Duets – A Plucky Double Feature

Bogie & Bacall…. Sonny & Cher…. Captain & Tennille…. Peanut Butter & Jelly… Champagne & OJ.

What do they all have in common? In their own right, each one was fabulous. But when they formed a DUET, they took on an entirely new dimension. Each was able to play off of the others talent and strengths. They didn’t compete with each other; they didn’t upstage their partner. They simply enhanced their partner, proving that sometimes two heads are better than one, it takes two to tango and because two is absolutely twice the fun!

Each Duet Club offering will feature a new duet, pairing two brand new colors you may never have thought of putting together. They come as a twosome and are a surprise! Perhaps this will gently break you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to boldly stripe, or add an accent color, where you may never have dared before!

The Duets will be offered as a twosome. All you need to do at the update is select the base in which you want your duet. For every one duet you order, you will receive two skeins, on the same base, and the two skeins will be different, but united as a duet. If you are planning for a larger project, simply order the number of duets you need to reach your target yardage needs.

For example, if you are planning a striped sweater you will need to determine how many duets you need in order to ensure you have enough combined yardage for your two color project. Unfortunately, we will not be able to add single skeins to your order.

Are you ready to tango? Please join us as we launch the Duet Club!

When: Tomorrow, Thursday, June 26th at 8:00 pm Eastern

Where: Right here on The Plucky Blog

When will it ship?: Week of July 31st, 2014

Bases Available – remember, they come as twosome!:

Primo Fingering 
Primo Sport 
Primo Worsted 
Bello Fingering & Worsted 

We look forward to seeing you at the blog this Thursday!  Bring your favorite beverage, box of popcorn, and enjoy the upcoming presentation!

We’re Back In The Saddle Again!

Finally. Finally! We are beginning to settle in and find our footing here in the new barn – we are picking up speed and efficiency with every passing hour it seems.

We’re feeling hopeful and a little giddy. Let’s celebrate! And what better way to celebrate the belated Plucky anniversary and the big move to the barn than with the first Blog update from the new studio?!

Please join us for a TWO PART update right here on the Plucky BLOG this Tuesday, June 17th at Noon Eastern and again at 8:00 pm Eastern as we mark the beginning of our eighth year AND the studiowarming for the ‘not new, but new to us’ barn.

This special update will be across all the bases and chock-full of your favorite colors. And, if there is something you have been waiting for, please post it in the Wishlist thread. We LOVE granting wishes!

Oh, one more VERY important thing – it’s a free shipping update! You have all been so kind and patient this year with your well wishes that we want to say thank you in a big way. So, no matter where you are, shipping for this anniversary/move update is our gift to you.


Shindig Thank You’s

Shindig Collage 1

Happy first Tuesday morning after the Shindig!  Wait. What? It’s two weeks after the Shindig?! It’s all a blur. That pesky move has made time stand still and fast forward all at the same time.

While it has been a blur, what remains vivid in our minds eye is the warmth, goodwill and ‘let the good times roll’ vibes you showered us with during the Shindig. It was everything we hoped and dared dream it would be. No, actually, it was WAY better than our wildest dreams!

First and foremost thank you to Lorilee. Her tireless attention to detail, her calm and patient manner and her quiet and wickedly funny sense of humor – she really is the best partner in crime a gal could hope for. Thank you L2!

Franklin! Thank you Franklin for sharing your wit and wisdom with us. The classes (I’ve heard – sadly I was not able to peek in and observe) were wonderful and the presentation you gave on Saturday evening was highly entertaining – even the non-knitting Plucky Fellas were entertained.  Thank you for helping make the Shindig weekend so special!

To our helpers/honorary Plucky Crew (all those who helped us to build and maintain the marketplace – that includes you Jill – thank you for joining us in the marketplace!):

Without your help we would have simply been a bunch of knitters hanging around the Amway lobby. That would have been cool and festive, but I think the Amway would have kicked us out eventually and we wouldn’t have been able to have the fashion show!  I am so thankful for all of you who helped us from behind the scenes to make this such a magnificent event.  Hayley, Ryan, Drew and I could not have done this without you.  You are all rock stars (as evidenced by your stellar karaoke skills).  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Shindig collage 2

And last but certainly not least  – The Shindiggers! Both retreaters and non-retreaters. We cannot even begin to express our deepest and sincerest thank you’s to all of you.  Everyone who attended was gracious, patient, clever, warm, funny and friendly and the entire weekend seemed to flow effortlessly (and went by so fast!). You really are the most joyful, exuberant, generous and gracious group. It is our sincere pleasure and privilege to call you our pals. You truly inspire us every single day to do our very best to serve you.

With immeasurable love and gratitude,

Shindig collage 3

Contest Winners!


Seven was a very good year!

Thank you to everyone who submitted stories of their seventh summer. The over whelming theme of all the submissions is most definitely “family”. You shared stories of visits with grandparents, arrival of siblings, making lifelong friends, and many many adventures. And there were some stories of pain and change. But, every memory was special. I learned that we have smugglers in our midst and people who bathe sheep in their family bathroom. Lots of you went to camp and many remember a boat load of cousins. One of us even remembers Jerry Garcia’s boat, up close! Special thanks for any photos that were shared and for taking the time to provide tons of links to super fun stuff.

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact us at  Pluckycustomerservice@gmail.com with ‘My 7th Summer’ in the subject line. We want to get your prizes to you! Our grand prize is my personal basket of swatching yarn, a PK Collection clutch and primo fingering to make an accessory.

The other winners will each be invited to select two skeins of any of the Plucky bases! Just tell us your favorite color(s) and we will select something lovely for you. Seven winners, one for each of our previous years and seven more just to be extra festive!

We are all joining in sending out a huge thank you for all the good wishes you have sent to our crew. It is a pleasure and a privilege to do what we do and we will continue to do our very best for you each and every day.

With great affection,

My seventh summer winners:

Our grand prize goes to….

  1. Blog at 1:57 – Juanita – worked as a field hand

Other winners (in no particular order)!

  1. Post 193 kari1276 – Banana boat and Jerry Garcia
  2. Post 82 Ironjohn – electric burns
  3. Post 175 Tinkingbell – dog saves snorkler
  4. Post 89 Ellielily – contraband smuggler
  5. Post 101 momaja – built a cabin
  6. Post 3 Livvyknits – rode the bus
  7. Post33 Twistedstitcher52 – got adopted
  8. Blog at 4:23– Eva Fisher – frog paradise
  9. Post 223 jarmeblue – cat lover quilt
  10. Post 219 MyMerinoMantra – extra credit for the links!
  11. Post 66 Theirmama4sure – lived in a maxi van.
  12. Post 166 Fascine – dipping sheep in family bathtub
  13. Post 2 Ashore – Lifeguard. Extra points for posting a photo of the lifeguard! 😉

Anniversary Giveaways – A Contest!


We may be elbow deep in packing boxes and chaos, but today is a very special day for us.  This marks our seventh anniversary as The Plucky Knitter.

Back in June of 2007  when I sold that first skein of yarn, I never imagined that it would snowball into the creative and exciting business that Plucky is today. So much has changed along the way, but the one thing that will never change is my steadfast, unending commitment to serving you. I’m honored, humbled and thrilled that you share my passion for unique, luxurious, high quality bases and hand dyed color. You inspire me (us!) and I am in awe of your talent and devotion to our craft and the works of wearable art you create with Plucky. I never take for granted the energy, time and passion that you (we) all give to our art form.

So let’s have a party! Not a party to celebrate us, but to celebrate you – our Plucky pals! You are more than customers. You are our friends.  Your friendship and acceptance of our ideas, vision and creative work are what has taken Plucky all the way from dyeing in my tiny kitchen to well, here …..  just getting settled into our ‘new to us but still crusty, old and lacking in charm, but we’re getting there’ barn.  Hayley and I want to thank you for opening your hearts and joining us on this incredible journey – the whole crew thanks you!

Now, how about some fun prizes? Of course there will some SQs in  awesome bases, Plucky tee’s and sweatshirts but would anybody like to win a Plucky tote or a clutch?  And, just for fun, I going to part with that fantastically fun basket of my swatch yarns!

OK.  Here is our fun anniversary contest……tell us how you spent the summer when you were seven years old.  Did you have an adventure at camp?  Did your family take an interesting trip?  Did you spend every glorious day in a tree house with your best friend?  I am going to start a “My seven-year-old summer” thread in Ravelery for you to post your stories.  Or, go the blog and post in the comments section.  You can also post on our Facebook page. Then we will pick our favorite summertime tales and award prizes to those that tickle our funny bone or tug at our hearts. Let us hear from you!

Comments will be open until Thursday at Noon Eastern.