Instant Gratification Update~

Instant Gratification Update

It’s that time – time for the first IG update of 2015!

I love IG updates as there truly is something for everyone and the project possibilities – they are simply endless. There will be mystery kits, tasting menus and, of course, some fantastic onesie-twosies and sweater quantities of your favorite Plucky bases. And because it sounds like fun and you asked so nicely I’ve decided to try something new for this instant gratification update – it’s a two part update!

Please join us for a TWO PART update tomorrow, Wednesday, January 28th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and then again on Thursday morning January 29th at 9:00 a.m., over in the ETSY shop for an Instant Gratification Update, filled with just about everything but the kitchen sink! Cashmere (both old PK cashmere and new), Sophisitcate, SNUG(S), Scholar, Primo(s), Sweater, Traveler. You name it, it will be there!

Please note: As per usual with Etsy updates there will be product that goes live right at the appointed time but I will be posting things as I go. If you have not yet found our update thread in Ravelry we have a great time chatting about the update while it’s happening.

Until tomorrow!

New Colorways – The Update!

Shop Update, Monday, January 19th, 8:00 pm EST & Tuesday, January 20th 9:00 am EST
We are so excited to share our new colors with you!  Enjoy them as a color set for whatever pattern you choose, or purchase them individually and by base. It’s the best of both worlds!Because you’ve made it clear you really love the two part updates and because we are very happy to oblige, please join us for this two part update on Monday, January 19th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on the Plucky Blog and again Tuesday morning, January 20th at 9:00 a.m. Eastern as we bring you a pre-order update, filled with many of your favorite bases as well as bases I’ve chosen because they pair beautifully with our new colorways.Please note that there will be two buttons to choose from. The first button will let you choose your base and a single color (in your chosen quantity). The second button will let you choose your base in one of the five skein colorwork kit options shown here. The kit sets include one skein of each colorway shown in your chosen base.

Bases available will be:
Bello Worsted
Primo Fingering
Primo Sport
Snug Worsted
Traveler Aran

Colorways available:

Thank you so much and we hope to see you tomorrow evening and/or Tuesday morning!

With Warmth & Fondness,
Sarah & the Plucky Crew


Amaryllis Collage

You guys! I am having the best time watching the photos of your WIPs and FOs from All Bundled Up pop up in the group!  It delights me to no end to see how you have embraced the patterns from ABU and are making them your own.  So many of you have been really stretching your skills, reaching for things that just a short time ago were not in your knitting repertoire.

Fair Isle is a case in point. Last January, I decided to expand my knitting repertoire and try my hand at stranded knitting. I had always been a little intimated by it (those floats!) but knew I had to jump in with “both hands” so to speak!  At first it felt a little weird and it was slow going. But, I’m glad to say I did it. And now it thrills me no end to see so many of you doing the very same thing! Your Northport’s are amazing! If you are still on the fence about trying out Fair Isle knitting and haven’t quite worked up the courage to start a Northport, may I suggest that you start out and test your skills with Amaryllis. This is the perfect starting point! Amaryllis is worked in a worsted weight yarn and is less than 20 rows of colorwork. That’s totally doable, knits up lightening fast and the results are great! In fact, I love the knit so much that I’m thinking of making a third one in Scholar.

And the color possibilities – they are endless! It’s Friday – are looking for a quick instant gratification weekend project?! Amaryllis is just the ticket! Happy weekend everyone!




ABU – The Update!

Shop Update, Sunday, January 11th, 8:00 pm EST & Monday, January 12th 9:00 am EST

This Sunday’s Blog Update is going to be so fun because it will be driven by what you have asked for. Not only will it be full to the brim with the bases and the colors you have asked for, it will also have kit offerings.You were kind enough to vote in a poll in our group on Ravelry and tell me the color kits you wanted to see in an update this weekend! And, the wishlist thread has been on fire. Thank you for taking the time let me know what you want.  So, let’s talk about a couple of our top vote getters!
Your enthusiasm for Sugarloaf has really put a smile on my face. This cowl is such an unexpected mix of lace and ribs, knit in a bulky weight yarn, then all tied together with the pop of a third color.  Because you voted in our poll in the Plucky group on Ravelry for Sugarloaf kits (kits available in SNUG only), I have put together some combos that I think will look smashing. But, I am pretty sure that you have some color combo ideas too!  A Sugarloaf kit in Snug may be the starting point for you.  Or, maybe you are thinking of using a different base?  Maybe going down a couple of needle sizes and casting on extra stitches?  I couldn’t agree more!A few Sugarloaf Options (and of course a mystery option!) as follows:

Once I began to post teaser photos, before the actual launch of All Bundled Up, it became apparent that Frostline was going to be a favorite. And, that was before the thermometer took a nose dive this week! Wrapping yourself in a worsted weight shawl is one of the best ways I know of to ward off a chill!  You might choose a subtle and sophisticated gradient for your Frostline kit, or something eye popping and guaranteed to brighten the dreariest winter day.

Please join us for this two part update on Sunday, January 11th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on the Plucky Blog and again Monday morning, January 12th at 9:00 a.m. Eastern as we bring you a pre-order update, filled with your favorite bases and colors.  And, yes, some new colors too!  Shown above are a sampling of the kits, and there will be more to come. Keep an eye on the Update & Announcement thread as I continue to add collages and post the final colorway list for the update.

Bases available will be:
Bello Worsted
Primo Aran
Primo Worsted
Primo Sport
Primo Fingering
Snug Worsted
Traveler Aran
Traveler Sport

Your enthusiasm for the All Bundled Up collection has been so heartwarming. We cannot thank you enough!

Sarah & the Plucky Crew

Polar Dip!

Polar Dip collage

Baby it’s cold outside! I think today is the perfect day to talk about the Polar Dip sweater, part of our All Bundled Up collection.

There’s no end to the color possibilities with this fun raglan pullover. Knit top-down and shown in Plucky Bello Worsted, you might want to knit yours in a gradient—or go crazy with a wild and totally unexpected color combo! How bold are you?

Polar Dip is a raglan pullover with a classics fit, knit in a lite worsted weight (Bello Worsted which is perfect!) at a gauge of 22 sts and 32 rnds = 4″ / 10 cm in Stockinette Stitch.

This is a great example of impact being created by the simple placement of color. Probably the first decision you will make is which of the bases will set the mood for your sweater.  Are you looking for something casual and a bit dramatic for weekend wear? Or are you a bit of a sophisticate who opts for something not quite so casual?

Once you have decided on the base, it’s time to consider your color choices. This is not going to be easy! In the pattern photos, Amy has chosen to have the top and the bottom of the sweater in two shades of the same color, both grays. Then she really got bold and added hot pink and a kicky orange for her stripes!  Another option would be to start at the neck with your first color and then continue to work the sweater in a gradient scheme. Do you want to work from the lightest at your face and end with the body in your deepest color?  Or, would you flip that and work it from darkest to lightest?  Or, maybe you want the top color and the bottom color to be the same, with two contrasting colors streaking around your shoulders? Decisions, decisions!

Here are just a few of the many options available for your very own Polar Dip. All you need to do is decide how BOLD you want to be!

polar dip collage 1 polar dip collage 2 polar dip collage 3polar dip collage 3

North Port

north port collage

We started the planning for the collection way back in July – we still cannot believe it’s finally here and I can’t begin to tell you how much your enthusiastic and very warm reception to our new collection means to us so I’ll just say THANK YOU!!!  Now it’s time to begin sharing details, inspiration and ways to make the All Bundled Up projects unique to you!

Today, let’s talk about Northport.

Northport is a fingering weight Fair Isle hat. One of the great things about Fair Isle is that it uses very small amounts of contrast colors, that when knit up produce an interesting fabric that tells a story. Our Northport tells of endless lake effect snow showers (so it seems) and frost in the air.

This pattern is the perfect example of not necessarily needing to follow the color placements and suggested base to the letter. One of our sample knitters reports that she has no idea what precise bases or exact colors she has used in knitting her Northport. She keeps a bag of all those little leftovers from other projects (don’t we all and aren’t they fun!), sorted only by weight.  So, for quite some time she has been putting all the left over Feet, Primo Fingering, and Bello into one container of fingering yarns and as she would come to an element in the chart that needs a new color, she just looks into the scrap bag for inspiration.  She might may have wanted to use pink as her big snowflake, and she may spy four different pinks in that bag. Base?  Not sure.  Plucky color?  Who knows – maybe Miss Manners? Maybe it’s Mini Skirt. Talk about knitting by the seat of your pants!

Of course if that’s a little too zany for you, we have provided details of colors used in our knits shown above on the North Port pattern page or, maybe you like one of the colorway sets shown below. But, just maybe, you have been inspired to dig into your leftovers!


northport collage

northport collage 2

northport collage 3

Update: Ready-to-Ship for All Bundled Up!

Thank you for joining us this morning. Inventory for this update is currently sold out, but we will be back later this week with another blog update. Please join our e-newsletter, follow us on Facebook, and join our Ravelry group to find out more about the next update!

What a wonderful day this has been – a wonderful whirlwind! Your kindness and enthusiasm for All Bundled Up has meant the world to me and to the entire team. I have said it before, and it bears repeating – you are what makes us want to keep trying new things and it is a true privilege to serve you – all of you!

We have done a bit of planning ahead and have a limited amount of ready to ship yarns available this morning. These bases and colors will be just a small taste of what you might need for a few of the ABU patterns. But, it might be just what you need to tide you over until later in the week when you can pre-order just about anything that floats your boat! By later this week (I’m thinking Friday but could be sooner) I will have put together lots of fun ideas for color pairings and mixing bases, and we will have had a chance to read the wish list thread to see what you have in mind – and I have more pictures and knits to show you!

Bases available in today’s update:
Traveler Aran

The Colorways

ABU Collage

Again, thank you so very much for being such Plucky Knitters!


All Bundled Up!


It is with the most incredible sense of excitement that I am able to share our surprise with you! It has been a labor of love and a true privilege to work with a very talented group of people (the team!) who have helped me take an idea for a project that would offer approachable knitwear patterns with a touch of whimsy and luxury, and bundle it up into a collection that is fun, engaging, and classic with a twist. After many months of dreaming, designing, knitting, tweaking, photographing (the photo shoot just happened to coincide with the first big snow of the year – how handy was that?!) and then knitting some more…. it’s finally time to share with you All Bundled Up – a Plucky Winter 2015 Collection!


I hope you will find inspiration within the pages of our winter collection. And, once you have decided on your must knit project(s), please join us on the blog this Tuesday morning, January 6th at 9 am Eastern for a ready to ship update that will include many of the bases and colorways featured in All Bundled Up. But, if you don’t find what you need, no worries because we will bring you a full pre-order blog update later in the week, chock-full of ALL the bases and a whole lot of your favorite Plucky colorways both old and new!

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement and we truly hope you found something to inspire you and keep you content and warm during the deep winter months ahead.

Sarah & the Plucky Crew

Looking ahead –


The excitement…. it is killing me!

Now that we have all put 2014 to bed, I don’t know about you but I am ready to settle in and surround myself with warm and cozy knitting. To just be quiet (well as quiet as it gets around here anyway). I want something that will put a little twist into my classic! I want something that will set my creative wheels turning! And, I really want to feel the joy and anticipation of trying to decide what to cast on first – I mean next – no first!

Shoot. Did I just give you a hint of what is coming on January 5th? I said choices didn’t I? Oh my, it is getting so hard for me to keep this a secret!

Well, it’s back to the finishing touches for me, as well as some snuggle time with Sam and Ox. Secret keeping is NOT an easy business! But, there’s only three more days that I have to keep my mouth shut and then it’s the big reveal. I sincerely hope you are all ready to treat yourself to something special, because you deserve it!

With warmth & our very best wishes!