Meet our newest Small Batch colorways!

Meet a few our newest Small Batch…

We are having a blast expanding our catalog of Small Batch colorways!  The latest additions, inspired by Scotland, will be available for pre-order here on the blog on Sunday, March 12 at 6:00 p.m. EDT!  We thought it would be a good idea to refresh a previous informative blog post about these special, unique pieces of art.  We hope you enjoy and have as much fun with them as we have with development and knitting with them!


Can we talk a little bit about Small Batch?!

We decided on the name ‘Small Batch’ because it was the perfect description of how these skeins of art come about. They are done in very small batches with each and every skein having the various colors applied one at a time. It’s a time-consuming and labor intensive process but one that we’ve come to love! It allows us to bring you our art in every skein, making for fun and truly unique projects!

Something we ask you to please bear in mind (and this is true for hand-dyed yarn aside from Small Batch) is that no one skein will be exactly like another. As an example, one skein of Small Batch may have more green speckles or be more saturated with all of the colors comprising that particular Small Batch colorway, while another from the same ‘batch’ may have less saturation, be more speckled or have more blue than the one that was created directly beside it. Again, it’s just the nature of hand-dyed, artisan yarn and each skein is truly unique.

What you may see in a glamour shot or a project pic of a Small Batch may be very close to what you receive or it may be very different in its placement of colors on the skein. These differences are not quality issues. True Small Batch, or hand-dyed yarn, is inherently unique to each skein and it would be next to impossible to replicate every speckle of each colorway represented in a skein of Small Batch. Often times, skeins that appear significantly different from one another in the skein, may look more matched once they are wound (happens to me all the time) and the opposite may also be true.

Please know that if you order more than one skein of the same Small Batch colorway, on the same base, we always do our best to provide you the closest matches possible, just as we do with multiples of our traditional colorways. We simply ask that you keep in mind the unique characteristics that make Small Batch what it is and know that each skein is one-of-a-kind!

You are unique, your knits are one of a kind and so is your small batch!

Thank you so much!

Hey Hey It’s Monday~

Rayures #2
Rayures. It must be a great knit, I’ve made two!

Hello there & a great big happy Monday to you~

I hope the weekend was a good to you and that much good food, good times and good knitting was had by one and all.

Not to bore you with the details, but, well here goes the boring details:

I don’t have to tell you just how hot (dangerously so) it has been – pretty much everywhere. When your business is, by its very nature, something that produces heat you need to rethink how things are done and change things up a bit until it passes. Because the next couple days are set to be the coolest of the week (and coolest we’ve seen in quite sometime) we are dyeing and I mean dyeing like mad. Very early and very long days so that we do not have to dye later this week when temps are upwards of 95 or more (weather report as of last night – things change).


So, long story short, I’m sorry, but there will not be an update today due to weather. How funny does that sound?! Gotta make hay (I mean yarn) while the sun shines and doesn’t kill you wink wink because last week…. well it got ugly. Very very ugly.

The update will be this Thursday at Noon Eastern. We are in Stiches Midwest Prep, getting out the last of your pre-orders (which will ship Friday this week and Monday next week – all well within the 14-21 business days…. YAY!) and, well, it takes a bit of time to put an update together and right now I think you really want us dyeing. Can’t very well not get you your yarn now can we? Thank you for your understanding.

I hope you know, we are here and ready to help and, as always, we will make sure you get your yarn!

Oh, and one other exciting bit of news…. SPORT, TRAVELER & PLUCKY SWEATER all arrive in the studio this week. Seriously exciting times!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Hope you can join us!

sneak peek~

of some brand spankin’ new repeatable Plucky colorways headed to Sock Summit. Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

new stuff~

Sock Summit 2011

this & that ~

a post full of this an that… with pictures~

wool & honey collage

Wool & Honey’s fifth anniversary open house/plucky trunk show. What a treat! Thank you Melissa for your lovely hospitality.

she got it!

Hayley has decided to give knitting another twirl. Who better to give the refresher course than knitting machine extraordinaire, Liesl – a.k.a. Browncurls.

smocked slouch

Smocked Slouch by Knitterella – shown in primo worsted, Garnet Martini. I’m now officially smitten with the smocked stitch.

Then, it’s a ‘let’s ease back in to the work week after a long holiday weekend’ sneak update. Plucky shop update tomorrow, Tuesday, May 31st beginning at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. It’s a sneak-update – you know what that means! Yarn will go live at that time and be added to the shop throughout the day. As per usual, I’ll be sure to keep you posted as to the goings on in both the Ravelry Plucky Group and on the Plucky Facebook page (which also offers updates to the Plucky Twitter feed).

cinnabark - primo worsted

cinnabark – primo worsted

sophisticated pistachio ~ primo fingering

sophisticated pistachio – primo fingering

modern kiwi - primo fingering

modern kiwi – primo fingering

new additions~

to the Plucky repeatables.

Bourbon Barrel & Classic Rock

Bourbon Barrel – cool shades of chocolate and chestnut brown.
Classic Rock – warm shades of gray with tinges of denim and olive.

tangles & an update ~

ready for their close-up

This Sunday, April 10th, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern the shop will be filled to the brim with all sorts of fun stuff. Cash Silk lace, Cash Silk 6ply, a few color-work kits (in various bases – even worsted) and Primo, lot’s and lot’s of Primo!

tangles happen

But wait, there’s more! It’s a tangled yarn giveaway.

Interested? Just leave me a comment and tell me what you’re up to this weekend. Spring cleaning? Seeing a movie (can’t wait!)? Knitting? Clipping your dogs toenails? Leave  a comment – they will be accepted until Monday morning, April 11th at which time I’ll drag out the trusty random number generator to choose the winner.

Have a great weekend everyone!

A new neutral ~


Oatmeal. A new Plucky repeatable colorway. Because sometimes you just want something simple.

Plucky Classics Sign-ups ~


Thank you!

This three month round will be the last three months of the Little Black Dress version of the club. I have something fun in mind for 2011 and think you’ll really get a kick out of the theme. BUT…. in the meantime, let’s mix up the last three months of 2010. Sound good? Good. What are the details?

Well, I want your input! We’re going to open up submission to all of you members. You tell me what movie inspires you, what actress/character – even throw out a color. Then all submissions will be entered in a raffle and I get to put my creative spin on your selection. On Monday we’ll have a new email for you to send your submissions to as well as all other pertinent information.

This is going to be fun!

It’s been a while ~

Since I’ve posted some yarn pictures prior to a shop update (or my FO’s as I like to call them).

Clockwise (from the top) – Ysabella, Leighigh and Cabaret – MCN Fingering

Cottage Bench v2 – Merino Superwash Fingering

Coffee House – 2ply Cashmere

Nicole – 55.45 Cashmere Silk 2ply

September – 55.45 Cashmere Silk 2ply

Linnea – 50.50 SML

Leap Year – 50.50 SMF

Raspberry Bubble – 50.50 SMF

Shrieking Green – Merino Superwash Fingering

Big shop update tonight, Tuesday, July 14th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern! And, if you’d like to check out the rest of the sneak you can find them here.

Not much, but some ~

Knitting is taking place (one thing about dyeing yarn – it sure does cut into knitting time!).

Although, this first item (an easey peasey hat for Mister C)  has been finished for a while now but I had no pictures to share.  The little guy’s mum just sent me this picture  so I just had to share. Not because the hat is any great shakes (basic roll brim pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts  which, by the way, happens to be the very first knitting book I ever purchased and to this day remains in my top five favorites), but because he is  so darn cute in it!  

A little big on his noggin – but he carries it off well, don’t you think?

Le’ Slouch is fini’! Yay! Hear that M? You’ll have a hat to wear in Wisconsin too…..

You may have noticed –  I LOVE knitting hats. What are your favorite hat patterns? In that case, what are your favorite things to knit?   What are your “go to” patterns? An inquiring knitter  would love  to know…..

Next up –  a picture of Le’ Slouch post blocking and a an update on the progress of Flair.

Enough Slouch in Le’ Slouch?

When in doubt ask your knitty friends, right?

Just a few rows from finishing Le’ Slouch for M (which is something considering I was going to frog the whole thing because I didn’t like the decreases – but Ms. F loved the hat so finish it I shall….. that and I haven’t touched the needles other than to finish a sock in two weeks).

Question is – Do you think the hat will get a smidge more slouchy when blocked?    Or, should I rip back to the increase section and add a few more? The fear I have in adding more sections is ending up with something mushroom like and, well, that is just not a good thing.

Coming soon to a stash near you:


Tea & Crumpets – Merino Superwash

Good Old Days – Merino Superwash

Lazy Day – Merino Fingering

Also new, for a limited time, I will  be offering a few skeins of some bulky weight 50/50 merino cashmere  in 100 yards skeins. Here is a sneak peak (these and lots more yarn, too many to attempt to mention here, will be available in the shop throughout the week):  

Emilee – 50/50 Merino Cashmere Bulky 100 yards per skein

Evergreen – 50/50 Merino Cashmere Bulky

Snow. Just couldn’t resist having a yarn-y photo shoot in the fluffy white stuff that has been accumulating this week – it’s just so pretty and cozy. Remind me of this in February when I am clawing at the door, desperate for sun and warm temps.

Well, it’s offical ~

I’ve arrived. At least that is what it feels like. Jess  (a.k.a. Bob’s Mom and co-founder extraordinaire of Ravelry) chose me to be one of the featured yarnies for the month of November. What a thrill. Thank you so much Jess.

Because I am so happy about this, all Plucky Yarn purchases from now until Friday will be an additional 10% off (just mention Ravelry in the memo portion of your transaction). Thank you! Thank you!  


A New Toy & A Mailing List ~

Yep, I was serious  about the camera. I  adore  Amazon – not only are they super fast, but they have a fabulous selection and great prices. What’s not to love?  


What’s that on my head you ask? Why that is the beret! Can you believe it? I knit something!

And, because I promised to show more pictures of the test knits (and I wanted to  test out the new camera… are a few more pics of test  knits they had yet to make their appearance….).  

Mad Color Weave by Mai – Yes, you’ve seen these before, but here they are modeled on my feet – See Mai…. they fit!

Knit by  Anna, Anna of the Flying Fingers fame. Please see Anna’s post for lovely modeled shots, but I couldn’t resist playing with the macro setting. It’s the Diamond Fantasy Shawl – so pretty!

And then we have the Easy Flame Lace scarf knit by Rachel  and the Opera Scarf knit by Nicole. Thank you ladies!

And, one more FO for Plucky Girl (took one Grey’s episode and 1/2 an ER). Just your basic drop stitch scarf with fringe. Yarn by FeltStudioUK – Retro colorway.

Recently I have had quite a lot of people ask if I had a mailing list to notify of shop updates. If you are interested in having your name added to  my mailing list, please leave me a comment to that affect and I will add you to the list that I will be making up this weekend. Please rest assured I will keep your information strictly confidential.

Itty Bitty Cuteness ~

  Simple hat pattern from Itty Bitty Hats – yarn, chunky cashmere from Posh Yarn. Knit for a very special little guy who’s arrival is imminent.

Believe  everything you have heard….. Susan has  done it again. Her new book Itty Bitty Nursery is darling. I don’t even know where to begin, there are so many things I want to knit out of there. Of course, the cupcake set, the bebe door hang-y thing and don’t even get me started on the peas and carrot pillows and the wipes/tissue cover. Run…. run and get yourself a copy (I was so excited to find one at Barnes and Noble on Friday, as I didn’t think the book had been released yet).

What else has been going on? Dyeing, of course. Look for these and others to show up in etsy later today.

 Walk In The Woods – BFL Superwash


That’s Rich – BFL Superwash


Pear – Merino Superwash

 Gingerbread – Merino Lace Weight

photo-289.jpg  And Plucky Girl was busy this weekend too….. Hanging out (not to be confused with babysitting…. her favorite 11 year old triplets). C,K & D. Here she an K are hamming it up for the camera. They had a ball.


This Is The Way To Re-skein The Yarn ~


The house has been covered in yarn for weeks and weeks ….. yarn that has been dyed and  in  need of re-skeining.   Apparently  Mr. Plucky  is wanting to use his telescope (forcast says the sky will be clear tonight) and therefore took it upon himself to  get the re-skeining  done (see, there is a method to my madness).  I came out into the living room this morning to this scene:


The postman brought some  treats today…..


Satchel purchased from DrikaB. Wow. The craftsmanship on this bag….. very impressive.


Thaki Bunny  to make Juliet.  How cute is  this?

Small etsy update later today.

Happy Saturday.

A small update ~

cruella.jpg  Cruella – 100% Merino fingering weight

grandpas-cardigan-lace.jpg  Grandpas Cardigan – 100% Merino lace weight

ooh-la-la.jpg  Ooh La La – 100% Merino fingering weight

fever.jpg  Fever – 100% Merino fingering weight

vivis-dress.jpg  Vivi’s Dress – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca

crimson-sage-grey-cream.jpg  Dingbat – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca fingering weight

lake-oliver.jpg  Lake Oliver – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca fingering weight

color-tour.jpg  Color Tour – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca fingering weight  

Just a helpful hint (as it has been pointed out to me several times), but the fingering weight… don’t just think of that for socks. It is also great, in fact, it’s fabulous, for lace weight projects, hats, baby sweaters, mitten, and on and on.

Wonky Week ~

Charade socks  are coming along very well and, shock of shocks – I’m not even close to being sick of knitting it  – perhaps I can avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome with this pair.  Don’t hold your breath, but I think I have a pretty good shot at an actual pair this time. Picture to come tomorrow.

Plucky girl started drivers ed this week. Wow. Ok. Forget the fact that “time flies”  and “oh, I can’t believe my little girl is driving”  and all that stuff. What’s really curling my hair is the fact that in another week or so I will be in a car with her and she will be the one driving. In control. Of a car.

She’s so excited – actually, to  be perfectly honest, I am excited for her. Scared and excited at the same time. Ok, got to stop thinking about it. I have to go knit. Actually, I will be dyeing all day tomorrow – so look for a great big shop update this weekend.

A Line of Plucky Girl Yarns ~

As you may or may not have surmised from previous posts related to my Plucky girl, she’s is a bit artsy/quirky. Her artsy talents are definitely the strongest in photography and music. When she saw all the yarn laying about the house, she quickly picked up a few of her favorites and wanted to name them. So, I present to you the Plucky Girl line of yarn (dyed by me, named by S). Now if I could just get her to re-skein some yarn for me!

jungle-love.jpg  Jungle Love by Steve Miller Band – 100% Merino Fingering

garden-grove.jpg  Garden Grove, Sublime – 100% Merino Lace Weight (shades of peach, faded tangerine and orange)

mr-brown.jpg  Mr. Brown, by Bob Marley – 100% Merino Fingering (Kettle Dyed) various shades of brown, pale  sage and cream.

trenchcoat-rock-3.jpg  Trench  Town Rock, Bob Marley (her fave)  – 100% Merino Fingering. Shades of vibrant teal with subtle variations of sea green. Very caribbean and fun.

 lucy-in-the-sky-w-diamonds-4.jpg  Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – 100% Merino Lace Weight – Yes, Plucky girl knows this song wasn’t on this LP, but on the Sgt. Pepper LP – but she didn’t want to get that out of her record frame for the photo. I assured her this would work just fine (she’s a stickler for this sort of thing). Shades of blue, silver grey, cream and denim blue.

Ok, I named the next one – I couldn’t help myself.

tsarinas-boudoir.jpg  Tsarina’s Boudoir – 100% Merino Fingering – Various shades of mauve, pale lilac and silvery grey. Oh so subtle and pretty.

While I wan winding this one, all I kept thinking about was Tsarina Alexandra’s Mauve Boudoir. Odd inspiration, I know, but there you have it – that’s what I see when I look at this yarn.

scarletts-red-dress-2.jpg  Scarlett’s Red Dress – 100% Merino Lace Weight   – Remember in GWTW when Scarlett shows up at Ashley and Melanie’s (Melanie is dying)  house in “the” red dress? Oh.The.Scandal. Well, this just screams that dress. Deep, dark, blistering red and crimson. So dark and lovely.

***Edited to Add*** This was actually the dress Scarlett wore to Ashley’s birthday party. Oy. I am off my game the last couple days!   It was a scandal because the   whole town thought they had been caught in an  scandalous embrace – when   it was actually a “good-bye hug” as Scarlett finally accepted that  Ashley really did love Melanie.   Scarlett wanted to skip the party, but   Rhett made her go, wearing that dress. Thanks Karen!! There is someone out there that is just as (or more) obsessed with GWTW than me!

Lest you think I no longer knit, that is so not the case (In fact, I am missing the needles very much today. But, while skeining up the yarn  I have been day dreaming about  what to put up in my knit que on Ravelry).  Just trying to get as much dyeing in as I can before Thursday when I head back to the day job.

What I did on my summer vacation ~

Just a couple of peeks at what has been cooking around here:

audreys-lace-soaking.jpg  Audrey’s Lace – Soaking……

green-merino-silk.jpg  Basil Bliss…… It’s approx 1,400 yards of 50% merino 50% silk – too lovely to believe. Various shades of vibrant moss, sage and faded greens. This would make a gorgeous shawl/wrap. This will show up on etsy later tonight or tomorrow.

1311.JPG  Speaking of basil – what should I do with all of this? I have three basil plants that are going crazy. It is such a shame to let it all go to waste. Let’s just say there is enough to keep me in caprese salads for the next year. All you talented and clever ladies (and any fellas out there) must know what to do with a bumper crop of basil. Maybe you know of ways to preserve it for the winter months, any recipes to use now?

raspberry-kiss-merino-silk.jpg  Raspberry Kiss  -More 50/50 merino silk lace – 1,050 yards of laceweight.

Then, this came in the mail today…. a little yarny goodness from Hello Yarn and the Yarntini Sock Club – boy these ladies are talented!!!

maisy-day-handspun.jpg  Yarrow – Hand Dyed & Hand Spun

122.JPG  Mint Mojito – Verigated

It’s About Time ~


I  strive to  be a person that keeps my word – so I am happy to say that I  have begun knitting two socks at a time – but instead of two circs – it’s Magic Loop. I’ve always been a sock on two circs gal, but this weekend I learned two at a time with ML – I LOVE it. Well, perhaps, I am more in love with the idea of having a pair of socks (and loving the idea of not being ridiculed by friends and family any  longer over all the mis-matched knit socks that currently occupy space at the Plucky House). Warning: It can be a bit wonky at first, but stick with it – you will be glad you did. (I’ll post pics of the progress later….proof is in the pudding, as they say).

In other news….it has begun anew. Dyeing that is. Tomorrow and Tuesday (have a couple days off from my regular job) will be occupied with dyeing, dyeing up a storm for a little project I’m working on. Also, in addition to the Loopy order, there will be an update at the etsy shop too. Some of my colorways will be repeated and I will be unveiling some new colorways.

Then, in completely non-related knitting and dyeing news… I have been bawling my eyes out tonight because of this. Cried like a  baby.  

So, where were you  when you heard the news? Me?  We had been shopping for my sister’s wedding dress and stopped at a restaurant afterwards –  CNN was on at the bar  and I read that she had  been in accident. Of course, they didn’t have sound on  the T.V.  but I begged, pleaded and, finally, badgered the bartender and he gave me the remote so I could turn up the volume and hear what was going on. That got everyone’s attention and soon a crown gathered and we watched it all unfold. I am such a nerd…… Should have seen me when JFK, Jr. died. Oy.

10mar2007-030.jpg  Because when I don’t have a specific picture for the post I just put up a picture of Sam….what a face….