The Nifty Update!

The Nifty Update!

Is anyone else out there scratching their head, wondering how it is possible that it’s nearly April?!  The arrival of Spring (break!) has us jonesing for light and airy knits, and let me tell you; we have a positively brilliant brand spanking new base to share with you!

We are delighted to introduce the newest base in the Plucky lineup….Nifty!  Nifty is a beautiful 4 ply fingering weight yarn, comprised of a blend of 60% Merino, 30% Cashmere and 10% Nettle Fiber, with 310 yds per 115 g skein.  Nifty is priced at $30 USD/skein. The merino/cashmere blend keeps it oh so soft and provides a lovely drape, while the small amount of nettle fiber gives the tiniest bit of sheen and textural finish to your fabric.  This unique base is simply perfect for all of your Spring and Summer knits! We’re rounding out the update with a handful of our other favorite bases for warm weather knits and a selection of colorways that we love for Spring and how they translate onto the various fibers.

If you find yourself in need of some pattern inspiration, we’ve got you covered, these patterns caught our eye and we think they’d be splendid in Nifty!

• Chevriot
• Newsprint Cowl
• Cullum
• A Girl Thing
• Skinner Hat
• Travel Light
• Snell
• Gillespie
• Magic Spring Shawl
• Stripe Parade
• Peak Color

Available Bases:

  • Cashmere
  • Crew
  • Crewbie
  • Lodge Worsted
  • Lodge Fingering
  • Nifty
  • Primo Fingering
  • Primo Sport
  • Snug Worsted
 Helpful Information:
  • Please join us, Wednesday, March 29th at 9:00 AM and again at 8:00 PM EDT, on the Plucky Blog for the pre-order update.
  • Orders placed during this update will begin shipping on April 17th, 2017.
  • You may find details for Nifty here on Ravelry or on our website.


It’s Almost Time To Fall Back

Barn Fall back

I’m so excited to announce that tomorrow morning, September 10th, we are going live with our third collection, FALL BACK. We have gathered together a wonderfully fun selection of all things transitional, taking you from early fall weather into deep winter. Now is the time to turn our thoughts and our needles to the changing season.

In Fall Back you’ll find sweaters that are perfect for this time of the year when you need something cozy to ward off the chill in the air. Of course there will be hats, scarves and cowls a plenty! Oh, and some fun ways to show your team spirit at the football game or to support your alma mater. You’ll find some eye-popping color work, of course, and marvelously decadent shawls.

We invite you to take your time and explore the entire collection. Whether you’re looking for quick fingerless mitts or a project that will help you expand your knitting repertoire, we hope you find it in the new Fall Back collection.

Crewbie – There’s A New Kid In Town


Summer isn’t quite over yet and although we’re in full prep mode for fall (Shindig and other exciting plans!), we are still celebrating summer with our latest addition – Crewbie!

That’s right – Crewbie. Rhymes with Drewbie and is the namesake of our favorite “little brother”, Drew! He rolls his eyes and blushes when he hears it, but we know he loves it! If you’ve met Drew at the Shindig or one of our shows, you’ll understand why the name is so befitting.

Crewbie, little brother of Crew, is going to be hard-working, structured yet soft and will hold it’s shape thanks to the cotton/wool blend, just like Crew!

Crewbie update
Colorways available so far. Like to see more? Head on over to the wish list thread!

We are so excited to see a new twist on some already great fingering weight patterns using Crewbie. Here are a few we think will be great!:

Stripe Parade – the cotton in Crewbie will heather the colorways “just so” for that beachy-end-of-summer-look sweater you’ll pull out year after year…

Lake Effect – this fingering weight cardi will be an excellent transitional piece into the fall months when it’s not quite cold enough for a jacket but you need to ward off the chill.

Adrift – have a decadent pair in Bello?  knit a utilitarian yet still soft pair with Crewbie!

Northport – When in doubt, knit a hat! You can never have or gift too many! I am 100% certain I must have a Northport in Crewbie – I mean, I love my Fly Swatter in Crew, & I love to play with color…yes, this one must happen! Perhaps colorwork isn’t what you’re wanting these days, what about this cute new pattern Stones On The Beach or the Hermaness hat? Perfect!

Plaits & Pines – what do I always say…?!  Mix those bases!  How about a Plaits & Pines with Crewbie & Bello … really play on the way the colors take to the different fibers/bases and make those cables POP!

To round out the family theme and to #mixthosebases, a Hayley’s Comet would be great! Pick a skein of Crewbie and let it play with any of the other Plucky Fingering weight bases in a Hayley’s Comet for textural interest or let it sub in for another base to create that oh so perfect and soothing gradient.

And, because hats are always a good idea (to knit. to wear. to gift.) I thought I might include a little something to jump start your Fall knitting! Off Grid is our newest Plucky hat pattern. This hat will be perfect for transitioning from early Fall into “I must wear a hat now” season. It’s a shoulder season hat! For this update, orders that include a purchase of Cachet, Primo Aran, Scholar, Snug Worsted or Traveler Aran will receive a digital copy of Off Grid! Oh, and I think we should also include the pattern in ANY order over $50!

Off grid collage

If you are new to Plucky, please be sure to read through the ‘New To Plucky FAQ’ thread for a full explanation of how the updates work. Also, please feel free to pop into the ‘Your Plucky Concierge’ thread and ask away. We’re happy to help!

Go ahead, grab a skein or two or five of Crewbie and give it a go! However, Crewbie won’t be the only guy at this party on Friday, August 7th at Noon EDT and again on Sunday, August 9th at 8:00 PM EDT here on the Plucky BLOG. Here is the full list of bases that will be attending this two-part update. Bases available:

Bello Worsted
Cachet (Cashmere Aran)
Primo Aran
Primo Fingering
Primo Sport
Snug Fingering
Snug Worsted
Traveler Aran
Traveler Sport

Sarah & the Plucky Crew

Beat The Heat Dining – A Contest


Beat-The-Heat Dinning

It has been so fun to read all the Morzo Orzo stories of reunions, house guests, alfresco dinning and too-hot-to-cook dinners on the fly. The only thing left to do is have a PHOTO CONTEST!

How do you and your family take your Morzo Orzo? Chopped? Finely diced? Doctored up? Super spicey? More cheese? No Cheese? Quinoa instead of orzo? Let’s see some photos!


If you haven’t had a chance to taste Morzo Orzo yet – no worries at all! This a ”Beat The Heat With Foods of Summer” photo contest. It can even be a photo of something you want to try, a photo from a magazine, anything that lends itself to our Beat-The-Heat theme.

Please hop on over to the new Beat-The-Heat contest thread and post your photos. You have until 9:00 AM on Thursday, July 30th. And, of course there will be prizes!


Spring Forward

I’m thrilled to tell you we’ve been collaborating with Amy Miller and Jill Zielinski again… so, the date has been set and we can’t wait to share the Plucky side of Spring and Summer with you!

Please take a peak at what’s coming your way on online and in person at Stitches South on April 24th!







Nameless Gnocchi OR Name That Dish!

Ox close focus

No gnocchi picture (I was too busy eating) so Ox will have to do.

It’s really cool to have a foodie as a sister. Hayley reads cookbooks and restaurant reviews before bed. No matter what city we find ourselves in, Hayley has a mission to visit one restaurant and another and another. But, best of all, Hayley cooks. Very well and often! She is fearless and posses’ instinct, imagination and a well developed sense of adventure. While desserts and hor d’oeuvres (love a good cheese plate or crudités) are my forte, Hayley hits the main course out of the ballpark, time after time. So much so that I ask Hayley what I’m going to eat when we go out. Why bother when she loves to choose and it’s always so good?!

I would like to share with you a dish that Hayley invented last week and brought into the studio for lunch. We all went nuts. But, it doesn’t have a name! And, what do we do when something new needs a name??? WE HOLD A CONTEST!

Below is a list of ingredients and a general description of the dish. Once we have a name for it, we will prepare a recipe card for you in a downloadable PDF. And, of course there will be prizes! So, warm up your mental taste buds and help us name this delish dish! Here is the list of the main ingredients with the detailed list/recipe to come after the contest is finished.


Chicken breast




Lemon zest

White wine


Doesn’t is sound great? Once the ingredients have been prepared and the selected herbs and seasoning have been added (you will find these listed in the complete recipe PDF once the contest closes), this dish is tossed and topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions in the comments below (I moderate the comments so if you do not see your entry right away that just means it is awaiting moderation). We will pick a winner (and some runners up!) by Noon on Friday! The prize(s) will be yarn and swag – not quite sure how to send Gnocchi to the winners.

Bon Appetite and let the contest begin!


ABU – The Update!

Shop Update, Sunday, January 11th, 8:00 pm EST & Monday, January 12th 9:00 am EST

This Sunday’s Blog Update is going to be so fun because it will be driven by what you have asked for. Not only will it be full to the brim with the bases and the colors you have asked for, it will also have kit offerings.You were kind enough to vote in a poll in our group on Ravelry and tell me the color kits you wanted to see in an update this weekend! And, the wishlist thread has been on fire. Thank you for taking the time let me know what you want.  So, let’s talk about a couple of our top vote getters!
Your enthusiasm for Sugarloaf has really put a smile on my face. This cowl is such an unexpected mix of lace and ribs, knit in a bulky weight yarn, then all tied together with the pop of a third color.  Because you voted in our poll in the Plucky group on Ravelry for Sugarloaf kits (kits available in SNUG only), I have put together some combos that I think will look smashing. But, I am pretty sure that you have some color combo ideas too!  A Sugarloaf kit in Snug may be the starting point for you.  Or, maybe you are thinking of using a different base?  Maybe going down a couple of needle sizes and casting on extra stitches?  I couldn’t agree more!A few Sugarloaf Options (and of course a mystery option!) as follows:

Once I began to post teaser photos, before the actual launch of All Bundled Up, it became apparent that Frostline was going to be a favorite. And, that was before the thermometer took a nose dive this week! Wrapping yourself in a worsted weight shawl is one of the best ways I know of to ward off a chill!  You might choose a subtle and sophisticated gradient for your Frostline kit, or something eye popping and guaranteed to brighten the dreariest winter day.

Please join us for this two part update on Sunday, January 11th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on the Plucky Blog and again Monday morning, January 12th at 9:00 a.m. Eastern as we bring you a pre-order update, filled with your favorite bases and colors.  And, yes, some new colors too!  Shown above are a sampling of the kits, and there will be more to come. Keep an eye on the Update & Announcement thread as I continue to add collages and post the final colorway list for the update.

Bases available will be:
Bello Worsted
Primo Aran
Primo Worsted
Primo Sport
Primo Fingering
Snug Worsted
Traveler Aran
Traveler Sport

Your enthusiasm for the All Bundled Up collection has been so heartwarming. We cannot thank you enough!

Sarah & the Plucky Crew

North Port

north port collage

We started the planning for the collection way back in July – we still cannot believe it’s finally here and I can’t begin to tell you how much your enthusiastic and very warm reception to our new collection means to us so I’ll just say THANK YOU!!!  Now it’s time to begin sharing details, inspiration and ways to make the All Bundled Up projects unique to you!

Today, let’s talk about Northport.

Northport is a fingering weight Fair Isle hat. One of the great things about Fair Isle is that it uses very small amounts of contrast colors, that when knit up produce an interesting fabric that tells a story. Our Northport tells of endless lake effect snow showers (so it seems) and frost in the air.

This pattern is the perfect example of not necessarily needing to follow the color placements and suggested base to the letter. One of our sample knitters reports that she has no idea what precise bases or exact colors she has used in knitting her Northport. She keeps a bag of all those little leftovers from other projects (don’t we all and aren’t they fun!), sorted only by weight.  So, for quite some time she has been putting all the left over Feet, Primo Fingering, and Bello into one container of fingering yarns and as she would come to an element in the chart that needs a new color, she just looks into the scrap bag for inspiration.  She might may have wanted to use pink as her big snowflake, and she may spy four different pinks in that bag. Base?  Not sure.  Plucky color?  Who knows – maybe Miss Manners? Maybe it’s Mini Skirt. Talk about knitting by the seat of your pants!

Of course if that’s a little too zany for you, we have provided details of colors used in our knits shown above on the North Port pattern page or, maybe you like one of the colorway sets shown below. But, just maybe, you have been inspired to dig into your leftovers!


northport collage

northport collage 2

northport collage 3


Can.Not.Stop. I can’t. Can’t stop trolling through Ravelry and walking around the barn making little piles of yarn for projects …. planning the Fall and Winter knitting. I have been looking at the new, revisiting those in my favorites list and renumbering my mental queue (it’s a messy queue!). Truth be told, I could spend what seems like an eternity just dreaming of the possibilities that are rolling around in my brain right now. Each pattern is a launch pad just waiting for you and I to make it our own. Waiting for us to choose the right yarn (what base?!) and colorway (neutral? bold? scum? something out of the comfort zone?) that will really make the FO sing and become one of your all time favorite FO’s.

As I read through the update and pattern threads, it sounds like many of you are working on your lists too. Your ideas are awesome and I have been following many of the links that have been posted for patterns that I might otherwise have missed. It only seemed fair that we would post a few links to patterns that Hayley and I have been itching to cast on or are already our favorites. In case you haven’t already found what you want, maybe one of these will be just right!

favorites collage

In no particular order – and this is by no means a comprehensive list, just random favorites – here we go:

Sweaters (this won’t be quite as long as there are just way too many to list) but let’s focus on a few that can be worked up in Scholar, Snug,  Traveler Aran or Primo Aran:

PALOMA – Check out the one Hayley wore to the Shindig this past May.

SOLSTICE CARDIGAN – This one has been worked up in both Plucky Scholar and SNUG, with equally great results!

INLAND – How cozy would this be?!

ROSEMONT – Classic. Flattering.

AUDREY – Imagine the color possibilities and those little thumb holes – great detail.

LOUISE  – This has been a huge favorite in the Plucky group. We have it knit up in Traveler Aran, Trusty, Rustic, Scholar and SNUG and all are adorable! Lisa’s is so cute! Kelly’s in Traveler Aran and Lisa’s in Scholar are two of my favorites.

EARL – you’re so cozy! I’m a broken record, I know. But cozy is the word of the day here. Wind is blowin’ like crazy and we had sleet this morning.


CRYIN ICICLES – a great little freebie that is fantastic worked up in Traveler Aran and Scholar. BUT, let’s not forget (tweak the numbers a little) about SNUG. Oh my. Decadent in SNUG. Oh, and what if you did an I-cord around the cop and bottom in contrasting color(s)? Yes, that’s definitely a good idea.

LOWBROW – The hat and/or cowl. Love them in the specified yarns but I’m thinking it would fun to take the cowl and SNUG it up a bit.

MIKAN SNOOD – Hayley’s favorite – SNUG. Traveler Aran. I’m going to see if I can talk her in to whipping up one for me.

RAMA LAMA – Let’s play with color! SNUG, Traveler Aran, Primo Aran, Scholar – mix the bases and the colors. Have fun!

SILVER GIN FIZZ , WARREN STREET COWL & AVERY – Texture you can sink into. I was thinking of Avery in SNUG, casting on one or two less repeats and seeing where it takes me. Or any of the three patterns as written in Scholar or Travler Aran in a bright pop of color for those dark winter days ahead – you know we all have dark coats that will need livened up!

MUH MUHS or ESJAN – Love. LOVE. Check out the color pairings thread in the Plucky group for ideas.

MAARA – because I love projects that are a little rustic and a little girly and then add an unexpected color, that’s a winning recipe!

SUGAR PINE POINTCOCOON, HERMANESS, DRAGONFLIES, CONTEMPORARY – Hats. I could go on and on and on and on….. So I’ll just share a few for now. There will be more to come – there always is….

What are some things you are itching to cast on right now? Has the dip in temperature given you a bad case of the ‘I must cast on all things now?’

In other news, and it’s GOOD NEWS!!! We have received shipping information that our BIG order of Feet is on its way to us. So, here is what I am thinking…..I will add feet to the Sunday night Blog Update, with one little caveat. If you are willing to be a little flexible with our shipping dates (in case some terrible weather snafu delays our delivery!), I will add it. The best scenario is that it will arrive in the next few days and we will have no problem in getting it to you on time. But, I always like to err on the side of caution and it is possible that we may need a little extra time to get that portion of your order shipped. If you are OK with that, let’s do it! Plucky Feet is in.

Are you catching a fun case of Cast-on-itis yet? Please join us here on the blog on Sunday evening (tomorrow!) at 8:00 p.m. Eastern for the second half of our weekend blog update. The temperatures are beginning to dip and we all need to be prepared for what ever Mother Nature sends our way! Sweaters, cowls, hats, mitts or socks? Let’s get busy!

A Plug For Snug


Happy belated Monday morning to you! How’s everyone?!?

There’s just nothing like a few days off grid to get those cobwebs cleared out of the old noggin’ and make room for new ideas and recharge the batteries! Sometimes a five minute nap is all a girl needs, but this time we were able to squeeze out an extra long weekend to reconnect with family (more arriving today) and friends and the luxury of a little sleeping in. Just a heads up, but my brain is on fire – the next several days/week we are going to see some changes and fun things coming down the lane.



Pattern: Xacobeo

Yarn: Plucky Snug shown in Lonesome Highway & High Cotton

It is so fabulous to see the Plucktember threads filling up (have you seen the great designer offerings as well?!). It looks like everyone is making great progress and the photos are awesome. Hayley and I even have a few FO photos of our own Plucktember projects. There is nothing quite like a skein of Snug and big needles to produce a super speedy finished project. I think I spent just as much time fondling the squishy, smushy, sproingy snug fabric as I actually spent knitting. I am pretty sure there will be a Snug blanket in my future. I have visions of a fireplace, an old movie and the pups and I wrapped up in my as-yet-unknit snug blanket!

Snug… I fell in love with you all over again this weekend!

OK. Back to work for us. Be prepared to hear lots of news and announcements from me very shortly. Wasn’t gone long but I missed you guys!

The first bit of great news though I’ll share now – the Aeris kits begin shipping tomorrow!






Camilla Bello USE .jpg

Shown in Plucky Bello. After Dark, Fondant, Milk Maid & Tiny Bubbles

I am so excited to be able to share with you the newest design from Gina House (a.k.a. SleepyEyes) and her first design for Plucky. When photos for the Camilla Shawl arrived in the studio, my mind began to race with the color and base possibilities. Knit in a single color, Camilla will be subtle yet dramatic. Or, you may want to play with multiple colors (3, 4, or even bind off with a 5th color perhaps?!), accentuating the lace. Whichever fingering base you choose, your Camilla will be gorgeous!

And what is better than debuting a new kit? How about a new kit AND a new custom Plucky base?! OXFORD is in the house and would be a fantastic choice for your Camilla Shawl.

Camilla Shawl Side use.jpg

If you choose Oxford for your Camilla, your finished shawl will be a light and lofty, blocking out a bit larger than if you knit it in one of the other fingering bases. And the juxtaposition of the more rustic (but still very luxurious – 25% cashmere after all!) spin of Oxford and the ladylike Camilla – well I just think it’s a match made in pattern/yarny heaven!

Camilla Shawl Collage.jpg

The Camilla kit will be offered on Thursday, July 24th at Noon Eastern on the Plucky Blog. Seth (good old Seth!) will set up drop down menus for all of the Plucky fingering bases (Feet, Primo Fingering, Bello, Single and Oxford) and I will be putting together the color options for him to set up as well.

Camilla Upfront side close.jpg

Pay no attention to my dyeing attire, just had to show Camilla + Oxford in all their glory – Thank you Gina for such a lovely design!

Please keep an eye on the locked color thread for kit choices and pricing and be sure to post your thoughts in the Wishlist thread. We will email you the pattern within 48 hours of your purchase of a kit.

Thank you and happy knitting everybody!

P.S. Please note: Not all color combinations will be available across every base. The kits will be chosen based on how each individual base takes color. There will be kit offerings that are available in Primo Fingering, Feet, Single & Bello only. THEN there will be kits available in all bases, INCLUDING Oxford. They will be marked accordingly.

Bold Move – The Colorways

Bold Move collage

As promised, here are the kit options for Sunday evening’s Bold Move kit update. Have fun! 

MC show at left and CC on right.

BOld Move Bold Bold Move Contrast Bold Move Fairy Tales BOld Move Granola BOld MOve Hitch Bold MOve Just this once Bold MOve Kicky Bold Move Make a Scene Bold Move Many Talents Bold Move Monarch Bold Move Original Bold MOve Special Occasion  Bold MOve Spring Thaw Bold MOve Stateroom Bold MOve Travel in Style Bold Move UnderstatedBold Move LIttle Bohemia Bold Move Well SpokenBold Move l2Bold Move SashayBold Move A LIttle Romance

One Bold Move

Bold MOve Green Full

One Bold Move deserves another.

With this incredibly flattering skirt, Lorilee is inviting each of us to make a bold move.  For her, the inspiration for this design came from her own bold move across the country.  For many of us, this skirt will offer a chance to try something new and imaginative.  That certainly will be a bold move for most of us.

As anybody who has had the pleasure of taking a class from Lorilee or of knitting one of her stunning designs knows, her pattern writing skills are extraordinary and her explanations are spot on.  Now she brings us a design that works across the board for all body shapes and sizes.  The pattern contains instructions for modifications that will insure a good fit. The vertically stranded purl stitch columns allow the skirt to move freely and flatter a multitude of body shapes and sizes.  I have had the privilege of seeing Bold Move on many shapes and sizes and I have to say – it looks fantastic on everyone!

The kit (pattern & yarn) will be available right here on the Plucky Blog this Sunday evening, March 9th at 6:00 p.m. Eastern.

Bold MOve Green Back

Bold Move Original Hem

Bold Move Original Full



It seem ages ago, but remember how much I loved knitting Nangou? So imagine my unending delight when Melanie offered to work up another one of her clever designs in Plucky. It’s time for Ashburn!

Turn heads in Ashburn, an eye-catching triangular-esque shawl with asymmetrical flair. Ashburn uses garter and slipped stitches to create a subtle medley of texture. Then, an endless combination of color choices lets you be as demure or as bold as you like. Having trouble choosing? Melanie says make more than one—it knits up quick!

Shown in Barely Birch, Two Drifters & Sticky Toffee. Picture courtesy Melanie Berg

Get a load of that texture!

Shown in Corduroy, Milk Maid & Before You Go Go

Designed in three colors of Plucky Bello, this shawl is perfect for having some fun with color, too!  And, please do not hesitate to whip up an Ashburn in Primo Fingering or Plucky Single as well. All would be just darling and a fantastic marriage of yarn and pattern.

You know how we love to give you options so the Ashburn will not only be offered in Bello, but also Primo Fingering AND Plucky Single. Here’s a peek of just a few of the colorway choices that will be available:

Here are the details you need to get your exclusive kit!:

Where?:  At the Plucky blog (
When?:  Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. EDT
What?:  3 color kits (you will receive one skein of each color listed in your chosen kit) available on Bello, Primo Fingering or Plucky Single (1 skein of each colorway) as well as the exclusive pattern and shipping anywhere in the world!

How Much?:
3 Skein (one of each color) Bello kit – $119
3 Skein (one of each color) Primo fingering kit – $98
3 Skein (one of each color) Plucky Single – $89

Thank you so much for your interest – we wish you a great day!


Monomania has sold out at this time. We will have more kits at a future date. Details to come. Thank you!!!!

It’s time for some chevron/colorwork mania! Introducing Monomania!

Monomania will debut as an exclusive kit from Weaver Knits & The Plucky Knitter, which will go on sale right here on the Plucky BLOG tomorrow, Friday, July 12th at 9 a.m.! There will be over a dozen color combinations (19 at last count!) from which to choose, with more to come in the future.

This kit is available in Plucky Feet only at this time. That is the yarn used in the design and suggested for its crisp stitch definition and memory.

Please note: This is a pre-order item and ships according to our pre-order policy. You will receive a coupon code to download your PDF copy of Monomania. You will not receive a hard copy of your pattern.

Yarn requirements!
890 (1040, 1320, 1530, 1830) yds of PLUCKY FEET:
260 (300, 380, 440, 530) yds in A;
240 (280, 360, 420, 500) yds in B;
200 (230, 290, 340, 400) yds in C;
90 (230, 290, 330, 400) yds in D.

A note from Ann Weaver, designer: The pattern includes instructions for an elbow-length sleeve version and a three-quarter-length sleeve version. Yardage given is for the three-quarter-length sleeve version. The elbow-length sleeve version requires 40 fewer yards of B.

I wanted to make a lightweight cardigan that used an allover large chevron pattern in several colors; I wanted this to be the sort of cardigan you could wear with everything and the sort of pattern that you could make multiple times, using different yarn and color combinations.

All the shaping in Monomania is accomplished without interrupting the chevron pattern. Because the increases and decreases for each size are different, the 37-page pattern includes line-for-line instructions for each size. All sizes have been test knit and tech edited to ensure that this project is not only clear and easy but also a lot of fun to knit.

For a few months, not a day went by when I was not thinking about chevrons and working toward my goal of a full-on chevron sweater that looks good on a wide range of figures and lends itself to all manner of color combinations, from subtle ombre to stark contrast. Here’s the result. Enjoy!

For more information, see the Monomania thread in the Plucky group on Ravelry and on Ann’s blog. Everyone is getting super chatty talking color choice/placement, size, ease and more. Have fun!Thank you for your enthusiasm for this kit. What a happy riot of zigzagging color!

P.S. Check out the Flickr photo stream for more color options.

Instant Gratification!

smoresSmore Cookies. Instant gratification cookies too! So quick, kids & adults alike love them and they couldn’t be easier.  

It’s Instant Gratification update time again! The Plucky Etsy shop will be hopping tomorrow, Wednesday, July 10th, beginning approximately 9:00 a.m. Eastern at which time the shop will be full of ready-to-ship Plucky goodies. I will also be posting mystery kits that will indeed be a true mystery!

chevron for giggles

A Chevron Sweater Kit – coming up….

Decision Time

asunder done

  • Asunder
  • Plucky Bello: Bohemian Blue & Miss Manners

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit with friends.  I always have such great intentions of writing a chatty blog entry.  One that isn’t all about an update.  You know, just a little conversation with my knitting pals.  I have this vision of us all sitting around on my deck at the lake, knitting (or crocheting – now there’s a topic for another post! ), sipping something cold and sharing. So, time to ramble a bit.

Don’t you just love the hours of indecision when one project is finished and you have the delicious dilemma of what to cast on next?  I am mostly a dedicated knitter… almost always keeping to one project at a time (of course that doesn’t mean that I do not indulge in episodes of cast-on-itis pretty regularly) but once I start a project I tend to knit pretty furiously until finished.

The excitement of having just finished a few things means that I am standing on the brink of my next project.  So I’ve been perusing Ravelry, checking my personal stash (or maybe even made a few new things), and have begun to narrow down the list of candidates.

Decisions, decisions.  Will it be Betsey, Mizutama, Freesia or maybe the Tequila Shawl?  I am so loving and intrigued by mixing and blending yarn bases – whether held double or just butting up next to each other in a finished knit. The color and texture opportunities are thrilling.

shaelyn done

For instance, right now I’m especially loving the idea of the Tequila Shawl with Bello & Plucky. Perhaps in the new colorway Boots & Faded Jeans held double with Narragansett Gray.

Boots & Faded  Narragansett Gray traveler and primo NAMED-22

Or perhaps some trusty grays….

Medieval primo & feet NAMED-11


Flannel NAMED primoApr 1 2013 Update-21

Another set that is particularly lovely together is Webster Groves & Cressey Road.

Webster Groves NAMED


Cressey Road NAMED

And then there’s Amy’s Betsey pattern which is just too cute and screams for some fun color combos:

betsey amy

Photo courtesy Amy Miller

Betsey Inspiration

Betsey Inspiration 2

Betsey Inspiration 3

That’s it for now – time to actually make a decision and wind some yarn!

Contest time & A Plucky Retreat Photo Recap~

I am woefully behind in blogging so I’ll combine Plucky Retreat recap (in photos) with a contest. Works for me!

retreat wagon

Mikan Snood in Plucky Traveler Aran (Fat Fish Blue) and a darling crochet sample baby blanket in Primo Worsted & Sweater combo. Please, PLEASE do not be afraid to mix bases. The texture and color juxtaposition is fantastic!

retreat grannydutch

Our very own Dutch Princess (a.k.a. the welcoming committee)~

retreat dance

Knitting and dance instructor all in one!

retreat thao

retreat sink

 Everything and the kitchen (or the bathroom) sink!

retreat wagon frame use

retreat knitters

Happy knitters!

retreat dad

Elmer T and Jennifer. Oh my stars you have to see her dress knit out of Primo Sport. It’s amazing!

retreat brunch

The dismantling crew having breakfast

retreat p

Dismantling is a messy biz


Packed up… planning ahead…. and headed home (or back on the road)…

Lorilee, Fiona & Ann. You guys are just simply the best (que Tina). We couldn’t have had the weekend without you. And to all the attendee’s…. the full retreater’s, the NORAS and visitors alike. Thank you from the very depths of our hearts for making the trek to Michigan to make the retreat the rollicking good time that it was. The second annual Plucky Knitter Retreat was a huge success – because of you!

So, about that contest!?! It’s a Plucky blog party…. Contest time!

Tell us:

  • What’s your favorite joke? Let’s keep it clean… cheeky but clean is good, really good!
  • Karaoke Song?
  • Guilty Pleasure? (again, see joke)
  • Picture of your pet in one of your knitted FO’s? Share it with us!
  • Got a funny photo bomb? We’d love to see it!
  • Stump us! Send us your favorite trivia question. We are serious trivia junkies here at the studio. It get’s ugly!
  • It’s Spring. What’s your favorite asparagus or strawberry recipe?
  • What are you knitting right this minute? We want to know?!

Herdy contest

It’s the all-inclusive Plucky contest. So many winners! We will be giving away a set of Herdy mugs (adorable!) as well as a skein of all the new colorways and a sweater quantity to the winner(s). There will be no less than ten winners so post away! The grand prize winner will receive the set of Herdy mugs and a Plucky sweater quantity of their choice. Contest entries open until Friday, May 17th at Noon Eastern. Winners will be announced later that day.











Alight ~

I’m so happy to let you know that kits for Amy’s gorgeous sweater, Alight, will be available for sale tomorrow morning, Friday, October 26th at 9:00 a.m. Eastern right here on the Plucky blog.

Please note: The kits will include yarn (all kits will be available in Plucky Sweater), pattern (PDF download only) and shipping (a nominal flat shipping rate of $6 for all kits regardless of size of order). Kits will range in cost from $131 to $251 depending on size. The full list of colorways will be available in the post tomorrow morning as well.

Alight is simply lovely and so very classic and flattering. But, here, let’s have Amy tell us more….

Among the many things I love about my best friend Beth is the fact that she is one of the strongest women I know. Sure of herself and confident, she meets challenges head-on and with no mincing around. For her birthday, I wanted to design a sweater that properly captured her bold personality and elegant, clean style.

Alight is worked in pieces from the bottom up and then seamed for a structured look. The seed stitch trim flows into a small collar, the lapels are trimmed with a stylized candle flame stitch. The waist shaping and slightly flared sleeves give the sweater a trim, figure-conscious silhouette and this simple sweater is easy to modify to suit your particular figure.

Please choose a size for Alight based on your upper torso (sometimes called the “high bust”) rather than your full bust, as this will ensure a good fit in the shoulders. Should you need additional room in the hips and/or bust, vertical shaping darts are a great choice for this mostly Stockinette sweater. As always, we’ll discuss modification questions in the Amy Herzog Designs ravelry group if you’d like help achieving a custom result.

Final Measurements:

Bust measures: 30½ (32¾, 35, 37, 38½, 40¾, 43, 46½, 51, 54½)”/77.5 (83, 88.5, 94, 98, 103.5, 109, 118, 129.5, 138.5) cm

Length from hem to shoulder: 21 (21¾, 22¼, 22¾, 23½, 24, 24½, 25¼, 26, 26½)”/53.5 (55, 56.5, 58, 59.5, 61, 62, 64, 66, 67.5) cm

Featured Materials:

The Plucky Knitter Plucky Sweater [90% merino; 10% nylon]: 270 yds/247 m per 100 g hank, shown in color Barn Door: 5 (6, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9, 10) hanks

Gauge: 22 sts & 30 rows = 4”/10cm in stockinette stitch, blocked. Recommended needle size of US 6/4 mm.

Pattern Notes: All photographs copyright Amy Herzog 2012 and used with permission. Technical editing by Elizabeth Sullivan.

Bombay Sapphire – Sweater Kits

sleeve detail closeup

All sweater photos courtesy Caro Sheridan, Splityarn, 2012

Thea and I have been at it again – it’s time for a Bombay!

Bombay is a classic pullover, a soothing knit with a few details to keep it interesting. The pattern around the collar creates a subtle Peter Pan effect at the top of the sweater, and adds a bit of texture to the neckline.

Smaller “waves” around the wrists echo the collar and add a little something to the three – quarter sleeves. The fit is classic and feminine, with shaping at the waist and a button notch in the ribbing for a pop of contrasting or coordinating color, whatever floats your boat.

hero 3076

Knit from the top down, it’s very easy to modify Bombay for length or sleeve choice.  Changing the width or shaping to flatter any figure is easy.  The sweater itself is sure to go with any wardrobe, and you can either keep it fun with a bright color like Thea did, or pick a favorite neutral for a knit that could easily become a year round staple.
There will be an update this Sunday, September 30th at 5pm Eastern right here on the Plucky BLOG.  Not only will Bleu be available but many other colors as well. We are putting together a great array of options available in both Primo Worsted and Plucky Sweater. Note that both these yarns are a light worsted weight, which is just a bit more delicate than a regular worsted.
Thanks so much and we hope to see you on Sunday!

Charleston Tea ~ a sweater kit

Charleson Tea anyone? Thea and I have been at it again and are delighted to let you know that it is high time for another Baby Cocktails/Plucky Knitter sweater kit.

Charleston Tea is a hoodie to throw on when the air cools down after a long hot day.  The hood is fun and gives it a sporty edge, but the sweater remains feminine with delicate details and a beautiful lace panel in back.  The lace allows a little air to flow in or a bright tee to peek out.  Knit top down so you can adjust this as you like, but it is designed with ¾ sleeves, a comfy, hip length fit and topped off with a generous and oh so cozy hood.

Colorway shown: Lincoln. Photo courtesy Splityarn

The particulars:

  • Yarn –  Plucky Knitter Primo Sport in Lincoln.  5(6,6,6,6,6,7,7,7,7) skeins, 1400(1450,1500,1550,1600,1650,1700,1750,1800,1850)yds
  • Sizing   –   32(34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48,50)
  • Needles –  US #5/3.75mm. 29”circs for the body & button band, 16” circs or DPNs on the sleeves.  US#4/3.50mm.  24 or 29” circs for hood.
  • Notions  –  Darning needle, stitch markers, waste yarn or stitch holders.  6-8 buttons, about 1” in diameter
  • Gauge    6 sts, 8 rows per 1” in a stockinette swatch, blocked.

Notes/Commentary from Thea:

Since this is knit from the top down, you can adjust length or width to flatter your shape. It is designed to skim your curves, and be worn with a bit of sweatshirt-like ease for a casual summer fit.  Adding or width creating a slimmer fit in any part of the sweater is simple, since the lace design is not altered by your overall stitch count.   Adjusting for length is also easy, and you can let it hit wherever you think it will be most flattering on you.

Lincoln - a repeatable

Route 2 II

High Cotton Lone Skeins

Olive Bar - a repeatable

Bleu - a repeatable shop size

Kissin' Valention - a new repeatable

Colorways available, top to bottom: Lincoln, Route 2, High Cotton, Olive Bar, Bleu & Kissin’ Valentino

Please note: Sign-ups will go live on the Plucky Knitter website Sunday, May 20th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern and will remain open. We have worked diligently to ensure we are able to fill the shop with as many kits as possible so I sincerely hope you are able to find something that suits you at a time that suits your schedule.

All sweater kits will ship the week of June 24th.


Favorite Shoes & Winners Too~

Favorite things

Sperry Winsor (cordovan & black). Matchstick Jeans and, of course, a button down. My uniform of choice.

I am in deep smit with these lug sole penny loafers. Last Fall I purchased the cordovan pair and they have been in almost constant rotation since. Not only are the Sperry’s super cute but very functional too. Supportive and non-slip (while looking sort of preppy cute), which comes in handy if you happen to find yourself walking through a yarn dyeing studio that just so happens to have wet floors. You know, it could happen.

mary tyler moore 2

Why yes, Mary Tyler-Moore (circa 1961-1966) is one of my style icons.


I know you’ve been waiting to hear who won the ‘Let’s Talk About Shoes’ contest so after combining the entries from Facebook and the comments here on the blog. The winners are:

  • John M – who is looking for a new pair of Fluevogs (as are many of you!)
  • Jenn (earthgirl) – who swears by her $10 gum boots!
  • Sher Galletta – Jack Rogers (a gal after my own heart)
  • Erin Leigh – who dreams of ballet flats without bows or sparkles. Really.

Congratulations to all the winners! Please contact me with your shipping information (and any color likes which I will do my best to grant if possible) at thepluckyknitter @

Boston or bust~

vintage posters

If you’re in the neighborhood, Thea, Cecily and I would love to see you this Saturday, January 21st at Another Yarn in Winchester, MA. Thea and Cecily will have their knits and patterns (such clever ladies and what a privilege it is to have them design with Plucky yarn) and I will, you guessed it, have plenty of Plucky yarn available as well.

A great big thank you to Teresa for hosting the show. I’m sure a great time will be had by all.

January 21, 2012
Trunk Show/Yarn Sale begins at noon 
Another Yarn
600 Main Street, Winchester MA  
781 570 2134,  email:


Completely random ~

First things first. The contest. Well, I’m certainly in good company. So many of you want to master colorwork this year as well. Alright knitters, so where do we begin? Now for the winners of the Color Affection kits~

Sam ~ This year is for steeking. I love colorwork and have yet to do a sweater so this year I will do a version of Paper Dolls and steek something.


Lori ~ …. “the best tip i learned was to work with short pieces of wool. i love fair isle but didn’t love untangling all those strands (even two becomes a giant mess quickly). and bobbins were just as bad. so now i cut strands maybe 1 to 2 yds in length and work (holding both in my right, traditionalist here) letting the wool dangle and untangling is a breeze, the strands mostly undo themselves. then, so you won’t be bothered with millions of pieces to weave in you will want to spit splice as you go along.….”

Congratulations Sam and Lori! I have sent you confirmation emails. As soon as I hear from you your kit will be on its way.

Now for the random part of the post:



Downton Abbey. The clothes. The house. Bates & Anna. Matthew & Mary. Sigh. Watch it. You’ll be glad you did!


Peanut Butter Chicken with cilantro lime rice. A friend recommended this and I’m so glad she did. Couldn’t be easier and what great flavors!


Ships & Seaside Cowl
Ships & Seaside Cowl – great stash buster!
Here & There

Here & There – Plucky Primo Worsted, Medieval & Bisque

a hat for paige

Dittany Sprouts – Plucky Primo Worsted, Bisque

What are you watching, eating and knitting?

Spreading the love. A Contest ~

It's a mystery!

Spreading the Color Affection love!

The pattern is so very clever, the finished object is just gorgeous and fun to wear, it’s Tuesday and I want to give away two Color Affection kits. Simple as that.

So, leave me a comment tell me what new knitting hurdles you hope to conquer in 2012. Your first sweater? Colorwork? Toe-up/top-down socks? A new technique that has intimidated you in the past? Or, do want finish that project you started that is waiting patiently in your project bag?

Comments will remain open through Thursday, January 12th at Noon Eastern at which time I will randomly choose two winners to receive a Color Affection kit.

I know I’ve said it before but I really want to master colorwork. I’d love to make this or holey moley, this (a gal can dream, can’t she?). Any tips for someone trying to master colorwork?

vine hat

Vine hat. Primo worsted in ‘Something Blue’

that’s how I feel about that~

Saturday’s update in the new online shop – how did it go you ask? There are no words that bear repeating in polite company so……
pretty much sums it up~


enough said

how about I let the pictures speak for me?

To summarize:

The site crashed, some orders went through, some did not and some went through as ‘on backorder’ and then, in the end the kits did sell out.

Please know that I will work tirelessly to get Saturday’s mess sorted out and we are working diligently to get the kinks worked out of the shop – once and for all. The needs of the shop are somewhat uncharted territory for our wundertech helpers and I assure you they are wanting this fixed just as much as I do. We all thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

Currently I am making plans for several updates to occur over the next week and will be announcing them in the Plucky Ravelry group, here on the blog as well as on Facebook/Twitter. There will be a sneak-update in the etsy shop (at least I know that won’t crash on me!) as well as a pre-order update taking place in the Plucky shop (as soon as I am given the go-ahead).

So, when the going gets tough, the tough knit. Compulsively. Shimmer En Vogue

  • Started 12/31/11
  • Finished 1/1/12
  • Pattern: Shimmer In Blue
  • Yarn: Plucky 4ply cashmere (held double)
  • Verdict: I love it and an planning to make another in grey (big surprise).

Color Affection ~ Take Two

I am so happy to announce we are now ready to offer the second installment of Color Affection – a Plucky Knitter yarn collaboration with the talented and extremely clever Veera Välimäki (the designer behind such lovely patterns as the Honey Cardigan, Golden Wheat, Water & Stone and the wildly popular Stripe Study).

Color Affection combines garter stitch, the clever use of short rows and unexpected color combiniations, which all adds up to more stripes to love and, quite simply, a match made in project heaven!


Color Affection

Sentimental Reasons

Neutral Sophisticate

Blue Bayou

At Last

Five O'Clock Somewhere

Once In A Blue Moon

Hippie Hippie Chic

The Queens Reserve

Just a few of the many color kits available

The Color Affection kit will be available in twenty-three (yes, 23!!) different color combinations (truly something for everyone) and will be available for sale in the brand new Plucky shop on Saturday, December 31st at Noon Eastern.

Kits are priced at $89 each and include:
3 skeins of The Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering (385yds per skein)
-the Color Affection pattern
-shipping included

You will need needles: US 6 (US 2.5) [4 mm (3 mm)] circular needle, at least 80 cm/32” long. Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.

Notions: tapestry needle, blocking wires and pins.

Again, please note: Kits are $89 eachwill be for sale in the new Plucky Online Shop and will remain while supplies last. Also, regarding shipping, the kits will ship the week of January 16th, 2012.

Thank you very much for your interest and enthusiasm for this kit. I can hardly wait to see them all knit up – what a riotous parade of color and texture that will be!

One last thing before I go:  If you would like to be kept up-to-date with the goings on here at the Plucky Knitter and have the most current information on updates, kits, sales, etc., please be sure to join the enewsletter list. Another good way to be in the know is to follow the Plucky Knitter page on Facebook and/or join in the fun with the Plucky group in Ravelry.

Playful Plumage~ a hat

Need a super fast knit? Look no further!

Playful Plumage Hat - Fat Fish Blue

it’s that time of year ~

when cast-on-itis starts to rear its (I hesitate to call it ugly, it just sounds so harsh in this instance) head.

There has been a lot – A LOT – of casting on and ripping out going on so now I’ve begun throwing yarn in a basket and mulling it over that way. I’m telling myself it is keeping me more organized, as opposed to my usual routine of leaving yarn bundle/piles randomly scattered throughout the studio.

Today’s basket looks like this:

thinking out-loud

On the short list so far:

  • Incus in Fat Fish Blue DK cashmere. I’m thinking the cashmere will make it especially drapey and cozy. But, I also love the idea of the Fat Fish Blue in the Ostrich Plume Stole – think not very blocked, all squished up around your neck.
  • Toast in 4ply cashmere – one lone skein of Dandy Lion. I’m thinking 50 sts on size 3 or 4 needle. Anyone else knit Toast in a fingering weight?
  • Long Striped Handwarmers in primo fingering. Perhaps Elmer T and Dandy Lion or Elmer T and Oatmeal or Fat Fish Blue and Bohemian Blue or Oatmeal and Barely Birch or….
  • I’m really really loving the idea of a zig-zaggy cowl in Plucky MCN Lite with random bits of handspun mixed in for added texture. A great big zig-zag cowl. That requires math. I’ll have to work up to that.
  • Castiel – DK cashsilk – Barely Birch
  • Thea’s new hat design in ‘Plucky Rustic’


A surprise from the very sweet and lovely Shannon. They are standing proudly here at the studio and will be a lovely addition to the test knits at the Plucky booth. Thank you very much!

It’s rainy, it’s Monday and I want to – let’s have a giveaway! Tell me, what are you grateful for today? Are you grateful the sweater  weather is upon us? Thankful the kids are back in school? Giddy that pumpkin donuts are back at the farmers market? Leave me a comment and tell me what you are thankful for today, this very minute. I’ll be leaving comments open through Wednesday at Noon Eastern at which time I will randomly draw two winners who will receive a pattern and accompanying Plucky yarn to knit said pattern.

And, FYI – it’s a Plucky shop update tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20th. It’s going to be a sneak update which means I will begin loading the shop around 10:00 a.m. Eastern and continue listing through the day. See you there!

millwater ~


Millwater by Beth Kling

Over-the-moon, head-over-heels in love with Beth’s Millwater pattern. I had a great time knitting this (easey peasey, yet still highly entertaining). The finished product……  garter stitch + off-set cable + Primo Worsted (the cable actually POPS) = total win!

Oh, and the squish factor, well, you just have to knit one up and see for yourself! I love this cowl so much – there will most definitely be more.

knitting on the go

Felted knitting bag from QueenBee Creations

There is a bit of secret knitting going on as well but I’m having the worst time staying focused. Serious cast of cast-on-itis going on here. I want to make this, this, this, this, this and possibly this (but bigger – more like a throw for the sofa). Not to mention another Millwater! Someone stop me. Please.

and the tangled yarn ~

goes to:

Liz M.  “I’ll be flinging open my windows and enjoying the warm weather (well, warm for the upper Midwest)! Which reminds me, I need to shop for some new blinds for those windows — something else to do this weekend.”

Thanks, everyone, for playing along. Who knew tangled yarn was so popular? There is no shortage of tangles to be had around here so I think this needs to be a monthly feature of the blog. More to come in May!

best weather

In the spirit of flinging windows open to let in the warm spring breezes here is a light and refreshing cocktail. My no-name summer drink of choice.

  • 1.5 shots peach or citrus flavored vodka
  • 1 can Squirt (or citrus flavored soda – diet or regular)
  • ice


Narragansett – a.k.a. Moody Broody #2


Moody, Broody & Grey ~ A sweater club.

Sign-ups will be here, on the blog, this Wednesday, April 13th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.


All photos courtesy Caro Sheridan, 2011


Thea and I have been at it again – Narragansett, the much anticipated second installment of the Moody Broody Grey club is ready!

The Narragansett pullover is knit from the top down (so you can easily alter the fit as you go – don’t you just love that?), with fitted 3/4 length sleeves and a wide boat neck for a vintage vibe.  Width, length and sleeve choice can  easily be modified and the knitting is a breeze, with just enough detail to keep you busy.

Knit up in Plucky Primo Worsted, Merino Lite or MCN Lite in a moody shade of grayish blue (the kit will be available in Narragansett Gray, Barely Birch, Dark & Stormy and Map Room) to echo a cloudy day at the beach, it is the perfect sweater to throw on with a tank or tee (even a button down would be cute), your favorite jeans and head off to a pre-summer picnic, bbq, a walk on the beach or just sit outside and watch the flowers bloom.





blueberry lemon buttermilk cake ~

Do yourself a favor~

Please. For the love of all that is lemony good, make this cake at your earliest convenience. You’ll be glad you did.

It’s about time~

For something new on the needles.

stripe study

  • Pretty Peacock – Primo Fingering
  • Barely Birch – Merino SW Fingering (more than likely will be the main color).
  • Stripe Study Shawl

Know what else it’s about time for? A shop update, that’s what – It’s been ages!

Sneak-Up in the shop tomorrow, Wednesday, March 23rd beginning sort of bright and early-ish and going throughout the day. There will be all kinds of goodies, including sweater quantities, onesies twosies, Smocked Slouch kits, a few pre-orders, cashmere and more.

Salted Caramels

Burke Candy – Salted Caramels (the dark chocolate were the first to go). A gift from a Ktmay12. Thank you Katie!

Smocked Slouch & a Shop Update too~


A one skein project? Smocked stitch? Slouchy hat? What’s not to love?!

I’m so excited to be able to share with you Jill’s new (and first ever) pattern. Can you believe it’s her first pattern?!

How can you get Jill’s adorable new pattern and the Plucky Primo to go along with it? For a limited time the Smocked Slouch pattern will be sold as a kit through my etsy store which brings me to… a shop update on Sunday, March 6th, 8:00 p.m. Eastern.  The hat patterns will be sold as kits (one pattern and one skein of Primo worsted in your choice of a Plucky repeatables colorway).

Well done Jill!



I Blame The Tylenol ~

and all the other cold meds I have been existing on the last 4 days – I can’t hear, smell, taste or sleep. But, apparently I think I can sew? Must really be sick…..


Tana Lawn – Liberty of London. Since I cannot sew, and am not in a position to learn anytime soon (much as I would like to), perhaps I will make these. Until then I am completely content to admire this  kicky fabric.

 This may be the beginning of a fascination with peacocks  (personally, I think J. Crew does amazing things with their fabrics and prints and it was on sale – bonus!).    You do realize that this will become a colorway for some yarn, right?

Speaking of yarn….. The test knits are starting to arrive!


Fingerless gloves knit by the ever so helpful and kind  Maleana. I can’t thank her enough. They are perfect!


Based on  the fingerless glove pattern by Wendy at Knit and Tonic.  Yarn – Plucky Knitter single ply 100% Merino fingering weight – Revolution colorway.

I am over the top excited to see the rest of the test knits coming along – you are all doing just fabulous and I can’t thank you enough. You can be sure I will be posting about each and everyone as they arrive.

And, since it is either try to sleep (which is almost impossible, thus the overwhelming exhaustion and  the somewhat mis-guided  purchase of fabric)  or sit here and, well, sit – I have been knitting away on Juliet. Plucky girl has already claimed her and picked out the buttons. Pictures to come.

***Edited to add*** Fingerless glove pics taken by Plucky girl – she wants it known that this is not her best work, but she took them nonetheless.

Red or Brown? ~

carine-red.jpg     or    brown.jpg

I have the black (you may remember this). Bought and black and wear them all.the.time. Comfy and cute. Can’t ask for more than that. They go with everything! So, of course, I want a pair in another color? Opinions…..please…..

 Here are the Charades  (yarn is Summer of Love 80/20 Merino Cashmere blend)  – coming along very nicely. Since I was suppose to be dyeing today (got a bit done) and it has since started raining, I have been able to really kick these into gear. Might even have done tonight (Forest Gump is on – perfect knitting movie).


Do you think the yarn is too busy for the pattern?

Speaking of patterns: Kirsten  and I are collaborating. She is designing some kicky patterns  exclusively for Plucky yarn. What talent she has. So, in the next few weeks there will be two patterns available that compliment the yarn. Don’t know about you, but I love to have pattern ideas already in mind when I get new yarn.

Don’t forget to play along with the contest. Comments are open until midnight tomorrow. Thanks for playing along.

Oh, and a few updates to the shop have been made this evening – more to come as soon as they are finished drying.

Project Spectrum, Eye Candy Friday & Things I Love ~


Not sure if this qualifies for Eye Candy Friday, Project Spectrum or just a random post. Let’s say it’s all three – shall we?

Project Spectrum  – Generally I am not a fan of purple (as in purple to wear) however, I do like purple accents on various things and I think it is a brilliant  accompaniment  to  all  the rich  Fall colors that I am so fond of. The purple beads pictured belong to Plucky girl (she is patiently waiting for me to fix the clasp for her, but in the meantime they reside in my Bauer fan bowl. Which just happens to be the happiest of oranges).

The boots? Well, let’s just say I will wear these boots until they can no longer be re-soled and they fall off my feet. Not only are they the best color, they are comfy and go with everything (at least I make them go with everything) and they have sentimental value – a gift from Mr. Plucky. Got to love Kenneth Cole. This Fall will be their third season and they are just getting broken in. I love them.

It’s harvest time in the Plucky container gardens – the yellow tomatoes are on. These, however, look a bit more orange to me (must have been left the on the vine a tad too long). Looking forward to having these sliced for lunch today.

It is absured how happy this new creamer has made me today. Caramel – Love. Hazelnut – Love. Together = Coffee Bliss.

 Well, off to the dye pot to dye some yarns to go with Project Spectrum – Thank you, Lolly, for the inspiration.