Home Improvements~


This guy here – What.A.Pistol. Just when we thinking we’re about done with home improvements/yard work/sprucing up the patio Ox decides to take flying leap (literally) from the top railing of the patio to the road below – to catch a dog four times (at least) his size.

So now – not as a design element but to keep Oxford from unintentionally killing himself – we are adding two rows of stainless steel wire (or something similar and hopefully not ugly) from post to post. The things we do for our pets.

oxford jump

nangou close 2

Nangou. Almost done. 20 rows and bind off to go. Thinking of an I-Cord BO in the pink cashmere because I just cannot get enough of that pop of pink against the blue gray. We’ll see.

Plucky Trusty & An Update!

Hello there and happy second day of Summer!

It’s update time. Tomorrow, Monday, June 24th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern right here on the Plucky BLOG.

I am so happy to announce we have a brand new custom Plucky base – Plucky TRUSTY. Trusty is a worsted weight version of Plucky Bulky (100% merino superwash & nice lofty twist) with 250 yards per 115g skein at $19 per skein. Trusty is just what the name implies – a fantastic workhorse of a yarn. Soft yet durable. Tons of yardage and perfect for everything from baby blankets to cabled cardigans – for you and your dog!

While we are talking about bases, all the bases except Plucky Sweater will be available in tomorrow’s update. Many of you continue to be super excited about Bello – I sure am! I will be listing a very limited quantity tomorrow. Please note: Bello from this update will not ship according to our regular pre-order policies. We will be shipping and processing your Bello order as soon as it arrives in the studio in approximately 8 weeks.

And holy cow, the colors!  There will be 65 colorways available!  I won’t list them all here, but I will share a brand new colorway that will be making it’s debut.

Boots & Faded

Nangou 1
On the needles now: Nangou in Bello & Plucky 2ply cashmere. Narragansett Gray and Before You Go Go

Thanks a bunch and best wishes for a lovely Summer afternoon and wonderful week ahead.

Decision Time

asunder done

  • Asunder
  • Plucky Bello: Bohemian Blue & Miss Manners

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit with friends.  I always have such great intentions of writing a chatty blog entry.  One that isn’t all about an update.  You know, just a little conversation with my knitting pals.  I have this vision of us all sitting around on my deck at the lake, knitting (or crocheting – now there’s a topic for another post! ), sipping something cold and sharing. So, time to ramble a bit.

Don’t you just love the hours of indecision when one project is finished and you have the delicious dilemma of what to cast on next?  I am mostly a dedicated knitter… almost always keeping to one project at a time (of course that doesn’t mean that I do not indulge in episodes of cast-on-itis pretty regularly) but once I start a project I tend to knit pretty furiously until finished.

The excitement of having just finished a few things means that I am standing on the brink of my next project.  So I’ve been perusing Ravelry, checking my personal stash (or maybe even made a few new things), and have begun to narrow down the list of candidates.

Decisions, decisions.  Will it be Betsey, Mizutama, Freesia or maybe the Tequila Shawl?  I am so loving and intrigued by mixing and blending yarn bases – whether held double or just butting up next to each other in a finished knit. The color and texture opportunities are thrilling.

shaelyn done

For instance, right now I’m especially loving the idea of the Tequila Shawl with Bello & Plucky. Perhaps in the new colorway Boots & Faded Jeans held double with Narragansett Gray.

Boots & Faded  Narragansett Gray traveler and primo NAMED-22

Or perhaps some trusty grays….

Medieval primo & feet NAMED-11


Flannel NAMED primoApr 1 2013 Update-21

Another set that is particularly lovely together is Webster Groves & Cressey Road.

Webster Groves NAMED


Cressey Road NAMED

And then there’s Amy’s Betsey pattern which is just too cute and screams for some fun color combos:

betsey amy

Photo courtesy Amy Miller

Betsey Inspiration

Betsey Inspiration 2

Betsey Inspiration 3

That’s it for now – time to actually make a decision and wind some yarn!

An Anniversary ~


Growing up, anniversaries were always kind of a big deal in our family.  Each year our Mom and Dad would give gifts to Hayley and me as a way to celebrate their wedding anniversary (1987 was particularly fun – the year of red Reebok high tops and Guess acid washed jeans). Our parents sense of spreading the joy and fun has stayed with me to this day.  And, that’s why I want to ask you to help me celebrate Plucky’s sixth anniversary!

When I sold that first skein of yarn on June 3, 2007, I never imagined that it would snowball into the creative and exciting business that Plucky is today. So much has changed along the way but it is still just as exciting to me today as that first day, back in 2007. Yes, there have been oodles of changes over the years, but the one thing that never will is my steadfast, rock solid commitment to serving you. I’m honored, humbled and thrilled that you share my passion for luxurious, unique, high quality bases and hand dyed color. You’ve inspired me along the way with your devotion to our craft and the works of wearable art you create with Plucky. I never take for granted the energy, time and passion that you (we) all give to our craft.

So about that anniversary. It’s a party! A party not to celebrate us, but to celebrate you – our Plucky pals! You are more than customers. You are our friends.  It has only been through your acceptance of our ideas, vision and creative work that Plucky has grown from me dyeing at my kitchen sink, out growing one studio, and now, once again in desperate need of even larger studio space (which, is still in the works! I know. I can’t believe we’re still waiting either.). Hayley and I want to thank you from the tips of our toes all the way to the ends of our rather unruly hair.

As an expression of my deep gratitude to you and to celebrate our sixth anniversary, we will be offering a special update Thursday, June 6th.  This Anniversary Update will include FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world and will be held at 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern.  We have Plucky friends in all fifty states, the Canadian provinces, in South America, across Europe, parts of Asia, Africa and down under and you are all invited! We will be shipping anything ordered during the June 6th update for free. No minimum. No maximum.

Throughout the week I will be sharing more celebratory surprises with you (think patterns, mystery kits, blanket kits and more) but for now I just wanted to simply say thank you. So so much.



plucky old

The original Plucky logo