Stitches or Bust

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Must admit it has felt more like ‘or bust’ around the studio the last two months. Mr. Murphy and his ‘law’ can go away anytime now. We’re tired of wrestling with him already. But, that cannot dampen our excitement or enthusiasm – we are so happy to be headed to Santa Clara!

Travel Collage

past plucky travels

Today I thought I would give you a peek at the hustle and bustle (ok, insanity) that has been going on in the studio as we prepare for Stitches.  This will be the Readers Digest version because I am afraid that if I report fully, I will scare myself (and you would think we are – ok I am – completely nuts).

So we have our regularly scheduled program of dyeing your yarn (cashmere update, blues club, fellas, classics, etc.), twisting, tagging, shipping, working with designers, planning new colorways, etc.  Just those regularly scheduled events keeps us happily very busy, all day, five days a week.  Then add to the mix dyeing, twisting, labeling and shipping enough yarn for a show the size of Stitches. And there is the dismantling of the studio so we can ship the racks to hold the yarn, ceramic hand mannequins, glass and wire heads, banners, table cloths, baskets, bunting,  and on and on.  The only way to do this is to ask everyone to move in double time.  We must have looked like someone put us all on to the fast forward setting.

I am cautiously optimistic and very happy to report that we are ALMOST ready for stitches.  A few things have had to move to the bottom of our priority list (kit delay, manicure, etc.), and while we have less than our original plan, it is still a lovely assortment and we will be on that plane, heading to Cal-a-forn-i-a. So, only eight more sleeps until they unlock the doors at Stitches!  Hayley and I are so excited to meet you. To see knitty friends both old and new.  We will be able to put faces to some shipping addresses and Ravatars and that is always a blast.

When we commit to attending an event, we want to make it special.  We want to bring as much as we can and have time to meet as many of our customers as possible.  The only way to do this is to pick one major event (other than the Shindig!) each year and give it 110% of all we have.  Because committing to and attending a show really does impact the normal day to day flow in the studio, we must try to balance that commitment with our commitment to you, as well as our daily lives.

But, that still leaves us the opportunity to fill in one or two other venues if at all humanly possible. Once the last prop is repacked and heading home to the studio after Stitches, we will catch our breath (but not for long!) and jump back in to the day to day at Plucky and of course start getting ready for the Shindig!  After that?  Who knows where we will pop up!

Project bag collage

Because we are headed to Stitches and not everyone can attend, I thought it would be fun to start the festivities here on the blog with a contest. Tell me something. Anything fun. A good joke. How you and yours have beaten the cabin fever during this relentless winter. Or, maybe you have not beaten it but are muddling through the best you can. Have a favorite soup recipe you care to share? What are you knitting right this minute? Leave your comment here and we will choose three winners. Each winner will receive a Plucky project bag and a skein of yarn from the One Hit Wonders that are headed to Stitches! Comments will remain open until Noon (EST) tomorrow, Thursday, February 13th.

Snow Day #47,892


ground hog day

Anyone else feeling like they’re living in ‘Groundhog Day‘?

Just when we get the deck shoveled off or the dyeing area at the studio somewhat cleared of snow (ha! not really, more like just when we get a path shoveled) and then manage to sneak in one little walk for Sam & Ox or a dye run or two, Mother Nature lowers the boom again. And again.  AND AGAIN.  Here on the west coast of Michigan we are in for a full day of snow.  Flights have been cancelled, the plans for the day have been shelved and there is a run on the beer and wine at the grocery store. I feel like a pot of this or this or this may be in order today… with a batch of these for good measure.

so long agoSeems like ages ago….

So, let’s make lemonade out of snowballs, shall we?:

#1.  It’s Saturday.  That means we will be all shoveled out by the time Monday rolls around. I think. And, if the weather clears up as it is supposed to, I may be able to get a re-do on today’s to do list.

#2.  This snow day is giving me the opportunity to compose some info/ramblings that have been rolling around in my head for a while now.  I want to write about each of the Plucky bases. What I love about each base, what I think they are each suited for, as well as suggest a few patterns that I think are perfect for that base or are a few of my personal favorites. Sort of a love letter to each of the bases. After all, there is a reason that each one is on the Plucky menu and, I’d love to share that information with you.

Stitch Block Close Up

# 3.  I brought Bello Worsted home from the studio last night so that I could cast on for the Stitch Block Cowl.  I’m about five inches in and CAN NOT put this project down.  I am already planning an outfit around this because thanks to the snow, I have a good chance of having this finished and ready to wear at Stitches!

Stitch Book Cowl

That’s all for the moment.  Back to my snow day knitting, email catch-up and soup making. Happy snowy Saturday everyone!