Thank You Stitches West!

Well, that was a ton of fun!!!

We have returned home full of ideas and inspiration and more than our share of smiley (and oh so tired) faces, funny stories and happy hearts just bursting with gratitude!

Now it’s getting all our ducks in a row, shipping those OHW’s and mystery kits (Crevasse mystery kits coming up) and lining up what we have in store for you in March and ….

So many x’s & o’s,

Sarah, Hayley & the Fellas

One Dish Delish! A Contest


Contest time!

One of the great joys of living in a locale that has distinct seasons is that each season carries its own sights and smells. This is the time of year when we say goodbye to summer, filled with the beauty of lush greens and the smells of something sizzling away on the grill. As autumn comes upon us, we begin to think a bit more of indoor cooking. There is nothing quite like opening the front door and being greeted with the aroma of something wonderful. It’s funny how the simple smells of a particular spice or a favorite recipe that has been simmering away can trigger memories and instantly make you feel comfortable.

Do you have a favorite one-dish recipe? Is the dutch oven (or crock-pot) your best friend these days? Do you have a never fail, make ahead soup or stew that you turn to at this time of year? And, let’s not forget about desserts…brownies, cakes, cobblers, crumbles and pies, oh my! If it fits in one dish, we invite you to share it with us. And, if your recipe comes with a story, even better. We’d love to hear it!

We are opening a new contest thread in Ravelry for our ONE DISH DELISH contest, as well as inviting you to post your recipe here in the comments section on the blog. Entries will close at Noon Eastern on Friday, November 6th and winners will be selected. And, you know we will have prizes! Of course, adding your recipes to our own personal collection makes us all winners. Thank you for playing along. Now let’s get cooking!


Crewbie – There’s A New Kid In Town


Summer isn’t quite over yet and although we’re in full prep mode for fall (Shindig and other exciting plans!), we are still celebrating summer with our latest addition – Crewbie!

That’s right – Crewbie. Rhymes with Drewbie and is the namesake of our favorite “little brother”, Drew! He rolls his eyes and blushes when he hears it, but we know he loves it! If you’ve met Drew at the Shindig or one of our shows, you’ll understand why the name is so befitting.

Crewbie, little brother of Crew, is going to be hard-working, structured yet soft and will hold it’s shape thanks to the cotton/wool blend, just like Crew!

Crewbie update
Colorways available so far. Like to see more? Head on over to the wish list thread!

We are so excited to see a new twist on some already great fingering weight patterns using Crewbie. Here are a few we think will be great!:

Stripe Parade – the cotton in Crewbie will heather the colorways “just so” for that beachy-end-of-summer-look sweater you’ll pull out year after year…

Lake Effect – this fingering weight cardi will be an excellent transitional piece into the fall months when it’s not quite cold enough for a jacket but you need to ward off the chill.

Adrift – have a decadent pair in Bello?  knit a utilitarian yet still soft pair with Crewbie!

Northport – When in doubt, knit a hat! You can never have or gift too many! I am 100% certain I must have a Northport in Crewbie – I mean, I love my Fly Swatter in Crew, & I love to play with color…yes, this one must happen! Perhaps colorwork isn’t what you’re wanting these days, what about this cute new pattern Stones On The Beach or the Hermaness hat? Perfect!

Plaits & Pines – what do I always say…?!  Mix those bases!  How about a Plaits & Pines with Crewbie & Bello … really play on the way the colors take to the different fibers/bases and make those cables POP!

To round out the family theme and to #mixthosebases, a Hayley’s Comet would be great! Pick a skein of Crewbie and let it play with any of the other Plucky Fingering weight bases in a Hayley’s Comet for textural interest or let it sub in for another base to create that oh so perfect and soothing gradient.

And, because hats are always a good idea (to knit. to wear. to gift.) I thought I might include a little something to jump start your Fall knitting! Off Grid is our newest Plucky hat pattern. This hat will be perfect for transitioning from early Fall into “I must wear a hat now” season. It’s a shoulder season hat! For this update, orders that include a purchase of Cachet, Primo Aran, Scholar, Snug Worsted or Traveler Aran will receive a digital copy of Off Grid! Oh, and I think we should also include the pattern in ANY order over $50!

Off grid collage

If you are new to Plucky, please be sure to read through the ‘New To Plucky FAQ’ thread for a full explanation of how the updates work. Also, please feel free to pop into the ‘Your Plucky Concierge’ thread and ask away. We’re happy to help!

Go ahead, grab a skein or two or five of Crewbie and give it a go! However, Crewbie won’t be the only guy at this party on Friday, August 7th at Noon EDT and again on Sunday, August 9th at 8:00 PM EDT here on the Plucky BLOG. Here is the full list of bases that will be attending this two-part update. Bases available:

Bello Worsted
Cachet (Cashmere Aran)
Primo Aran
Primo Fingering
Primo Sport
Snug Fingering
Snug Worsted
Traveler Aran
Traveler Sport

Sarah & the Plucky Crew

Beat The Heat Dining – A Contest


Beat-The-Heat Dinning

It has been so fun to read all the Morzo Orzo stories of reunions, house guests, alfresco dinning and too-hot-to-cook dinners on the fly. The only thing left to do is have a PHOTO CONTEST!

How do you and your family take your Morzo Orzo? Chopped? Finely diced? Doctored up? Super spicey? More cheese? No Cheese? Quinoa instead of orzo? Let’s see some photos!


If you haven’t had a chance to taste Morzo Orzo yet – no worries at all! This a ”Beat The Heat With Foods of Summer” photo contest. It can even be a photo of something you want to try, a photo from a magazine, anything that lends itself to our Beat-The-Heat theme.

Please hop on over to the new Beat-The-Heat contest thread and post your photos. You have until 9:00 AM on Thursday, July 30th. And, of course there will be prizes!


What’s Your Signature Plucky Color?

Ox Jacket

CONTEST TIME! I love our contests. With every contest, we learn more about our Plucky pals, have a good laugh (or cry) and sometimes find someone who needs a hug.

So, let me turn the tables on you for a minute. Hayley and I have been asked many, many times what our favorite Plucky color is. We usually respond by saying it would be like asking a mother to choose her favorite child. But, last week, I put a red coat on Ox and declared that to be his signature color. That got me thinking… Do I have a signature color? I think I do. When I walk up to the wall of skeins, where does my eye immediately go over and over again? (Ahem, all the gray, certain pinks, blues and peninsula I’m talking about you!). Or, is there a color name that I’m drawn to, even if it is a color that I might not wear next to my face or the mop that I call my hair?

What I would love to know –  What is your signature Plucky color?  Please share with us what color is your must have color. While you’re at it, what colorway name resonates with you and why? They don’t have to be the same color – you can love and wear one color and love another just for the name –  I do!  Post your entry here on the blog and we will take comments through Friday at Noon Eastern. And, of course, THERE WILL BE PRIZES!

The finish line


Good morning and happy Monday!

We are almost there, and can you see the finish line? I can! Some of you have FO’s (several!) and some of us have our heads down, working furiously, still with an eye toward the last few minutes of Plucktember. As you work, I hope you can hear us all cheering for you and urging you toward completion. You can do it!!!

As a last little thank you to all the participants and spectators, I would like to offer all the official Plucky patterns to you for free until tomorrow night at Midnight (Eastern time). A few of them have always been free and some will still have the price beside them (and a few of them are Tanis Gray for Plucky Knitter – Thank you Tanis! Kendrick , Featherbelle , Ebb–Flow , Vigilante). But, when you hit the “buy” button, the pattern will automatically go to your library and not charge you through Paypal. I hope you find something you like and are ready to sit back, relax, and make October a month where you knit at a more leisurely pace and cast on with abandon!

You have all been terrific!




And the winners are ~

Susan B, Leslie V, Sally & Mary R – Please check your email for all the details on how to receive your prize. Thank you to everyone for playing along!


Back to prepping for Stitches Midwest……

and picking up my new glasses (thanks again Oxford) so I can tackle a major kitchener fail.

Happy Friday everyone!

he could star in his own cartoon~

Oxford. 11 month old Boston Terrier. Shoe thief, yarn destroyer, eye glass eater (Shopping for new glasses today as a matter of fact. I’m thinking I got 6sts to the inch on my Traveler swatch but a little hard to tell since my glasses are now toast) terrorizer (pun intended) of geese and all around, totally lovable and hysterical pup. The little buggy-eyed, flat faced, snorty nosed beast could be the star of his own cartoon.

It’s been a big week at the studio with the arrival Plucky Traveler and Plucky Sweater, and so soon on the heels of Bulky’s arrival! Which, means it is high time for a contest and some giveaways of the new bases.

That picture of Oxford is just begging for a caption! Leave your caption(s) in the comments section now through Sunday, July 15th. I’ll then randomly choose three winners – each winner receiving a skein of one of the new custom to Plucky bases.

Plucky Traveler – Travel Buff. 6sts/1″

Plucky Traveler 65.20.15 Merino Silk Yak. 310 yds. Sport Weight

Plucky Bulky – 100% Merino superwash. 135 yds

Favorite Shoes & Winners Too~

Favorite things

Sperry Winsor (cordovan & black). Matchstick Jeans and, of course, a button down. My uniform of choice.

I am in deep smit with these lug sole penny loafers. Last Fall I purchased the cordovan pair and they have been in almost constant rotation since. Not only are the Sperry’s super cute but very functional too. Supportive and non-slip (while looking sort of preppy cute), which comes in handy if you happen to find yourself walking through a yarn dyeing studio that just so happens to have wet floors. You know, it could happen.

mary tyler moore 2

Why yes, Mary Tyler-Moore (circa 1961-1966) is one of my style icons.


I know you’ve been waiting to hear who won the ‘Let’s Talk About Shoes’ contest so after combining the entries from Facebook and the comments here on the blog. The winners are:

  • John M – who is looking for a new pair of Fluevogs (as are many of you!)
  • Jenn (earthgirl) – who swears by her $10 gum boots!
  • Sher Galletta – Jack Rogers (a gal after my own heart)
  • Erin Leigh – who dreams of ballet flats without bows or sparkles. Really.

Congratulations to all the winners! Please contact me with your shipping information (and any color likes which I will do my best to grant if possible) at thepluckyknitter @

Spreading the love. A Contest ~

It's a mystery!

Spreading the Color Affection love!

The pattern is so very clever, the finished object is just gorgeous and fun to wear, it’s Tuesday and I want to give away two Color Affection kits. Simple as that.

So, leave me a comment tell me what new knitting hurdles you hope to conquer in 2012. Your first sweater? Colorwork? Toe-up/top-down socks? A new technique that has intimidated you in the past? Or, do want finish that project you started that is waiting patiently in your project bag?

Comments will remain open through Thursday, January 12th at Noon Eastern at which time I will randomly choose two winners to receive a Color Affection kit.

I know I’ve said it before but I really want to master colorwork. I’d love to make this or holey moley, this (a gal can dream, can’t she?). Any tips for someone trying to master colorwork?

vine hat

Vine hat. Primo worsted in ‘Something Blue’

well that changes that ~

All those knits I was talking about the other day? Scratch that.


I’ve  been playing with the Hipstamatic app again….

The moment I received the email from Jared showcasing the latest Brooklyn Tweed patterns I was smitten with Rosebud (Actually, I was smitten with everything in the recent collection but, the deepest smit was for Rosebud, Topiary and Bedford. Oh, and Ashby, Irving and Nero too!) and almost immediately cast on with the nearest skein of whatever gray Primo worsted I had laying around. Not even my pretty intense aversion to chart reading could stop me (that chart reading thing, I’m slowly coming around). Half way through the first chart repeat I’ve decided it isn’t so bad. Not bad at all. In fact, I’m really enjoying the knit.

I owe you guys a couple of contest winners! Thank you, all of you, for sharing. I loved reading your comments on gratitude. So very heartwarming.

Colleen and Kate – please contact me at thepluckyknitter at gmail dot com with your mailing information and I’ll get your prize to you right away!

know your lizard~

know your lizard

I have lived to tell the tale (the Sock Summit tale that is). But, before I try to make heads or tails of the whole experience I wanted to pop in, say hello and have a little contest. The last week or so have been all about yarn and knitting. All the time. However, there was a chance to sneak away for a few days after the Sock Summit festivities to visit a lodge, go on several hikes and knit something just for the sake of knitting.

cabled oz

So about that contest~

Know your lizard. Any ideas what that little guy is? Submit your answer and I’ll draw names from all correct entries. What do you win? Why yarn of course! But, not just yarn. A cute goodie bag from Sock Summit featuring Plucky (of course) along with my favorite stitch markers and a super cute notions bag.

I’ll be taking entries all weekend long through Noon Eastern on Monday, August 8th.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Summertime ~

and the living (and knitting) is easy.

There’s only a few days left of our Stripey KAL so we wanted to give everyone a peek as to what’s to come.

Summer and the Knitting is Easy KAL

Ella & Louis

It’s a very busy summer for all of us this year (Sock Summit, studio moves, weddings and so much more!) so for this KAL everything counts as long as it’s finished during the KAL that will run from July 1 – September 30.

Any FO with Plucky yarn counts during this time frame. A few ideas….

  • Have any languishing WIPs… this is just the time to finish them up!
  • Those stripes taking longer than anticipated? No worries just finish by 9/30 and you’re in!
  • Headed to Sock Summit? Maybe pick up some yarn just for this KAL and whip something up!

As usual there will be a plethora of prizes selected for finished entries. The KAL officially begins  July 1st – to knit-along with all of us and be included in the drawings, head on over the to the Plucky Knitter Group on Ravelry and join the fun!

update time!

Also, huge shop update tomorrow, Monday, June 27th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. It’s the ‘let’s pick up where we left off when paypal decided to konk out’ sale. Hope to see you there!

Who knew?

spring. finally.

how hard it would be to pick just three favorite movies! What a kick I got out of reading your favorites. I highly recommend going back through the comments for some great ideas for your next in-home movie night.

But, who won the tangled mess?!

KnittySue! who’s favorite movies of all times are

  1. The Blindside
  2. The Proposal
  3. Hunt for Red October

Thanks so much for playing along. You’ll be glad to know there’s more where that came from – apparently I’m all thumbs lately.

more tangles & favorite movies ~

making messes

Remember that tangled yarn contest a few weeks ago? Well, we’ve been at it again – making a mess of things.

Ready to tackle some tangles? Leave me a comment. I want to know your top three favorite moves of all time. Purely classics? New releases? Guilty pleasure movies from the 80’s? Film noir? Chick flicks? Westerns? Action/Adventure? Inquiring minds really want to know!

Comments will be accepted until Wednesday morning, May 4th at which time I’ll drag out the trusty random number generator to choose the winner.

Two's Company - Primo Worsted

Two’s Company – Primo Worsted

I promised you an extra update or two this month, didn’t I? It’s a date! Today as a matter of fact. Sunday, May 1st at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. The shop will be full of primo, cashmere, colorwork sets, MCN Lite and primo fingering pre-orders (in some of the new repeatables even – Mossy Marvel, Cozy Posey, Roasted Pumpkin to name a few). Please note, instead of a sneak-update, the update will go live all at once. Oh, and don’t forget about the free shipping – that’s always a good thing!

and the tangled yarn ~

goes to:

Liz M.  “I’ll be flinging open my windows and enjoying the warm weather (well, warm for the upper Midwest)! Which reminds me, I need to shop for some new blinds for those windows — something else to do this weekend.”

Thanks, everyone, for playing along. Who knew tangled yarn was so popular? There is no shortage of tangles to be had around here so I think this needs to be a monthly feature of the blog. More to come in May!

best weather

In the spirit of flinging windows open to let in the warm spring breezes here is a light and refreshing cocktail. My no-name summer drink of choice.

  • 1.5 shots peach or citrus flavored vodka
  • 1 can Squirt (or citrus flavored soda – diet or regular)
  • ice


Pass the envelope – we have winners!

Winner No. 1

Yvonne who commented that Susie was right, Ina’s Mac and Cheese in the bomb! I also like her Parmesan Crusted Chicken recipe, and oh yes I like making risotto too. Music for exercise? Pass the mac and cheese please!

Winner No. 2

ReneeAnne – My comfort food: orange food. Grilled cheese, tomato soup, cheetos, orange jello, and orange Crush soda. Or OJ. Something orange. And maybe some orange slices.  Exercise music? Christina Aguilera. Pink. Lady Gaga. Fergie. Black Eyed Peas. Janis Joplin.

Winner No. 3

Karen – Says she’s weird and listens to indie rock even when working out. It may not work for everyone, but do try Pandora for new music–I like the Mumford & Sons station or Joshua Radin station.

Comfort food: Definitely Macaroni & Cheese. The best recipe I’ve found is Cook’s Illustrated’s (America’s Test Kitchen) “Classic Macaroni and Cheese.” If you like to cook, it is worth subscribing to their website–we’ve found a lot of recipe “keepers” there.

Karen you’re not weird! Whatever gets you moving I say.

Ladies, please contact me as soon as possible at thepluckyknitter @ gmail dot com to let me know your contact information.

Thank you everyone – you guys have great taste in music and your choice of comfort foods. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make a grocery list so I can start whipping up some of your recommendations and then make a new playlist so I can, you know, try to keep up with all that comfort food!

Mill Valley

A little spring dreaming…..

First Come First Serve ~

Who here loves to untangle yarn? If you want to tackle the job – It’s yours!  Just leave a comment and I will mail it to you pronto.  

In a perfect world, it’s suppose to look like this.

100% Merino fingering weight