April #pluckyselfie Winners!


Here are the #pluckyselfie winners for April! Thank you so much for playing along! We’ve randomly selected the winners using the Random Number Generator. If your selfie is above, please contact us at customerservice@thepluckyknitter.com with “#pluckyselfie April winner” in the subject line and we’ll send you your prize. Congrats to the winners and we hope you’ll all continue to join in the #pluckyselfie fun!!

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April #dailyplucky Winners!


Here are the #dailyplucky winners for April 2018! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!


If you are listed as a winner Congrats, and please contact us at customerservice@thepluckyknitter.com with “#dailyplucky April winner” in the subject line and we’ll send you your prize.

40k Celebration Winners!

Thank you for all of the celebratory wishes and entries into our 40K Celebration Giveaway! We’ve used the Random Number Generator and selected 2 winners. If you see your Instagram name above, please send us an email to:customerservice@thepluckyknitter.com with “40K Celebration Winner” in the subject line. We’ll get your winnings out asap!

40k Celebration Giveaway – Contest Time!

It’s a 40k Celebration Giveaway! 🎉🎉🎉

It’s contest time, again!! We reached 40k followers on IG this week, thanks to all of you! We already had one celebration this week to mark the occasion, but, we just couldn’t stop there. So, let’s say we keep this little party running through the weekend, shall we?! We have 2 brand-new gradients making their debut this weekend and we are thrilled to offer a complete set of each (on Primo Fingering) as the prize for this contest! 🎉🎉🎉

Starting today and ending Sunday, April 15th at 11:59 pm EDT, leave a comment on our Instagram post (that you can find HERE), on this post (you must also follow us on IG) and tag 2 friends. We will use the Random Number Generator to pick 2 winners to win one of these sets!!

March #pluckyselfie Winners!


Here are the #pluckyselfie winners for March! Thank you so much for playing along! We’ve randomly selected the winners using the Random Number Generator. If your selfie is above, please contact us at customerservice@thepluckyknitter.com with “#pluckyselfie February winner” in the subject line and we’ll send you your prize. Congrats to the winners and we hope you’ll all continue to join in the #pluckyselfie fun!!

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March #dailyplucky Winners!

Here are the #dailyplucky winners for March 2018! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

February #pluckyselfie Winners!


Here are the #pluckyselfie winners for February! Thank you so much for playing along! We’ve randomly selected the winners using the Random Number Generator. If your selfie is above, please contact us at customerservice@thepluckyknitter.com with “#pluckyselfie February winner” in the subject line and we’ll send you your prize. Congrats to the winners and we hope you’ll all continue to join in the #pluckyselfie fun!!

February #dailyplucky Winners!


Here are the #dailyplucky winners for February 2018! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

Thank You Stitches West!

Well, that was a ton of fun!!!

We have returned home full of ideas and inspiration and more than our share of smiley (and oh so tired) faces, funny stories and happy hearts just bursting with gratitude!

Now it’s getting all our ducks in a row, shipping those OHW’s and mystery kits (Crevasse mystery kits coming up) and lining up what we have in store for you in March and ….

So many x’s & o’s,

Sarah, Hayley & the Fellas

January #dailyplucky Winners!


Here are the #dailyplucky winners for January 2018! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

January #pluckyselfie Winners!


It’s so fun to see all of the #pluckyselfie posts for January! Thank you so much for playing along! We’ve randomly selected the winners and they are shown here. If your selfie is above, please contact us at customerservice@thepluckyknitter.com with “#pluckyselfie January winner” in the subject line and we’ll send you your prize. Congrats to the winners and we hope you’ll all continue to join in the #pluckyselfie fun!!

December #dailyplucky Winners!

Here are the #dailyplucky winners for December 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

Introducing… the #pluckyselfie


The #pluckyselfie Contest!

Whether we would like to admit it or not, at one time or another we have all taken one, right??  Well, we thought it would be fun to step up our selfie game a notch or two…introducing, #pluckyselfie!!!


We are pleased to present to you #pluckyselfie, our brand new social media contest for 2018!  Wondering how to enter?  No worries, it’s easy peasy! There are loads of options for a #pluckyselfie and here are a just a few of our favorites: strike a pose in your Plucky swag or with some new skeins that have just landed in your stash, or, maybe you have a sweater on the needles that you’re trying on as you go, be sure to share, and of course, we must see all of your gorgeous new FO’s!  Whatever you choose, tag it with the hashtag #pluckyselfie, then, at the end of each month we will select 6 winners.  On the first of every month, we will post the winners on our Instagram feed, so if you are not already, now is the time to follow!  If you are a chosen winner, you will receive a skein of Plucky yarn.  So, don’t be shy!  We can’t wait to see your #pluckyselfie’s!!

This is going to be fun!!

October #dailyplucky Winners!

Here are the #dailyplucky winners for October 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

September #dailypluck Winners!


Here are the #dailyplucky winners for September 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

August #dailyplucky Winners!

Here are the #dailyplucky winners for August 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

July #dailyplucky Winners!

Here are the #dailyplucky winners for July 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

My Plucky Wish! A Contest


My Plucky Wish Would Be…

Do you have a Plucky Wish? A color and base combination that has been living only in your dreams? Maybe it’s inspired by something you’ve seen or captured in nature, or maybe it’s based on an old favorite article of clothing. Or even favorite food or drink! Whatever inspires your wish, we would love to hear it!!

How will we know what your wish is? It’s easy peasy! First, follow us on Instagram, then post an inspiration photo to Instagram with the hashtag #mypluckywish. If your entry is chosen as a limited edition colorway we will tag you on Instagram AND send you a skein of your wished for colorway for your very own!

It couldn’t be more simple, or FUN!!! Let the wishing begin!

(Example of Instagram Post – could be a Plucky post, one of your posts or something else entirely!)

(Example of Instagram Post)



June #dailyplucky Winners!

Here are the #dailyplucky winners for June 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

Redeeming Your Golden Ticket


Congratulations! You’ve won a Golden Ticket prize!

Thank you so much for celebrating 10 years with Plucky Knitter!  We are so grateful for you and hope you will enjoy your Golden Ticket prize!  Below, we’ve provided you with some instructions as to how to redeem your prize.

No worries – you don’t need to post a pic of yourself with the ticket this year (your code is special to you and can only be used once – keep it a secret!;), nor do you even need to contact us to redeem it!  But we’d love to hear what you received and what special plans you may have for it.  You can find us and many Plucky friends over in our Ravelry group!

Golden Tickets are placed at random as Anniversary update orders are shipping.

All GT coupon codes expire at Midnight, EDT, August 31, 2017.  This applies to all coupon codes, including pattern downloads.

Golden Tickets may be for the following:

  • Free pattern download via Ravelry
  • 10% off any order
  • 15% off any order
  • 20% off any order
  • $10 off any order
  • $200 off any order (aka Free Sweater Quantity!)
  • Free Mystery Skein (will be included with the GT order – no redemption necessary)
  • Free project bag (will be included with the GT order – no redemption necessary)
  • Who knows what else!

Coupon codes for a specified percentage or dollar amount off an order are redeemable via checkout on the Plucky Knitter site.  You may use these during a pre-order update or while shopping Reserve.  You will place your coupon code in the white box noting “Coupon Code” and click on “Apply Coupon” to calculate your discount.  Your discount should then be reflected in the “Cart Totals” section.  You may then proceed to check-out!  Here’s a clip of what you should see:

If you have a coupon code for a free pattern, you may choose your pattern from the patterns shown on our website (we are so sorry, but Bunny Hill and The Islander are still exclusives and not eligible for this promotion!).  Proceed to Ravelry for check-out and you may use your coupon code by using the  “use a coupon code” links that appear during purchase. If you are logged into your Ravelry account, your pattern will be placed in your Ravelry library!

Thank you again, so very much, and best wishes!

May #dailyplucky Winners!

Here are the #dailyplucky winners for May 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!


For more info on how to enter these monthly contest, visit the link HERE.

April #dailyplucky Winners

Here are the #dailyplucky winners for April 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

12,000 Thank Yous – WINNERS



Thank YOU, so much, to every one of you who participated in our contest!  We had so much fun reading about your favorites and loved your kind comments.  We sincerely appreciate each & every one of our dear members and Plucky friends!  We’ve chosen 12 winners from the Ravelry thread and have a special something to send your way!  If you see your Ravelry username listed in the graphic, be sure to email us at mailto:pluckycustomerservice@gmail.com with your name and mailing address so we can have your special “thank you” on its way!

12,000 Thank You’s!

WOW!  We’ve reached 12,000 members in the Plucky Ravelry group and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your interest, enthusiasm and interaction with us. We couldn’t do it without you and know I speak for the entire Plucky Crew in expressing our sincere gratitude.
12,000 members is quite a milestone. Let’s celebrate with a contest, shall we?! 
To enter, all we ask that you do is leave a comment over in our Ravelry Group under the thread “12,000 Thank You’s CONTEST“. In that comment simply tell us one or more of the following…
• Your favorite Plucky Base.
• Your favorite Plucky Color.
• Your favorite Plucky Project.
• Your favorite Plucky Pattern.
We are looking forward to your entries and reading what you have to say. This will be so much fun!
Contest runs now through Saturday, April 8th, 2017. Winners will be drawn at random and we will post them on Monday, April 10th.

By the way, Ox is really excited about this, too!



March #dailyplucky Winners!


Here are the #dailyplucky winners for March 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

February #dailyplucky Winners!


Here are the #dailyplucky winners for February 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

January #dailyplucky Winners!



Here are the first #dailyplucky winners of 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

December #dailyplucky Winners!


Here are the last of our #dailyplucky winners from 2016! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

November #dailyplucky Winners!



Here are our #dailyplucky winners for November! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

October #dailyplucky Winners!


Here are our #dailyplucky winners for October! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily! #pluckycontest #thepluckyknitter #dailypluckywinners

September #dailyplucky Winners!



Here are our #dailyplucky winners for September! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily! #pluckycontest #thepluckyknitter #dailypluckywinners

#dailyplucky August Winners!

Here are our #dailyplucky winners for August! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!



Stateline KAL


Snug Worsted. Wintry Mix (1), Thank You Note (2), Grumpy Old Sailor (2)




The question every knitter agonizes over…. what knitting to bring on a trip? How about The Stateline KAL!

While the rest of this week is filled with shipping, dyeing and all other things Plucky, by the time the first of the week rolls around Bob and I will have packed up the car and headed out for a little (ok a lot of) multitasking road trip. And, because we don’t do things in small doses, this trip will cover a couple thousand miles, include our cameras and bear repellent, some road trip knitting and all things trunk show related (among other to-do’s on our list!) as we make our way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. On August 25th, if you’re in the neighborhood, please join Hayley and I at Knit on Pearl (145 W Gill Ave, Jackson, WY) from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. as we knit a little, chat a lot and help you in any way we can!




But, we can’t have a road trip without a travel project! Bob usually handles most of the driving chores, leaving me to navigate and knit for miles and miles…. miles of roads and miles of yarn.



Cachet, Hudson. 4 Skeins.


Anybody up for a KAL?

I’m hoping you will knit Stateline with me. This is a brand new Plucky pattern for a crescent shaped shawl, worked in your favorite worsted weight yarn. There are lots and lots of ways to knit Stateline. It is stunning when knit all in one color, but it is also a perfect “Mix Those Bases” project! And, the pattern even offers three different cast off methods, letting you choose between an I-cord, a picot edge or a simple elastic bind off.

If you would like to join our KAL, all you need to do is purchase the pattern and share your knitting progress!

The solid version of the Stateline wrap uses four skeins of your favorite Plucky worsted weight yarn. For the multi base/color wrap, you need one skein for the first band and two skeins of each for the second and third band – so 5 skeins total. You might already have the perfect yarns in your stash. But, if you’re not able to stash dive for everything you need, please keep an eye on the Plucky Reserve shop as I will be loading in some skeins for you to choose from and build your own Stateline kit!

Just a note: Personally, I think the following bases will get you the best FO. Snug Worsted, Cachet, Primo Aran, Scholar (either version) or Traveler Aran. Though, please feel free to use other bases such as Bello Worsted, Primo Worsted, Lodge Worsted, Trusty, etc. They will be lovely! Just not quite and fluffy/woofy/squishy as those suggested above.

Let the planning begin! I’ll cast on for my Stateline at the crack of dawn on Monday. And, I will be sure to post lots of progress photos as the miles fly by. And I’ll be sure to use the hashtag #pluckystatelinekal and #roadtrippinwithplucky (remember that one?!). But, did I forget something….? Yes. PRIZES! Let’s have KAL prizes! We will open an official STATELINE KAL thread, where we can all post our progress photos and chat like crazy about our projects. When you set up your Stateline project page in Ravelry, please use the tag “pluckystatelinekal”. And, don’t forget to use #pluckystatelinekal on any Instagram photos. This is going to be so much fun…. it will be like we are all on this adventure together!


On August 31st, we will randomly choose winners. Whether you are finished or not, as long as you have tagged your project page or an IG photo, and the pattern is in your library, you could win a pretty awesome Plucky Prize. And, let’s have a grand prize for the first person to post a photo of their finished Stateline in the KAL thread!

I am delighted to have you all on this road trip with me. Anyone have any favorite audio books?

Happy Trails!


Sounds Of Summer WINNERS



It SOUNDS like we have some winners!


With each of our Plucky contests, we meet the nicest people! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Sounds of Summer contest. Needless to say, I was bowled over to see that we had 500 Ravelry entries by the contest close Sunday night, as well as dozens of entries on the Blog. So, this morning we sat down to crunch a few of those numbers. Because this was a NO CHAT contest, we were easily able to give each entry a number, and then randomly select winners. A huge thank you to everyone for that!


Oh my, numbers can be fun! Within those Ravelry 500 entries, we had 60 guests (12%) in our group. We love our guests and decided to award one prize to the 30th guest post.


#244, jbosley, you are a winner!


Next, we looked for anyone who had fewer than three posts EVER in our Plucky group. We know that there are some pretty awesome Plucksters out there who prefer to remain quiet, lending the rest of us their silent support.


#162, knittingmonk, you are a winner!


That left one more number from our Ravelry entries to be pulled from our virtual hat….


#404, seb123, you are a winner!


And, finally, we randomly selected one winner from the Plucky Knitter Blog. They are being sent an email to give them the good news!


Thank you so much for sharing your treasured memories with us. We invite the winners to contact Customer Service (pluckycustomerservice@gmail.com). Write “contest winner” in the subject line and include the address where you would like us to send your prize. You may also let us know which of the new Bungalow colors you especially love and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes!


Thank you again, so much!




Sounds Of Summer Contest


School is out and summer is in full swing. If your neighborhood is like ours, there are certain sounds that spell the beginning of summer. We live on a not-too-small/not-too-big lake, so many of our summer sounds are associated with water. Some days it is the gentle dipping of a kayak paddle as we head out, and other days it’s Ox announcing neighbors arriving via a pontoon boat, ready for a bonfire and brownies. On the weekends, it’s the sounds of the neighbor’s stereo carry down the beach and that can be great fun.


Do you have a story to share? If you have a memory, we have prizes! What do you listen for? Does the sound of an ice cream truck bring back memories of a Good Humor, toasted almond bar? Or a push-pop (hey, where have I heard “push-pop” before)? I can think of lots of summer sounds…a life guard’s whistle reminding you (ME!) not to run…birds that sing too dang early when all you want to do is sleep in…and who could forget the kid who used a clothes pin to attach a playing card to the back of his bike, making that clacking noise. You get the idea. Please post in our contest thread between now and Sunday, July 10th at midnight. Then, on Monday, July 11th, we will hand draw winners for some summery fun prizes! And I think there’s a very good chance that those prizes will be in the form or our newest Plucky base, Bungalow.  If it’s summer, you need a little Bungalow!




Please pop into our SOUNDS OF SUMMER contest thread in Ravelry to enter or you can also leave a comment here on the Plucky Blog. The contest thread will be a NO CHAT thread so that everyone gets “one post/one entry”.  But, feel free to go back and edit your post as many times as you like, because if you’re like me, I always remember something I forgot to say!  We will wait until the contest closes before we read the entries and pick our winners, so edit away!  The Random Chatter thread will be the place to make comments about posts and have a good laugh or two.  Our moderators will delete any chatter or multiple posts in the SOUNDS OF SUMMER – NO CHAT thread, not because we don’t love to hear from you but to make our job of picking winners as easy as a slice of ice cold watermelon on late summer afternoon.




Dendros Kit WINNERS!




Thank you for playing along! All you had to do to play along was type HAPPYPLUCKY9th and you were in line for a Dendros kit. Please know all these festivities are just our way of thank you for being so wonderful all these years.

Thank you, Michele Wang, for teaming up with us to spread some Plucky anniversary love. We randomly selected one winner from Instagram, one from Facebook, one from the Plucky Blog and TWO from subscribers to our Plucky eNewsletter. Please send us an email at Plucky Customer Service (pluckycustomerservice@gmail.com) to let us know where to send your Dendros kit. Just put “HAPPYPLUCKY9th Winner” in the subject line. Each kit will be a mystery, but we invite you to let us know if you are a quiet and subtle knitter or if cheeky and fun are more your style.



Instagram WINNER:  dprowden

Facebook WINNER: Caroline Mai Helligsoe

Plucky Blog WINNER:  Gwendolyn Shingshang

Plucky eNewsletter WINNERS: The two winners from eNewsletter sign up will be emailed directly.


Thank you for playing with us and congratulations to the winners!

Enter To Win A Dendros Kit!





Remember when we had so much fun with our random posts of “Yippee Skippee”? Want to play a similar game? Want to win a Dendros kit? Let’s do it!


Let’s have a little contest where we randomly pick winners to receive a Dendros kit.  You will have four locations from which to enter, each with its own way to win. We invite you to post to Instagram, Facebook, and the Plucky blog comments on this entry. We will randomly select one winner from each of these three locations. Please post to all three of these sites if you like, but we ask you to only post once on each.

But, what if social media is not your cup of tea?!  We will also pick TWO winners from those who are signed up for the Plucky Newsletter (you can sign up for the eNewsletter at the bottom right corner of our home page). You don’t have to do anything other than be a subscriber.  If you are subscribed to the newsletter already, you have an automatic entry!


Here is how you enter in addition to being a subscriber of our newsletter:

Instagram: Post a photo and use the hashtag #HAPPYPLUCKY9th

Facebook:  Comment on the contest entry at our Facebook page, “HAPPYPLUCKY9th”

Plucky blog: Post the comment, “HAPPYPLUCKY9th”, to this blog entry


Each of these winners will receive a fingering or sport weight, Dendros kit, including the pattern, as their prize. (Read more about the  Dendros pattern HERE and also by watching the youtube video from the designer, Michele Wang, HERE.)  Each of the kits will be Mystery’s and may be 4, 5, 6, color kits but be assured they will be fun and will contain enough yarn to complete the pattern!


When the contest closes at 12 o’clock Midnight, EDT on Thursday, June 16, 2016 we will randomly select TWO winners from our list of newsletter subscribers and one each from Facebook, Instagram, and the Plucky blog.

What are you waiting for? On your mark, get set, GO!



Hayley and I are endlessly entertained and just love seeing the many ways you wear, use, and enjoy your #dailyplucky.
So introducing…. #DAILYPLUCKY

Each week Hayley and I will pick a favorite photo or two and send the winner a little #pluckysurprise. And of course, we’ll also share what we are knitting, loving and wearing too. We’ll even rope the fellas in on the #dailyplucky action. By using the #dailyplucky, you give us your permission to repost your photo and we’ll really appreciate it because we love seeing the pieces you’re creating with Plucky yarn.

So, please start snapping and sharing some #dailyplucky on Instagram and here in Ravelry on your project page and post away using the #dailyplucky on Instagram or tag it ‘Daily Plucky’ on your project page here in Ravelry! And, don’t you dare hold back – let the posting begin!

Things to post to #dailyplucky

  1. FOs
  2. WIPs
  3. Favorite pieces from your stash
  4. How you wear your Plucky daily.
  5. What just came in the mail?!
  6. Plucky in still life.
  7. Your Plucky Pets!
  8. Plucky travels #pluckywanderlust

One Dish Delish! WINNERS


I’m hungry! All contests are fun, but those that involve cooking are double the pleasure. Reading the recipes in the One Dish Delish thread has yielded a wealth of new ideas. Who would ever have thought of putting an entire jar of grape jelly over a pork roast? One recipe even specified that the ingredients were best when dumped into a bowl with polka dots. Who knew? I loved some of the really healthy entries. A lot of us substitute ground turkey for beef, but we also had a chili recipe that called for elk. Now, there is something that is probably not in your local grocery store!

Without further ado, I am declaring winners in several categories:

BEST MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD goes to [K8linlight], post #125, and her Dad’s Onion Soup. Her words painted a beautiful picture of family life and security.

BEST STEW THAT I WANT TO MAKE ASAP goes to [Jeanyholt], post #173, for her Apple Cider Stew made with apple cider, veggies galore and an apple! Her instructions let you choose between slow cooking for 11-12 hours, turning the crock-pot up and cooking for 5 ½ -6 hours, or on the stovetop for 2 ½ hours.

BEST ENTRY THAT BOB IS GOING TO FLIP OVER goes to [Shewhodoestoomuch], post #59, and her French Dip Sandwiches. She has described a perfect day in Bob’s world, where he can work outside all day, take a late afternoon walk with the pups and come home to making a meal of a hearty sandwich that has been cooking all day and has lots and lots of juice for dipping.

BEST APPLE CAKE THAT I KNOW I AM GOING TO LOVE goes to [Splendorfalls], post #105, for her Cinnamon Apple Cake. She says this cake is great made the night before and served for breakfast or as a perfect end to any meal. Apples and cinnamon are perfect any time in my book.

SPECIAL AWARD FOR EXTRAORDINY EFFORTS goes to [Simopaini], post # 138, for her Lasagne Di Zucca. Not only is this a fabulous sounding dish, but Simona also took the time to translate every single word for those of us who do not speak Italian. And, she provided many links to illustrate exactly how the various ingredients should look. WOW!

Again, thanks to all who entered. I think we all win, because there were just so many fabulous ideas and inspiration from those who contributed. We invite the winners to contactpluckycustomerservice@gmail.com with “Winner – One Dish Delish Contest” in the subject line so we can send you a prize!


One Dish Delish! A Contest


Contest time!

One of the great joys of living in a locale that has distinct seasons is that each season carries its own sights and smells. This is the time of year when we say goodbye to summer, filled with the beauty of lush greens and the smells of something sizzling away on the grill. As autumn comes upon us, we begin to think a bit more of indoor cooking. There is nothing quite like opening the front door and being greeted with the aroma of something wonderful. It’s funny how the simple smells of a particular spice or a favorite recipe that has been simmering away can trigger memories and instantly make you feel comfortable.

Do you have a favorite one-dish recipe? Is the dutch oven (or crock-pot) your best friend these days? Do you have a never fail, make ahead soup or stew that you turn to at this time of year? And, let’s not forget about desserts…brownies, cakes, cobblers, crumbles and pies, oh my! If it fits in one dish, we invite you to share it with us. And, if your recipe comes with a story, even better. We’d love to hear it!

We are opening a new contest thread in Ravelry for our ONE DISH DELISH contest, as well as inviting you to post your recipe here in the comments section on the blog. Entries will close at Noon Eastern on Friday, November 6th and winners will be selected. And, you know we will have prizes! Of course, adding your recipes to our own personal collection makes us all winners. Thank you for playing along. Now let’s get cooking!


Beat The Heat Dining – A Contest


Beat-The-Heat Dinning

It has been so fun to read all the Morzo Orzo stories of reunions, house guests, alfresco dinning and too-hot-to-cook dinners on the fly. The only thing left to do is have a PHOTO CONTEST!

How do you and your family take your Morzo Orzo? Chopped? Finely diced? Doctored up? Super spicey? More cheese? No Cheese? Quinoa instead of orzo? Let’s see some photos!


If you haven’t had a chance to taste Morzo Orzo yet – no worries at all! This a ”Beat The Heat With Foods of Summer” photo contest. It can even be a photo of something you want to try, a photo from a magazine, anything that lends itself to our Beat-The-Heat theme.

Please hop on over to the new Beat-The-Heat contest thread and post your photos. You have until 9:00 AM on Thursday, July 30th. And, of course there will be prizes!


Road Trippin’ With Plucky

Stitches South Road Trip Blog

Road trips. Remember those games we played as kids? The license plate game…I Spy…Madlibs….I’m going out West and I’m bringing? Parents would suggest anything to fend off the dreaded “How much longer?” and “Are we there yet?” Elmer T’s stock answer was always “20 more minutes”.

Would you like to play a game with us as we hit the highway and head to Nashville?

It will be a yardage contest (though I keep referring to it as the mileage contest) and it will begin the minute the truck pulls away from the studio to head to Nashville on Monday the 20th. The contest will end as we pull back up to the barn, sometime Monday, the 27th! You keep track of your yardage worked, from start to finish, and post lots of progress photos and we’ll be posting photos from Stitches. It doesn’t even have to be a new project…WIPs welcome!

The game thread will remain locked until the moment we hit the road. You can be sure I will keep you posted as we get closer, giving you something of a window during which the contest will begin. Right now it’s approximately 7:00 a.m. EST on Monday morning.

We invite you to knit (or crochet) with us as we hit the road and experience Stitches South. We are hoping that the game thread will be filled with lots of photos and great stories of dedication to your yardage goals.

Once we arrive back home, the contest will stop. That’s when you can post your totals! And, just to be sure that no one feels any pressure, there will be lots of prizes drawn randomly from all who participate, as well as special prizes for great feats of achievement!

So remember, because this is just for fun, there will be just two rules to follow!

Start counting your yardage when we leave the barn (you’ll be racking up the yardage, we’ll be racking up the mileage!) and stop counting when we return home.

This is going to be great! It would be terrific if everyone could come to Nashville, but we know that’s not possible. But, we sure can all knit together. Won’t you join us on the road?


Nameless Gnocchi OR Name That Dish!

Ox close focus

No gnocchi picture (I was too busy eating) so Ox will have to do.

It’s really cool to have a foodie as a sister. Hayley reads cookbooks and restaurant reviews before bed. No matter what city we find ourselves in, Hayley has a mission to visit one restaurant and another and another. But, best of all, Hayley cooks. Very well and often! She is fearless and posses’ instinct, imagination and a well developed sense of adventure. While desserts and hor d’oeuvres (love a good cheese plate or crudités) are my forte, Hayley hits the main course out of the ballpark, time after time. So much so that I ask Hayley what I’m going to eat when we go out. Why bother when she loves to choose and it’s always so good?!

I would like to share with you a dish that Hayley invented last week and brought into the studio for lunch. We all went nuts. But, it doesn’t have a name! And, what do we do when something new needs a name??? WE HOLD A CONTEST!

Below is a list of ingredients and a general description of the dish. Once we have a name for it, we will prepare a recipe card for you in a downloadable PDF. And, of course there will be prizes! So, warm up your mental taste buds and help us name this delish dish! Here is the list of the main ingredients with the detailed list/recipe to come after the contest is finished.


Chicken breast




Lemon zest

White wine


Doesn’t is sound great? Once the ingredients have been prepared and the selected herbs and seasoning have been added (you will find these listed in the complete recipe PDF once the contest closes), this dish is tossed and topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions in the comments below (I moderate the comments so if you do not see your entry right away that just means it is awaiting moderation). We will pick a winner (and some runners up!) by Noon on Friday! The prize(s) will be yarn and swag – not quite sure how to send Gnocchi to the winners.

Bon Appetite and let the contest begin!


Signature Color Winners!

Ox coat side

One of my biggest reasons for loving our Plucky contests (beside the fact they are festive and fun!!) is that they sometimes bring out our quietest pals. There are so many wonderful people who do not post (or do so infrequently) in the threads or here on the blog, but they are still valuable members of our community. When I see the outpouring of sharing in a contest thread, it helps me to understand how many friends we have and it’s just heart warming. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reach out.

I used a random generator to select our winners and without further ado the winners are….. !

Catherine – Definitely power ballad….there is something about this rich purple/red beauty that calls my name again and again!

Melissa – Blue is definitely my signature color. All of the Plucky blues are amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of them. And for names that resonate with me, I absolutely adore all of the colorway names inspired by Paris – if for no reason other than my own love of Paris!

Ruth Anne  –  My answer to both questions is Kissin’ Valentino!  I love all Plucky reds but this is my favorite.  And the name always makes me smile, I am kissin’ Valentino by a crystal blue Italian stream every time I hear it.  When Val appears on an update I am a goner.

Kate  – Green.  Always green.  I really love your corduroy coloway, though I am also often drawn to the reds and oranges.

Linda W –  Green is my signature color. I have to try hard not to choose it when shopping for yarn. I Have drooled over your greens, and right now Old Copper is a favorite. As far as your yarn names, I think Princess Phone is the best — it takes me right back to a phone my Barbie doll just had to have 🙂

Brenda –  Cool blues and greens make me swoon!  I love Make a Grown Man Cry, Infinity & Beyond, and Big Sky. As far as names, “Free Skate” is my favorite.  It evokes the crisp clean of new ice, which matches perfectly the color!

Please contact customer service at pluckycustomerservice@gmail.com with your mailing address. We are thrilled to be sending you your signature color and, as an additional surprise, a little Plucky swag to go with your yarn.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give to share.



Name Game – The Winners

WOW!  We got a ton of response to our call for help in naming the new bases. I love contests. They always start an avalanche of fresh ideas. Even those entries that don’t win can sometimes sit in my brain, triggering a new color name down the line. So, a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to help find names for our newest additions.

Without further ado……

Allow me to introduce CREW, our new Plucky cotton blend of 75.25 merino & cotton, in a DK weight.  This entry was first submitted by Christina Stone.  


Our second winner is Sophisticate, our new Plucky mohair blend of 50.30.20 merino/mohair/silk, in a heavy lace/light fingering weight.  This entry was first submitted by Emily Sanders.



Again, thank you to everyone who took the time to help me name the new babies!  The arrival of both imminent!  You can expect a fabulous launch update in the very near future!  Please stay tuned. And, Christina and Emily will be gifted a SQ in the color of their choice. Ladies, please contact us at the customer service email so we can get you your yarn.  Congratulations and Thank you!

Playing The Name Game – Contest Time!

Merino cotton blend 3

THE NAME GAME – It’s a contest!

OK everybody, I need a little help.  Would you mind setting your Plucktember knitting aside for just a few minutes and help me find a name for TWO new Plucky bases?

Here are the details for each base….
1. A DK weight, 75/25 merino/cotton blend.  Each skein will contain 310 yards and it knits up like butter. This is the one that all you warmer climate knitters have been waiting for! Best of both worlds. The memory and definition of wool and the cooling factor of cotton – I just love the twist this puts on our colorways!

2. A heavy lace/light fingering weight, 50/30/20 blend of merino/extra fine mohair/silk.  Each skein contains 510 yards.  This is a beautiful stand alone luxury lace that can also be paired with other weights to give that extra pop to your work. Light as a feather and the texture… so ethereal.

But, I don’t know what to call them.  I’m hoping that you do!

Please post your suggestions here in the comments (which I will keep hidden) between now and ….ummm… let’s say Monday morning. That sound like enough time to you? I’m going to read the entries all weekend and at 9:00 am Eastern on Monday, we will pick the winning entrie(s) and post them here.  Guess what the winners will get.  How about the very first SQs of these new bases, in any color the winners choose!!!

We are anxiously watching our driveway here at the barn, waiting somewhat impatiently for the first shipments to arrive.  So, can you help a gal out? Let’s have some fun with this one and get them named so we’re ready to hit the ground running the second they arrive which should be any minute now!


Contest Winners!


Seven was a very good year!

Thank you to everyone who submitted stories of their seventh summer. The over whelming theme of all the submissions is most definitely “family”. You shared stories of visits with grandparents, arrival of siblings, making lifelong friends, and many many adventures. And there were some stories of pain and change. But, every memory was special. I learned that we have smugglers in our midst and people who bathe sheep in their family bathroom. Lots of you went to camp and many remember a boat load of cousins. One of us even remembers Jerry Garcia’s boat, up close! Special thanks for any photos that were shared and for taking the time to provide tons of links to super fun stuff.

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact us at  Pluckycustomerservice@gmail.com with ‘My 7th Summer’ in the subject line. We want to get your prizes to you! Our grand prize is my personal basket of swatching yarn, a PK Collection clutch and primo fingering to make an accessory.

The other winners will each be invited to select two skeins of any of the Plucky bases! Just tell us your favorite color(s) and we will select something lovely for you. Seven winners, one for each of our previous years and seven more just to be extra festive!

We are all joining in sending out a huge thank you for all the good wishes you have sent to our crew. It is a pleasure and a privilege to do what we do and we will continue to do our very best for you each and every day.

With great affection,

My seventh summer winners:

Our grand prize goes to….

  1. Blog at 1:57 – Juanita – worked as a field hand

Other winners (in no particular order)!

  1. Post 193 kari1276 – Banana boat and Jerry Garcia
  2. Post 82 Ironjohn – electric burns
  3. Post 175 Tinkingbell – dog saves snorkler
  4. Post 89 Ellielily – contraband smuggler
  5. Post 101 momaja – built a cabin
  6. Post 3 Livvyknits – rode the bus
  7. Post33 Twistedstitcher52 – got adopted
  8. Blog at 4:23– Eva Fisher – frog paradise
  9. Post 223 jarmeblue – cat lover quilt
  10. Post 219 MyMerinoMantra – extra credit for the links!
  11. Post 66 Theirmama4sure – lived in a maxi van.
  12. Post 166 Fascine – dipping sheep in family bathtub
  13. Post 2 Ashore – Lifeguard. Extra points for posting a photo of the lifeguard! 😉

Anniversary Giveaways – A Contest!


We may be elbow deep in packing boxes and chaos, but today is a very special day for us.  This marks our seventh anniversary as The Plucky Knitter.

Back in June of 2007  when I sold that first skein of yarn, I never imagined that it would snowball into the creative and exciting business that Plucky is today. So much has changed along the way, but the one thing that will never change is my steadfast, unending commitment to serving you. I’m honored, humbled and thrilled that you share my passion for unique, luxurious, high quality bases and hand dyed color. You inspire me (us!) and I am in awe of your talent and devotion to our craft and the works of wearable art you create with Plucky. I never take for granted the energy, time and passion that you (we) all give to our art form.

So let’s have a party! Not a party to celebrate us, but to celebrate you – our Plucky pals! You are more than customers. You are our friends.  Your friendship and acceptance of our ideas, vision and creative work are what has taken Plucky all the way from dyeing in my tiny kitchen to well, here …..  just getting settled into our ‘new to us but still crusty, old and lacking in charm, but we’re getting there’ barn.  Hayley and I want to thank you for opening your hearts and joining us on this incredible journey – the whole crew thanks you!

Now, how about some fun prizes? Of course there will some SQs in  awesome bases, Plucky tee’s and sweatshirts but would anybody like to win a Plucky tote or a clutch?  And, just for fun, I going to part with that fantastically fun basket of my swatch yarns!

OK.  Here is our fun anniversary contest……tell us how you spent the summer when you were seven years old.  Did you have an adventure at camp?  Did your family take an interesting trip?  Did you spend every glorious day in a tree house with your best friend?  I am going to start a “My seven-year-old summer” thread in Ravelery for you to post your stories.  Or, go the blog and post in the comments section.  You can also post on our Facebook page. Then we will pick our favorite summertime tales and award prizes to those that tickle our funny bone or tug at our hearts. Let us hear from you!

Comments will be open until Thursday at Noon Eastern.

SOS – A Contest!

Comfy contest

SOS. All hands on Deck. I need your help.

Several of you have commented that the new yarn needs to be called something other than Comfy and I couldn’t agree more!  Hayley and I have been brainstorming, but we haven’t been able to come up with something that fits. I am hoping that you guys will join us in the brainstorming session.

The new Plucky yarn is a woolen spun (think light and lofty, warm) worsted weight yarn in a blend of 75% merino and 25% cashmere with 240 yards per skein. Being that it is a woolen spun yarn (think grabby) it is perfect for color work or any project that calls for a more “weekend in the country” look and feel. Even though it is a superwash yarn, it spit splices like a dream and it takes the dye in a way that gives each skein a creamy/heathery look. I love it for light and lofty cables. The finished project, while not completely weightless, sure is light.

So….. let’s have a contest! If this stirs your creative juices, please send us your suggested name. If you are the first person to submit the winning name, guess what the prize will be?!?!  BINGO! You will win a sweater quantity (8 skeins) in either Lonesome Highway, Hotsy Totsy, Technicolor Teal, High Cotton, Sounds Like A Carnival or Oatmeal.

Please submit your entries in the comments below. I will be keeping the comments private until the end of the contest to keep if fair and a surprise for everyone. Once the contest is complete I will publish the entries. The contest will be open until Friday at Noon Eastern.

OK knitters. Let the games begin!

Knitters Curiosity Cabinet – A Giveaway

Contest is closed. Winners are: Baljinder & Spork. Thank you, everyone, for playing along and thank you, Hunter for a gorgeous collection!

Have you all seen Hunter Hammersen’s Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet: Volume II?  If you haven’t yet, you need to take a look!  Hunter has compiled another incredible collection of socks and accessories. A knitter’s interpretation of a curiosity cabinet of years gone by.  Hunter takes inspiration for this volume from vintage butterfly prints and transforms them into beautiful textures, cables, and lace.  Her interpretations are nothing short of stunning and her attention to detail is remarkable.  This book belongs in your knitting collection – you won’t be disappointed!


I was absolutely enamored by the designs Hunter created with Plucky Feet and Primo Worsted.  The Delias Eucharis Sock in Plucky Feet is stunning (yes, that’s it on the cover – Plucky Feet made the cover!). Look how crisp the cables are! Her other design featuring Plucky is the Delias Eucharis Hat in Primo Worsted. My love for a great knitted hat is pretty well documented so of course this one caught my eye first. Hunter’s pattern coupled with Primo Worsted will make for the perfect, instant gratification, weekend knitting hat!

Hunter has graciously given us copies of her beautiful book to share with you all!  We have two copies of The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet: Volume II to give away and we’re going to make sure you receive a skein of Plucky Feet and a skein of Primo Worsted to knit her gorgeous patterns!  This will be just in time for you to join the Delias Eucharis Knit-a-long that Hunter will be hosting in her Ravelry group for the month of August!

So, here is what you need to do:

Head to TKCC Vol. II’s Ravelry page or the book’s site and let us know which pattern strikes you the most and, just for kicks, tell us what you’d put in your curiosity cabinet or collections you may have. And, no, yarn cannot be your answer, that’s just a given!

Leave your comment here on the blog and be sure to give us a way to contact you (email or Ravelry name)!  We’ll pick (2) winners at random on Wednesday, July 24th at Noon Eastern.  Each winner will receive a copy of The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet: Volume II, as well as one skein of Plucky Feet, AND one skein of Primo Worsted.