two color colorwork kits – Netty anyone?

It seems like it has been ages (actually, it has been!) since our last shop update. We spent March dealing with sickness, travel, weather (dyeing outside – good times) and, again, being sick. The good (very good) news is we are caught up. The March 1st orders have begun shipping with the rest leaving the studio tomorrow and Tuesday this week.

So, tomorrow, Monday, April 1st at 8:00 p.m. Eastern right here on the plucky blog. Please join us – it’s the place to be!

I’m happy to let you know that for the first time in quite some time all the bases (except Bulky) will be available. That means you can pick your (available) color and have it dyed for you. Want to make a Chocolate Stout? You can! Rustic is back in the house. Have your heart set on a sweater in Primo Aran dyed up in Grandma Bev? You can get that tomorrow!

Bases available:

Primo (fingering, sport, worsted, aran)
Plucky Feet
Plucky Sweater
Traveler (sport & aran!)
Colorwork kits – Two color and three color kits will be available (even a mystery version!).
Three skein kits will be available in the following bases: Primo Fingering or Sport or Traveler Sport.
Esjan Kits – Esjan kits (no pattern. pattern can be purchased via Ravelry) will be FOUR skein kits. One skein color A, two skeins B and 1 skein C and available on either Traveler ARAN or Primo ARAN.

And, for the very first time, we have Plucky LACE! LACE is a lovely 2ply laceweight (sort of a “chunky” lace weight) with a composition of 70.20.10 merino, silk & baby camel, 750 yards.

Plucky LACE – Singin’ The Blues

In addition to colorwork kits, the following is a very small sampling of the colorways available tomorrow.

Breakfast on 5th, Pollen, Gone Glamping & Grandma Bev

Please note: This is a pre-order update and ships according to our pre-order policy.
My sincere thanks and very best wishes for a lovely Spring-y week ahead!

Classics Reformation~



Good Monday morning to you! Seth asked that I share the following with you:

After days of discussion and planning, we have decided to simplify the Plucky Classics process. Hold on, cause this might just be kind of amazing (at least I hope). Here is the plan…

On or by March 14th, we cancel all current subscriptions and refund subscription payments made for April delivery.

Once all subs are cancelled, Sarah will announce a sign-up period to take place for April’s Classics. Most likely later this week, but it might be next week (Sarah will announce right here on the Plucky blog). We will keep this sign-up open for as long as we can, at least a couple of days, to give everyone serious about Classics a chance to sign up for what they want.

We will use the blog update style. Pick your base. Pick your quantity. Checkout. Simple, right? No cart jacking. No crashing servers. Pretty much everyone’s favorite, right?

So, what do you need to do? We ask that you review your current subscription and have in mind what you’d like your new subscription to be. Please Do Not Cancel At This Time. Sarah and I will handle all cancellations (to make sure you are refunded for already-paid-for April Classics).

Then, be ready when Sarah announces the sign-up dates.

Why are we doing this? Well, Classics has a tendency to get a little messy over time. People want in, people want out, and people want to change what they’re getting every month. The sign-up periods in the past were not always on the same dates of the month, so sometimes people are paying over two months in advance for their yarn or they’ve got a payment on the 10th of February and a payment on the 10th of March… both for April Classics, which is kind of crazy impossible to keep track of on our end.

So with the new arrangement you will be signing up (and paying) in March and you receive your shipment in April. Then you will be billed again in May for your June shipment and so on. Classics will always ship the month after you pay for them.

Some things to remember…

If your subscription doesn’t work in a particular month (credit card failed, account closed, etc.), it is your responsibility to work that out with us ( We cannot re-initiate payment requests on subscriptions (not that I’ve found), so if your payment fails, you may miss Classics for the period, or even be dropped off the list if your payment method doesn’t work the next time. Please be sure to include your subscription number in all correspondence.

There will, of course, be opportunities to change your Classics subscription in the future, which we will explain in more detail when the time comes. And you can cancel any time before your subscription payment date if you no longer wish to receive Classics.

Well, that’s probably enough from me. Feel free to ask questions and we will do our best to help you. If you know you have a subscription and paid for April Classics and do not receive your refund by the end of this week, please contact us @ and we will get that worked out.

Wow, this is going to be so awesome come April. Seriously, you guys might not know this, but I pretty much do most of my crying and drinking when it is Classics month due to all the date confusion and missing information on some old sign-ups.

Alright, sum it up… don’t cancel anything, Sarah and I will cancel your Classics and send refunds to those who’ve paid for April already. Signups will be announced soon!

Thanks and have a great day!