James Pattern


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James Pattern

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James Full beach

Shown in Traveler Sport, colorway Brooch

Much like its namesake, James is sure to be a classic!  This beautiful new pullover of Amy Miller’s (featuring Plucky Traveler Sport) combines style and comfort – not always an easy feat!

James Side

Top down and in the round, James uses short rows to shape the neck and increases to flare the body – it’s as fun to wear as it is to knit!  The pattern uses short rows at the neck, so while it requires a bit of focus in the beginning it is an easy knit once the yoke is complete.

James is the perfect match for Traveler Sport; the A-line shaping drapes beautifully with the soft, silkiness of Traveler.  Gently skimming along the body, showing off the best features of the pattern, yarn, and wearer!  If cashmere is your cup o’ tea, Plucky Primo Sport will work just as beautifully for the pattern, too.  This is the sweater to wear when you want to look your best for a casual occasion or works as the perfect canvas for dressing up for a night out on the town.  James doesn’t have to be reserved just for beaches and BBQ’s.  Think pencil skirts and ballet flats or tights and boots for fall. It really is a blank canvas!

Are you ready to get your hands on this exclusive kit (pattern included)?  Be right here at the Plucky blog at 9:00 a.m. EDT tomorrow, Tuesday, August 13, 2013 to pick your base, Traveler or Primo Sport and your colorway.  All orders will ship according to our pre-order policies (leaving the studio on/about September 9th) and just in time to add to your fall knitting repertoire.

Sample of some colorways available (many more to come!):

James neutral

James browns

James prickly

james brooch

James miss




Color Craving – A WestKnits Mystery KAL

mystery KAP

Wakey, wakey! Eggs & bakey!

Remember that mystery KAL I alluded to a while ago? It’s LIVE! I’m so very happy to announce Westknits COLOR CRAVE Mystery KAL.

When Stephen told me he had another mystery KAL brewing and would like to use Plucky and asked would I be interested – I jumped (though not nearly anywhere as high as Stephen can jump) at the chance. You all know my deep and abiding love of Stephen’s Esjan (I’ve knit two and can absolutely envision knitting another in Traveler Aran!) and so many of his other highly innovative, creative, entertaining (to wear and to knit!) patterns. He has taken knitting/design to performance art levels. Well done Stephen and so many thank you’s!

Throughout the day I will be posting different color combinations in the Plucky Color pairings/description group that I really love and think will sing in Stephen’s design.

But wait, you may be wondering how to get the yarn! There will be a Plucky shop update tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern (sharp!) right here on the Plucky blog. This will be a pre-order update and ship according to our pre-order policies (which means the yarn will ship on/about September 6th in time for US residents to start the KAL along with Stephen on September 13th).

What if you are not able to make the update this evening or you are located internationally? No worries! There will be an Instant Gratification update (which means the yarn ships in just a few days) in the Plucky Etsy shop later this week where you will be able to again purchase Primo Fingering, Plucky Feet, or the brand-new Bello to make Stephen’s shawl.

If you are new to Plucky, may I suggest stopping by the Plucky Group on Ravelry (won’t you join us? It’s a fantastically warm, funny, creative, and entertaining group of knitters – and so friendly, too!) to learn about us?

To get to started, here’s a few color groupings to get you inspired:

Color Crave pup

Color Craze original

Color craze sweet prickly

Color craze narragansett go go

color craze copa

color craze morticia

color craze two drifters

color craze lonely

color craze inspiration

Color craze social




Cassis, Monomania & Totes – Oh My!

Plucky Update Time~
Sunday, August 11th, 8:00 p.m. Eastern


Hello and a very happy and sunny Saturday to one and all!

I can scarcely believe that August is well underway.  Time flies when you’re having fun!  And boy, have we been up to some fun!  We have some incredible projects for you to shop for including (but of course not limited to!) a revamp of a classic sweater, a new pattern that quickly became a smashing hit and don’t forget Plucktember (here’s another chance for you to grab an exclusive tote bag)!

Join us tomorrow, Sunday, August 11th, at 8:00 p.m. EDT, here on the Plucky blog for a pre-order update!  All orders will begin to ship in accordance with our pre-order shipping policy on September 6th.  We’ll have an incredible assortment of bases and colorways available for you to choose from, so start planning your fall knitting projects now! Here are a few ideas to get you started (just in case you need a few more for your queue):

Revamp of a Classic
Remember Thea’s Cassis?  The perfect, casual, go-to of a cardigan for those late summer evenings when the cicadas get louder and the weather turns cooler. Here we have Cassis, Part II knit up in Primo ARAN (which means it will practically fly off the needles!). This time with long sleeves and a shorter body. Pick your favorite Plucky colorway and plan to knit that cardigan that goes everywhere with you this Fall.

Thea’s pattern is available for purchase in Ravelry.  Colorway shown is Oatmeal on Plucky Knitter Primo Aran.

Did you miss out on Ann Weaver’s kit for the incredibly popular Monomania sweater?  Just can’t wait for the release of the pattern to cast on from your already carefully chosen colorways from your Plucky stash?  Here is your chance to purchase the pattern and put together your very own kit!

The pattern will be for sale as a stand-alone item during the update tomorrow evening. Please refer back to the last kit offering for inspiration ideas and also chat away in the color description thread or the Monomania chatter thread in the Plucky group.  Ann stands ready to help put kits together with the offerings available in Sunday’s update. You may remember that the original kits were offered in Plucky Feet but just imagine the possibilities in Primo Fingering and oh, dare we say…Bello?  Or, mix it up!  Our fingering weight base really do play so well together.

Please note: While not all colorways from the last kit offering will be available in Sunday’s update you can get really close and/or be inspired to try something new!

Plucktember – It’s less than a month away!
Here’s your chance to order an exclusive Plucktember tote bag.  These were so well received in our last update and we want to be sure that everyone who wants one has an opportunity to get one!  We’ll have a button on the blog update for you to make sure you get yours.

New Colorways
So, what’s going to be available tomorrow? We wondered when you were going to ask!  The list of colorways is a pretty impressive one with 50+ colorway options at last count, including 11 brand-spanking new ones all available on the following bases:

Primo (Fingering, Sport, Worsted, & yay!  Aran is back!)
Traveler (Sport and Aran)

Thank you so very much and have a fantastic weekend!


Cassis, Part II

cassis montagePhotos courtesy Thea Colman

Thea’s done a little revamp of one of our first – and favorite –  BabyCocktail – Plucky sweaters!  Cassis.

In cozy Primo Aran this time, with longer sleeves and a shorter body, this versatile cardigan is a classic fall staple that will fly off the needles in no time.  The same great details as the original – a reversible collar that can be worn folded back or draped inward, a casual shape that can be pinned shut or worn open, and a distinct but simple lace panel on both the fronts and back.   It’s a quick, seamless knit that you’ll end up reaching for again and again.

The pattern has been updated to include both worsted and aran numbers, plus directions for both body and sleeve lengths.  And anybody who purchased the original version through Ravelry will have automatically received an email from Ravelry to download the updated version into their library.  Think of it as a bonus for being a Ravelry member!

Great timing too as you’ll be able to get yourself a sweater quantity of Primo Aran at the next Plucky update this Sunday evening, August 11th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

Always Plotting & Planning~


August?  Already?  How did this happen?!  But, oh how I love this time of year.  The crickets get a little noisier, the air gets dryer and the nights are perfect for sleeping.  There is nothing better than sitting on the patio and having to move my chair to follow the sun across the patio, moving every twenty minutes or so.  If it’s too cool in the shadows, it’s just perfect in the sunshine.

I still have a few unfinished Summer projects on the needles!  And, I’m going to bet that I’m not the only knitter looking this reality in the eye.  I think I better get going because my mind is already turning to the next two seasons.  What to knit for the Fall?  What do I need for Winter?

Remember back in the days before Ravelry when you had to go to your local yarn store and stand in front of their racks of books, pamphlets and single patterns?  You were looking for your next project.  You hoped that something would jump out and grab your imagination and set your brain on fire, planning colors and trying to remember if you had the right needles.


New colorways!

Today, I can sit at my computer and get totally lost in the pattern section of Ravelry!  The variety, the innovation, the combinations…. they are all stunning.  And, I admit that I have a personal list of designers that I always look to because I know that their vision is a good fit for me.  But, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to look at all the new patterns and am sure that I am missing some totally stunning designers who would be a perfect fit for Plucky.

This has set me to thinking.  It might be time for me to ask my fellow Plucksters whom they love.  I would love to hear which designers you love and why.  Do you have a personal favorite?   Is there someone new on the scene that the rest of us should give a look to?  Could I ask you take a minute to share that with the rest of us?  Would you be so kind as to post your favorites in the comment section at the bottom of this page?

Hey, thanks so so much in advance for taking the time to weigh in on this.

Hugs to all,



Gratuitous puppy eyes