Saving the Best for Last – The Last IG of 2015 is Here!

Can it really be mid-December next week? I keep hearing it, seeing it, and saying it, but I still have a hard time believing it. While we’ve been at the barn with shipping, dyeing and designing, time has been marching right along!

In between packing and shipping over the last few months, we’ve been taking inventory, pulling out some oldies that are certainly goodies and setting them aside for you. I’ve been holding back some fun, saving up for a special time and that time is now – it’s time to pull it all out for our very last IG Update of 2015 (can you believe it?)!

And, to make this update an extra special and fun time, we’re making it a two-part update so as many as possible can join in on the fun! We hope you’ll join us on Friday, December 11th at 9:00 a.m. EST and again on Sunday, December 13th at 7:00 p.m. EST in the Plucky Knitter Etsy Shop!

We will absolutely have a healthy dose of our current favorites, too (Snug family of bases, I’m looking at you!). Have you seen the adorable hat Knitterella released this week? Two skeins of Snug or Bulky and you are warm and stylin’ in no time. Hayley and I had so much fun this weekend playing around with some really unexpected combinations of Snug Worsted in our “Conversationalist Hat”. If you want quick and multiple knits out of your single skeins of your favorite Plucky worsted base, this is your hat! Just one 3 skein mystery worsted/aran kit will get you three hats!
There will surely be some seldom seen colorways…Do you remember Cherries On The Mall, Forward In Flats, What A Punk and Top Hat? And, kits! You guys love your kits and we love putting them together for you. It has been a while since we’ve offered pattern specific kits, but we’ll also be sure to have plenty of Mystery kits available for the Conversationalist Hat, Alpine Trail, and Bradway to offer as well!
We’ll have something for everyone in this IG. We’ll have old friends, new friends, sweater quantities, kits, and even some rare single or very limited numbers of skeins of one color on one base. We hope to see you at the update this Friday, December 11th at 9:00 a.m. EST and again on Sunday, December 13th at 7:00 p.m. EST at the Plucky Knitter Etsy Shop!

An important note:
Since all of the yarn available in Friday’s & Sunday’s update (and all other subsequent RTS or IG updates) has been carefully inventoried, dyed, and is ready to be shipped the following Tuesday, we will no longer be able to accommodate requests for cancellations or changes of orders. Please be absolutely certain that you fully intend to purchase and receive any yarn you check-out with from the update. It is administratively very difficult and impedes shipping times to allow for these changes. Thank you for your understanding!

If you are new to Plucky we invite you to read all about our Updates in the FAQs found HERE. Also, be sure to sign up for our eNewsletter and go to our Plucky Knitter app so you are always up-to-date on events and news.


Shindig After Party Instant Gratification Update!

shindig after cable

It’s time for the Shindig After Party Instant Gratification update!

As something special for all of our Plucky Friends (and especially for those who weren’t able to join us at the recent Plucky Shindig) we are happy to announce an After Party IG update that will be full of creative and fun possibilities for your cool weather knitting (winter IS coming!). Many bases and colors will be available just perfect for jumping right into Plucktober or your favorite Fall Back pattern.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to begin to see new WIPs and FOs from the Fall Back collection pop up in the threads. What a thrill! If you’re looking for a few shopping ideas, Jill(aka Knitterella) is hosting an Omena KAL in the Ravelry group for this sure-to-be-a-wardrobe-staple vest!  Or how about Michele Wang’s Quadri hat for that single skein of SNUG Worsted to ease you into building your cool weather wardrobe? And we can’t forget about the plethora of options that many amazing designers and Plucky friends are offering in the Plucktober 2015 Designer/Retailer thread.  Oh, if I remember correctly, we definitely had a few skeins of cashmere left from the Shindig and while packing, I couldn’t help but think of the possibilities for a few pairs of Burning Leaves or a Freeze Warning by Amy Miller.

peak color

peak color 2 color

It’s not truly a Plucky After Party without those mystery kits! I’m thinking Peak Color mystery kits (five color and two color kits of assorted fingering weights – #mixthosebases!!!) would be a fun addition to the update as well as 3 and 6 skein tasting menus and our other mystery offerings.

The After Party IG update will be Friday morning, September 18th at 9:00 am EDT and, because I would hate for anyone to miss out on the party, again at 8:00 pm EDT Friday evening in the Plucky ETSY Shop.  And please join us in the update chatter thread in the Plucky group on Ravelry on Friday morning (and again Friday evening) where we will be chatting away!

Shipping will begin on Tuesday, September 22nd. Please remember that it takes a little extra time to get the IG orders all out the door. Those mystery kits take us a while – we love to match them up to you as well as we possibly can – all the while trying to add in something unexpected (so fun!).

Sarah & the Plucky Crew

Instant Gratification!

IG 8-21 update

Hello there!

Something tells me this Friday would be the perfect time for an Instant Gratification update. I know that many of you are unable to attend the Shindig (we will miss you!) and I want to make sure as many of you as possible can join in the fun of the Shindig and have the yarn your hearts desire for the Plucktober festivities.

I love Instant Gratification updates as there truly is something for everyone and the project possibilities – they are simply endless. There will be mystery kits, tasting menus and, of course, some fantastic onesie-twosies and sweater quantities of your favorite Plucky bases.

So, please join us for an update in the Plucky ETSY shop, Friday, August 21st at 9:00 am EDT, filled with just about everything you can imagine – and maybe even a couple of our newest Shindig colorways will be available!

A note about the shipping of IG update:
The update is all ready-to-ship items. It is an assortment of goodies already dyed and available to ship. While the yarn is ready-to-ship, it does take us 24-48 hours to administer the shipping process to then print labels and begin shipping. Friday’s update will begin shipping on Tuesday, August 25th. Also, please note that the mystery kits and tastings menus will ship Monday, August 31st.

As per usual with Etsy updates there will be product that goes live right at the appointed time but I will be posting things as I go. If you have not yet found our update thread in Ravelry we have a great time chatting about the update while it’s happening.

If you are new to Plucky, please be sure to read through the “New to Plucky FAQ” thread for a full explanation of how the updates work.  Also, please feel free to pop into the “Your Plucky Concierge” thread and ask away.  We’re happy to help!


Stitches South After Party!

IG collage

Friday, May 8th 9:00 AM EST & 8:00 PM EST in the Plucky ETSY Shop!
It’s time for the Stitches South After Party Instant Gratification update!

The IG update will be full of creative and fun possibilities for warmer weather knitting! Many bases and colors that are perfect for jumping right into your favorite Spring Forward pattern as well as many of your tried and true favorites (some bulky will be there, sweater, SNUG bulky and many more).

I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it is to see the new WIPs and FOs from the Spring Forward collection pop up in the threads. What a thrill! In fact, I am getting super excited about casting on my own Stripe Parade (really hoping that happens soon!) and my Beehive has been great fun to knit! I think everyone should treat themselves to a Hazy Morn cowl! Oh, and you would absolutely love a Tide Chart. It is sort of my dream pullover because it’s reminiscent of a comfy sweatshirt, but better! I have two that have been knit up in Sounds Like A Carnival – one a little more fitted and one the next size up for that cozy sweatshirt feel. And all those Lake Effect cardis already on your needles, look at you guys go!!

But it wouldn’t be truly festive without those mystery kits!!! I’m thinking Spring Fever mystery kits (8 skeins of assorted fingering weights – #mixthosebases!!!) would be a fun addition to the 6 skein tasting menus and our other mystery offerings.

Spring Fever steps

Spring fever amy

The After Party IG update will be Friday morning, May 8th at 9:00 am EST and, because I would hate anyone to miss out on the party, again at 8:00 pm EST Friday evening in the Plucky ETSY Shop.

Please note that the IG update is ready to ship and will begin shipping on Tuesday, May 12th. Please also remember that it takes a little extra time to get it all out the door. Those mystery kits take us a while – we love to match them up to you as well as we possibly can – all the while trying to add in something unexpected (so fun!).

So please join us in the update chatter thread in the Plucky group on Ravelry on Friday morning (and again Friday evening) where we will be chatting away!

Instant Gratification Update Time!

basket of possibility

Friday, February 27th, 9 am EST – ETSY Shop!

Hello there and happy almost March!

We are just beginning the preparations for travel to Nashville, TN for Stitches South at the end of April. That means it’s time to prepare yarn, colorway themes, kits and patterns and the design of an entirely new booth! That also means we want to have one last Instant Gratification update before we plunge fully into Stitches preparation!

I love Instant Gratification updates as there truly is something for everyone and the project possibilities – they are simply endless. There will be mystery kits, tasting menus and, of course, some fantastic onesie-twosies and sweater quantities of your favorite Plucky bases. A note about the shipping of IG update: The update is all ready-to-ship items. It is an assortment of goodies already dyed and available to ship. While the yarn is ready-to-ship, it does take us 24-48 hours to administer the shipping process to then print labels and begin shipping. Friday’s update will begin shipping on Tuesday, March 3rd.

So, please join us for an update in the Plucky ETSY shop, Friday, February 27th at 9:00 am Eastern, filled with just about everything you can imagine – even some of our newer Spring colorways will be available!

Strike A PoseGreen GoddessBubbly

Please note: As per usual with Etsy updates there will be product that goes live right at the appointed time but I will be posting things as I go. If you have not yet found our update thread in Ravelry we have a great time chatting about the update while it’s happening.

basket possibilites tool

Instant Gratification Update~

Instant Gratification Update

It’s that time – time for the first IG update of 2015!

I love IG updates as there truly is something for everyone and the project possibilities – they are simply endless. There will be mystery kits, tasting menus and, of course, some fantastic onesie-twosies and sweater quantities of your favorite Plucky bases. And because it sounds like fun and you asked so nicely I’ve decided to try something new for this instant gratification update – it’s a two part update!

Please join us for a TWO PART update tomorrow, Wednesday, January 28th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and then again on Thursday morning January 29th at 9:00 a.m., over in the ETSY shop for an Instant Gratification Update, filled with just about everything but the kitchen sink! Cashmere (both old PK cashmere and new), Sophisitcate, SNUG(S), Scholar, Primo(s), Sweater, Traveler. You name it, it will be there!

Please note: As per usual with Etsy updates there will be product that goes live right at the appointed time but I will be posting things as I go. If you have not yet found our update thread in Ravelry we have a great time chatting about the update while it’s happening.

Until tomorrow!

Good Morning~

sambenchthis is HIS spot!

That instant gratification update we were suppose to have last week in the etsy shop? Didn’t happen. You may or may not have heard we had some major internet interruptions last week (two days) so everything got all mushed up. The IG update is today in the etsy shop. Starting at 9:00 a.m. this morning.

Pop on over if you can, lot’s of fun things to be had and all ready to ship this week!


Instant Gratification!

smoresSmore Cookies. Instant gratification cookies too! So quick, kids & adults alike love them and they couldn’t be easier.  

It’s Instant Gratification update time again! The Plucky Etsy shop will be hopping tomorrow, Wednesday, July 10th, beginning approximately 9:00 a.m. Eastern at which time the shop will be full of ready-to-ship Plucky goodies. I will also be posting mystery kits that will indeed be a true mystery!

chevron for giggles

A Chevron Sweater Kit – coming up….

My dog is so weird & update stuff ~

oxfordballWhat a weirdo


  • Pattern: Shaelyn
  • Yarn: testing a base


Thank you note

Instant Gratification update #2 will be Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 22nd beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the ETSY shop.

There will be a ton fun things in the IG update. We’ve unearthed a few skeins of some oldies & goodies as well as a few skeins of Left Coast, Tip Toe, Windmill Island (on traveler to boot!) and TONS of other fun things. Even a little cashmere to be had (En Vogue 4ply!!!). Oh, and I will be happy to have a few pre-orders/wish granting as well on Wednesday because it feels festive! Summer is just around the corner and well, it’s been a while since we’ve done that. Stay tuned to the update and see what pops up.



Instant Gratification Shop Update Friday, November 2nd~

How does an instant gratification shop update sound?

Plucky etsy shop update tomorrow, Friday, November 2nd beginning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern and going all throughout the day. The shop will be full of ready-to-ship items and pre-order spots (wishes granting stuff) and FREE SHIPPING!

I really think there will be something for everyone tomorrow including, but most definitely not limited to: Ready-to-ship sweater quantities and colorwork kits, a rainbow’s worth of plucky colors available on all bases, some sale skeins and then, for good measure, cashmere and other pre-order items as requested. Sorry, I’m rambling….

Please note: Items that are designated as pre-orders will say so in the title of the item. Those that are ready-to-ship will simply state colorway and base info. I will be online in the Ravelry group taking as many requests as possible.

Pattern: Bayard (test knit by Martha)

Yarn: Primo fingering & Plucky Feet (Narragansett Gray & Aunt Hazel)

Do you have two contrasting skeins of either primo fingering or feet or both? Please run, RUN, and make a Bayard. What a fun FO!


Plucky Cashmere – It’s Here!

It’s a sneak-update in the Plucky etsy shop today, Tuesday, October 16th at Noon Eastern. We’ll be chatting over in the update thread in the Plucky group on Ravelry – won’t you join us?

Being sneaky~

Campus Life – A colorwork set

Cheap Perfume – a new repeatable

Citron – a new repeatable

Vignette – a new repeatble

These and many more lovelies available beginning at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, today, June 19th in the Plucky Etsy shop!


tent 2

Thursday, already? Time sure flies when you are playing catch-up from a road trip. But, it’s high time we got back to work.

So, tomorrow, Friday, June 1st there will be a ‘It’s good to be home and let’s kick off the Summer Sneak Update’!

Update begins tomorrow, Friday, June 1st in the etsy shop at 10:00 a.m. Eastern and will go throughout the day. The bulk of the update will be ready-to-ship items with a nice number of pre-order items added for good measure.

Seth (Mr. Wunder-Tech) is here today and we are plotting and planning some new and exciting things. Announcements coming very soon.

It’s good to be home. So much laundry and picture downloading yet to do (grizzlies, buffalo, elk, oh my!). In the meantime I thought I would share a few iPhone pics of the one of the highlights of the trip – loved glamping!


Old Faithful



Color Affection ~ an accessory kit

Thank you for your very enthusiastic response to the Color Affection kit! Spots are sold-out at the moment, but I have grand plans for offering more kits very soon. And, when more kits are made available I will have a few other colorway options available as well. Thanks again, so very much!

It is with much excitement that I announce a pattern/yarn collaboration with Veera Välimäki, the very talented designer behind such lovely patterns as the Honey Cardigan, Golden Wheat, Water & Stone and the wildly popular Stripe Study.


Veera has come up with yet another winner! Color Affection combines garter stitch, clever use of short rows and more stripes to love. All that, plus Plucky Primo Fingering – it is quite simply a match made in project heaven!

Sign-ups are now open. The kit is currently available in seventeen (yes 17!) different color combinations – truly something for everyone. And, if you’re feeling especially adventurous, there is even a mystery kit available.

Kit includes:
3 skeins of The Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering (385yds per skein)
-the Color Affection pattern
-shipping included!

You will need needles: US 6 (US 2.5) [4 mm (3 mm)] circular needle, at least 80 cm/32” long. Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.

Notions: tapestry needle, blocking wires and pins.

Sign-ups will remain open while supplies last. Please note: Kit will ship the week of January 9th, 2012.

In other news, there will be a sneak-update on Monday, November 28th in the Plucky ETSY shop. One more time for old time sake I say! The update will feature a bit of everything, including SALE skeins, cashmere, limited editions (Black Water, I’m talking to you!) and one-of-a-kinds. And to make it all the better I’m offering FREE SHIPPING as well.

Thank you, each and every one of you for your excitement, encouragement and enthusiasm for Plucky yarn. It is a true privilege to serve you.

Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with family, friends and all the knitting your hearts desire.

As promised~

The second update this week is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, October 13th at Noon Eastern with the bulk of the update going live at once. However, there will be items added to the shop as we go along. And, as per usual, I will keep you all updated via Ravelry and Facebook as to the status of the update).

You guys love options as much as I do – so I’m happy to say there will be some pre-orders as well as some ready-to-ship items available. Here are the bases to be offered, just to name a few (and, yes, pre-orders will be available in quite a few of the new and not-so-new repeatable colorways):

  • MCN Aran
  • Merino Single Ply Fingering & Lace
  • Merino Lite
  • MCN Lite
  • Primo Worsted & Fingering
  • Merino/Alpaca/Silk Lite
  • 100% Merino Fingering weight

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic response to the new update format as well as the response to the new repeatables. So, until tomorrow, happy knitting!

Flannel - a new repeatable

Flannel – a true silver gray

Tuscadero - a new repeatable

Tuscadero – a vibrant, zingy pink

Smokey The Bear - a new repeatable

Smokey The Bear – a teddy bear brown

it’s that time of year ~

when cast-on-itis starts to rear its (I hesitate to call it ugly, it just sounds so harsh in this instance) head.

There has been a lot – A LOT – of casting on and ripping out going on so now I’ve begun throwing yarn in a basket and mulling it over that way. I’m telling myself it is keeping me more organized, as opposed to my usual routine of leaving yarn bundle/piles randomly scattered throughout the studio.

Today’s basket looks like this:

thinking out-loud

On the short list so far:

  • Incus in Fat Fish Blue DK cashmere. I’m thinking the cashmere will make it especially drapey and cozy. But, I also love the idea of the Fat Fish Blue in the Ostrich Plume Stole – think not very blocked, all squished up around your neck.
  • Toast in 4ply cashmere – one lone skein of Dandy Lion. I’m thinking 50 sts on size 3 or 4 needle. Anyone else knit Toast in a fingering weight?
  • Long Striped Handwarmers in primo fingering. Perhaps Elmer T and Dandy Lion or Elmer T and Oatmeal or Fat Fish Blue and Bohemian Blue or Oatmeal and Barely Birch or….
  • I’m really really loving the idea of a zig-zaggy cowl in Plucky MCN Lite with random bits of handspun mixed in for added texture. A great big zig-zag cowl. That requires math. I’ll have to work up to that.
  • Castiel – DK cashsilk – Barely Birch
  • Thea’s new hat design in ‘Plucky Rustic’


A surprise from the very sweet and lovely Shannon. They are standing proudly here at the studio and will be a lovely addition to the test knits at the Plucky booth. Thank you very much!

It’s rainy, it’s Monday and I want to – let’s have a giveaway! Tell me, what are you grateful for today? Are you grateful the sweater  weather is upon us? Thankful the kids are back in school? Giddy that pumpkin donuts are back at the farmers market? Leave me a comment and tell me what you are thankful for today, this very minute. I’ll be leaving comments open through Wednesday at Noon Eastern at which time I will randomly draw two winners who will receive a pattern and accompanying Plucky yarn to knit said pattern.

And, FYI – it’s a Plucky shop update tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20th. It’s going to be a sneak update which means I will begin loading the shop around 10:00 a.m. Eastern and continue listing through the day. See you there!

Avery & An Update ~

Single ply ~
back l to r – Humphrey, Oz, Razzmatazz & Alpine Village
front l to r – Peep Toes, Dandy Lion, Fly the Concord & Sticky Toffee

In a continuing effort to accommodate different schedules, there will be a nice sized shop update today at 2:00 p.m. Eastern that will feature some of the brand new repeatable colorways as well as some old favorites.


In knitting news – the great cowl knitting marathon of 2011 continues. Avery is done and am I ever in love! Does not curl, not one little bit. Perfectly slouchy – not too tight and none too loose. Just perfect. Cast one on,you’ll be glad you did.



It’s that time again…. time for the second installment of the 2011 Plucky Classics yarn club. If you are not already familiar with Classics, it is a great way to ensure you get a regular dose of Plucky yarn, especially if you find it difficult to make the updates (time zones, work schedules, etc.). Sign-up and yarn magically appears in your mail box every two months. Easy Peasy.

Classics (all primo, all the time!) will continue to run in six month increments (with shipments going out every other month which means the next round will ship in August, October and December). Based on your great feedback, I’m pleased to let you know that we will continue to offer options of both fingering weight and worsted weight. You pick the one that suits you best (or both if you’re so inclined!).

Sign-ups will go live here on the Plucky blog tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern, Thursday, June 16th and will remain open until Midnight, Friday, June 17th or while spots remain.

Please note:  If you are a current subscriber and wish to keep things just as they are, no need to do a thing. You’re all set, the subscription will automatically renew (based on your original sign-up date).

Also, it’s the continuation of the ‘let’s get organized because we moved to a new studio and let’s make it free shipping while we’re at it’ update! The update will be held on Friday, June 17th at 12:00 p.m. Eastern with the bulk of the update going live at that time (I’ll probably be adding a few things after as well and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on Facebook, Twitter and the Plucky Group on Ravelry as to when the update ends). I’m happy to say that along with some lovely one-of-a-kinds, I will also sneak in a few of the new repeatables I’ve come up with that are set to be unveiled at Sock Summit next month… sneak peek for you guys!

coming attractions

this & that ~

a post full of this an that… with pictures~

wool & honey collage

Wool & Honey’s fifth anniversary open house/plucky trunk show. What a treat! Thank you Melissa for your lovely hospitality.

she got it!

Hayley has decided to give knitting another twirl. Who better to give the refresher course than knitting machine extraordinaire, Liesl – a.k.a. Browncurls.

smocked slouch

Smocked Slouch by Knitterella – shown in primo worsted, Garnet Martini. I’m now officially smitten with the smocked stitch.

Then, it’s a ‘let’s ease back in to the work week after a long holiday weekend’ sneak update. Plucky shop update tomorrow, Tuesday, May 31st beginning at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. It’s a sneak-update – you know what that means! Yarn will go live at that time and be added to the shop throughout the day. As per usual, I’ll be sure to keep you posted as to the goings on in both the Ravelry Plucky Group and on the Plucky Facebook page (which also offers updates to the Plucky Twitter feed).

cinnabark - primo worsted

cinnabark – primo worsted

sophisticated pistachio ~ primo fingering

sophisticated pistachio – primo fingering

modern kiwi - primo fingering

modern kiwi – primo fingering

sneak-up & a bit of housekeeping ~

ready for a sneak-up?

Tomorrow, Friday, May 20th there will be a Plucky shop sneak-up. Yarn will be popping up in the shop through the day tomorrow beginning at approximately 9:00 a.m. Eastern and going throughout the day. There will be sale skeins, new repeatables (Bourbon Barrel & Classic Rock float your boat perhaps?), sweater quantities and colorwork sets.

Vino Haze
Vino Haze, primo worsted

Next week I’ll be prepping for and attending the Fifth Anniversary bash and Plucky Knitter Trunk Show at Wool & Honey in Cedar, Michigan (Saturday evening, May 28th from 5 to 9 p.m.) which means right after that I will have available several of your favorite bases that have been MIA for some time now –  50.50 Silk Merino Fingering and 50.50 Silk Merino Lite as well as the new MAS Lite (a gorgeous single ply dk weight) and the well loved single ply merino in lace, fingering and worsted will also be available.

Oh, and coming soon – a new Plucky accessory kit. First in a series of three accessories from the very talented Rose Beck of RosyPosy Designs. Sign-ups will be next week but thought you might like a little peek. The kits (using two skeins of Plucky Primo fingering weight) will be available in Bourbon Barrel, Classic Rock, Oatmeal, Barely Birch, Roasted Pumpkin, French Twist and a couple other yet to be decided upon colorways.
EZ Primo Scarf

more tangles & favorite movies ~

making messes

Remember that tangled yarn contest a few weeks ago? Well, we’ve been at it again – making a mess of things.

Ready to tackle some tangles? Leave me a comment. I want to know your top three favorite moves of all time. Purely classics? New releases? Guilty pleasure movies from the 80’s? Film noir? Chick flicks? Westerns? Action/Adventure? Inquiring minds really want to know!

Comments will be accepted until Wednesday morning, May 4th at which time I’ll drag out the trusty random number generator to choose the winner.

Two's Company - Primo Worsted

Two’s Company – Primo Worsted

I promised you an extra update or two this month, didn’t I? It’s a date! Today as a matter of fact. Sunday, May 1st at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. The shop will be full of primo, cashmere, colorwork sets, MCN Lite and primo fingering pre-orders (in some of the new repeatables even – Mossy Marvel, Cozy Posey, Roasted Pumpkin to name a few). Please note, instead of a sneak-update, the update will go live all at once. Oh, and don’t forget about the free shipping – that’s always a good thing!

Plucky shop update(s)~

coming up

The Plucky etsy shop will be filled to the brim tomorrow, Thursday, April 21st – a sneak-update will be going through the day tomorrow starting at approximately 11:00 a.m. Eastern and continue through the afternoon.

While we’re at it, how about I share with you the update schedule for the rest of the month?

1. Small sneak-up on Thursday, April 21st
2. Sneak-up Monday, April 25th
3. Scheduled update Sunday, May 1st (close enough to April, right?)

Please note, in addition to colorwork kits, primo fingering weight pre-orders and Smocked Slouch kits, there will be quite a number of sale skeins making an appearance as well and, don’t forget, free shipping too!

Strike A Pose - Primo
Strike A Pose

tangles & an update ~

ready for their close-up

This Sunday, April 10th, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern the shop will be filled to the brim with all sorts of fun stuff. Cash Silk lace, Cash Silk 6ply, a few color-work kits (in various bases – even worsted) and Primo, lot’s and lot’s of Primo!

tangles happen

But wait, there’s more! It’s a tangled yarn giveaway.

Interested? Just leave me a comment and tell me what you’re up to this weekend. Spring cleaning? Seeing a movie (can’t wait!)? Knitting? Clipping your dogs toenails? Leave  a comment – they will be accepted until Monday morning, April 11th at which time I’ll drag out the trusty random number generator to choose the winner.

Have a great weekend everyone!

A new neutral ~


Oatmeal. A new Plucky repeatable colorway. Because sometimes you just want something simple.

Finally – Primo Worsted.

Don't forget the Dark & Stormy

You’ve all been waiting patiently (I, however, have not) for Primo Worsted to arrive. It makes me extremely happy to inform you that it has finally graced us with its presence and will be featured very prominently in this Sunday’s update. Sunday, January 23rd at 4:00 p.m. Eastern to be exact.

There will be buckets of fun colorways all dyed up and ready to go, not to mention pre-orders for additional sweater quantities will also be available. And, you can be sure there will plenty of other goodies to be had. Primo fingering, merino sw fingering, cashmere and so much more!

As per usual, the bulk of the update will go live at that time with other items possibly popping in through the rest of the afternoon. You can be sure I’ll be online keeping you all posted as to the goings on. Don’t forget to check out the Flickr photostream for a preview of what will be available during the update. There are a few pictures available for your yarn-y viewing pleasure (and more to be added through the weekend).

In other, somewhat disturbing news, I apparently am suffering from a major case of ‘I have no idea what to cast on next-itis’ – don’t you hate it when that happens?!? Maybe another hat? Hat’s always seem to do the trick.

Happy Friday everyone!

First of the year ~

First shop update and the first contest of the year!

Evening Storm - MCN Aran

Evening Storm – MCN Aran

Almighty Avocado - Merino SW Worsted

Almighty Avocado – Merino SW Worsted

Lake Gray - 6ply Cashmere

Lake Gray – 6ply Cashmere

These and so many more will be available in the shop update tomorrow, Tuesday, January 11th at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. The bulk of the update will go live at 10:00 a.m. with more yarn being added throughout the rest of the day. Be sure to check the Plucky Facebook page and Ravelry group for any updates to the sale through the day. And, because it’s the first update of the year and because I said so, there will be free shipping on every last little thing in the shop tomorrow. Have fun!

Now, about that contest. Last week we reached (then quickly surpassed) the 1,000 member mark in the Plucky Knitter group on Ravelry. What a milestone! To mark the occasion I promised there would be some celebrating and festivities…. it’s contest time!

Just leave me a comment with an answer to one (or all) of the following questions:

1. What’s on your exercise playlist? What gets you moving on the treadmill/elliptical/Stairmaster? Is it a bit of M0town/70’s disco/80’s hair bands/90’s grunge/indie rock/country?My playlist could really use a fresh infusion of music. Go ahead, I’m all ears.

2. What’s your favorite comfort food recipe for this time of year?

Comments will remain open from now until Noon on Thursday, January 13th. At that time I will draw three winners using my trusty random number generator and the winner will receive a spot in the newly re-vamped Plucky Classics club!  Winners will receive a six month membership in the club and will have the choice of either the single dose fingering option or the single dose worsted.

Thanks for playing along!

Purely Random ~

Sometimes you just need to work through the blogger’s block. So, a purely random post it is!

what i'm reading....

Reading~ Dare you to open this and not smile. Photobooth Dogs.

Watching~ Modern Family. Hilarious. Serious bell laughs hilarious.

Knitting~ Just finished September Circle (What’s not to love about a new finished object which also happens to be an entertaining knit, highly wearable and beyond cozy?!). So I’m thinking a Baulstrade may be up next? Cowl season is, after all, upon us.

September Circle

September Circle

September Circle

Working on~ An update! Friday, October 8th. Whoohoo! More pictures and information to come tomorrow. But, until then a little FYI – a sneak up through the day on Friday the 8th. Hope to see you there!


It’s been a while ~

Since I’ve posted some yarn pictures prior to a shop update (or my FO’s as I like to call them).

Clockwise (from the top) – Ysabella, Leighigh and Cabaret – MCN Fingering

Cottage Bench v2 – Merino Superwash Fingering

Coffee House – 2ply Cashmere

Nicole – 55.45 Cashmere Silk 2ply

September – 55.45 Cashmere Silk 2ply

Linnea – 50.50 SML

Leap Year – 50.50 SMF

Raspberry Bubble – 50.50 SMF

Shrieking Green – Merino Superwash Fingering

Big shop update tonight, Tuesday, July 14th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern! And, if you’d like to check out the rest of the sneak you can find them here.

Free Shipping ~

splendor-in-the-grass-bfl-alpaca.jpg  Splendor In The Grass – BFL Suri Alpaca

touch-of-mink.jpg  A Touch of Mink – Merino Superwash

Starting today, Saturday, December 15 through Tuesday, December 18 I am pleased to offer  FREE priority shipping on any and all orders shipping in the U.S. and free regular shipping internationally!

Just pay as you normally would, and I will refund all shipping costs. Just my way of saying thank you~

Soooo…… snap ’em up while you can!

Thanks and have a great weekend!

paisley-superwash.jpg  Paisley – Merino Superwash

Not much, but some ~

Knitting is taking place (one thing about dyeing yarn – it sure does cut into knitting time!).

Although, this first item (an easey peasey hat for Mister C)  has been finished for a while now but I had no pictures to share.  The little guy’s mum just sent me this picture  so I just had to share. Not because the hat is any great shakes (basic roll brim pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts  which, by the way, happens to be the very first knitting book I ever purchased and to this day remains in my top five favorites), but because he is  so darn cute in it!  

A little big on his noggin – but he carries it off well, don’t you think?

Le’ Slouch is fini’! Yay! Hear that M? You’ll have a hat to wear in Wisconsin too…..

You may have noticed –  I LOVE knitting hats. What are your favorite hat patterns? In that case, what are your favorite things to knit?   What are your “go to” patterns? An inquiring knitter  would love  to know…..

Next up –  a picture of Le’ Slouch post blocking and a an update on the progress of Flair.

Enough Slouch in Le’ Slouch?

When in doubt ask your knitty friends, right?

Just a few rows from finishing Le’ Slouch for M (which is something considering I was going to frog the whole thing because I didn’t like the decreases – but Ms. F loved the hat so finish it I shall….. that and I haven’t touched the needles other than to finish a sock in two weeks).

Question is – Do you think the hat will get a smidge more slouchy when blocked?    Or, should I rip back to the increase section and add a few more? The fear I have in adding more sections is ending up with something mushroom like and, well, that is just not a good thing.

Coming soon to a stash near you:


Tea & Crumpets – Merino Superwash

Good Old Days – Merino Superwash

Lazy Day – Merino Fingering

Also new, for a limited time, I will  be offering a few skeins of some bulky weight 50/50 merino cashmere  in 100 yards skeins. Here is a sneak peak (these and lots more yarn, too many to attempt to mention here, will be available in the shop throughout the week):  

Emilee – 50/50 Merino Cashmere Bulky 100 yards per skein

Evergreen – 50/50 Merino Cashmere Bulky

Snow. Just couldn’t resist having a yarn-y photo shoot in the fluffy white stuff that has been accumulating this week – it’s just so pretty and cozy. Remind me of this in February when I am clawing at the door, desperate for sun and warm temps.

Small Update ~

There has been a bit of an update at the shop tonight….some merino worsted and a tad more of the new base yarn. My apologies for the small updates, but I am still getting the dye pot back in the swing of things, so to speak. But, no  worries, there will be a bumper crop of yarn to list on Sunday. In the meantime, please check out these lovelies.

biscotti.jpg  Biscotti – Merino/Cashmere/Nylon

derbyshire-worsted.jpg  Derbyshire – 100% Merino Worsted Weight

orchid.jpg  Mara’s Orchid – Merino Wool Worsted and Fingering Weight

tilley-worsted.jpg  Tilley – Merino Wool Worsted Weight

I think we have a winner here ~

Well, the new base yarn is here. And,  boy do I think you will like  it. Great twist, super strong, so soft and good yardage. Oh, and superwash to boot.    

Here is the first of the batch. Lot’s more available in the shop and much more to be added over the next week or so. And, not just the new base yarn, but much more of the 100% merino superwash (sport and fingering weights), 100% merino worsted and fingering, some new DK weight merino cashmere and 50/50 silk merino lace weight – phew, that’s a lot!

Prickly Pear – 80/10/10 Superwash Merino, Cashmere, Nylon

Adobe – Merino/Cashmere/Nylon

Patina  – Merino/Cashmere/Nylon

Pendulum – 100% Merino Fingering

Sloane – Merino Fingering

Off to finish updating the shop….check back between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. EST.

An Update ~

Netherfield – BFL Superwash

Peppermint Patty – Merino Wool Fingering Weight

Tilley – Merino Wool Superwash Fingering Weight

Old Oak Tree – Merino Wool Superwash Sport Weight

These and lots more…. Thank you so much for looking!

An Update ~


Derby – Sport Weight Superwash Merino


Lady In Waiting – Fingering Weight Merino


Sloane – Merino Fingering Weight

Grace – Merino Wool Superwash Fingering Weight

These and lots more updated in the shop tonight.

 Thank you!

A Plucky Sale ~

Thought  I would let you know that I am having a little sale over at the shop today  – select skeins on sale and a few new skeins listed. To make it the shopping  easy, I put all skeins in a Sale section. Thanks for looking! Yep, time to clear the shop out a bit, as I am expecting new yarns over the next couple weeks, including a new base yarn – 80% merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon – super squishy, lovely twist and durable. Really think you will like it!

And, just because Sam hasn’t been posted in a while and I didn’t want a pictureless post.

A New Toy & A Mailing List ~

Yep, I was serious  about the camera. I  adore  Amazon – not only are they super fast, but they have a fabulous selection and great prices. What’s not to love?  


What’s that on my head you ask? Why that is the beret! Can you believe it? I knit something!

And, because I promised to show more pictures of the test knits (and I wanted to  test out the new camera… are a few more pics of test  knits they had yet to make their appearance….).  

Mad Color Weave by Mai – Yes, you’ve seen these before, but here they are modeled on my feet – See Mai…. they fit!

Knit by  Anna, Anna of the Flying Fingers fame. Please see Anna’s post for lovely modeled shots, but I couldn’t resist playing with the macro setting. It’s the Diamond Fantasy Shawl – so pretty!

And then we have the Easy Flame Lace scarf knit by Rachel  and the Opera Scarf knit by Nicole. Thank you ladies!

And, one more FO for Plucky Girl (took one Grey’s episode and 1/2 an ER). Just your basic drop stitch scarf with fringe. Yarn by FeltStudioUK – Retro colorway.

Recently I have had quite a lot of people ask if I had a mailing list to notify of shop updates. If you are interested in having your name added to  my mailing list, please leave me a comment to that affect and I will add you to the list that I will be making up this weekend. Please rest assured I will keep your information strictly confidential.

A First ~

My very first  pair of hand knit socks that fit perfectly! And  I did not knit these beauties. The super helpful and talented Mai did (Just one of the many that answered the call for test knitters).

 100%  Merino wool fingering weight

As soon as I can get a picture of them on my own little (ok, big, feet) I will post. Oh. They are divine!

And, small etsy update.

 Doyene – Merino Fingering

 Iris – Merino Fingering


Persian Rug – BFL Superwash

Fall Splendor – BFL Superwash

These and several more in the shop.


****Free shipping on all etsy orders through midnight tonight****

Endurance & A Reconnaissance Mission ~


Macoco read the meme post of  early this morning  and remarked on my favorite character trait (which is so hard to narrow down as there are quite few character traits that I consider “must haves” but lately endurance is really resonating with me) Anyway, she  sent this – and I loved it:

Endurance according to  a song that Fred  and Ginger sang in Swing Time.
Nothing’s impossible, I have found.
For when my chin is on the ground,
I pick myself up, dust myself off,
Start all over again.

Don’t lose your confidence if you slip.
Be grateful for a pleasant trip,
And pick yourself up; dust yourself off;
Start all over again.


Words to live by, I think.

Big plans for the weekend – headed to the Leland Fiber Festival. A reconnaissance mission if you will. Thinking of being a vendor next year – exiting times, I tell you!

Small etsy update took place while you were sleeping…… Unveiling a very limited supply of worsted weight.


Go With The Flow


Mulled Cider


Mrs. Bennet’s Drawing Room


Aubergine superwash merino

These and more have been listed in the shop.

Sock Cube & Socktoberfest ~


My new favorite project bag – the cube. From here. What a perfect size and so well made!    

What’s that poking out of the bag? Why that is the first sock of Socktoberfest. You heard it hear –  I have a goal for one pair of adult socks, a pair of baby socks and baby booties (those count for socks, right?).   Pattern from Knitting Pure & Simple  – this is the mashed potatoes of sock knitting, comfort food if you will. Completely mindless and perfect. Yarn is my superwash merino wool in sportweight. Talk about speedy. Might even be able to get two pair of these done in Socktober (but don’t quote me on that). What are your goals for Socktoberfest?

Now I leave you with a silly picture of my two fellas – boy, that Sam is persistent….. won’t take no for an answer. “Walk me, play with me……I’m going to sit here and breathe in your ear until you pay attention to me.”

Itty Bitty Cuteness ~

  Simple hat pattern from Itty Bitty Hats – yarn, chunky cashmere from Posh Yarn. Knit for a very special little guy who’s arrival is imminent.

Believe  everything you have heard….. Susan has  done it again. Her new book Itty Bitty Nursery is darling. I don’t even know where to begin, there are so many things I want to knit out of there. Of course, the cupcake set, the bebe door hang-y thing and don’t even get me started on the peas and carrot pillows and the wipes/tissue cover. Run…. run and get yourself a copy (I was so excited to find one at Barnes and Noble on Friday, as I didn’t think the book had been released yet).

What else has been going on? Dyeing, of course. Look for these and others to show up in etsy later today.

 Walk In The Woods – BFL Superwash


That’s Rich – BFL Superwash


Pear – Merino Superwash

 Gingerbread – Merino Lace Weight

photo-289.jpg  And Plucky Girl was busy this weekend too….. Hanging out (not to be confused with babysitting…. her favorite 11 year old triplets). C,K & D. Here she an K are hamming it up for the camera. They had a ball.


Bottom of the Barrel ~

Small etsy update. I am officially out of sportweight (those cute booties with the fun buttons from the other day….   knit in the sport weight)  base yarn at the moment. But, I will be getting more in very soon.

Anyway, it’s raining and nasty outside – so I thought I would do a small update. Enjoy.

pemberley-dress-bfl.jpg  Pemberley Dress – BFL Suri Alpaca

wuthering-heights-sport.jpg  Wuthering Heights – Sport Weight

blueberry-queen.jpg  Blueberry Queen – Merino Superwash Fingering Weight

New Yarn ~

Because I have been under the weather the dyeing has taken a bit of a back seat (still a smidge was done this weekend, but back seat nonetheless). This weekend, combined with skeins I have been saving…. well it’s beginning to take over the house. Thus, a small update.

grab-bag.jpg  Piper – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca (one skein left)

 Harvest Moon – Merino Wool Fingering Weight

 Faded Grandeur – BFL Superwash


Grass Is Greener – BFL Superwash

resolute.jpg  Resolute – Merino Wool Superwash Fingering Weight

 Clippers – 80/20 Merino Cashmere

This and more can be found in the shop.

I Thought I Smelled Something Funny ~

etsy-listings-017.JPG  Taken just after I put out the flames (because I thought the Mr. Plucky would frown upon me looking for my camera prior to putting out the fire). FYI~ Latex gloves and plastic pitcher cover on top of ceramic spoon rest = very flammable.

 Yes, those are Mt. Palomar Oberservatorysalt n pepper shakers. I have my yarn, he has his astro, space geek  stuff. Boy, I really liked that spoon rest too.

And no, my stove is not usually this messy…. that is soot you see. It seems I turned the wrong burner on, walked away (ok, got distracted by some yarn) and then there was the smell, closely followed by the billowing smoke coming from the kitchen, then the flames. Oh. The. Flames. Not sure, but I may need to pick out a new color to paint my kitchen.

charade-w-wonky-toe.jpg  A finished Charade sock. There has been a bit of knitting here, not much, but enough to finish my sock and start a hat for Plucky girl…she has been waiting very patiently.

Extreme Makeover  – TPK edition:

tpk-makeover.jpg           bt-lamp-2.jpg  Lighting sale at Pier 1  and Boston Terrier picture from here.

Well, not that extreme, but new lighting and a bit of organization. Stacey has the best lighting. Granted, mine isn’t even remotely as kicky as hers, but I am still embarrassingly excited about  the new  teal drum lamp and olive lamp.

Thanks for all your nice comments about the recent update. Have more to add, so check back often – I got really dye crazy. So this next batch that will be posted is really fun.

A small update ~

cruella.jpg  Cruella – 100% Merino fingering weight

grandpas-cardigan-lace.jpg  Grandpas Cardigan – 100% Merino lace weight

ooh-la-la.jpg  Ooh La La – 100% Merino fingering weight

fever.jpg  Fever – 100% Merino fingering weight

vivis-dress.jpg  Vivi’s Dress – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca

crimson-sage-grey-cream.jpg  Dingbat – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca fingering weight

lake-oliver.jpg  Lake Oliver – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca fingering weight

color-tour.jpg  Color Tour – 50/50 BFL Suri Alpaca fingering weight  

Just a helpful hint (as it has been pointed out to me several times), but the fingering weight… don’t just think of that for socks. It is also great, in fact, it’s fabulous, for lace weight projects, hats, baby sweaters, mitten, and on and on.

I Ordered the Red & A Shop Update ~

Shop update. Yay!! And, don’t forget to play along with the contest….tonight is the last night. Pluky girl (a.k.a. the random number generator) will be picking the winning entry tomorrow.


Petifores – 100% Merino Wool Fingering


Lt. Dan – 100% Merino Wool


Shrimp  Gumbo  – BFL Alpaca


Little Lambs Eat Ivy – BFL Suri Alpaca


Bronze Age – 50/50 Silk Merino Wool Lace Weight


Rose Quartz – 50/50 Silk Merino Lace Weight


Pewter Goblet – 50/50 Silk Merino Lace Weight

These and quite a few more are now available in the shop. Thanks for looking!

Red or Brown? ~

carine-red.jpg     or    brown.jpg

I have the black (you may remember this). Bought and black and wear them all.the.time. Comfy and cute. Can’t ask for more than that. They go with everything! So, of course, I want a pair in another color? Opinions…..please…..

 Here are the Charades  (yarn is Summer of Love 80/20 Merino Cashmere blend)  – coming along very nicely. Since I was suppose to be dyeing today (got a bit done) and it has since started raining, I have been able to really kick these into gear. Might even have done tonight (Forest Gump is on – perfect knitting movie).


Do you think the yarn is too busy for the pattern?

Speaking of patterns: Kirsten  and I are collaborating. She is designing some kicky patterns  exclusively for Plucky yarn. What talent she has. So, in the next few weeks there will be two patterns available that compliment the yarn. Don’t know about you, but I love to have pattern ideas already in mind when I get new yarn.

Don’t forget to play along with the contest. Comments are open until midnight tomorrow. Thanks for playing along.

Oh, and a few updates to the shop have been made this evening – more to come as soon as they are finished drying.

Crafty Questionnaire ~

Recently I have came across some more  great  knitting and crafting  blogs – one of them being  Bella Knitting. She has been talking  at length  about creativity, inspiration and creative limits – even asking us out in the blogsphere what our interests and limits are. So, I offer you my answers and ask what yours are.

1.   I have no interest; complete lack of creativity in this area:
I will preface this by saying: These are all wonderful, creative and lovely forms of art and craft, just not for me.

Needlepoint, wood working, glass blowing, sculpture, cross stitch, toy making, paper making, ceramics, mixed media…..

2.   Would love to try it:
Spinning, crochet, sewing,  graphic design, photo styling, writing

3.   I do it or have dabbled in it:
Jewelry making, stamping (not my thing), scrapbooking (again, not my thing), decorating (wish I had more time and more room to decorate!).

4.   Love it! This is my thing:
Dyeing (of course!!!!!), Knitting (absolutely!!!!),  cooking and baking (been doing that so long I can’t imagine not cooking and baking), entertaining (when I have time), gift wrapping (not an art so much, but a fun craft).

Consider yourself tagged!

Also,  wanted to announce that I have changed my shipping policies: I am now very happy to offer free shipping on all domestic orders $50 and over and all international order $100 and over. Thank you so much for the warm welcome my dyeing has received – I am over the moon that you  are enjoying my yarns so much!  

Lot’s of new things in the works…… I will keep you all posted.  

sammy-lomo-2.jpg  Because I didn’t want a pictureless post…..

A Line of Plucky Girl Yarns ~

As you may or may not have surmised from previous posts related to my Plucky girl, she’s is a bit artsy/quirky. Her artsy talents are definitely the strongest in photography and music. When she saw all the yarn laying about the house, she quickly picked up a few of her favorites and wanted to name them. So, I present to you the Plucky Girl line of yarn (dyed by me, named by S). Now if I could just get her to re-skein some yarn for me!

jungle-love.jpg  Jungle Love by Steve Miller Band – 100% Merino Fingering

garden-grove.jpg  Garden Grove, Sublime – 100% Merino Lace Weight (shades of peach, faded tangerine and orange)

mr-brown.jpg  Mr. Brown, by Bob Marley – 100% Merino Fingering (Kettle Dyed) various shades of brown, pale  sage and cream.

trenchcoat-rock-3.jpg  Trench  Town Rock, Bob Marley (her fave)  – 100% Merino Fingering. Shades of vibrant teal with subtle variations of sea green. Very caribbean and fun.

 lucy-in-the-sky-w-diamonds-4.jpg  Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – 100% Merino Lace Weight – Yes, Plucky girl knows this song wasn’t on this LP, but on the Sgt. Pepper LP – but she didn’t want to get that out of her record frame for the photo. I assured her this would work just fine (she’s a stickler for this sort of thing). Shades of blue, silver grey, cream and denim blue.

Ok, I named the next one – I couldn’t help myself.

tsarinas-boudoir.jpg  Tsarina’s Boudoir – 100% Merino Fingering – Various shades of mauve, pale lilac and silvery grey. Oh so subtle and pretty.

While I wan winding this one, all I kept thinking about was Tsarina Alexandra’s Mauve Boudoir. Odd inspiration, I know, but there you have it – that’s what I see when I look at this yarn.

scarletts-red-dress-2.jpg  Scarlett’s Red Dress – 100% Merino Lace Weight   – Remember in GWTW when Scarlett shows up at Ashley and Melanie’s (Melanie is dying)  house in “the” red dress? Oh.The.Scandal. Well, this just screams that dress. Deep, dark, blistering red and crimson. So dark and lovely.

***Edited to Add*** This was actually the dress Scarlett wore to Ashley’s birthday party. Oy. I am off my game the last couple days!   It was a scandal because the   whole town thought they had been caught in an  scandalous embrace – when   it was actually a “good-bye hug” as Scarlett finally accepted that  Ashley really did love Melanie.   Scarlett wanted to skip the party, but   Rhett made her go, wearing that dress. Thanks Karen!! There is someone out there that is just as (or more) obsessed with GWTW than me!

Lest you think I no longer knit, that is so not the case (In fact, I am missing the needles very much today. But, while skeining up the yarn  I have been day dreaming about  what to put up in my knit que on Ravelry).  Just trying to get as much dyeing in as I can before Thursday when I head back to the day job.