It’s Monday


Wanderlust cashmere. The Hills Are Alive cashmere. Twill Ox 2.0, Charm School Snug Fingering, Chantilly Lodge Fingering, Hi-C Ox 2.0 Mixthosebases.

Good morning and a happy hazy (stupid allergies) Monday to you!

So, what’s new with you? Around here we’re up to no good or a lot of good, depending on the day/hour!

  1. The April 1st ‘It’s No Joke’ started shipping on Friday! That continues in earnest today.
  2. Plucky Classics ships later this week. Woohoo!
  3. Luxe Club on the heels of Classics!
  4. Knitting/swatching. Swatching some fun things… thinking ahead to Fall (gah!).
  5. Stripes. Mixing bases. Two of my favorite things.
  6. Zyrtec. Need more Zyrtec.
  7. The roof leak and ripping up carpets probably not helping the Spring allergies.
  8. Reserve. There’s going to be an infusion of fun things to the Reserve! Primo, Lace, Soph, a smidge of Crew and of this n’ that. Starting a little later today. If you have a hankering for anything super specific I’ll see what I can do!

May your coffee be strong this morning…


Trunk Show: Wool & Honey


What are you doing Memorial Day weekend? How about taking a road trip to Northern Michigan to join us at Wool & Honey for a trunk show?!?


Hayley and I will be heading north May 27th & 28th to the charming Wool & Honey yarn shop. We’ll be there to help celebrate their sixteenth anniversary – congratulations!! We’ll be bring a Plucky Trunk show to the shop full of lots of yarn, samples, patterns surprises (of course!) and even a signature colorway for this event only!


Details of the event will be as follows…

On Friday, May 27th from 6pm to 9 pm, there will be an intimate cocktail reception and pre-sale party, where 30 ticketholders will receive exclusive goody bags, have the first pick of the trunk show and listen to a short presentation by Sarah about the Plucky story. We’ll be celebrating with both sparkling wine (L. Mawby, of course!) and a special cocktail, as well as some of our favorite local cheeses, fruits and treats.

On Saturday, May 28th from 10 am to 6 pm, we’ll take the trunk show to Wool & Honey. There will be patterns galore, samples to try on, and of course, yarn–glorious yarn! This trunk show is open to everyone.

Tickets for the cocktail party will go on sale on Friday, April 29th at 7 pm EST and can be found HERE. Tickets will be first-come, first-serve and will include a swanky goody bag you’ll be thrilled to take home. 

There will be many more details to come over the next few weeks. We guarantee you won’t want to miss this weekend.

Hope to see you there!

Hey, Hey It’s Monday!

OX Monday's Pillow

Yesterday’s weather has made for one very exhausted Oxford.

Hey, Hey it’s Monday!

Spring came and went and summer arrived yesterday around here – if the calendar didn’t say April 17th yesterday I would have sworn it was June 17th! But, as we all know it can change on a dime so in the meantime let’s revel in the fantastic weather! A few other things that are taking up space in my brain today:


  1. Striped shirts. How many are too many?
  2. Goe Oil. I’m loving this so much! Coconut oil is great (more solid and can be fiddly to travel with) and argon oil (liquid which can be messy, especially when traveling). Enter Goe Oil. Semi-solid and a mixture of many different oils. Light but very moisturizing – fantastic on dry skin (not too heavy) and curly hair (tame that frizz!). Not to mention, make-up remover, cuticle oil, and the list goes on. Talk about bang for the beauty buck.
  3. Cast on for a new project – always a good time! Mixing those bases. Can’t share any other details just yet, but I think you’ll love it.
  4. I need to be better at keeping a note pad with me at all times. And my favorite pens.
  5. We are eyebrow deep (way past neck deep!) in April Classics and May Luxe preparations.
  6. It’s no joke, no, really it’s NO JOKE… we are going to repeat ‘that update’ this week. Free shipping and all. Something you missed? Weren’t able to get on the site? Something new you’d like to see (a base or a colorway)? Let me know over in the wish list thread. Thinking a two parter this time, sometime mid-week perhaps? Not sure yet, the day is still young.
  7. And last but certainly not least… anyone up for a road trip UP NORTH?  Woolandhoney we can’t wait!! You know, five years ago at your darling little shop was the very first trunk show Hayleymae ever attended together. Five short (or very longggggg, depending on the day) years ago. Congratulations to you!

I hope your Monday is a very good one…



Sophisticated Traveler – KIT UPDATE


I am so excited about Cassie Munksgard’s newest design, the Sophisticated Traveler Shawl, and to be able to offer it in kit form as a Plucky exclusive! You might know Cassie as Firedancer41dmb, on Ravelry and in the The Plucky Knitters group. Cassie brings us a shawl that is the perfect shoulder season wrap. The time of year when the air is still a bit chilly, yet there is the risk of encountering unexpected air conditioning, is fast approaching! You will want to be ready for it all with at least one Sophisticated Traveler. The generous size of this shawl allows you to wear it in a variety of ways, wrapped around you for warmth or casually tossed over your shoulders for the perfect accessory.




Though generous in size, this shawl is so light and airy and is written with two options for mixing bases (#mixthosebases)!  Using two different weights and fibers, each knit separately in some sections and then held together in others, gives you three different textures throughout the shawl. The pink version shown above was knit in Traveler Sport and Sophisticate in the colorway, Bellini. The different fiber content of the two bases lends itself perfectly to a subtle, tonal color change as well!  This is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into mixing those bases. Cassie and Plucky have taken the guesswork out of what to mix together for you!




Shown in Splendor, this sample was knit with three skeins of Cashmere and one skein of Sophisticate.  You may have spied it in my pic on my own travels just a few weeks ago!  The grey version mixed two skeins of Oxford 2.0 in Brume with one skein of Plucky Lace.  We’ve put together some incredible possibilities for mixing your favorite Plucky sport weight with Sophisticate or your favorite Plucky fingering weight with Lace!



Please join us on the Plucky Blog, Friday, April 15th, at 12:00 noon, EDT.  You will find an option to choose either the sport/sophisticate version or the fingering/lace combo.  Once you choose the base, you will find drop down menus to choose your color combination. Each combo will be a tonal selection with the exception of mystery kits.  So, if you choose Campari in the Cashmere/Sophisticate combo, you’ll receive 3 skeins of Cashmere and 1 skein of Sophisticate each in the colorway Campari.  If you’re an adventurous traveler however, perhaps one of our mystery kits may be an option for you?  The mystery kits may be tonal OR the bases may be contrasting colorways Hayley and I think will be perfect for playing together in this pattern.  If you’d like a tonal or contrasting mystery kit, there will be a button for each. As always, you can leave us a note in PayPal prior to check-out if you have a preference for colors or bases.  We’ll do our best to accommodate your request!

Let the planning begin with a few collages of the colorways that Hayley and I think will be positively smashing as Sophisticated Travelers!




Please note, this is a pre-order update and will ship within the normal time frame (approximate ship date:  Week of May 16th).   You can plan ahead by visiting our Sophisticated Traveler Kit options spreadsheet.  The kit includes the yarn and the pattern.  Cassie will be providing you with your exclusive pattern via Ravelry download within 24-48 hours after the update concludes.  Your shipping cost of the kit will be added at check-out.  The Sophisticated Traveler pattern will remain a Plucky exclusive for six months.  Don’t miss out on this versatile shawl to get you through your next travels, wherever they may take you – Bon Voyage!