February Daily Plucky Winners!


Wow! We love seeing all of the entries for our monthly #dailyplucky contest. Thank you so much! We’ve picked the winners using the Random Number Generator and they are as follows:

Winners from Ravelry are GirlsAndDogs & sherrieg33
Winners from Instagram are @woolengirl2 & @winnielilp00h

If you are listed as a winner Congrats, and please contact us at customerservice@thepluckyknitter.com with “#dailyplucky February winner” in the subject line and we’ll send you your prize.

Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

Need a reminder on how to play along? Visit THIS POST for details on this monthly contest.

More surprises in Reserve!

Whew! It just never seems to slow down this time of year at the Plucky barn!

It’s been a whirlwind lately with pulling mystery kits for you plus the past few weeks the Plucky Crew and I have been busy cleaning the attic to prepare for new arrivals in 2019. Boy, did we find some treasures, and that means we’ve gathered up even more surprises for you!

Between now and the end of the year, we will be putting dyed and ready-to-ship yarn on various bases with different colorways in Reserve. And, how’s this for a throwback?!  We will also be posting items to our Etsy shop!  It’s an opportunity for you to get creative (which you’re soooo good at!) with the colors and bases offered. After all, sometimes you don’t know what you want or are wishing for till you see it, and this limited edition offering has lots of delightful surprises in store for you!

So, please check out Reserve and have fun making your selections. We think it’s the perfect time of year for quick knits for you and your loved ones.

And…please stay tuned for 2019, when we will get back to offering you our luxury yarn through our regular update format!

Warmest wishes,

Denim Bar & Stonewashed – Version 2.0

Denim Bar & Stonewashed 2.0!

Guess what, you guys?! We’re pleased as punch to be offering the Denim Bar set and Stonewashed for the last time this month. So, if you missed the last offering now’s the time to scoop it up!

This 3-color set has it all! A light, yet broody denim-y blue, and the perfect icy blue come together with coordinating speckles of navy, gray and turquoise. Add in a gorgeous and glowing navy with bright undertones and it all adds up to a blue lovers dream!! And, of course, no denim bar would be complete with out a stonewashed option!

Friday November 30th at 9:00 AM EST (going through the day while supplies last) we will be offering the Denim Bar three-skein colorwork set. Stonewashed will also be available as a single skein option on the bases listed below. Hayley and I are especially (and deeply) in love with these on the Halos…Halo Worsted, I’m looking at you!! Just pure cuddly gorgeousness.

Available Colors:



 Bases Available:

  • Bulky — on Sale for $17
  • Feet
  • Halo
  • Halo Worsted
  • Primo DK
  • Primo Fingering — the new 440 yard skeins!
  • Primo Sport
  • Primo Worsted
  • Solo
  • Trusty
  • Trusty Fingering

Helpful Information:

  • Please join us, on the Plucky BlogFriday, November 30th starting at 9:00 AM EST through the day, while supplies last.
  • This is a pre-order update and will ship the week of December 19th.  Please note, for administrative purposes your shipping label may be printed an unspecified amount of time prior to actually shipping.  Once an update begins to ship it may take up to 4 business days for all packages to leave the barn.
  • Stonewashed is available as single skeins. Denim Bar is sold as a 3-color set.


Warmest Regards,



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#mypluckywish Granted!

Wishes really can come true! 💫💫💫

A #mypluckywish was granted! 💫💫💫 Colorway Pleasant Pheasant is the newest Plucky Wish!! Thank you so much, @grumpybear42 (on Instagram) and congratulations!! Your wish (inspiration image posted below) really got us inspired!

@grumpybear42, please contact us at customerservice@thepluckyknitter.com with “#mypluckywish was granted” in the subject line and we’ll send you a skein in your choice of Solo, Traveler, Primo or Trusty. Congrats to the winners and we hope you’ll all continue to join in the #mypluckywish fun!!


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August #pluckyselfie Winners!


Here are the #pluckyselfie winners for August! Thank you so much for playing along! We’ve randomly selected the winners using the Random Number Generator. If your selfie is above, please contact us at customerservice@thepluckyknitter.com with “#pluckyselfie August winner” in the subject line and we’ll send you your prize. Congrats to the winners and we hope you’ll all continue to join in the #pluckyselfie fun!!

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Plucky Pop-Up Tickets

You’re Invited to a Plucky Pop-Up!!

Once again, Plucky is expanding! While we’ll still be doing all the ‘heavy-lifting’ at the Plucky Barn, we decided it was high-time we added additional space. Something ‘pretty’ and, (cough, cough), presentable. A place for Hayley and I to have our offices, host meetings, conduct photoshoots (this is where we shot Plucky Capsule No. 1), and throw special events!

Below is a schedule of events that will be taking place. Please note that some of these are ticketed events and those tickets will be sold prior to the Pop-Up weekend.


Order Your Plucky Pop-Up Tickets Here

Friday Evening Sit & Knit Tickets Have Sold Out

But, we are taking names for a waiting list, so please contact Customer Service to get on the list!


Use this button for Saturday Plucky Classics Double Feature Tickets!




We are SO excited for this and really hope you can come visit. If you plan to attend, please RSVP at THIS LINK. It will be so helpful to know how may be attending!




It’s finally time to let you in on this little Solo secret, and we couldn’t be happier to shout it from the rooftops!  If you adored Single, the wait is over. This is for you!  And for the Traveler lovers among us, this is right up your alley as well!

With the fiber content of the old Plucky Single (80.20 merino silk) and the twist of Plucky Traveler, and 475 yards per skein (WOW!), Solo has something for everyone!


With its lovely tight twist, Solo is up to the task of making textures stand out.  Knit-purl combinations, slipped stitches and other simple textures take center stage in this base.  And for the crocheters among us, Solo is phenomenal for making all those treble stitches pop.  The merino content keeps it sturdy and long lasting, while the silk provides a soft hand, an elegant sheen and the perfect amount of drape.  Solo really comes alive after a good soak, it softens up beautifully while at the same time maintains its body.  We’ve selected a list of colors that we think positively shine on Solo, including two brand new colorways.  Meet Baby Love and Metro!!


Baby Love:  Cool and vibrant.  Light in tone, while at the same time lively and vivid.  More saturated than Holland Mint, lighter/brighter than Petal Pusher.



Metro:  Cool, steely, sage-leaning blue/gray. Lighter and much more blue/gray leaning than Table Setting and Banquette.  Cooler, less brown leaning than Sage Advice.


Colors Offered:


Bases Offered:

  • Groovy
  • Groovy, Baby!
  • Primo Fingering
  • Primo Sport
  • Primo Worsted
  • Snazzy
  • Snug Worsted
  • Solo
  • Trusty
  • Trusty Fingering



Helpful Information:

  • Please join us on the Plucky Blog, Sunday, February 11th at 8:00pm ET, and again, Monday, February 12th at Noon ET.
  • This is a pre-order update and will ship the week of March 12th. Please note, for administrative purposes your shipping label may be generated an unspecified amount of time prior to actually shipping.  Once an update begins shipping, it may take up to 4 business days to leave the barn.
  • Solo price is $28/skein.  80.20 Merino/Silk.  Fingering weight, 475 yards per 115g skein.
  • Something else you’d love to see in this update? Please hop on over to the Wishlist Thread on Ravelry!  We’re are very happy to grant as many wishes as we possibly can!



Warmest wishes!




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January #dailyplucky Winners!


Here are the #dailyplucky winners for January 2018! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

Druthers Shawl Kit Update!


Druthers…a brand new shawl kit!

Peanut butter and jelly.  Tom and Jerry.  Bread and butter.  Lucy and Ethel.  All classic pairings!  But, if we had our druthers, there’s a pairing that begs to be added to that list…texture and stripes!  Introducing, Druthers!



We are completely smitten with this little beauty and what’s not to love?!  This one checks all of the boxes for us…fabulous texture sections, super fun blocks of stripes, and endless possibilities for 3 color pairings!  Add to all of this your favorite fingering base, and, well…you do the math!


All the 3-Color Kit combos that will be offered!


We are pleased to offer this pattern with 2 options.  One version is knit with your favorite fingering base held single, but, if you want an even more decadent version, there is an option to knit it with Sophisticate held double!!  We will have kits available for both versions.  Decisions, decisions!


Helpful Information:
  • Please join us on the Plucky Blog Tuesday, December 5th at 8:00 PM EST, and again, Wednesday, December 6th at Noon EST.
  • This is a pre-order update and will ship the week of January 8th.  Please note, your shipping label may be generated an unspecified amount of time prior to actually shipping.
  • Each Druthers kit includes yarn and the pattern.  If you purchase more than one kit, we would be happy to gift the pattern to the recipient of your choice.
  • This pattern will be exclusive to the kit sale for 12 months.
Warmest Regards,



  1. If you are new to Plucky, Welcome! We are so glad you are here!  Please take a moment to read through our FAQs, found HERE.
  2. We welcome you to join us in our Ravelry group, as we chat about the update, favorite recipes, pets and what to cast on next!
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October #dailyplucky Winners!

Here are the #dailyplucky winners for October 2017! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along and inspiring us daily!

Introducing Plucky Knitter’s 2017 Fall Collection: Coming Home


You’re Invited to a Very Special Update!

It seems like just yesterday. It was a hot day in June, I was standing in my kitchen over boiling pots filled with yarn, then, I blinked, and a decade went by! How did that happen?!  We’re not only celebrating Plucky’s 10th Anniversary, but, also…drum roll, please…our 2017 Fall Collection: Coming Home!

Fall has finally arrived in Michigan, and, with it, I’m so excited to share our latest collection! Coming Home will give you a glimpse into our part of the world, Western Michigan. All of the photography for the collection took place here, in and around our hometown. Our side of the state is known for its woodlands, lakes and rivers, and, at this time of year it absolutely shines! Inspiration is truly in abundance, from weathered buildings filled to the brim with character to the natural beauty of the landscapes that surround us.  We hope you are as excited for this peek into our part of the world as we are in providing you with a little tour!



Traditionally, our collections have been collaborative ones and this one is no different. Hayley provided invaluable support throughout this project, and, of course, our fellow Michigander and pal, Jill Zielinski has once again joined us in contributing designs.  In addition, this year, I am so proud to include Michele Wang as a part of the creative team!  My deepest thanks to all of you lovely ladies!



From the perfect Fall accessories, to fabulous sweaters that will become staples in your wardrobe, this collection has something for everyone!  Without further ado, we are absolutely delighted to present you with 13 new designs! So, grab your coffee, tea, or mulled cider (I’ll be having a mimosa!) and join in Coming Home with Plucky.



And, how’s this for exciting?!  There will be a blog update centered around the collection on Friday at Noon EDT, with a second part on Sunday at 8 PM EDT!



These types of updates can be especially fast moving, but, of course, we want to help as many as we can! Therefore, we will be starting a Collection NO CHAT Thread where you can post your questions, and, Hayley and I will answer. There will absolutely still be the regular Update Chatter Thread where we can talk about all things updates, this thread will just be for the Collection Update this weekend.



We have put together a smashing list of colors and bases for this special update, but, we wanted you to have time to view the collection and let us know what your wishes are! The WISHLIST Thread will be reviewed before EACH update time!


Colors Available…



Bases Available…
  • Cachet
  • Cashmere
  • Groovy
  • Groovy, Baby!
  • Nifty
  • Oxford 1.0
  • Oxford 2.0
  • Primo Fingering
  • Primo Sport
  • Primo Worsted
  • Scholar 1.0
  • Scholar 2.0
  • Snug Fingering
  • Snug Worsted
  • Sophisticate
  • Spiffy
  • Traveler
  • Traveler DK
  • Yakpaca*
Helpful Information…
1. Please join us, on the Plucky Blog, Friday, October 20th at Noon EDT and again Sunday, October 22nd at 8 pm EDT.
2. Please note, once an update begins shipping, it can take up to 4 business days for the entire update to leave the barn.  For administrative purposes, your shipping label may be generated an unspecified amount of time prior to actually leaving the barn.  This is a pre-order update and will ship the week of November  20th!
3. Scholar 1.0 and Oxford 1.0 will be discounted (but NOT discontinued) and offered at $22 per skein.
4. The colors of the month are not offered during this update.
5. *Colors: Bobbin, Going Gray, Nailhead, and Pinstripe are only available on Yakpaca.





  1. If you are new to Plucky, Welcome! We are so glad you are here!  Please take a moment to read through our FAQs, found HERE.
  2. We welcome you to join us in our Ravelry group, as we chat about the update, favorite recipes, pets and what to cast on next!
  3. If you haven’t already downloaded the Plucky Knitter app (link below), it is a great way to explore color pairings and combos that Hayley and I have put together for you.

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Narragansett Gray Update


Ten Years!

Ten years.  As I type this, I can hardly believe it’s true!  This June marks 10 years since I started dyeing yarn in my little cottage kitchen and Plucky Knitter began.  While there have been changes (not to mention a few studio moves) along the way, what inspired me back then inspires me still today…an all-consuming passion for fiber, texture and, of course, color! Always color!  Along with this passion, one thing that has never changed is our dedication to and gratitude for all of you!  We quite simply cannot thank you all enough for allowing us to serve you!

In true Plucky tradition, this June, we will be kicking off the festivities to celebrate this special anniversary, and to celebrate you!!  The party starts on June 1st, when we will have FOUR colors available at 17% off from 11:00 a.m. Thursday to Noon EDT on Friday!



We are beyond excited to offer three oldies, but goodies…Narragansett Gray (the Color of the Month for June!), Before You Go-Go and Princess Phone!  All three of these colors hold a special place in our hearts, and they are equally fabulous on their own or all together!  For this offering, we are also delighted to introduce a brand new Small Batch colorway, It’s Your Party!  This little beauty features delicate speckles that perfectly accent all three!






Colors Offered:

Bases Offered:

  • Bulky
  • Cachet
  • Cashmere
  • Crew
  • Crewbie
  • Bello
  • Feet
  • Lodge
  • Lodge Fingering
  • Nifty
  • Oxford
  • Oxford 2.0
  • Primo Aran
  • Primo Fingering
  • Primo Sport
  • Primo Worsted
  • Scholar
  • Scholar 2.0
  • Snug
  • Snug Fingering
  • Snug Worsted
  • Traveler
  • Traveler DK
  • Trusty

Helpful Information:

  • Please join us on the Plucky Blog, Thursday, June 1st, starting at 11:00 am EDT and going through Friday, June 2nd Noon EDT, while supplies last!
  • This is a pre-order update and will ship on or about June 9th. Please note, as we try to make this sale as inclusive as possible, shipping times may vary slightly depending on demand.
  • Princess Phone, Before You Go Go and It’s Your Party will not be available in the official Anniversary update.
  • Please Note: It’s Your Party NOT recommended on the following bases: Traveler(s), Scholar 1.0 and Oxford 1.0.
  • Princess Phone, Before You Go Go & It’s Your Party will be available for 17% off June 1st & 2nd only.





  1. If you are new to Plucky, Welcome! We are so glad you are here!  Please take a moment to read through our FAQs, found HERE.
  2. We welcome you to join us in our Ravelry group, as we chat about the update, favorite recipes, pets and what to cast on next!
  3. If you haven’t already downloaded the Plucky Knitter app (link below), it is a great way to explore color pairings and combos that Hayley and I have put together for you.

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xo, Sarah



Happy Friday, dearies!  We are just popping in to let you know that XO will be on hiatus until the first of the year… But, we had to share this first.  Who knew?!

Processed with Snapseed.



Stay warm and happy knitting!


Featured Pattern: Onward & Upward

With the Kickoff KAL to Glamping At Home With Plucky underway, we thought this would be a perfect time to feature one of the key patterns in this KAL. Onward & Upward!




The Onward & Upward hats can each be knit with ANY fingering weight yarn, held double. Both hats use garter stitch short rows to create a head-hugging, brimless hat. In Onward, the hat is knit flat and side-to-side, then joined with a brilliant slash of color.




But, if a lace panel marching up to the summit is more your style, then Upward is perfect. Whether you choose a subtle marled look or a sassy color combo, Onward & Upward hats offer a great way to mix those bases and colors, creating a real one-of-a-kind hat.






Onward & Upward is a quick knit that has lots of style. From picking your colors, to the unique construction, you’ll be sure to knit more than one!


For more details and to join in the fun with our Kickoff KAL click HERE.




Quintessential Plucky!



Sunday, June 26th 8:00 PM EDT at the Plucky Blog




Although you may have been living with sweltering spring weather, served up with a side of sizzle, now it’s officially summer!



Help us celebrate summer with a Quintessential Summer Update.  In this Update you will find our nine color, 2016 Quintessential Plucky Palette (QPP), plus one more mystery summer neutral. The Mystery color will pair perfectly with any and all of the colors in our “QPP Kit”.  You will be able to order as many skeins of the mystery neutral as you need!




Deep End. Modified.


On Sunday, on the Plucky blog, you will find drop down menus allowing you to choose the base for your QPP Kit.  Each kit will contain one skein of each of the nine 2016 Quintessential Summer colors, all on the same base.  Or, you may choose a 10, 11, or 12 skein kit.  This will give you the opportunity to select one of the nine QPP colors as your main color. In other words, if you choose a 12 skein QPP kit, will get the all 9 QPP colors and then you choose, say, Castaway as your additional 3 skeins. All right there in the same button. No need to contact customer service. Easy peasy puddin’ pie!




If you would like just the Anniversary Mystery color, you will also find an additional button(s) for choosing the mystery color, in the quantity you need and on the base you select. The mystery colorway – you can choose as many single skeins as your heart desires.




Bases available:

  • Bello
  • Cachet
  • Cashmere
  • Crew
  • Crewbie
  • Feet
  • Lodge Worsted
  • Oxford 2.0
  • Primo Fingering
  • Primo Sport
  • Primo Worsted
  • Rustic
  • Single
  • Sweater
  • Trusty

For this Update, we have chosen bases that are light and breezy and perfect for a summer tee, a swingy tank or something light to slip around your shoulders. If you’re looking for a summer project, check out these links to patterns that we think are perfect for summertime knitting and crocheting!

We’re also including some fun, new swag with this update.  Once you’ve ordered your QPP Kit, you might need a bag to hold them all!  We thought it would be fun to design a project bag that would be big enough to hold your Quintessential summer projects and would be easy to find when you are ready to start your next project. These bags will also be featured in the update, with their own drop down menu for selecting the number of bags you want.


Please join us for this pre-order update on June 26th at 8:00 PM EDT on the Plucky Blog,as we embrace the colors and textures of summer.  And, what a happy coincidence that we are still celebrating our anniversary month. That means more Golden Tickets!
If you are new to Plucky or have never participated in a Blog Update, we invite you to read our FAQ page, found HERE. You can also visit our blog post on How To Shop A Plucky Updatefor valuable information and tips.

We hope that you will be inspired to mix-n-match all the Plucky colors and bases as you celebrate your personal vision of summer.


Dendros Update POSTPONED

Important Announcement
I’m thinking this will be rescheduled. You guys I’m so sorry for the frustration but this is all in Paypal’s lap today.
I’ll be back soon. Scrambling….
Hayleymae’s tee shirt is all talk today… I could use a mimosa!

How To Shop A Plucky BLOG Update




  • When you arrive at thepluckyknitter.com, be sure to click into the Blog from the top menu, photo link or the ticker as indicated by the arrows below.




  • Once you are at the blog and see the blog entry for the update, be sure to refresh your screen if it isn’t quite update time and remember to scroll down your screen, past the posted photos!




  • As you scroll down the blog entry, you should arrive at drop-down menus like the ones shown above! This is where you will find the base, colorway, and any other options you may need to choose to add to your cart.





  • Once you click ADD TO CART, Your browser may open a new window or you may be taken directly to your shopping cart from the same window. This will depend upon your browser and your individual settings. Above is a screenshot of your PayPal shopping cart. You can update your quantity here, remove items, choose to checkout now and come back for more or you may go back and continue shopping at the blog for additional items. What you’ve chosen will remain in your shopping cart so long as it doesn’t sell out before you check-out! If you are done shopping, click the Check Out with PayPal button!



  • Here is where you will complete your checkout! See screenshot example above. From here you will see the recap of your shopping cart and can either login to checkout using your established PayPal account or if you don’t have a PayPal account, you may simply enter your shipping information and pay with a debit or credit card. As long as the items you’ve selected have not sold out, you will complete your check-out and receive an email from PayPal confirming your payment to The Plucky Knitter. This email serves as your receipt from us, too! It will detail your order and should you have any questions about your order, is the best detail to reference when contacting us at pluckycustomerservice@gmail.com!

April #dailyplucky Winners!

Dear April,

My, oh my, weren’t you a little trickster! Coming in like a lion meant you tossed us a curve ball on April Fools Day. From there, you proceeded to tease the daylights out of us with hints of an early spring. But, you finished up the month in our neck of the woods by going out like a damp and very grey lamb!   In spite of all those little glitches, the flowering trees are bursting, the daffodils are glorious and the tulips are promising. Welcome to the month of May!


Don’t forget to tag your IG photos with #dailyplucky or your projects in Ravelry with “dailyplucky” throughout the month of May for a chance to win!

Thank You!

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is quickly coming to a close and 2016 is only days away! There’s no better time than right now to look back and thank you for an amazing year and…deep breath…to also look forward to the new year with all of you, our dear customers and friends as we anticipate all that 2016 holds.

This past year has been another adventure filled with new friends, new ideas, new creations, and a full year in our new studio! What a treat it’s been to work in our new barn and not have to dye outside in polar vortexes or the blazing sun. Despite not tripping over each other anymore (literally), we did experience a few growing pains and found not everything always went as planned. But, the Crew and I still managed to have fun and were so thankful for your patience through the highs, the lows, and everything in between. You’ve been with us every step of the way, and for that we are grateful beyond words.


One of the high points, as we look back on 2015, was the growth of our wonderful Ravelry community. We so appreciate the long-time members who gladly welcomed our new friends and huge thanks go to all of you—old and new friends alike—for the warmth, knowledge and creativity you so generously shared with us and with one another. Your kindness and generosity in helping others continued to amaze and inspire us. You have answered questions, provided suggestions, offered words of encouragement and support, and sent a virtual hug to many during trying times. Words can’t begin to express our gratitude for helping create a community of such kindness, creativity, talent and friendship, for which we remain humbled and infinitely thankful every single day.


Needless to say, we were thrilled to see many of you in person over the past year! Each year we give careful thought to which shows to attend, knowing the tremendous amount of work that’s involved, and last year we loved being at Stitches South. Thank you to all of you who attended and stopped by the Plucky booth. It was great to see so many old friends, meet new ones, exchange ideas and inspire one another.



The 2015 Plucky Shindig was another high point for us, and we hope for you, too! It was such great fun to host you! We send (yet another!) huge shout-out to Lorilee for her incredible organizational skills and endless behind-the-scenes work in partnering with us on the Shindig. We also are so grateful for all the in-person help we received. We loved creating our new marketplace and spending time with you there. And then, of course, there was the fashion show featuring many of your amazing creations and all of the informal sit-and-knits. Thank you, again, to all of you who attended and made the Shindig such a fabulous time together.


And who could forget Plucktober 2015, thirty-one days of incredible knitting, crocheting, amazing creations and a fantastic sense of community?! I would like to thank Ien and Jill for the hundreds of hours they logged organizing and administering this major Plucky event as well as all the event moderators. You guys were fantastic!


Hayley and I, along with Amy Miller and Jill Zielinski, had such fun creating All Bundled Up, Spring Forward and Fall Back collections. We hope you find the patterns/projects enjoyable to knit, wearable, gift-worthy and classic with a twist! These collections wouldn’t have been possible without our incredibly talented sample knitters who helped bring them to life. Thank you ladies! We so appreciate you and couldn’t do it without you!!



New colorways and new bases are always high on our list of priorities to help keep those creative juices flowing. Exciting collaborations, such as VerdeaMultiplicity, Shatsu, & Summer Moon (just to name a few) gave us further opportunity to bring creativity to new levels with some wonderfully talented designers. And, your love for our posted projects and requests for kits (you love those mysteries!) continue to humble us  – thank you for trusting us and letting Hayley and I surprise you!


And then there was the new Plucky app, which was our gift to you! We have received so many positive comments and hope you continue to use it often for ideas and information and to use it to plan your very own color pairings!


Of course, none of this—events, collections and new products—could have happened without the people I work with everyday…the dedicated Plucky Crew who make it happen along side me…I love you guys more than I can say.


Please allow me to express my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for all you did to make it a great year…and all you continue to do to make Plucky what it is today. Your friendship, your creativity, your support and your kindness are what keep us inspired and committed to exploring new and better ways for you to experience fiber and color. It has been such an incredible privilege to serve you and I find such abundant joy looking forward to new creative journeys in 2016.


So that we can enjoy some time off to spend with family and friends, the studio will be dark until the first week of January. We wish you the same quiet, cozy time with family and friends!

With great affection, gratitude and so many hugs,




A Multiple Choice Update!

We love gradients. We love cowls. We love choices! This update is going to feature all 3!Are you a gradient lover too? If you are, we have an exciting new design to share with you. Michele Wang’s new cowl, Wollman Rink is a perfect fit for working with gradient color schemes.  This slip-stitch colorwork cowl has quickly become a favorite of mine.  Do you have a blanket in mind but you want to add extra colors and skeins to build on a gradient you’ve already put together?  Or are you just ready to cast-on all of the new hats and gorgeous sweaters coming out for the winter season?  You can!  Here are the nuts & bolts of this update:

  • (5) color (6 skein) fingering weight kits for Michele Wang’s brand new Wollman Rink Cowl will be available.
  • (5) skein Gradient kits in fingering, sport, worsted or bulkier bases. We like options!
  • Pre-order any quantity you’d like of the available colors and bases that are in the kits. Basically, it’s a regular Blog update, too.
  • And to top it off it will be a 2-part update, at 2 different times so as to accommodate as many as possible.

We are so excited about Wollman Rink, with its color play, gorgeous texture and timeless good looks, reminiscent of the venue for which it’s named. Whether you lace up your skates and take to the ice or watch from the sidelines with a steaming mug of something hot, Wollman Rink is the perfect accessory.

To help Michele celebrate the release of her pattern and upcoming Gauge and Tension Plucky trunk show this weekend, Hayley and I have put together a collection of fingering weight kits that we think are particularly fun and promise to be ever so pretty.  Choose from gradients or play with color to create your own perfect cowl.  The pattern will be available in Michele’s Ravelry shop beginning Friday, November 6 and she’s even offering 10% off through Sunday!

And, we’ve heard your requests for more gradient kits, and we are happy to oblige!  In addition to the fingering kits, we will also have sport, worsted and bulkier (5) skein kits available.

I think it bears repeating that every color and base available in a kit is also available for pre-order in the quantity you want!  Do you need a Quadri to go with your Wollman Rink?  Pick up an extra skein of Bello Worsted or Snug Worsted, or even Scholar, and you’re good to go!

Before every update, please be sure to pop into the wishlist thread to let us know what colors and bases you are shopping for.  This is such a great starting point for us in putting together update offerings of bases, single colors, collages and gradients.  Then, we will post them in the locked update thread so you can easily scroll through to see what combos are speaking to Hayley and me!

Please join us on Friday, November 6 at 12 p.m. EST and again on Sunday, November 8 at 8 p.m. EST on the Plucky Blog for this multiple choice update!  Here’s a recap of what you will find:

Wollman Rink Cowl kits:

  • (6) skein fingering kits. Each kit will contain (2) skeins of a MC, (4) different skeins of CCs, in the same base and will be the needed yardage to knit Wollman Rink. Please note that the pattern is sold separately, in Michele’s Rav store with a 10% discount Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this weekend.

Bases available:

  • Cashmere
  • Feet
  • Oxford 2.0
  • Primo Fingering
  • Single (on back-order but available)
  • Snug Fingering

Gradient Kits

  • (5) skein gradient kits.  Each kit will contain 5 different colors, on the same base, forming a gradient for a project(s) of your choosing.

Bases available:

  • Each of the fingering bases noted above as well as
  • Bello Worsted
  • Cachet
  • COZY
  • Primo Sport
  • Scholar (original)
  • Snug Worsted

Standard Pre-Orders

  • Any of the listed colors, on any of the listed bases, in any amount you want! No need to limit yourself to one of the kits that we build; here is a chance to gather a sweater quantity of your choice, or select single colors to knit hats for the family.

This is going to be a fun one!  An important note:  This is one of the last blog updates that will ship prior to 12/23/2015.  If you’re looking for yarn to gift or gifts to knit, now’s your chance!  If you are new to Plucky we invite you to read all about our Blog Updates in the FAQs found HERE. Also, be sure to sign up for our eNewsletter and go to our Plucky Knitter app so you are always up-to-date on events and news.


Celebrate Plucktober!



One quick glance into the Plucky group on Ravelry and you are guaranteed to catch some Plucktober Fever!

Ien and Jill have been working tirelessly to get all the threads started, the guidelines set, and to answer innumerable questions from all the super enthusiastic participants. We hope that means you! If not, won’t you join us?

Plucktober is a month long celebration of camaraderie, knitting and FUN! Good times knitting (crocheting and weaving too!) with good friends.

There is a fantastic collection of designers who have designed new patterns and have posted fantastic discounts for many of their self-published works. If you haven’t had a look, please be sure to check out the Plucktober 2015 Designer/Retailer thread. The thread is continuing to update as more and more generous offers are posted by these lovely and generous designers. This might be your chance to pick up one of those patterns that you must have in your library for future projects.

This year we have some wonderful designers that are hosting special Plucktober Designer Stich-a-longs (SALs). They are as follows:

There will also be special SALs for the above patterns and there will also be general SAL’s, where you can knit (or crochet or weave) any pattern you’d like.

Our categories this year will be:

  • Cover Your Extremities SAL – will include all accessories (except shawls). So all hats, cowls, scarves, fingerless mitts, mittens, gloves, and socks will be hosted here by zknitter and ctrip.
  • Keep Me Warm SAL – will be hosted by sandjul and jkld11 and will include all adult size garments.
  • It’s A Wrap SAL – will consist of shawls and wraps, which we know are extremely popular with Plucky knitters. LisaV2207 and kitchsstitches will host all you shawl and wrap knitters.
  • At Home With The Littles SAL – is a new SAL this year. This SAL will include baby and kids garments as well as all sorts of things for the home. Knitted antlers or crocheted chickens anyone? Stuffed animals? Blankets in all their Plucky glory will be included here also. Shortcakepie and Diana505 will be your moderators for this fun new SAL.

I hope you will join us this year. For a full list of the events, rules and how-to’s, have a read through the locked thread, Plucktober 2015 Guide and Roadmap.

Prizes? We will absolutely have some prizes! Kits, sweater quantities, swag…This is going to be great fun!


Official Plucktober Project Bags and Tote Bags are in the Swag Shop!

The Plucky Post: June 2015


The Plucky Post: May 2015

plucky post header


The Plucky Crew and I warmly welcome you to the first edition of The Plucky Post!

You, our dear friends and customers, are constantly sparking our creative juices at Plucky, and we are excited to share some of our inspirations (so many things inspire us and it’s not always just yarn!), ideas, tips, recipes, and, of course, our love of contests in this new monthly newsletter designed and written with you in mind.

CLICK HERE to download the first edition of The Plucky Post,


Warmest regards,
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Spring Forward – Friday, May 1st!

l to r: Fresh Air in Early Light, Fresh Air in Gizmo & Screen Door

The Spring Forward collection is in full bloom and here at the studio we are slowly catching our collective breath following our return from Stitches South. Reading and feeling all the enthusiasm, smiles and kind words you have all shared makes the hard work by our entire Plucky crew so very rewarding. Good gravy but you guys are great – thank you from ALL OF US!!

Spring Forward Collage
Screen Door, Rip Tide, Fresh Air, Stripe Parade, Fiddlehead & Porch Swing

Beach Walk Collage
Beach Walk in Crew

It was great fun to unveil the Spring Forward collection at Stitches. We were able to display all the samples that were modeled in the book. We brought Screen Door knit up in Miss Manners, Tin Type, Camomile and Splendor! The Porch Swing by Amy Miller and Rip Tide infinity scarf, by Jill Zielinski, were big hits. It was super fun to watch people as they picked up the samples and experienced Sophisticate held double for the first time…very swoon worthy! Speaking of swooning…. The Fresh Air eyelet cardigan in cashmere. That was very popular! If cashmere is not your cuppa tea, might I suggest Traveler Sport – it would be divine! The Spring Forward bug even bit us again!! Hayley, Amy and, goodness, I couldn’t help myself either…. we snuck in a little knitting at Stitches by casting on a Fiddlehead on Saturday because we all need a light-weight hat this time of year. And, most definitely, I need a Stripe Parade in Snug Fingering and I think you do too! Oh, and a Beach Walk. Everyone needs a Beach Walk. Sheesh! Where to stop?!

Just a few of the colorways available are shown below and listed in the Announcement thread – if there is something you’d love to see please pop into the Wish List thread and let me know!

Spring Forward Color Collage

Bases Available:
Primo Fingering
Primo Sport
Snug Fingering
Snug Worsted
Traveler DK
Traveler Sport

Please join us Friday, May 1st at 9:00 AM EST and 8:00 PM EST here on the plucky BLOG as we bring you an update full of many of the new colorways, as well as your tried and true favorites. I will announce the full list of colors and bases in plenty of time for you to find your next project and to make your list. If you haven’t already had a chance to look over the Spring Forward collection, we invite you to have a look! I hope you find a pattern by Amy Miller, Jill Zielinski or the Plucky Knitter that will inspire you.

Sarah & the Plucky Crew


P.S. Please note that the sophisticate in this order may run a few days behind.

Polar Dip!

Polar Dip collage

Baby it’s cold outside! I think today is the perfect day to talk about the Polar Dip sweater, part of our All Bundled Up collection.

There’s no end to the color possibilities with this fun raglan pullover. Knit top-down and shown in Plucky Bello Worsted, you might want to knit yours in a gradient—or go crazy with a wild and totally unexpected color combo! How bold are you?

Polar Dip is a raglan pullover with a classics fit, knit in a lite worsted weight (Bello Worsted which is perfect!) at a gauge of 22 sts and 32 rnds = 4″ / 10 cm in Stockinette Stitch.

This is a great example of impact being created by the simple placement of color. Probably the first decision you will make is which of the bases will set the mood for your sweater.  Are you looking for something casual and a bit dramatic for weekend wear? Or are you a bit of a sophisticate who opts for something not quite so casual?

Once you have decided on the base, it’s time to consider your color choices. This is not going to be easy! In the pattern photos, Amy has chosen to have the top and the bottom of the sweater in two shades of the same color, both grays. Then she really got bold and added hot pink and a kicky orange for her stripes!  Another option would be to start at the neck with your first color and then continue to work the sweater in a gradient scheme. Do you want to work from the lightest at your face and end with the body in your deepest color?  Or, would you flip that and work it from darkest to lightest?  Or, maybe you want the top color and the bottom color to be the same, with two contrasting colors streaking around your shoulders? Decisions, decisions!

Here are just a few of the many options available for your very own Polar Dip. All you need to do is decide how BOLD you want to be!

polar dip collage 1 polar dip collage 2 polar dip collage 3polar dip collage 3

All Bundled Up!


It is with the most incredible sense of excitement that I am able to share our surprise with you! It has been a labor of love and a true privilege to work with a very talented group of people (the team!) who have helped me take an idea for a project that would offer approachable knitwear patterns with a touch of whimsy and luxury, and bundle it up into a collection that is fun, engaging, and classic with a twist. After many months of dreaming, designing, knitting, tweaking, photographing (the photo shoot just happened to coincide with the first big snow of the year – how handy was that?!) and then knitting some more…. it’s finally time to share with you All Bundled Up – a Plucky Winter 2015 Collection!


I hope you will find inspiration within the pages of our winter collection. And, once you have decided on your must knit project(s), please join us on the blog this Tuesday morning, January 6th at 9 am Eastern for a ready to ship update that will include many of the bases and colorways featured in All Bundled Up. But, if you don’t find what you need, no worries because we will bring you a full pre-order blog update later in the week, chock-full of ALL the bases and a whole lot of your favorite Plucky colorways both old and new!

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement and we truly hope you found something to inspire you and keep you content and warm during the deep winter months ahead.

Sarah & the Plucky Crew


Can.Not.Stop. I can’t. Can’t stop trolling through Ravelry and walking around the barn making little piles of yarn for projects …. planning the Fall and Winter knitting. I have been looking at the new, revisiting those in my favorites list and renumbering my mental queue (it’s a messy queue!). Truth be told, I could spend what seems like an eternity just dreaming of the possibilities that are rolling around in my brain right now. Each pattern is a launch pad just waiting for you and I to make it our own. Waiting for us to choose the right yarn (what base?!) and colorway (neutral? bold? scum? something out of the comfort zone?) that will really make the FO sing and become one of your all time favorite FO’s.

As I read through the update and pattern threads, it sounds like many of you are working on your lists too. Your ideas are awesome and I have been following many of the links that have been posted for patterns that I might otherwise have missed. It only seemed fair that we would post a few links to patterns that Hayley and I have been itching to cast on or are already our favorites. In case you haven’t already found what you want, maybe one of these will be just right!

favorites collage

In no particular order – and this is by no means a comprehensive list, just random favorites – here we go:

Sweaters (this won’t be quite as long as there are just way too many to list) but let’s focus on a few that can be worked up in Scholar, Snug,  Traveler Aran or Primo Aran:

PALOMA – Check out the one Hayley wore to the Shindig this past May.

SOLSTICE CARDIGAN – This one has been worked up in both Plucky Scholar and SNUG, with equally great results!

INLAND – How cozy would this be?!

ROSEMONT – Classic. Flattering.

AUDREY – Imagine the color possibilities and those little thumb holes – great detail.

LOUISE  – This has been a huge favorite in the Plucky group. We have it knit up in Traveler Aran, Trusty, Rustic, Scholar and SNUG and all are adorable! Lisa’s is so cute! Kelly’s in Traveler Aran and Lisa’s in Scholar are two of my favorites.

EARL – you’re so cozy! I’m a broken record, I know. But cozy is the word of the day here. Wind is blowin’ like crazy and we had sleet this morning.


CRYIN ICICLES – a great little freebie that is fantastic worked up in Traveler Aran and Scholar. BUT, let’s not forget (tweak the numbers a little) about SNUG. Oh my. Decadent in SNUG. Oh, and what if you did an I-cord around the cop and bottom in contrasting color(s)? Yes, that’s definitely a good idea.

LOWBROW – The hat and/or cowl. Love them in the specified yarns but I’m thinking it would fun to take the cowl and SNUG it up a bit.

MIKAN SNOOD – Hayley’s favorite – SNUG. Traveler Aran. I’m going to see if I can talk her in to whipping up one for me.

RAMA LAMA – Let’s play with color! SNUG, Traveler Aran, Primo Aran, Scholar – mix the bases and the colors. Have fun!

SILVER GIN FIZZ , WARREN STREET COWL & AVERY – Texture you can sink into. I was thinking of Avery in SNUG, casting on one or two less repeats and seeing where it takes me. Or any of the three patterns as written in Scholar or Travler Aran in a bright pop of color for those dark winter days ahead – you know we all have dark coats that will need livened up!

MUH MUHS or ESJAN – Love. LOVE. Check out the color pairings thread in the Plucky group for ideas.

MAARA – because I love projects that are a little rustic and a little girly and then add an unexpected color, that’s a winning recipe!

SUGAR PINE POINTCOCOON, HERMANESS, DRAGONFLIES, CONTEMPORARY – Hats. I could go on and on and on and on….. So I’ll just share a few for now. There will be more to come – there always is….

What are some things you are itching to cast on right now? Has the dip in temperature given you a bad case of the ‘I must cast on all things now?’

In other news, and it’s GOOD NEWS!!! We have received shipping information that our BIG order of Feet is on its way to us. So, here is what I am thinking…..I will add feet to the Sunday night Blog Update, with one little caveat. If you are willing to be a little flexible with our shipping dates (in case some terrible weather snafu delays our delivery!), I will add it. The best scenario is that it will arrive in the next few days and we will have no problem in getting it to you on time. But, I always like to err on the side of caution and it is possible that we may need a little extra time to get that portion of your order shipped. If you are OK with that, let’s do it! Plucky Feet is in.

Are you catching a fun case of Cast-on-itis yet? Please join us here on the blog on Sunday evening (tomorrow!) at 8:00 p.m. Eastern for the second half of our weekend blog update. The temperatures are beginning to dip and we all need to be prepared for what ever Mother Nature sends our way! Sweaters, cowls, hats, mitts or socks? Let’s get busy!

Crazy Eights – The Winners!

Our game of Crazy Eights has been so much fun!  It has also been a great way for us to hear what floats your boat. Oh the things we have learned! We had over 800 responses and many of them carried multiple color votes.  As we have been tabulating the entries, let me just say that we were always happy to come upon any list of multiple colors that was in alphabetical order!

Now, a word about the colors that made the top eight. We did use our dyer’s prerogative to be sure that our eight colors all played well together. So what ended up happening is we have a Scummy/Muted Team and a Brights Team. It just seemed logical to have two teams made up of four players each. You know all games need a referee, so I took the two top neutral colors and made them the umpires!

Without further ado, here are your teams!

Crazy Eights Brights

Crazy Eights muted scum
and the two neutrals!

Crazy Eights Neutrals

Bases – now this was a REAL tough one. Because we are trying something new and want to include as many as possible for as long as possible I have chosen the bases as follows:

Bello Worsted
Traveler Aran (due to recent changes in how we handle TA, I am particularly happy with how Tuscadero, Bohemian, Jazz Hands, Wintry Mix, Morticia, Chocolate Crinkle and Ogre will play on TA!)
Bello Fingering
Traveler Sport


DATE & TIME: Tomorrow, Saturday, August 30th at NOON, Eastern (get it, 8th month of the year!) and will run for eight hours or until inventory and production time that we have set aside for this has been exhausted.

WHERE:  Here on the Plucky blog


Monday Monday

Ox Profile


Happy Monday to one and all!

  1. Hayley’s back! H A Y L E Y IS BACK!!! And, Ryan too (YAY!), but Hayley…. she’s back!
  2. How are our friends in the Bay Area this morning? {{Thinking of you and hugs to you all}}.
  3. I roasted tomatoes like there was no tomorrow this weekend. Still have more to do. Do you have a favorite way to roast/preserve tomatoes?
  4. Pleated skirts are back? I’m having flashbacks….
  5. Tomorrow is the Classics party! We can’t wait to get these golden oldies on some new Plucky bases – this is going to be a hoot!
  6. That craziness that I was going to get up to while Hayley was gone… it’s still coming! If you’re in the dark about this one, I invite you to join our plucky group on ravelry and keep a close eye on the Plucky HQ thread and the locked Update News & Announcements thread as that’s where we keep everyone up-to-date with all the goings on.
  7. I hope your Monday is a gentle one.



Dogs on tables

Looking to add something fun to your Instagram feed? #Dogsontables

Plucktember is almost here!


One quick glance into the Plucky group on Ravelry and you are guaranteed to catch some Plucktember Fever!

Rose and Ien have been working tirelessly to get all the threads started, the guidelines set, and to answer innumerable questions from all the super enthusiastic participants. We hope that means you! If not, won’t you join us? Plucktember is a month long celebration of you, of your crafty accomplishments and, well, all things Plucky! Good times with good knits and crocheting and good friends. The theme for this year’s event is Head To Toe, shortened to H2T.

Once the word got out, the most fabulous collection of designers jumped on board and began designing new patterns and posting fantastic discounts for many of their self published works. If you haven’t had a look, be sure to check out the Plucktember Designer/Retailer thread. This is a thread that is continuing to update as more and more generous offers are posted by an incredible roster of designers. This might be your chance to pick up one of those patterns that you NEED to have in your library for future projects.

I hope you will join us this year. For a full list of the events, have a read through the locked thread, Plucktember 2014 Guide and Roadmap. Rose and Ien have laid out all the Stitch Alongs (SAL) and special challenges: “This year we will have an H2T Specific SAL, with 6 new knitting patterns designed especially for Plucktember, and 4 General SAL’s (which include knitting, crocheting, and weaving). There will also be 3 Challenge Contests with specific criteria for entry, as well as weekly (P)Lucky Friday Contests where you can win randomly drawn prizes!”

Prizes? Should we have some prizes? YES! You will have to take my word for it when I say that Plucky is pulling out all the stops for Plucktember prizes. Kits, sweater quantities, swag…. we plan to knock your socks off this year!


The official start of Plucktember is just around the corner! I am thrilled to see the excitement and enthusiasm by so many members. I am sending virtual hugs to Rose and Ien for all they have done, and continue to do, as they lead and moderate Plucktember. Add to that, my heartfelt gratitude to all the generous designers who bring their talent to us all and who are playing along with us this year – we love you guys!

Have you swatched? Do you have your pattern selected? Do you know which event (or events!) you are participating in? Plucktember, 2014 is almost here!











Camilla Bello USE .jpg

Shown in Plucky Bello. After Dark, Fondant, Milk Maid & Tiny Bubbles

I am so excited to be able to share with you the newest design from Gina House (a.k.a. SleepyEyes) and her first design for Plucky. When photos for the Camilla Shawl arrived in the studio, my mind began to race with the color and base possibilities. Knit in a single color, Camilla will be subtle yet dramatic. Or, you may want to play with multiple colors (3, 4, or even bind off with a 5th color perhaps?!), accentuating the lace. Whichever fingering base you choose, your Camilla will be gorgeous!

And what is better than debuting a new kit? How about a new kit AND a new custom Plucky base?! OXFORD is in the house and would be a fantastic choice for your Camilla Shawl.

Camilla Shawl Side use.jpg

If you choose Oxford for your Camilla, your finished shawl will be a light and lofty, blocking out a bit larger than if you knit it in one of the other fingering bases. And the juxtaposition of the more rustic (but still very luxurious – 25% cashmere after all!) spin of Oxford and the ladylike Camilla – well I just think it’s a match made in pattern/yarny heaven!

Camilla Shawl Collage.jpg

The Camilla kit will be offered on Thursday, July 24th at Noon Eastern on the Plucky Blog. Seth (good old Seth!) will set up drop down menus for all of the Plucky fingering bases (Feet, Primo Fingering, Bello, Single and Oxford) and I will be putting together the color options for him to set up as well.

Camilla Upfront side close.jpg

Pay no attention to my dyeing attire, just had to show Camilla + Oxford in all their glory – Thank you Gina for such a lovely design!

Please keep an eye on the locked color thread for kit choices and pricing and be sure to post your thoughts in the Wishlist thread. We will email you the pattern within 48 hours of your purchase of a kit.

Thank you and happy knitting everybody!

P.S. Please note: Not all color combinations will be available across every base. The kits will be chosen based on how each individual base takes color. There will be kit offerings that are available in Primo Fingering, Feet, Single & Bello only. THEN there will be kits available in all bases, INCLUDING Oxford. They will be marked accordingly.

Shindig Thank You’s

Shindig Collage 1

Happy first Tuesday morning after the Shindig!  Wait. What? It’s two weeks after the Shindig?! It’s all a blur. That pesky move has made time stand still and fast forward all at the same time.

While it has been a blur, what remains vivid in our minds eye is the warmth, goodwill and ‘let the good times roll’ vibes you showered us with during the Shindig. It was everything we hoped and dared dream it would be. No, actually, it was WAY better than our wildest dreams!

First and foremost thank you to Lorilee. Her tireless attention to detail, her calm and patient manner and her quiet and wickedly funny sense of humor – she really is the best partner in crime a gal could hope for. Thank you L2!

Franklin! Thank you Franklin for sharing your wit and wisdom with us. The classes (I’ve heard – sadly I was not able to peek in and observe) were wonderful and the presentation you gave on Saturday evening was highly entertaining – even the non-knitting Plucky Fellas were entertained.  Thank you for helping make the Shindig weekend so special!

To our helpers/honorary Plucky Crew (all those who helped us to build and maintain the marketplace – that includes you Jill – thank you for joining us in the marketplace!):

Without your help we would have simply been a bunch of knitters hanging around the Amway lobby. That would have been cool and festive, but I think the Amway would have kicked us out eventually and we wouldn’t have been able to have the fashion show!  I am so thankful for all of you who helped us from behind the scenes to make this such a magnificent event.  Hayley, Ryan, Drew and I could not have done this without you.  You are all rock stars (as evidenced by your stellar karaoke skills).  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Shindig collage 2

And last but certainly not least  – The Shindiggers! Both retreaters and non-retreaters. We cannot even begin to express our deepest and sincerest thank you’s to all of you.  Everyone who attended was gracious, patient, clever, warm, funny and friendly and the entire weekend seemed to flow effortlessly (and went by so fast!). You really are the most joyful, exuberant, generous and gracious group. It is our sincere pleasure and privilege to call you our pals. You truly inspire us every single day to do our very best to serve you.

With immeasurable love and gratitude,

Shindig collage 3

PK Collection Clutch & Tote

Clutch Collage USE THIS

I love knitting, boots, bags and the perfect lipstick and tee shirt. Somehow, out of all those things, I chose to try to create a line of bags that go beyond the simple canvas tote or clutch, where most of my knitting, notions, lip stick and computer live.  I wanted a clutch that would be happy to ride along inside my purse or to stand by itself for an evening on the town.  I wanted a tote that was sturdy but still had a touch of elegance for a day of shopping in the city.

I am so excited to bring to you the PK Collection!

First the clutch. Why a clutch? Knitters carry a bunch of stuff  with them all the time (most women do!) but you don’t always want to carry everything, everywhere. Enter the clutch. Keep your keys, notions, wallet, etc. in the clutch and then toss that in your bag. That’s all you need to carry! You want to go have drinks with your friends or a quick run into the grocery store – just grab your clutch! At least that’s how I use mine.

Each PK clutch has been crafted from top of the line Italian leather (they tried to talk me out of it but I wouldn’t be swayed), and is available in your choice of either classic navy or a gunmetal grey. We searched and tested until we found leather that would look beautiful on the first day and would be just as beautiful after years of use and abuse (I can personally attest to this as I have been using mine for the past two months – it even survived a trip on the top of my car going 65mph).

Grey close

Then, we added a antique nickel zipper and ring that is not only a great design element, but also very durable. No chintzy zipper here!  Then we kicked it up one more notch with a very Plucky yellow zipper tape (think Pollen) and a fun Miss Manners-esque pink lining.  The clutch is eleven inches wide, eight inches deep and fits perfectly under your arm or inside another bag. Mine holds my iPad mini, phone, wallet, keys and lipstick perfectly.

Tote Collage USE THIS

The Second bag is our limited edition PK Collection Tote.  We found a wonderful oiled cloth canvas that translated perfectly into a tote with a ton of style and function.  This tote is perfect as a project bag, but begs to go practically everywhere with you as a market bag, gym tote or even a diaper bag.

The flat bottom allows it to sit at your feet without tipping over, whether you are at home knitting or enjoying an afternoon of shopping.  The tote is very light weight, but the high quality canvas and leather straps makes it strong enough to carry a laptop, notebooks and your clutch if you are on your way to the office, a meeting or dinner with the girls.  The more you use it, the more vintage and well loved it looks. Again, the tote is available in the classic navy or gunmetal gray and is 13” wide, 5” deep and 13.5” tall, with straps that are just the right length for hiking your tote up over your shoulder.

We are very pleased to be working with a small, family run business here in the US. Their commitment to quality and ethical practices make them the perfect partner in the PK Collection.  The PK Clutch and the PK Tote will be unveiled at the Shindig marketplace and available online while supplies last. Please note – because these are handmade, just for Plucky, this is a very limited edition run. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and interest. I hope you enjoy the bags as much as we do!

Crew – A Sweater Kit

Well, Amy did it again and went ahead and designed yet another must-have-now sweater. When I first saw Crew, I knew it was a winner and just screams Spring! This sweater is so cute; classically trendy and oh so stylish with it’s raglan-sleeves, flattering cut, and as Amy herself put it so well, “stripes and buttons add a little funk to an otherwise simple sweater.”  

Amy’s sample shown in Jack of All Trades, Icey Audrey, and Wintry Mix.  The “Original” kit colorway option.
Oh, how I love those buttons!  Styled just as Amy show’s here with just a peek of a tank underneath.  This is the perferct transition sweater from winter to spring (Yes, Spring is coming – I have hope!).Crew is written for Primo Sport.  It’s the perfect option for a transitional sweater without being too heavy.

Kits are noted as to which colorway is the MC, CC1, and CC2.  The quantities for MC, CC1, and CC2 will already be set for you. Below is a peek at a few of the colors that will be available:

Crew Anchors
Crew Back In the Day
Crew Black & White
Crew By the rules
Crew Chesterfield
Crew Cocktail HOur
Crew Confection
Crew Dessert First
Crew Endless Summer Nights
Crew Expect
Crew Fine & Dandy
Crew Matinee Idol
Crew Many Thanks
Crew Love of Grellow
Crew Lady Violet
Crew Original
Crew Ship Shape
Crew The Guild
Crew Outdoor Cafe
Crew Pretty Poison
Crew The Queens Court
Crew Weather Vane
Crew Set Sail

Here are the details you need to know to obtain your Crew kit:

Where?:  Right here on the Plucky blog!  Crew will be for sale under the first blog entry heading at the time stated.   

When?:  Two different times! Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 at Noon Eastern and again at 8:00 p.m. Eastern

What?:  Crew Sweater kits, including the pattern PDF, in Primo Sport.

How Much?:  

Size 34¼ 36½ 38¾ 41 43¼ 45½ 47¾ 50 52¼ 54½
# of MC 4 4 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6
# of CC1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2
# of CC2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Kit Cost $180.00 $180.00 $209.00 $209.00 $238.00 $238.00 $267.00 $267.00 $267.00 $267.00
Shipping $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95
Total Cost $185.95 $185.95 $214.95 $214.95 $243.95 $243.95 $272.95 $272.95 $272.95 $272.95

All prices shown in USD, include yarn, the exclusive Crew sweater pattern and flat rate shipping of $5.95 per kit. The pattern PDF will be emailed to kit purchasers
within 24-48 hours after the update has completed to the email associated with the PayPal account used to complete your purchase.  The pattern will not be available as an immediate Ravelry download nor will hard copies of the pattern be sent with the yarnYarn for the kits will ship the week of April 10th, 2014.

I hope you enjoy knitting and wearing Crew.  I can’t wait to see the color combo you choose! 

Stitches or Bust

StitchesWest Ad

Must admit it has felt more like ‘or bust’ around the studio the last two months. Mr. Murphy and his ‘law’ can go away anytime now. We’re tired of wrestling with him already. But, that cannot dampen our excitement or enthusiasm – we are so happy to be headed to Santa Clara!

Travel Collage

past plucky travels

Today I thought I would give you a peek at the hustle and bustle (ok, insanity) that has been going on in the studio as we prepare for Stitches.  This will be the Readers Digest version because I am afraid that if I report fully, I will scare myself (and you would think we are – ok I am – completely nuts).

So we have our regularly scheduled program of dyeing your yarn (cashmere update, blues club, fellas, classics, etc.), twisting, tagging, shipping, working with designers, planning new colorways, etc.  Just those regularly scheduled events keeps us happily very busy, all day, five days a week.  Then add to the mix dyeing, twisting, labeling and shipping enough yarn for a show the size of Stitches. And there is the dismantling of the studio so we can ship the racks to hold the yarn, ceramic hand mannequins, glass and wire heads, banners, table cloths, baskets, bunting,  and on and on.  The only way to do this is to ask everyone to move in double time.  We must have looked like someone put us all on to the fast forward setting.

I am cautiously optimistic and very happy to report that we are ALMOST ready for stitches.  A few things have had to move to the bottom of our priority list (kit delay, manicure, etc.), and while we have less than our original plan, it is still a lovely assortment and we will be on that plane, heading to Cal-a-forn-i-a. So, only eight more sleeps until they unlock the doors at Stitches!  Hayley and I are so excited to meet you. To see knitty friends both old and new.  We will be able to put faces to some shipping addresses and Ravatars and that is always a blast.

When we commit to attending an event, we want to make it special.  We want to bring as much as we can and have time to meet as many of our customers as possible.  The only way to do this is to pick one major event (other than the Shindig!) each year and give it 110% of all we have.  Because committing to and attending a show really does impact the normal day to day flow in the studio, we must try to balance that commitment with our commitment to you, as well as our daily lives.

But, that still leaves us the opportunity to fill in one or two other venues if at all humanly possible. Once the last prop is repacked and heading home to the studio after Stitches, we will catch our breath (but not for long!) and jump back in to the day to day at Plucky and of course start getting ready for the Shindig!  After that?  Who knows where we will pop up!

Project bag collage

Because we are headed to Stitches and not everyone can attend, I thought it would be fun to start the festivities here on the blog with a contest. Tell me something. Anything fun. A good joke. How you and yours have beaten the cabin fever during this relentless winter. Or, maybe you have not beaten it but are muddling through the best you can. Have a favorite soup recipe you care to share? What are you knitting right this minute? Leave your comment here and we will choose three winners. Each winner will receive a Plucky project bag and a skein of yarn from the One Hit Wonders that are headed to Stitches! Comments will remain open until Noon (EST) tomorrow, Thursday, February 13th.

Patience Is A Virtue ~

That I do not possess today.

Up for grabs are two skeins of lace weight that are a smidge tangled, but with some tlc and perseverance they will be just fine. Yours for the asking. If you would like one or both, please contact me – they are yours!


Blue Belle – Merino Wool Lace Weight


Miss Ellen’s Corals – Merino Wool Lace Weight

Is it just me ~

Or is everyone having a problem with WordPress being woefully slow to load and use?