Nashville Bound!

Stitches Shirt

Stitches SOUTH! This time we’re headed in an entirely different direction and holy smokes are we excited!!!

For the first time ever we seem to have the luxury of long range booth building. We always put a ton of thought into attending events (the right colors, mix of bases, samples, swag, help, etc.), it’s just that for the first time we have space to build sets and gather props, all in our ‘new-to-us’ old barn!  In the past, we have had to work everything out on paper, pack yarn and some props weeks in advance and then wait for a shipping company to come and shrink wrap the pallets to be loaded onto trucks and hope things work out when we arrive at our destination. But, things…. they are changing!

I am not going to give anything away just yet, but our dad (ElmerT!) and Bob are busy with materials lists/measuring/sawing/hammering/welding/painting/bending/nailing/and screw-drivering to make mine and Hayley’s visions of yarn displays and booth props come true! The hardest part is knowing when to stop and that we do have very limited space on the convention floor. When the displays are finished, we have a plan for using Dad’s trailer (and for him to join us – he loves a road trip!) to get the sets into Nashville. It’s so nice of him to let us re-purpose the same trailer he uses to haul his vintage truck and tractors to antique farm and car shows.

Even though the temps are still in the minus range, we have Spring Fever in the worst way but planning for Stitches is a very welcome distraction from the weather outside.  We are working on a group of new colors that will be released, lots of fun new swag (bags, shirts, etc!) and buckets and buckets of yarny goodness. We will also, oh this is so exciting, have brand new designs to share with you!  Our sample knitters are busy preparing a whole bunch of super secret projects that will be available for you to shop for and to try on!  And, as always, Hayley and I will be available to assist you in any yarn or color questions you might have.

Nashville. BBQ, boots, music and knitting. Sounds like a festive time to me! Won’t you please join us?


Instant Gratification Update Time!

basket of possibility

Friday, February 27th, 9 am EST – ETSY Shop!

Hello there and happy almost March!

We are just beginning the preparations for travel to Nashville, TN for Stitches South at the end of April. That means it’s time to prepare yarn, colorway themes, kits and patterns and the design of an entirely new booth! That also means we want to have one last Instant Gratification update before we plunge fully into Stitches preparation!

I love Instant Gratification updates as there truly is something for everyone and the project possibilities – they are simply endless. There will be mystery kits, tasting menus and, of course, some fantastic onesie-twosies and sweater quantities of your favorite Plucky bases. A note about the shipping of IG update: The update is all ready-to-ship items. It is an assortment of goodies already dyed and available to ship. While the yarn is ready-to-ship, it does take us 24-48 hours to administer the shipping process to then print labels and begin shipping. Friday’s update will begin shipping on Tuesday, March 3rd.

So, please join us for an update in the Plucky ETSY shop, Friday, February 27th at 9:00 am Eastern, filled with just about everything you can imagine – even some of our newer Spring colorways will be available!

Strike A PoseGreen GoddessBubbly

Please note: As per usual with Etsy updates there will be product that goes live right at the appointed time but I will be posting things as I go. If you have not yet found our update thread in Ravelry we have a great time chatting about the update while it’s happening.

basket possibilites tool

Artichocchi Gnocchi


The proper PDF download is coming up. I’m having a few technical difficulties.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!


Thanks everybody for helping us find a name for Hayley’s new recipe. For me, the most fun thing about a contest is reading all the creative and often very personal responses. It is usually a daunting job to pick just a handful of winners. But, I have to say this naming contest was a slam dunk right from the start! There was one name suggested in several entries that rolled off the tongue and cracked me up every time! So, we decided to award prizes to all of you that submitted a variation on the artichokey/artichocchi gnocchi theme!

Above you will find the full recipe – ready to print or add to your recipe box (proper PDF coming up later today).

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact us at pluckycustomerservice @ gmail . com and we will make arrangements to get your yarn & swag prizes to you!

Melissa –
Okie Dokie Artichokie Gnocchi
Okie Dokie Arti-Ghocchi
janicevavra –

Gnocchi Artichokey!

“Artichoki gnocchi.”

It’s a little bit hokey, but how about Artichoke-y Gnocchi?  Or, to make it prettier, Artichochhi Gnocchi ….

And, a huge thank you Hayley Mae for sharing her plucky kitchen adventures with us all. She doesn’t know it yet, but I am hoping we can convince her to do this again!


Nameless Gnocchi OR Name That Dish!

Ox close focus

No gnocchi picture (I was too busy eating) so Ox will have to do.

It’s really cool to have a foodie as a sister. Hayley reads cookbooks and restaurant reviews before bed. No matter what city we find ourselves in, Hayley has a mission to visit one restaurant and another and another. But, best of all, Hayley cooks. Very well and often! She is fearless and posses’ instinct, imagination and a well developed sense of adventure. While desserts and hor d’oeuvres (love a good cheese plate or crudités) are my forte, Hayley hits the main course out of the ballpark, time after time. So much so that I ask Hayley what I’m going to eat when we go out. Why bother when she loves to choose and it’s always so good?!

I would like to share with you a dish that Hayley invented last week and brought into the studio for lunch. We all went nuts. But, it doesn’t have a name! And, what do we do when something new needs a name??? WE HOLD A CONTEST!

Below is a list of ingredients and a general description of the dish. Once we have a name for it, we will prepare a recipe card for you in a downloadable PDF. And, of course there will be prizes! So, warm up your mental taste buds and help us name this delish dish! Here is the list of the main ingredients with the detailed list/recipe to come after the contest is finished.


Chicken breast




Lemon zest

White wine


Doesn’t is sound great? Once the ingredients have been prepared and the selected herbs and seasoning have been added (you will find these listed in the complete recipe PDF once the contest closes), this dish is tossed and topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions in the comments below (I moderate the comments so if you do not see your entry right away that just means it is awaiting moderation). We will pick a winner (and some runners up!) by Noon on Friday! The prize(s) will be yarn and swag – not quite sure how to send Gnocchi to the winners.

Bon Appetite and let the contest begin!


Yarn For Your Inner Tomboy

PluckyFellas2 enews-1

Friday, February 13th, 9 am EST & 8:00 pm EST

The Plucky Fellas are getting together for another party! Every Fella is special and every one of them will be offered in an assortment of bases and colors, as listed below. In addition to the previously released Fellas colorways, we are offering our usual MYSTERY (never before released) color!

The Plucky Fellas are fella/guy/tomboy inspired colors, perfect for socks, sweaters or accessories we neutral loving guys and gals just adore knitting and wearing! What won’t you find? Pink, purple, aqua. What will you find? Loads of neutrals with a kick, all on your choice of base(s) available below.

And, as an extra surprise we are happy to announce that there will be a free fellas pattern download available to anyone who joins the party! Watch for pattern spoiler pictures between now and Thursday to be popping up on our various social media outlets as well as the Plucky Ravelry group.

So, whether it’s for your inner tomboy or your favorite guy, we have something for everybody! Friday, February 13th at 9:00 a.m. EST and again at 8:00 p.m. EST on the Plucky Blog – get your Fellas!

Please note that yarn from this update will ship the week of March 30th, 2015.

The following bases will be offered:
Primo Fingering
Primo Sport
Primo Worsted
Primo Aran
Traveler DK
Traveler Aran
Bello Worsted

Fellas colorways (as well as the next MYSTERY shipment):
Joe Banks
Khaki Shack
Man About Town
Maverick & Goose
Mr. Spacely
My Dear Watson
Random Task
Run Forrest
And the new MYSTERY Fellas!

Fellas sampling

I am sorry we don’t have the glamor shots for all the past Fellas colorways at this time, but there is this wonderful color description thread in the Plucky Group on Ravelry.

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for the Fellas.  We look forward to seeing you at the party on Friday!

Traveler DK & The New Bulky!

Traveler DK is here!
Update – Friday, February 6th Noon EST & Sunday, February 8th 8:00 PM ESTJoe collage

Good Old Joe. He is a colorwork master bringing so many colors together. Just a few of the colors that we love to pair with Joe.

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Traveler DK! You have told us many times of your love of Traveler so it seemed appropriate that we round out the traveler offerings and add a DK option. Traveler DK is a mix of 65.20.15 merino, silk & yak and is 275 yards per skein.

New bulky! We are happy to announce we will be offering the new bulky as well. 100% merino and 130 yards per skein.

And, let’s have some Sophisticate too!  Soph is the yarn that is scrumptious by itself, and adds so much texture, depth and pizzazz to anything you mix it with. Then, to round out this Update, we will also be offering the following bases:

Bases Available:
Bello Worsted
Primo Aran
Primo Fingering
Primo Sport
Snug Worsted
Traveler DK

PLEASE NOTE: Bulky and cashmere orders may be delayed somewhat. Bulky and Cashmere from this update can be expected to ship mid-March if all goes according to plan.

Please join me Friday at Noon EST and then back again Sunday evening at 8:00 PM EST right here on the Plucky Blog. After reading your suggestions in the Wish List on Ravelry I have put together a list of colors I think we can all love and will work very well on all the bases offered.  And, you never know with me…I just might add a few more colorways and/or bases at the last minute. Let’s see what happens! And as per usual at update time we will be chit chatting away in the update thread. Please join us!

Colorways available shown below and in collage above:

Joe collage 2

Thank you so much and we hope you can join us!