It’s Monday



Good morning!

I hope your weekend was a doughnut (insert any of your chosen treats) filled delight! Mine was not only filled with doughnuts (still coming down off the sugar – evil stuff I tell you. E V I L.) but the most delightfully awesome, completely not planned meet-up you could ever imagine. Out for tacos and who were we sat right next to? Ann and her pal. I love them. I’ve not had the privilege of meeting Kay but I sure hope to meet her some day!




But why are you in TN you might wonder? I won’t bore you with details but it all started with a hole in the wall (several years ago I might add) at the house and ended with ‘you need to not live here for a week or so’ so I checked out airbnb for a place that takes pups and we hit the road for Nashville. Easy drive, I can get a giant chunk of work done in some quiet (it can be a funny thing working on super wooly knits/yarn/designs when it’s high summer but think ahead we must!) and they have biscuits. I’m joking a lot here. It’s actually been a pretty stressful time so a change of scenery was not only physically necessary it was good for the peace of mind too.

And in other news this week….

  1. Shhh. I don’t want to spook it, but I think all that casting on and knitting two rows or ‘swatch fest, the spring 2016 edition’ might be history. Saturday afternoon I was forced (by my own self though a little shamed by my darling sister as well) to just keep going and I’m so glad that I am.
  2. Calligraphy though pretty heavily modified from the get go. I’m playing yarn chicken and I know that sounds funny coming from me but I only have the three skeins of No. 013 (small batch really is small!) on hand and I don’t want to run out! The struggle. It’s really real 🙂
  3. This week is a big big shipping week. Classics at the end of the week! The rest of the IG shipping.
  4. Shoes. These are like sandal versions of sneakers. Not nearly as high as they look – right around 2” with a 1.25” platform. I’m not known for my graceful tendencies (my husband regularly wishes he had a video montage of all the ‘trips’ I’ve taken over the years) so I’m not a super high heel/platform kind of gal. These are game changers for me! So so comfy!!! Great summer kick around shoe price point and cute colors! I also love these and these and these.



Photo doesn’t really do them justice. Really cute on!

Have a great week and stay cool!





Quintessential Plucky!



Sunday, June 26th 8:00 PM EDT at the Plucky Blog




Although you may have been living with sweltering spring weather, served up with a side of sizzle, now it’s officially summer!



Help us celebrate summer with a Quintessential Summer Update.  In this Update you will find our nine color, 2016 Quintessential Plucky Palette (QPP), plus one more mystery summer neutral. The Mystery color will pair perfectly with any and all of the colors in our “QPP Kit”.  You will be able to order as many skeins of the mystery neutral as you need!




Deep End. Modified.


On Sunday, on the Plucky blog, you will find drop down menus allowing you to choose the base for your QPP Kit.  Each kit will contain one skein of each of the nine 2016 Quintessential Summer colors, all on the same base.  Or, you may choose a 10, 11, or 12 skein kit.  This will give you the opportunity to select one of the nine QPP colors as your main color. In other words, if you choose a 12 skein QPP kit, will get the all 9 QPP colors and then you choose, say, Castaway as your additional 3 skeins. All right there in the same button. No need to contact customer service. Easy peasy puddin’ pie!




If you would like just the Anniversary Mystery color, you will also find an additional button(s) for choosing the mystery color, in the quantity you need and on the base you select. The mystery colorway – you can choose as many single skeins as your heart desires.




Bases available:

  • Bello
  • Cachet
  • Cashmere
  • Crew
  • Crewbie
  • Feet
  • Lodge Worsted
  • Oxford 2.0
  • Primo Fingering
  • Primo Sport
  • Primo Worsted
  • Rustic
  • Single
  • Sweater
  • Trusty

For this Update, we have chosen bases that are light and breezy and perfect for a summer tee, a swingy tank or something light to slip around your shoulders. If you’re looking for a summer project, check out these links to patterns that we think are perfect for summertime knitting and crocheting!

We’re also including some fun, new swag with this update.  Once you’ve ordered your QPP Kit, you might need a bag to hold them all!  We thought it would be fun to design a project bag that would be big enough to hold your Quintessential summer projects and would be easy to find when you are ready to start your next project. These bags will also be featured in the update, with their own drop down menu for selecting the number of bags you want.


Please join us for this pre-order update on June 26th at 8:00 PM EDT on the Plucky Blog,as we embrace the colors and textures of summer.  And, what a happy coincidence that we are still celebrating our anniversary month. That means more Golden Tickets!
If you are new to Plucky or have never participated in a Blog Update, we invite you to read our FAQ page, found HERE. You can also visit our blog post on How To Shop A Plucky Updatefor valuable information and tips.

We hope that you will be inspired to mix-n-match all the Plucky colors and bases as you celebrate your personal vision of summer.


The Anniversary IG Update

Plucky In An Instant!

Today, June 20th at 8:00 p.m. EDT and Tomorrow, June 21st at 10:00 a.m. EDT in the Plucky ETSY Shop!


And just like that… peony season is over. Let the summer fun begin!


In addition to all the dyeing, drying, tagging and shipping duties, you can add a whole lot of counting skeins to our last couple of weeks. We’ve been setting aside a smorgasbord of choices to offer as we continue our Anniversary Month festivities. So that means we are now ready for a ridiculously festive IG Update over in the good old Etsy shop. But where is the Reserve you might be wondering… oh it will be back! But first… the Anniversary IG promises to be very special.


We have lots of onsies and twosies of so so many colors, across practically all of the bases. There will be some SQs (sweater quantities) and maybe even some mystery kits. Ummm, am I forgetting anything…? Oh yes! We have OHWs (one hit wonders) and you know how I like to get crazy with that… but only on the most special of occasions!




In case you’re new to Plucky, IG stands for Instant Gratification.  That means that the yarn is dyed and ready to ship to you. When the IG begins, you will find us in our Etsy Shop, loading, loading, loading the shelves with Plucky goodness.  When you see something you like, you QUICKLY pop it into your shopping cart.  Your yarn will head straight to our Plucky Shipping tables and be headed out the door in a matter of days!  But, you must be quick because cartjacking is not for the faint of heart.


Please join us in the ETSY Shop this evening, Monday, June 20th at 8:00 p.m. EDT andtomorrow, June 21st beginning at approximately 10:00 a.m. EDT and going while supplies last.  Inventory will continue to be loaded, over several hours.  Our IGs can be pretty interactive.  Once the Etsy shop opens, we invite you to join us in the UPDATE thread to let us know if there is something you are looking for.  If we have it, we will do our best to get it into the Etsy shop for you.

This is going to be fun!

Happy Monday!

Dendros Kit WINNERS!




Thank you for playing along! All you had to do to play along was type HAPPYPLUCKY9th and you were in line for a Dendros kit. Please know all these festivities are just our way of thank you for being so wonderful all these years.

Thank you, Michele Wang, for teaming up with us to spread some Plucky anniversary love. We randomly selected one winner from Instagram, one from Facebook, one from the Plucky Blog and TWO from subscribers to our Plucky eNewsletter. Please send us an email at Plucky Customer Service ( to let us know where to send your Dendros kit. Just put “HAPPYPLUCKY9th Winner” in the subject line. Each kit will be a mystery, but we invite you to let us know if you are a quiet and subtle knitter or if cheeky and fun are more your style.



Instagram WINNER:  dprowden

Facebook WINNER: Caroline Mai Helligsoe

Plucky Blog WINNER:  Gwendolyn Shingshang

Plucky eNewsletter WINNERS: The two winners from eNewsletter sign up will be emailed directly.


Thank you for playing with us and congratulations to the winners!

Lemonade Out Of Lemons


Dendros Update is back on schedule for tonight, June 15th at 8:00 p.m. EDT! And further update information will be forthcoming.


Color kit additions for tonight’s update. Making lemonade out of lemons! xo























Dendros Update POSTPONED

Important Announcement
I’m thinking this will be rescheduled. You guys I’m so sorry for the frustration but this is all in Paypal’s lap today.
I’ll be back soon. Scrambling….
Hayleymae’s tee shirt is all talk today… I could use a mimosa!

Enter To Win A Dendros Kit!





Remember when we had so much fun with our random posts of “Yippee Skippee”? Want to play a similar game? Want to win a Dendros kit? Let’s do it!


Let’s have a little contest where we randomly pick winners to receive a Dendros kit.  You will have four locations from which to enter, each with its own way to win. We invite you to post to Instagram, Facebook, and the Plucky blog comments on this entry. We will randomly select one winner from each of these three locations. Please post to all three of these sites if you like, but we ask you to only post once on each.

But, what if social media is not your cup of tea?!  We will also pick TWO winners from those who are signed up for the Plucky Newsletter (you can sign up for the eNewsletter at the bottom right corner of our home page). You don’t have to do anything other than be a subscriber.  If you are subscribed to the newsletter already, you have an automatic entry!


Here is how you enter in addition to being a subscriber of our newsletter:

Instagram: Post a photo and use the hashtag #HAPPYPLUCKY9th

Facebook:  Comment on the contest entry at our Facebook page, “HAPPYPLUCKY9th”

Plucky blog: Post the comment, “HAPPYPLUCKY9th”, to this blog entry


Each of these winners will receive a fingering or sport weight, Dendros kit, including the pattern, as their prize. (Read more about the  Dendros pattern HERE and also by watching the youtube video from the designer, Michele Wang, HERE.)  Each of the kits will be Mystery’s and may be 4, 5, 6, color kits but be assured they will be fun and will contain enough yarn to complete the pattern!


When the contest closes at 12 o’clock Midnight, EDT on Thursday, June 16, 2016 we will randomly select TWO winners from our list of newsletter subscribers and one each from Facebook, Instagram, and the Plucky blog.

What are you waiting for? On your mark, get set, GO!

Dendros Wrap: A Plucky Exclusive Kit With Michele Wang


Wednesday, June 15th Noon EDT & 8:00 p.m. EDT

Our month long anniversary celebration continues with a brand new wrap from Michele Wang!




We are so beyond excited to share this gorgeous wrap.  Those with a keen eye may recall a teaser photo I posted a few weeks ago from a whirlwind stop out where the buffalo roam.  While hiking, I came across a lovely old fence and it seemed the perfect place to stretch Dendros across the top rail, showing the entire length and subtlety of Michele’s design.




Knit from the center out, Dendros has a fresh and contemporary look, and is a perfect unisex piece. You will have a world of choices, whether you choose a quiet gradient or a complimentary grouping of four colors!  We are very excited to offer Dendros as a Plucky exclusive kit.




Below is a are all of the color kits that are currently available! (Stay tuned to the Update New & Announcements thread in the Plucky Knitter Ravelry Group for any possible additions.)










And the bases available so far are:

  • Bello
  • Cashmere
  • Crewbie*
  • Lodge Fingering*
  • Primo Fingering
  • Primo Sport
  • Oxford 1.0*
  • Oxford 2.0
  • Snug Fingering
  • Traveler*

*Important: Small Batch Kits will not be available on these bases.

Find our Dendros kit detail spreadsheet on pricing and bases HERE.

Please join us on Wednesday, June 15th at Noon EDT on the Plucky Blog and, to accommodate as many schedules as possible, again on Wednesday evening at 8:00 p.m. EDT.  There you will find Dendros kits in both fingering and sport weight bases, in color combinations that Hayley and I have selected. The Dendros Update will offer you a drop down menu from which you will choose the base and color group that speaks to you.  Each kit will be priced to include one digital pattern and the yarn you selected. Shipping price is not included.  And, since it is our anniversary month, I think we should include more Golden Tickets!


This is a pre-order update and will begin shipping July 18th.  The digital pattern will be sent to your email address approximately 48 hours after the Update closes. Should you purchase mulitple Dendros kits, Michelle has graciously offered to help you gift your extra patterns to the recipient(s) of your choice.   Dendros will remain a Plucky exclusive design until December.  If you are new to Plucky, you might find it helpful to view our tutorial on how to shop a Blog update!



Apple Users GET IT here.   |    Android Users GET IT here.






The Dust Has Settled A Bit





Hello lovelies!

The dust has settled a bit and what a colorful, soft, drapey herd of cats we have been left to wrangle! Thank you so much for celebrating with us and your continued support! While we did not have a literal hangover (no time for that and ewww…. not a good feeling) we did have a little stupor to shake off.

The rest of the month is shaping up to be pretty festive too! Dendros kits next week (I’d bet my pups that there will be Golden Tickets in many of those kit packages!), and who knows what other hilarity might ensue!

But first, I wanted to let you know that while much of the Anniversary update will begin to ship per usual July 5th (we ship in waves, etc.), we kindly ask for your patience as we will require at least an additional 5 business days to get everything around and make certain it meets our Plucky standards for you.

Ox isn’t the only one great at giving a stink eye…. 😉 I’m only kidding! Although Hayley and Crew didn’t give me a stink eye, they did ask for a few extra days to account for the extra wish granting of the mystery/tasting menus and particularly so for the extra skeins added on for the Quintessential Plucky kits. There was no real way to tell how many extra MC requests we would get until we got through all the requests through customer service. This was a very special accommodation that we can’t always do, but we wanted it to work for you for this super-special update and hope that you understand our need to ask for a few additional days.





Coming Right Up: The 9th Anniversary Update!


The third part of our Plucky 9th Anniversary Update will begin at 12:00 Noon EDT.

What’s new in this update?

Quintessential Plucky, Summer Edition Kits

Quintessential plucky names
I have the official word… Quintessential Plucky, Summer Edition Kits are a go! This special 9-skein collection will only be available as an Anniversary special in tonight & tomorrow’s update!

Thank you so much for your love of this collection. It really is special to us and we want to keep it special for you, too! We built the collection to work together, to truly summarize what is Plucky and what sums up summer for us when we think of Plucky colors. This kit may come out to play again but it was meant to be and will remain a special collection for special occasions, and we hope you enjoy playing with it in your projects.

Just to reiterate, they will only be available as a kit and not as individual skeins. We receive so many requests for blanket kits and shawl kits for various patterns that this will be perfect for implementing! Use the kit in its entirety in one large project or in multiple combinations for various projects. Every color was designed to work with any of the others in the collection – you can’t go wrong with this set in your hands!

More colorways!

  • Small Batch No. 001
  • Bellini
  • Doo-Wop
  • Happy Camper
  • Hi-Ho Silver
  • Honey Do
  • Narragansett Gray
  • Salty Dog
  • Southern Summer
  • Wanderlust

To review everything that will be available in this update, please visit the official announcement post. Otherwise, please visit at 12:00 Noon EDT to order your Anniversary yarn.

How To Shop A Plucky BLOG Update




  • When you arrive at, be sure to click into the Blog from the top menu, photo link or the ticker as indicated by the arrows below.




  • Once you are at the blog and see the blog entry for the update, be sure to refresh your screen if it isn’t quite update time and remember to scroll down your screen, past the posted photos!




  • As you scroll down the blog entry, you should arrive at drop-down menus like the ones shown above! This is where you will find the base, colorway, and any other options you may need to choose to add to your cart.





  • Once you click ADD TO CART, Your browser may open a new window or you may be taken directly to your shopping cart from the same window. This will depend upon your browser and your individual settings. Above is a screenshot of your PayPal shopping cart. You can update your quantity here, remove items, choose to checkout now and come back for more or you may go back and continue shopping at the blog for additional items. What you’ve chosen will remain in your shopping cart so long as it doesn’t sell out before you check-out! If you are done shopping, click the Check Out with PayPal button!



  • Here is where you will complete your checkout! See screenshot example above. From here you will see the recap of your shopping cart and can either login to checkout using your established PayPal account or if you don’t have a PayPal account, you may simply enter your shipping information and pay with a debit or credit card. As long as the items you’ve selected have not sold out, you will complete your check-out and receive an email from PayPal confirming your payment to The Plucky Knitter. This email serves as your receipt from us, too! It will detail your order and should you have any questions about your order, is the best detail to reference when contacting us at!

9 Years Already?! The Anniversary Update


Thursday, June 2, at 8:00 PM, EDT
Sunday, June 5, at 8:00 PM, EDT AND
Monday, June 6, at 12:00 Noon, EDT on the Blog!


Nine years?  If I might paraphrase, whoever wrote “Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life” must have had me in mind. From outgrowing my kitchen stove and now in our very own ‘new to us old barn’…. well it’s been a crazy ride is all I can say! We have just finished our second year at the barn, established workable traffic patterns and it finally feels like we are settled in. Now we have the room to add more custom bases, create more colorways, develop Plucky patterns, interact with fabulous designers and warehouse all the fun and funky props that go into the Shindig (Glamping this year!) and traveling marketplaces. Back in the day, we had PODs out in the parking lot and, let me tell you, crawling around, trying to find anything was a real challenge! It goes without saying that if you were looking for those great wire baskets that always travel to shows with us, you can bet your last dollar that they were buried in the very back of a POD!  But, enough history.

June is the month in which we celebrate you!  Without you, these last nine years would not have been filled with such community, creativity, laughing, learning and growth. We have made plans to celebrate your amazing support ALL MONTH LONG!
Those of you who have been on board with us a while, well, you know that we like to go extra festive with an Anniversary update that includes free shippingA N Y W H E R E!!! This is our way of thanking you for your continued support and friendship – to our friends far and wide.


I hope you will flood the Wishlist Thread, in our Ravelry group, with all your special requests. We want to help you find everything you have been waiting for.  And, to make it even more celebratory, we will debut some brand new color ways in the Anniversary Update as well as some of your favorite (and ours) oldies!

Colors available so far:

anniversary additions

Quintessential Plucky, Summer Edition Kits

I have the official word… Quintessential Plucky, Summer Edition Kits are a go! This special 9-skein collection will only be available as an Anniversary special in tonight & tomorrow’s update!

Thank you so much for your love of this collection. It really is special to us and we want to keep it special for you, too! We built the collection to work together, to truly summarize what is Plucky and what sums up summer for us when we think of Plucky colors. This kit may come out to play again but it was meant to be and will remain a special collection for special occasions, and we hope you enjoy playing with it in your projects.

Just to reiterate, they will only be available as a kit and not as individual skeins. We receive so many requests for blanket kits and shawl kits for various patterns that this will be perfect for implementing! Use the kit in its entirety in one large project or in multiple combinations for various projects. Every color was designed to work with any of the others in the collection – you can’t go wrong with this set in your hands!

This Anniversary update will happen over three days on the Plucky Blog and at three time points!  We want to be sure that no matter where you live, you will be able to find a day and time that works for you. So, please join us for a THREE part update on the blog – Thursday, June 2, at 8:00 PM, EDT; Sunday, June 5, at 8:00 PM, EDT; and again on Monday, June 6, at12:00 Noon, EDT!  This update will be a pre-order update, and the list of colors and bases will be HUGE.  We have already begun tracking the wish list thread, listening to your requests and ideas.  Over the next few days, we will incorporate as many of those wishes as we can into the final list.  It has been great fun to read your posts and some of you even took the time to weigh in on some great wishes that were in addition to color and base.  Way to think outside the box. You have been heard!


Golden Tickets?  YES!  They were so much fun last year that it just seemed like a good idea to print more. Lots more! We have fine-tuned the tickets this year and details will be printed directly on the tickets and we’ll post them on our blog and Ravelry as well. We will randomly be packing dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of tickets that will be redeemed for prizes! You might find a ticket for a sweater quantity of yarn, a color kit, a Plucky swag item, a ticket to place an order for Plucky any old time you feel like it (again, full details to be featured on the ticket and at the blog!), and many other prizes. Some of the Golden Ticket prizes will even be included with your anniversary update order! No need to redeem… your prize just magically appears in your shipment.  This year too, they’ll be readily visible and no hunting behind the labels to see if you’ve won – you will know upon opening your shipment!

The full list of colorways (so far) and bases available can be found here and please join us in theUpdate Chatter thread in the Plucky group where we will be chatting away. But, after all these years, there is still one thing that has never changed – our commitment to you, and our commitment to the best possible fibers and colorways, so that your craft can be unique, personal and always classic with a twist. You are a source of inspiration and creativity, and words truly can’t express our appreciation. What an exciting journey this has been and continues to be…. and there’s more to come!