Happy Go Plucky – Updates to the App!

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We’ve been busy!

As promised when we first launched the Plucky App, we are continually working behind the scenes to bring greater ease and more information into the app. This is an ongoing project!

In the coming days, look for an updated menu screen with direct access to announcements and to the shop (Reserve and Swag! Yes, we’re bringing more Swag back!).

You will also find a new layout for Ox’s Mystery Matches as well as additional information on the bases shown in photos.  You can expect to see more variety in Ox’s matches that will include patterns featuring 2, 4, 6, and up to 8 different colorways.  Ox will be noting the preferred Plucky base for each match, too! He’s particular that way 😉

We are continually working to make the Plucky App your most valuable planning tool.  More updates to come in the near future.

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Scenes From The Weekend



Congratulations to Melissa and Liz at Woolandhoney! 16 years a big huge deal! What sweet hostesses. Thank you ladies!


We sincerely hope yours was just as lovely!

I’d say let’s have a gentle ease into this short week, but no way, not here!

Back soon with some fun things!


Anniversary Pre Announcement





If you have been in the Plucky family for more than a year, you know that Hayley and I like to celebrate and go a little nuttier than usual when the Plucky anniversary comes around every June.

Next month will mark our 9th year! Crazy how time flies when you are having fun, right?

If you are new to Plucky, first – the warmest of Welcomes to you! We are so happy you are here! We hope you like how we celebrate. And, for you, our longtime Plucky friends and family, you can expect the same big celebratory fun as in years past (and perhaps a few more fun things up our sleeves!).

I’m not going to reveal too much today, but one thing we always do is offer a ginormous update that is sure to allow every Plucky customer a chance at what they wish for, regardless of time zone. But, because it’s our anniversary, we take it up a couple notches and also offer FREE SHIPPING, worldwide. We haven’t yet set the official date for this June update(s!), but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we do.

Stay tuned as we s l o w l y let all our cats out of their bags. But, in the meantime, please help us get started in the Wishlist Thread by letting us know what you really want to see at the 9th Anniversary Party!! (Wow! Has it really been almost a decade?!). Feel free to lobby for your favorites and cajole your friends into supporting your wishes. Every post and every hit on the AGREE button will count as a vote. Your votes will give us a great head start on compiling the final list of colors, bases, (and whatever else we may have up our sleeves!) to be included!

So, are you ready?! The month of June is going to be fantastic!!

April Snow – a Knitterella and Plucky Knitter exclusive!



We love warmer weather, we love lighter bases and we really love this new design from Knitterella.  Our great friend, Jill Zielinski, (aka Knitterella) has scored “a knitter’s trifecta”, combining Lodge fingering, an easy breezy accessory, in a three-color exclusive Plucky kit.  April Snow is a great way to accessorize sleeveless tops, cropped jeans, and little summer dresses.  This is a super quick, easy, and fun knit, combining intentionally dropped stitches and garter bands of color, in an airy asymmetrical shawl.




April Snow calls for Lodge Fingering and we have a great line-up of Plucky fingering weight bases for you to choose from!  Although it’s not written for sport weight, can you just imagine this in pure Cashmere or with Traveler (that yak & silk..oh, the drape!)?!  We think it would be gorgeous and are offering sport as an option too, should you feel intrepid and want to give it a go!  Just keep in mind, it will effect your yardage (so the sport kits will each have an extra skein of MC)!

Bases Offered:
Lodge Fingering
Oxford 2.0
Primo Fingering*
Primo Sport*

*Please keep in mind that the combos featuring Small Batch colorways will only be available on these select bases!

Hayley and I are already knee deep in planning great color combos and base options that we think will be super fun… and maybe just a wee bit unexpected!  Here’s a little taste of the combos you can expect to find on Wednesday, but you never know what I might sneak in at the last minute!:



*This bears repeating!: Please keep in mind that the combos featuring Small Batch colorways will only be available on these select bases!

If your weekend plans include a trip to Wool and Honey, in Cedar, MI, you will find a Plucky trunk show to help celebrate their “Sweet Sixteen” anniversary. Hayley and I will be on hand (along with a very nice selection of Plucky yarns) to help you select colors for what ever you are planning and to take additional pre-orders for April Snow!  We are really looking forward to saying “Hello!” to old friends and meeting lots of new friends!

Please join us on the Plucky Blog, Wednesday, May 25th, at 9:00 a.m. and again at 8:00 p.m, EDT.  As per usual with our “mystery kits”, you may leave us a note in PayPal prior to check-out if you have a preference for colors or bases.  We’ll do our best to accommodate your request with what we have available!  If all goes well, mystery kits might ship early, depending upon what Hayley and I put together for you.  You will find an option to choose your base and then drop down menus to choose your color combination.  We may even sneak a few mystery kits into the update, too!    

A few important housekeeping items to note!:
  • This is a pre-order update and will ship within the normal time frame (approximate ship date:  Week of June 27th).
  • You can plan ahead by visiting our April Snow kit detail spreadsheet.
  • Each kit includes the yarn and the pattern.  Great news!!  Jill has offered to gift your extra pattern to a friend should you purchase more than one kit. She will be providing you with your exclusive pattern via Ravelry download within 24-48 hours after the update concludes.  Please allow her this time to respond with requests for gifting your extra pattern purchases!
  • Shipping costs of the kit will be added at check-out.
  • April Snow will remain a Plucky exclusive for six months.  Be sure to get your perfect summer knitting kit while it’s available!

It’s Monday


Always on high alert.





Hey, hey it’s Monday!

How’s every little thing today? Enjoying this gorgeous weather!? It’s high time is all we have to say about that around here.

  1. There were a few stragglers of the second part ‘It’s No Joke’ and they are leaving today!
  2. We have kit coming up with Knitterella on Wednesday! Teaser pics coming right up and, get this, it features your beloved Lodge Fingering! And, of course, several other fingering weight options.
  3. Small Batch No. 014. If you love Skies of November, pops of Sticky Toffee a little gray and some scummy bits… this one is for you! The first skeins of it will be available at the Wool & Honey trunk show this weekend. And definitely coming up in a blog update near you!
  4. Mystery Small Batch shipping is what I’ll be up to today and tomorrow. That and putting color kits together for Jill’s kit release this week. I’m thinking one or two options with small batch (available on Primo, Bello, Feet and Single only) would be a great idea!
  5. A little note about me posting things here, there and everywhere (well everywhere being IG). Some are teasers/spoilers, some are posts of things I’m working on or Hayley’s working on, some it just random life. Please know, I’ll always fill you in on the details – they may just not all be available when I post to IG or I might not be ready to divulge quite yet. But, you’ll always be looped in.
  6. There’s more to come this gorgeous Monday – but first, more coffee.




Wanderlust on Bello, Small Batch No. 014 on Primo Fingering & Good Old Days on Feet



It’s Monday – Belated!



Happy belated Monday morning 😉




So much to share with you!

  1. Lodge is back and will be at an update near you VERY SOON!
  2. Second ‘It’s No Joke’ update is shipping!
  3. Will be headed back to the barn very soon but first I have to do a little research for something happening later this Fall.
  4. Working on something special for the trunk show at Wool & Honey on the 27th.
  5. Hayley’s on a sock kick!
  6. Cecilia. CC Bloom and Small Batch No. 002’s perfect gradient. Coming right up!
  7. Reserve revamp is coming right along!
  8. Islandwood. Churchmouse. Retreat. Glamping. I have much to tell you!

Have a great day!






Plucky Fellas Club



It’s time for the next installment of the Plucky Fellas Club!

All the Plucky Fellas colors are fella/guy/tomboy inspired, perfect for socks, sweaters or accessories we neutral loving guys and gals just love to wear.

~What will you find? Loads of neutrals with a kick, all on your choice of base(s) available below. And, we always spice it up a bit with a few special colors that will help the Fellas sing!

~This time, however – since we usually say “you’re not invited” to what some might consider more girly colors – we are going to add a few of our favorite lights and brights, as well as three colorways of our new Small Batch collection to accent the Fellas existing colorways, AND the new Fellas mystery colorway!

~If a Small Batch color is on your ‘must’ list, you will be able to order it as a single skein in your chosen amount. We have built a collage for each so that you can see the colors that we think pair beautifully with each. All the colorways shown will be sold as individual skeins.

All colorways available in this update are shown in the collages below:




Small batch fellas collage 2


small batch collage fellas 3

All the Fellas colors in one place!


Bases Offered:
Bello Worsted
Oxford 2.0
Primo Aran
Primo Fingering
Primo Sport
Primo Worsted
Scholar 2.0
Traveler DK

Small Batch offered on these bases only:
Primo Aran

Primo Fingering
Primo Sport
Primo Worsted

Please join us this Sunday, May 15th on the Plucky Blog at 8:00 p.m. EDT, and again on Monday morning, May 16th at 9:00 a.m. EDT.  Whether it’s for your inner tomboy, your favorite guy, or you’d like a touch of whimsy, we have something for everybody!

This is a pre-order update and will begin shipping approximately June 17th.

If you are new to Plucky we invite you to read all about our Blog Updates in the FAQs found HERE. Also, be sure to sign up for our eNewsletter and download our Plucky Knitter app (link below) so you are always up-to-date on events and news.


It’s Monday



Small batch No. 011 on Cachet with Classic Rock & Good Old Days




Hey Hey it’s Monday – whether we’re ready or not!

I hope you had the best weekend!

  1. Shipping! S H I P P I N G Shipping RTS and Mystery kits begins today!
  2. Your enthusiasm for Small Batch is infectious! I mean we were already excited but now we’re positively a twitter! Some way, some how there will be some offered this week. Timing and logistics are being figured out and I will get back with you on the particulars.

So, coffee in hand and, well, if you need us you know where we’ll be!





Primo vs. Cashmere – it’s so hard to choose!




Bostons can be so bossy – he just wouldn’t let me up to work on the patio on Saturday morning.

Small Batch Plucky!


Small Batch Plucky

Created to enhance your Plucky palette.



Hayley and I are having a blast! What could be more fun than mixing it up a bit and a somewhat quirky spin on something you don’t often see us dyeing? Even though variegated yarns are not on regular rotation (though old school Plucky featured them extensively), every now and then you just have to let loose and have some fun.


Hayley and I have let our imaginations go nutty, taking some of our favorite colors and using them as a foundation upon which we layered (and layered some more!) multiple Plucky colors, creating deep, rich skeins of variegation. Each additional color was carefully chosen from our recipe book because they pair so nicely with its foundation color. The unexpected, fanciful, broody, crazy result is our Small Batch Plucky.


Each skein has the strength to stand alone or would pair perfectly with any semi-solid/tonal/subtly variegated colorways. Basically, Small Batch is the chocolate & very colorful sprinkles on the Plucky Palette!


SmallBatch-No007I hope you are as excited as we are. These skeins will not be named, but they will carry a number so that you can identify them for stashing, knitting/crocheting cataloguing. And, because of the extreme complexity of every skein within this group, we do want you to be aware that there will be a bit more individuality to every skein.

The first release will be in the fingering weight mystery kits that sold earlier this week in the RTS update (shipping Monday). From there…. we will keep you posted.


So, what do you think? Are you already planning what to knit with Small Batch Plucky? We sure are!


P.S. For now, we are thinking Small Batch will be available on the following bases: Primo(s), Feet, Cashmere(s) and Single.

Plucky Classics, A Yarn Club

It’s Sign-Up Time!

A Brand New Plucky Classics

This time it’s different!

Sign-ups begin Thursday, May 5 at 9:00 a.m. EDT, right here on the Plucky Blog
We are super excited to open up the Plucky Classics subscription program for another round. We want to give everyone a chance to sign-up for something new, add to their existing subscription, or give the Classics program a whirl for the very first time!

It’s an exciting round to join as we’re changing up Classics, in a VERY big way!

Although we are saying farewell to Sweater from the line-up, we’re bringing in Crew, Oxford (original), Rustic, Scholar (original), SNUG (bulky), Sophisticate, AND Traveler (sport).  Phew!!  We’ve never had this big of a shake-up to Classics and we hope you are as excited about it as we are!

There may be months where we choose to draw from the same inspiration, but an entirely different colorway specifically for the bases of Crew, Oxford, Scholar, and Traveler. These four bases due to their unique fiber content/properties, take the dye differently than the others but you can be assured we’ll choose a colorway that make their uniqueness positively sing. And they will be inspired by the same ‘Classic’.

For those who aren’t really sure why we call it Classics, let me give you a little background. Hayley and I love old movies. The Classics. Or, at least those that we consider to be classics! Our idea of a perfect evening is to slip an old movie into the DVD player, make some popcorn, sit back with our knitting and lose ourselves in a movie. But, it’s not just the oldies that we consider Classics. Who doesn’t love a cheezy 80’s or a 90’s disaster movie?  Our tastes are eclectic, to say the least.  And, it’s from our personal list of classic movies that we draw our inspiration for the Classics subscription colors. Won’t you watch and knit with us?

Here is how the Plucky Classics subscription works:

If you are already a Classics subscriber, and you don’t want to change a thing with your current selection, you are golden and don’t need to do a thing! Your subscription will continue on in the same manner.

  1. Sign-ups go live Thursday, May 5 at 9:00 a.m. EDT on the Plucky Blog and will remain open as long as spots remain available.
  2. Upon enrollment (the date you subscribe, beginning Thursday, May 5), you will have the payment for your yarn deducted from your Paypal account. Subsequent payments will continue to be deducted, on the same date every other month, until you cancel your subscription.
  3. At the end of every month following the deduction (June), your Classics order will be shipped to you. You will continue to receive yarn, every other month, until you cancel your subscription (June, August, October and so on).
  4. The base and quantity you choose will be your subscription until you (or we) cancel your subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time.
  5. Bases available are: Primo Aran, Primo Fingering, Primo Sport, Primo Worsted, Bello, Bello Worsted, Single, Feet, Trusty, SNUG Worsted, SNUG Fingering, SNUG (bulky), Crew, Oxford (original), Rustic, Scholar (original), Sophisticate, Traveler (sport) and Plucky Cashmere and Cachet! A quick run-down of yarn details can be found on our website here.
  6. The Classics color each month is a surprise colorway and may be the same across all bases.There may be months where we choose to draw from the same inspiration, but an entirely different colorway specifically for the bases of Crew, Oxford, Scholar, and Traveler! These four bases due to their unique fiber content/properties, take the dye differently than the others but you can be assured we’ll choose a colorway that make their uniqueness positively sing.
  7. If you would like a subscription for more than one base, you will need to make an additional subscription.
  8. Pricing, including shipping costs can be viewed here.  Please be sure to choose the appropriate selection (U.S. or International) based on your shipping address.

Plucky Classics is a great (and fun!) way to ensure you get a regular dose of Plucky yarn, especially if you find it difficult to make the updates (time zones, work schedules, etc.). Sign-up and yarn will magically appear in your mailbox every other month. Easy Peasy!

Please note: multiple orders will be combined for shipping, domestic and international.
Values for customs documents will be completed in accordance with the pricing shown on your PayPal receipt (i.e. One skein Primo Worsted shipped internationally will reflect a value of $33.00, etc. for customs). Again, thank you!

If you are new to Plucky we invite you to read all about our Blog Updates in the FAQs found HERE. Also, be sure to sign up for our eNewsletter and go to our Plucky Knitter app so you are always up-to-date on events and news.



April #dailyplucky Winners!

Dear April,

My, oh my, weren’t you a little trickster! Coming in like a lion meant you tossed us a curve ball on April Fools Day. From there, you proceeded to tease the daylights out of us with hints of an early spring. But, you finished up the month in our neck of the woods by going out like a damp and very grey lamb!   In spite of all those little glitches, the flowering trees are bursting, the daffodils are glorious and the tulips are promising. Welcome to the month of May!


Don’t forget to tag your IG photos with #dailyplucky or your projects in Ravelry with “dailyplucky” throughout the month of May for a chance to win!

Almost Instant Ready-To-Ship Update!



It’s Spring, or rather, supposed to be Spring. But the weather here sure has us craving our flip-flops and light weight wraps rather than the rain boots and parkas we can’t seem to put away for good!  The weather, albeit damp and cold, is a great reason to knit one more hat, cast on for the perfect summer cardigan (it will be coming, right?!), or to just snuggle up under an ever-growing granny square or knitted afghan!

To help see us and our knitting needles through the current cold spell, we’ve kept the dye pots warm and have put together a thoughtfully curated list of bases and colorways.  Whether you’re wrapping up the quick, heavier weight accessories, or can’t stop dreaming about the perfect sweater or wrap to toss in your beach bag for when the sun goes down, we have something here for you and it’s ready to head your way! That’s right – ready-to-ship! Tuesday, May 3 at Noon EDT, we’ll have an Almost Instant/Ready-To-Ship Update, featuring 15 gorgeous colors on 15 of our favorite Plucky bases.




Every one of the colorways will be available on each of the following bases:

  • Cashmere – Campfire Confessions, Dreamy, Enchantment – all just too much (in the very best way) on cashmere! 
  • Crew – You know how I feel about Morticia on Crew! 
  • Crewbie – See above and it’s Spring! 
  • Feet – Feet is always a good idea!
  • Lace – It’s Spring! Time for lace! 
  • Ox 2.0
  • Primo Fingering
  • Primo Sport
  • Primo Worsted
  • Rustic – the way it takes the colors…the sheen and on a workhorse yarn to boot! 
  • Scholar 2.0 – you asked for it! 
  • Single
  • Snug Fingering
  • Sophisticate
  • Traveler
And just for fun, we’ll have MYSTERY options available. These will be total mysteries – you may get a base or colorway not noted above and they will ship at the same time as all other orders. If you have any specific wishes (bases or colorways), please be sure to leave us a note, we love to grant wishes (or get as close as we can)!
Do you see something you’ve been waiting for?  Or maybe one of the new colorways is just what you had in mind?  We hope you will join us on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at Noon EDT at the Plucky Blog.

**An important note!:  Since all of the yarn available in Tuesday’s update (and all other subsequent RTS or IG updates) has been carefully inventoried and dyed, we will no longer be able to accommodate requests for cancellations or changes of orders.  Please be certain that you fully intend to purchase and receive any yarn you check-out with from the update. It is administratively very difficult and impedes shipping times to allow for these changes.The update will ship on Monday, May 9th. Thank you for your understanding! 

If you are new to Plucky we invite you to read all about our Blog Updates in the FAQs found 
HERE. Also, be sure to sign up for our eNewsletter and download our Plucky Knitter app so you are always up-to-date on events and news.

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