It’s Monday

Good morning guys!

Hope your weekend was a great one and your Monday is off to a good start,

Crisp morning, sunny days, cool nights and a brain on overload! Inspiration is everywhere (those cool mornings and evenings really help with that!).

Sketching, swatching, photographing. And the animals – so far several owl sightings, osprey, a fox, elk, pronghorns and so many mule deer… and of course, the trunk show Thursday!

While it looks like we’re spending our days frolicking where the buffalo roam – lots of work is getting done. What a privilege to be able to call this place our ‘barn away from the barn’ for this little window of time.

Have a great day!






It’s Monday




Hello and a good Monday morning to you!

  1. Gray/Grey/Gris shipping. WHOOHOOO!!!
  2. I have a plaid shirt problem. And now I’m wishing I had a plaid chair. hayleymae you might need to intervene.
  3. Made it into the second section of Stateline and having a blast with it. I’ll post pics later today.
  4. This rental car. Still can’t figure out the Bluetooth or nav. Talk about quirky.


The Gradient Update


Sunday, August 14th at 8 p.m. EDT
& Monday, August 15th at 9 a.m. EDT on the Blog

Who (besides me!) thinks it’s time to update and expand some Plucky gradient possibilities?  Since the last time we held a GRADIENT UPDATE, we have added a slew of awesome new colors and bases, making building gradients  S O. M U C H . F U N !!!

Hayley and I are putting our heads together to tweak/fine tune/construct/invent/create and generally paint the town with gradient combos!  And, as always, you can expect that Plucky gradients will be a whole lot more than simply taking one color and fading it out…fading it out… fading it out.  We love a gradient with a twist!  And, gradients might be just the ticket for some ideas we have up our sleeve for VIRTUAL GLAMPERS and super fun PLUCKTOBER ’16 projects.

A glimpse of gradients offered…

GradientCollages-GroupsOf4-1 GradientCollages-GroupsOf4-2 GradientCollages-GroupsOf4-3 GradientCollages-GroupsOf4-4 GradientCollages-GroupsOf4-5 GradientCollages-GroupsOf4-6 GradientCollages-GroupsOf4-7

Please join us on the Plucky Blog on Sunday, August 14th at 8:00 p.m. EDT and again on Monday morning the 15th at 9:00 a.m. EDT.  There you will find listings for gradients as well as an option to purchase single skeins (in multiples if you wish) in the following bases:

Bello Worsted
Primo Fingering
Primo Sport
Scholar 2.0
Snug Fingering
Snug Worsted

We will be bringing back some previously offered gradients, some brand new gradients, and several fun and eye-popping combos that simply make us happy!  In addition to the collages shown above, we will be adding more as the update draws near, so be sure to keep an eye on the locked Update News & Announcements Thread.  Building gradients is like trying to eat just one potato chip…. we just can’t stop!



  1. If you are new to Plucky (Welcome! We are so glad you are here!) and would like to know how our Updates work, we have prepared a tutorial, found HERE, to help. You might also want to read through our FAQs, found HERE.
  2. Shipping: Due to the long Labor Day Weekend and all the preparations for Glamping, we will need a little more time!  The Gradients will begin shipping September 23rd.  We will keep you posted if any thing changes. Thank you!
  3. If you haven’t already downloaded the Plucky App (link below) this Update is a great way to explore color pairings and combos that Hayley and I have put together.Insta_app iconGET THE FREE APP
    Apple Users GET IT here.   |    Android Users GET IT here.

Stateline KAL


Snug Worsted. Wintry Mix (1), Thank You Note (2), Grumpy Old Sailor (2)




The question every knitter agonizes over…. what knitting to bring on a trip? How about The Stateline KAL!

While the rest of this week is filled with shipping, dyeing and all other things Plucky, by the time the first of the week rolls around Bob and I will have packed up the car and headed out for a little (ok a lot of) multitasking road trip. And, because we don’t do things in small doses, this trip will cover a couple thousand miles, include our cameras and bear repellent, some road trip knitting and all things trunk show related (among other to-do’s on our list!) as we make our way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. On August 25th, if you’re in the neighborhood, please join Hayley and I at Knit on Pearl (145 W Gill Ave, Jackson, WY) from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. as we knit a little, chat a lot and help you in any way we can!




But, we can’t have a road trip without a travel project! Bob usually handles most of the driving chores, leaving me to navigate and knit for miles and miles…. miles of roads and miles of yarn.



Cachet, Hudson. 4 Skeins.


Anybody up for a KAL?

I’m hoping you will knit Stateline with me. This is a brand new Plucky pattern for a crescent shaped shawl, worked in your favorite worsted weight yarn. There are lots and lots of ways to knit Stateline. It is stunning when knit all in one color, but it is also a perfect “Mix Those Bases” project! And, the pattern even offers three different cast off methods, letting you choose between an I-cord, a picot edge or a simple elastic bind off.

If you would like to join our KAL, all you need to do is purchase the pattern and share your knitting progress!

The solid version of the Stateline wrap uses four skeins of your favorite Plucky worsted weight yarn. For the multi base/color wrap, you need one skein for the first band and two skeins of each for the second and third band – so 5 skeins total. You might already have the perfect yarns in your stash. But, if you’re not able to stash dive for everything you need, please keep an eye on the Plucky Reserve shop as I will be loading in some skeins for you to choose from and build your own Stateline kit!

Just a note: Personally, I think the following bases will get you the best FO. Snug Worsted, Cachet, Primo Aran, Scholar (either version) or Traveler Aran. Though, please feel free to use other bases such as Bello Worsted, Primo Worsted, Lodge Worsted, Trusty, etc. They will be lovely! Just not quite and fluffy/woofy/squishy as those suggested above.

Let the planning begin! I’ll cast on for my Stateline at the crack of dawn on Monday. And, I will be sure to post lots of progress photos as the miles fly by. And I’ll be sure to use the hashtag #pluckystatelinekal and #roadtrippinwithplucky (remember that one?!). But, did I forget something….? Yes. PRIZES! Let’s have KAL prizes! We will open an official STATELINE KAL thread, where we can all post our progress photos and chat like crazy about our projects. When you set up your Stateline project page in Ravelry, please use the tag “pluckystatelinekal”. And, don’t forget to use #pluckystatelinekal on any Instagram photos. This is going to be so much fun…. it will be like we are all on this adventure together!


On August 31st, we will randomly choose winners. Whether you are finished or not, as long as you have tagged your project page or an IG photo, and the pattern is in your library, you could win a pretty awesome Plucky Prize. And, let’s have a grand prize for the first person to post a photo of their finished Stateline in the KAL thread!

I am delighted to have you all on this road trip with me. Anyone have any favorite audio books?

Happy Trails!


It’s Monday

summer scenes

Scenes from the weekend

Hello and hap, hap, happy Monday to you! Too perky, too early? Yeah, I think so too.

Good morning… said in my best quiet early morning voice….

Where to start!?

  1. Bungalow update ships. Now that’s exciting stuff!!
  2. The tomatoes are coming in – in a big way! Tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, cheese and a little bit of wine. Don’t you just love those easy summer dinner/not really dinner kind of nights?
  3. Is that a new pattern I spy up there in the collage? It’s been a ages since we’ve released a new Plucky pattern…. something new coming up this week!
  4. Not even sure how I stumbled across this article. I assure you I wasn’t searching google for stirrup pants. I have been shaking my head ever since. I can’t. I just can’t. However, I am looking forward to getting my flannel shirts out of storage….

It’s Monday. We got this, right? Right!




Found my colors for #3 above!

Plucky Playlist Club


Friday, August 5th at Noon EDT
& Sunday, August 7th at 8:00 p.m. EDT on the Blog


Mixed tapes. Remember those? If you’re a child of the 80’s they were huge! Back in the day, if you were anything like me, you’d wait by the radio for hours at a time waiting with bated breath for your favorite songs to come on, hit record and hope no one made any sudden loud noises to ruin your recording!

Fast forward to today, and you can download your favorite tunes and save them to a playlist.  The possibilities are endless. Do your tastes run to top 40, R&B, oldies, classic rock, and country mixed with a dash of hip-hop? Or maybe you prefer a little Waylon and Elton paired with some Prince, P!NK and a dash of Seger?  Come to think of it, this is beginning to sound a little bit like my personal playlist and knitting! Mixing those bases and colors adds spice to my knitting – it’s my knitting playlist!

Please join us on Friday, August 5th at Noon EDT and again on Sunday, August 7th at 8:00 p.m. EDT as we put together our Plucky Playlist Club.  Just like a mixed tape, you will find a “Side A” mystery color and a “Side B” mystery color.  This means you will have four choices.  You can select only Side A, or only Side B, or both Side A and AND Side B, or you could select the entire cassette tape, containing both mystery colors and a third color that will coordinate with both SIDE A and SIDE B. If you choose the cassette, you will receive one skein of each mystery color and one skein (from the existing Plucky color catalogue) that will coordinate/accent both Side Aand Side B.   Mix it up!  Dare to mix the bases.  There are no rules here!

Your choice!

  1. A single track (A or B); One skein of either SIDE A or SIDE B, on the base you select
  2. Both tracks (side A and side B); One skein of SIDE A on the base(s) of your choiceand one skein of SIDE B on the base(s) of your choice,
  3. Bonus Track; Two brand new, coordinating mystery colors, with a third color that will coordinate/accent with both mystery colors.  Mix it up!

WHERE: On the Plucky Blog
WHEN:  Friday, August 5th at Noon EDT and again at Sunday, August 7th at 8:00 p.m. EDT
SPECIAL REQUESTS: Please drop in to the WISHLIST Thread!

Colors offered…


Bases offered…
• Bello
• Bello Worsted
• Bulky
• Cachet
• Cashmere
• Crew
• Feet — may have a slight delay
• Lace
• Lodge Fingering
• Lodge Worsted
• Oxford 2.0
• Primo Aran
• Primo Fingering — may have a slight delay
• Primo Sport
• Primo Worsted
• Rustic
• Scholar 2.0
• Single
• Snug Fingering
• Snug Worsted
• Sophisticate
• Sweater
• Traveler – Not offered as an option for the mystery colors
• Traveler Aran – Not offered as an option for the mystery colors
• Traveler DK – Not offered as an option for the mystery colors
We’re also including some fun, new swag with this update.  We thought it would be fun to offer a project bag with the Plucky Playlist Club logo. These bags will also be featured in the update, with their own drop down menu for selecting the number of bags you want.





  1. If you are new to Plucky (Welcome! We are so glad you are here!) and would like to know how our Updates work, we have prepared a tutorial, found HERE, to help. You might also want to read through our FAQs, found HERE.
  2. Please note that this is a pre-order update and will begin shipping on/about August 15th but things have been known to change and ship early!
  3. If you haven’t already downloaded the Plucky App (link below) this Update is a great way to explore color pairings and combos that Hayley and I have put together.

Insta_app icon





Apple Users GET IT here.   |    Android Users GET IT here.

It’s Monday



Good Monday morning to you!

First up this morning a hearty congratulations to all our #dailyplucky winners! Thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us all… daily!



That moment when you realize your knitting matches your decor.

I hope your weekend was a good one. Ours was rainy (which was wonderful), there was some homemade peach pie (thank you hayleymae!) and lots of swatching.

This week we’re doing some retooling around the barn which means who knows what could happen! But one thing I do know… we’re going to have an update later this week/weekend that will feature a new club that will be rounded out with a small update. Think the recent Gray/Grey/Gris update with the grays being featured, a new mystery color and then a smattering of your favorite plucky colors across so many of the bases. So, yeah, something like that. August, it’s a great month for a new club and a new mystery.


Swatching with an SB prototype, some gray and Bohemian Blue on cashmere.


Have a great day!