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Introducing…Halo Worsted

    Hello Halo Worsted! Soft, light, buttery, squishy, lofty.  When it comes to describing a yarn base, any one of these words are music to our ears.  When all of them describe one base of yarn perfectly, well, that’s just about as good as it gets for us!  When Halo Worsted finally arrived at […]

The Best Of, 2007-2017!

The Best of 2007-2017! Well, almost all of them!  To say that there have been a lot of favorites (both yours and ours) throughout the last 10 years is quite an understatement!  Putting this list together was a very trippy trip down memory lane, with so many “oh, I love that one!” and “what about […]

Druthers Shawl Kit Update!

  Druthers…a brand new shawl kit! Peanut butter and jelly.  Tom and Jerry.  Bread and butter.  Lucy and Ethel.  All classic pairings!  But, if we had our druthers, there’s a pairing that begs to be added to that list…texture and stripes!  Introducing, Druthers!     We are completely smitten with this little beauty and what’s […]

Plucky Gift Certificates!

Gift Certificates are here!! Yep, you heard that right, gifting for that special knitter in your life has been made simple! Of course, this means you, too! (family and friend requests made easy!) We are absolutely thrilled to offer this service, and, starting TODAY you will find a gift certificate button on our Reserve shopping page! […]

Plucky’s Instant Gratification!

  Exciting Times!!! It seems every year, right about this time, all of us catch the “Gotta Have & MUST Knit It Now” fever. You know, quick knits for ourselves and for the special people in our lives. After all, we cannot have our nearest and dearest walking around with cold noggins, necks and hands can we?! Good news, […]

Pretty In Pink! New Club!

  Pretty in Pink…a yarn club! Pink.  Hot pink, neon pink, soft baby pink, coral pink, purple-y pink.  I love them all!  While it’s true that it’s not necessarily my go to for an entire garment, I find that pink is the perfect thing to make color work pop.  It’s just so good with a wide range […]

November Colors of the Month!

  November Colors of the Month! For November’s first Color of the Month offering, we decided to go with something old, something new, and something sentimental.  The official Color of the Month for November is, of course, Skies of November…an oldie, but oh, such a goodie!  For purely sentimental reasons, and because it’s fantastic paired […]

It’s Going To Be One BIG PARTY!!!

  We can’t believe the Plucky 10th Anniversary Celebration starts this Friday, October 27th!!! We are so excited as we count down the days to when we will see so many of you. It is going to be one BIG party that includes knitting with mimosas, fashion shows, karaoke! This has been 10 years in the making! […]

One BIG Party!

  Plucky Knitter Tenth Anniversary Celebration and Public Marketplace Friday and Saturday, October 27 – 28, 2017 Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids, Michigan     It’s Gonna Be One Big Party! We can’t believe the Plucky 10th Anniversary Celebration is just two short weeks away! We are so excited as we count down the days to […]

October Colors Of The Month!!

  October’s (a.k.a as Plucky Shindig Month!!) Colors of the Month! Your eyes do not deceive you!  It’s Shindig month and we are feeling pretty festive around these parts, so, for the entire month of October we are thrilled to present you with three colors for October…Flannel, Oatmeal and Cider Mill!!  There’s sure to be something for […]

Last Call Barn Door!

  Last Call for Barn Door! Well, that was fast!  Suddenly, we are at the end of September and knocking on October’s door. You guys know what that means, right? It’s time to give Barn Door a proper send off and joining the party will be two classic Plucky colors that beg to be paired […]

It’s Fall QPP Time!!!

  It’s Fall QPP Time!!! Are you guys ready?! Back by popular demand – it’s time for the re-release of the Fall QPP and boy do we ever love this palette!  To us, it embodies all things Fall, and of course, as with other QPP’s, each color is designed to mix and match with other colors in […]

A Little Luxury At A Great Price!

  How about a little luxury at a special price?!? Happy Fri-yay friends!!  How does a little luxury at a fantastic, jaw dropping price sound? Too good to be true? No way, it’s as true as my love for coffee, cashmere and my pups! Ok, first some sad news…Cambridge 1.0 and 2.0 are being discontinued.  […]

Scum and Blue Lovers Unite!!

Scum and Blue Lovers Unite!! It’s time for the next Club installments, and for this go round, we have a couple of fan favorites…The Scum Club and the Blues Club!  In addition to the mystery options for both of these, we have a rather smashing list (if we do say so!) of colors (including some […]

Back To School Update

  Back To School! It’s Here!! Back to School season is upon us!  It’s that magical time of year.  Dry, crisp, cool air…the slightest change in the leaves…and, best of all, around these parts it’s time for all the knitwear!  So, my friends, it’s time to get your knit on!!  To inspire you, we’ve put […]

Last Call Selvedge!

Last Call for Selvedge and a Mad Fusion Party! It doesn’t seem possible that we find ourselves at the very end of August and speeding towards the start of Fall!  Where did the Summer go?!  While I love Summer and all that it brings, I confess that boot and sweater weather can’t get here quite […]

35k Followers! SALE!

  As a thank you for helping us reach 35k followers on Instagram (Yay!) all Plucky patterns will be 35% off for the next 24 hours! No limits and no code needed. Sale ends at Noon EDT on August 30, 2017.

Mad Fusion!

Mad Fusion! We are delighted to introduce the latest Plucky Knitter Designs pattern…Mad Fusion!!  Anything goes with this beauty, so, the only rule is to have fun and mix those bases with wild abandon!!  This garter triangle shawl, knit on size US 13 needles (with the yarn held double, or triple, depending on what bases you decide […]

Total Eclipse Update

It’s here, It’s here!!! All of us at the barn have been hearing about The Total Solar Eclipse and the path of totality from Mr. Plucky for well over a year, so, you can imagine how excited we all are that it is finally here!  We thought it would be super fun and festive to commemorate this […]

It’s Club Time!

Wednesday, August 16th at Noon EDT, right here, on the Plucky Blog!   It’s high time for some club festivities!!  For this installment we are delighted to be offering The Gray Club and The Duets Club!!   The Gray Club is an old favorite here at the barn …it’s given us some classic colors through the years…Hi-Ho Silver, […]

IG (Instand Gratification) Guidelines

  Yarn available in an IG (Instant Gratification) update is on hand and ready to ship. This means we are not be able to accommodate changes to orders once they have been placed. Likewise, we would respectfully ask that you not place an order then request it to be canceled. IG’s happen in real time […]

Instant Gratification In The Reserve!

  Woohoo!! An IG Update is hitting the Reserve! Don’t we all love a bit of instant gratification once in a while?!  Well, this Friday, August 11th is your chance to get Plucky in an instant! You might be wondering how is this different from shopping the Reserve any other time – well, for starters, it’s more interactive. I […]

Wishes Come True! Deep Dish Update

  Wishes really can come true!   We are having the the best time seeing the My Plucky Wish hashtags come in!  You guys have got some imaginations!! We are thrilled to present to you the very first ‘My Plucky Wish’ colorway….introducing Deep Dish!! Thank you so much, Cassie, and congratulations!!  We will have your skeins on their way to you next week…happy knitting! […]

Like Toad-ally! Update

I know that’s not a toad, we’re just using some artistic license here 😉     We’re Like, Toad-ally in Love!! If there is one thing you should know about me when it comes to yarn (besides my undying love for all things gray), it’s that I completely adore neutrals with a twist, and green […]

It’s Sign-up Time! – Plucky Classics & Plucky Luxe Club

It’s that time!  Time for a new round of both Plucky Classics and Plucky Luxe! Sign-ups begin right here on the Plucky Blog beginning with Classics on Monday, July 24 – Wednesday, July 26, 2017 followed by Plucky Luxe, Thursday, July 27 – Friday, July 28, 2017. We are super excited to open up our subscription clubs!  This time we’re starting afresh with […]

My Plucky Wish! A Contest

  My Plucky Wish Would Be… Do you have a Plucky Wish? A color and base combination that has been living only in your dreams? Maybe it’s inspired by something you’ve seen or captured in nature, or maybe it’s based on an old favorite article of clothing. Or even favorite food or drink! Whatever inspires […]

Smile! It’s High Summer

  Smile! It’s High Summer! Happy Monday friends! Here we are this fine Monday, right smack in the middle of Summer. So, we thought this calls for a festive, mid-week update of colors that scream Summer to us and work beautifully with Twill (because, everything does!).  Speaking of Twill, you didn’t think we’d make Twill the color of […]

It’s a Last Call Flash Sale!!!

Ok, are we the only ones who blinked, and suddenly June was over?!  We truly can’t thank you all enough for making this Anniversary month so special, and for helping us celebrate 10 years!  This Friday, we’re wrapping up the festivities and going out with a bang! For starters, we are closing out the festivities […]

Redeeming Your Golden Ticket

  Congratulations! You’ve won a Golden Ticket prize! Thank you so much for celebrating 10 years with Plucky Knitter!  We are so grateful for you and hope you will enjoy your Golden Ticket prize!  Below, we’ve provided you with some instructions as to how to redeem your prize. No worries – you don’t need to […]

Hello Summer!

  It’s official…Summer’s here!!! This week marks the official start of Summer here in these parts, and we could not be more thrilled!  Long days, al fresco dining, porch knitting, flower gardens and fresh produce…all of this, plus wearing flip flops all.the.time, what could be better?!  To celebrate the start of this delightful time of […]

The Anniversary Reserve Sale!

Hey, hey…look what’s hitting the Reserve! Woohoo!! We’ve got a few more Anniversary surprises up our sleeves that will be hitting the Reserve this weekend, starting on Friday! For starters, there will be Shooters! These limited edition sets have four 50g skeins of Primo Fingering ($62), and we have put together five fabulous color sets, including some […]

The Anniversary Update!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉

The Anniversary Update!! It’s finally time for the main event!!  While it’s true that we have festivities planned for the entire month of June (and maybe even a few sneaking into July – you know, the after party!), the highlight of this special month is always the Anniversary Update!  I truly cannot believe Plucky is […]

Just for Giggles

  Just For Giggles!!! When things go a bit sideways, sometimes, a good laugh is just what the Dr. ordered.  After the website/tech issues this past week, we all decided that we could use a few giggles around these parts!  So, let’s say we try this again, shall we?  Introducing…Just For Giggles and Laugh Out […]

Last Call! Barely Birch

It’s last call for Barely Birch!!  We decided ending May with a last call was just the right thing to do! Today, May 30th there will be a pre-order update featuring ONLY Barely Birch, but on all available bases! The update will begin Noon EDT and go through 8:00 p.m. EDT (while supplies last) to accommodate as many as […]