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  • When you arrive at, be sure to click into the Blog from the top menu, photo link or the ticker as indicated by the arrows below.




  • Once you are at the blog and see the blog entry for the update, be sure to refresh your screen if it isn’t quite update time and remember to scroll down your screen, past the posted photos!




  • As you scroll down the blog entry, you should arrive at drop-down menus like the ones shown above! This is where you will find the base, colorway, and any other options you may need to choose to add to your cart.





  • Once you click ADD TO CART, Your browser may open a new window or you may be taken directly to your shopping cart from the same window. This will depend upon your browser and your individual settings. Above is a screenshot of your PayPal shopping cart. You can update your quantity here, remove items, choose to checkout now and come back for more or you may go back and continue shopping at the blog for additional items. What you’ve chosen will remain in your shopping cart so long as it doesn’t sell out before you check-out! If you are done shopping, click the Check Out with PayPal button!



  • Here is where you will complete your checkout! See screenshot example above. From here you will see the recap of your shopping cart and can either login to checkout using your established PayPal account or if you don’t have a PayPal account, you may simply enter your shipping information and pay with a debit or credit card. As long as the items you’ve selected have not sold out, you will complete your check-out and receive an email from PayPal confirming your payment to The Plucky Knitter. This email serves as your receipt from us, too! It will detail your order and should you have any questions about your order, is the best detail to reference when contacting us at!

Always Plotting & Planning~


August?  Already?  How did this happen?!  But, oh how I love this time of year.  The crickets get a little noisier, the air gets dryer and the nights are perfect for sleeping.  There is nothing better than sitting on the patio and having to move my chair to follow the sun across the patio, moving every twenty minutes or so.  If it’s too cool in the shadows, it’s just perfect in the sunshine.

I still have a few unfinished Summer projects on the needles!  And, I’m going to bet that I’m not the only knitter looking this reality in the eye.  I think I better get going because my mind is already turning to the next two seasons.  What to knit for the Fall?  What do I need for Winter?

Remember back in the days before Ravelry when you had to go to your local yarn store and stand in front of their racks of books, pamphlets and single patterns?  You were looking for your next project.  You hoped that something would jump out and grab your imagination and set your brain on fire, planning colors and trying to remember if you had the right needles.


New colorways!

Today, I can sit at my computer and get totally lost in the pattern section of Ravelry!  The variety, the innovation, the combinations…. they are all stunning.  And, I admit that I have a personal list of designers that I always look to because I know that their vision is a good fit for me.  But, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to look at all the new patterns and am sure that I am missing some totally stunning designers who would be a perfect fit for Plucky.

This has set me to thinking.  It might be time for me to ask my fellow Plucksters whom they love.  I would love to hear which designers you love and why.  Do you have a personal favorite?   Is there someone new on the scene that the rest of us should give a look to?  Could I ask you take a minute to share that with the rest of us?  Would you be so kind as to post your favorites in the comment section at the bottom of this page?

Hey, thanks so so much in advance for taking the time to weigh in on this.

Hugs to all,



Gratuitous puppy eyes

Crafty Questionnaire ~

Recently I have came across some more  great  knitting and crafting  blogs – one of them being  Bella Knitting. She has been talking  at length  about creativity, inspiration and creative limits – even asking us out in the blogsphere what our interests and limits are. So, I offer you my answers and ask what yours are.

1.   I have no interest; complete lack of creativity in this area:
I will preface this by saying: These are all wonderful, creative and lovely forms of art and craft, just not for me.

Needlepoint, wood working, glass blowing, sculpture, cross stitch, toy making, paper making, ceramics, mixed media…..

2.   Would love to try it:
Spinning, crochet, sewing,  graphic design, photo styling, writing

3.   I do it or have dabbled in it:
Jewelry making, stamping (not my thing), scrapbooking (again, not my thing), decorating (wish I had more time and more room to decorate!).

4.   Love it! This is my thing:
Dyeing (of course!!!!!), Knitting (absolutely!!!!),  cooking and baking (been doing that so long I can’t imagine not cooking and baking), entertaining (when I have time), gift wrapping (not an art so much, but a fun craft).

Consider yourself tagged!

Also,  wanted to announce that I have changed my shipping policies: I am now very happy to offer free shipping on all domestic orders $50 and over and all international order $100 and over. Thank you so much for the warm welcome my dyeing has received – I am over the moon that you  are enjoying my yarns so much!  

Lot’s of new things in the works…… I will keep you all posted.  

sammy-lomo-2.jpg  Because I didn’t want a pictureless post…..