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Meet PLEASANT PHEASANT! Such a fun color on Solo! But, as gorgeous as ‘Pheasant’ is on Solo, it does not work on some of the other bases. As much as we would love to say this colorway can be all things to all bases, sadly, it can’t. And, this is true of many other Plucky colors.

Through the years, as our Plucky colors and bases have been developed, we have tried to be as inclusive as possible to the individual preferences of each one of you. There are some who love that the same color can look wildly different when dyed on different bases. However, for others, this can be extremely disappointing and frustrating. Please know that it is disappointing and frustrating for us as well! For instance, if you compare Primo vs. Traveler vs. Snug vs. Beauregard and use the exact same recipe, one end product will differ significantly (sometimes baring little to no resemblance at all) from another.

We are currently and actively addressing some quality issues that have crept up on us. In an effort to concentrate on the art we love and are proud to share with you, we will be changing and improving some processes. We will no longer be offering all colorways on all bases. When new colorways are released, or we are creating lists of colorways to highlight in an update, we will only be offering the base and color combinations we believe best represent the vision and inspiration we had when we created each of them. To be clear, we most definitely want to know what your wishes are. For example, if you want to see Pleasant Pheasant on Solo added to an update, you bet! However, if you are looking for that colorway on Beauregard, that is a wish we will not be able to grant.


What does all of this really mean? Well, simply put, it’s time for a few changes, such as, the recent addition of more specialized updates! The positive feedback has been wonderful. We are glad that you know that we realize that while Tuesday might be a Blues & Browns update and Thursday a sweater kit update, that does not mean both updates will fit with everyone’s plans or wishes, and that’s ok!


We appreciate your loyalty, your friendship, and your business. It is in this vein that we are making every effort to be sure that the yarn you receive is exactly what your vision was when you ordered it. We will always continue to strive to be as inclusive as possible to the individual preferences of each one of you.



Sarah & Hayley

Thank You Stitches West!

Well, that was a ton of fun!!!

We have returned home full of ideas and inspiration and more than our share of smiley (and oh so tired) faces, funny stories and happy hearts just bursting with gratitude!

Now it’s getting all our ducks in a row, shipping those OHW’s and mystery kits (Crevasse mystery kits coming up) and lining up what we have in store for you in March and ….

So many x’s & o’s,

Sarah, Hayley & the Fellas

The Nifty Update!

The Nifty Update!

Is anyone else out there scratching their head, wondering how it is possible that it’s nearly April?!  The arrival of Spring (break!) has us jonesing for light and airy knits, and let me tell you; we have a positively brilliant brand spanking new base to share with you!

We are delighted to introduce the newest base in the Plucky lineup….Nifty!  Nifty is a beautiful 4 ply fingering weight yarn, comprised of a blend of 60% Merino, 30% Cashmere and 10% Nettle Fiber, with 310 yds per 115 g skein.  Nifty is priced at $30 USD/skein. The merino/cashmere blend keeps it oh so soft and provides a lovely drape, while the small amount of nettle fiber gives the tiniest bit of sheen and textural finish to your fabric.  This unique base is simply perfect for all of your Spring and Summer knits! We’re rounding out the update with a handful of our other favorite bases for warm weather knits and a selection of colorways that we love for Spring and how they translate onto the various fibers.

If you find yourself in need of some pattern inspiration, we’ve got you covered, these patterns caught our eye and we think they’d be splendid in Nifty!

• Chevriot
• Newsprint Cowl
• Cullum
• A Girl Thing
• Skinner Hat
• Travel Light
• Snell
• Gillespie
• Magic Spring Shawl
• Stripe Parade
• Peak Color

Available Bases:

  • Cashmere
  • Crew
  • Crewbie
  • Lodge Worsted
  • Lodge Fingering
  • Nifty
  • Primo Fingering
  • Primo Sport
  • Snug Worsted
 Helpful Information:
  • Please join us, Wednesday, March 29th at 9:00 AM and again at 8:00 PM EDT, on the Plucky Blog for the pre-order update.
  • Orders placed during this update will begin shipping on April 17th, 2017.
  • You may find details for Nifty here on Ravelry or on our website.


Meet our newest Small Batch colorways!

Meet a few our newest Small Batch…

We are having a blast expanding our catalog of Small Batch colorways!  The latest additions, inspired by Scotland, will be available for pre-order here on the blog on Sunday, March 12 at 6:00 p.m. EDT!  We thought it would be a good idea to refresh a previous informative blog post about these special, unique pieces of art.  We hope you enjoy and have as much fun with them as we have with development and knitting with them!


Can we talk a little bit about Small Batch?!

We decided on the name ‘Small Batch’ because it was the perfect description of how these skeins of art come about. They are done in very small batches with each and every skein having the various colors applied one at a time. It’s a time-consuming and labor intensive process but one that we’ve come to love! It allows us to bring you our art in every skein, making for fun and truly unique projects!

Something we ask you to please bear in mind (and this is true for hand-dyed yarn aside from Small Batch) is that no one skein will be exactly like another. As an example, one skein of Small Batch may have more green speckles or be more saturated with all of the colors comprising that particular Small Batch colorway, while another from the same ‘batch’ may have less saturation, be more speckled or have more blue than the one that was created directly beside it. Again, it’s just the nature of hand-dyed, artisan yarn and each skein is truly unique.

What you may see in a glamour shot or a project pic of a Small Batch may be very close to what you receive or it may be very different in its placement of colors on the skein. These differences are not quality issues. True Small Batch, or hand-dyed yarn, is inherently unique to each skein and it would be next to impossible to replicate every speckle of each colorway represented in a skein of Small Batch. Often times, skeins that appear significantly different from one another in the skein, may look more matched once they are wound (happens to me all the time) and the opposite may also be true.

Please know that if you order more than one skein of the same Small Batch colorway, on the same base, we always do our best to provide you the closest matches possible, just as we do with multiples of our traditional colorways. We simply ask that you keep in mind the unique characteristics that make Small Batch what it is and know that each skein is one-of-a-kind!

You are unique, your knits are one of a kind and so is your small batch!

Thank you so much!

Tuscadero & Friends!

Tuscadero, Round 2!!

We’ve made it halfway through February, and as far as we’re concerned, that’s worth celebrating!! So, how about, we have some fun in Reserve?! We just couldn’t resist putting together a whole new palette that we adore with Tuscadero, and there’s a little something for everyone here. From delicate colors like Dreamy and As You Wish, to essential neutrals like Medieval and High Cotton, and of course, everything in between!

Helpful Information:

• This sale will take place in our Reserve shop beginning today, Wednesday, February 15, while supplies last.
• Bases available: Primo Fingering, Snug, Groovy, Traveler Aran, Traveler DK, Primo Sport, Cachet, Sophisticate
• Tuscadero is 17% off for the month of February
• Traveler Aran is available at the special sale price of $19/skein. Tuscadero Traveler Aran is NOT an additional 17% off.
• These skeins will ship within Reserve guidelines, in 1-4 business days

We’ll have a few other friends joining in the Reserve fun too, so be sure to keep a lookout and add an extra pop of color into your February!

New!! Yakpaca!


A very happy Friday of Super Bowl weekend to one and all! I have something kind of exciting to share with you!

First things first. Reserve will be getting a little maintenance (this being the first step in an ongoing process) early next week, so we will be shutting the doors for a few days starting Monday.

But, before that happens, we have something pretty fabulous to share with you this weekend! Bungalow is in the house…..think sweater quantities across the colors, woohoo!! We adore this special, limited edition yarn. Reserve will be stocked this weekend with Bungalow, while supplies last. Anyone thinking spring knits? Get your Bungalow!


Bungalow Palette

Now. Drumrolll!!! We are unveiling something BRAND NEW this weekend on Reserve….introducing, Yakpaca!! This 50.50 yak/alpaca worsted weight yarn (our swatches produced 5sts/inch on a size US 8 needle) is really special.

Yakpaca. It’s pretty much everything, and more! Light, lofty and breathable with a fabulous hand and next to skin softness. It’s absolute perfection for sweaters, shawls, wraps, and smaller accessories like hats and mitts.

Hayley has already cast on for Loulou with it, and I am totally smitten with my Corner Brook! Yakpaca plays so nicely when it’s time to mix those bases! I’m mixing Yakpaca with Groovy for my Corner Brook and it’s just.so.good.

yakpaca name edit AD


Yakpaca ($29 per 250 yards per skein) is available in the following palette of natural colors: Beatnik (black! Still needs photo), Pinstripe, Nailhead, Going Gray, Paneling, Band Wagon, Bobbin, and Pitchfork. FYI. These colorways are exclusive to Yakpaca only. Thank you!

Happy Friday friends,


Introducing the Winter QPP!




Good morning friends!

As promised… the Winter QPP!

Solstice: is an icy aqua blue. Lighter than Fondant, more saturated than Fancy Free. Brilliant in all the aqua/tealy blue graidents you can imagine! Aqua lovers rejoice!

Polar Dip: Bright, frosty cornflower blue. Lighter in saturation than Icey Audrey and more blue leaning and for all you Sister’s (colorway) lovers and Frostbitten lovers (again, really old colorway!) this might just appeal to you!

Hibernation: Deep, dark black leaning brown with undertones of burgundy and charcoal. Warmer than Morticia. Morticia = Black. Scalloway = Black/Summy. Hibernation = Warm black/brown/black.

Nippy: Cool, icy pink perfection! Delicate, yet bright and fun. How’s that for two sides of the same coin?! Cooler and slightly brighter than Some Pig, less saturated than Lawn Ornament.

Parka: Peachy pink with undertones of coral. Brighter and cooler than Bellini, slightly warmer than Cecelia. And just too cute.

Old Man Winter: Soft gray with that pairs gorgeously with Twill. Cooler than Ruffled Feathers, warmer than Wintry Mix.

Getaway: Sunny, buttery yellow. Cooler than Build Me Up, more delicate than Bee in My Bonnet. Slightly less bright than Spelling Bee. Dreaming of warm sunny days ahead….

Frost Fair: Light, minty wintergreen. Leans greener than Enchantment and totally and completely wonderful paired with Modern Vintage – you know, gradient style!

Hope you love these as much as we do and you can be sure we will back yet today with all the update details!

Hugs to you all.


It’s Groovy being Cozy!


We’ve fallen head over heals for Groovy, you too?  Well, guess what?!  It’s back in the house, and we couldn’t be more elated!  What makes Groovy so exquisite, you ask?  With its light and lofty hand, this 100% Aran weight cashmere makes some of the most luxurious fabric you can imagine.  Perfect for warding off those falling temperatures!

And then, there’s Cozy.  It’s a long time favorite, with a very loyal following and with good reason!  This velvety soft, DK weight Merino/Camel blend is perfect for both accessories and sweaters.  Hayley and I have selected a palette of colors that sing on both of these bases, including two new colorways.  We are pleased to introduce Winter Wonderland and Stone Cold!


Below is a current list of bases offered…something else you’d like to see?  Please let us know (bases or colorways!) over in the Wish List Thread.

• Cambridge
• Cozy
• Groovy
• Primo Fingering
• Traveler Sport

As if all of this wasn’t exciting enough, did we mention that this update will ship the week of December 12?!  Since this pre-order will be a quick turnaround, we will not be able to accommodate any changes to orders once they have been placed.  This includes cancellation of orders, additions, change to bases, colors or quantity, or address/shipping changes!  Please keep this in mind before you check-out via PayPal!

Please join us Sunday, December 4th at 8:00 pm EST and again, Monday, December 5th at 9:00 am EST here on the Plucky blog for this special update featuring these two unique bases!




  • If you are new to Plucky, Welcome! We are so glad you are here!  To find out more about how our Blog Updates work, we have prepared a tutorial, found HERE, to assist you. You might also want to read through our FAQs, found HERE.
  • This is a pre-order update and will be a quick turnaround, shipping out the week of December 12th.
  • We will not be able to accommodate any order changes after orders have been placed on this update (including cancellations, additions, changes to bases, colors, or quantity, and address/shipping changes).

Plucky Classics, A Yarn Club

It’s Sign-Up Time!

A Brand New Round of Plucky Classics

Sign-ups begin Sunday, November 20th at 9:00 a.m. EST, right here on the Plucky Blog!
We are super excited to open up the Plucky Classics subscription program for another round. We want to give everyone a chance to sign-up for something new, add to their existing subscription, or give the Classics program a whirl for the very first time!

We’ll be saying goodbye to Rustic and Sweater but rounding out the Traveler line-up with Traveler DK and Aran.

There may be months where we choose to draw from the same inspiration, but an entirely different colorway specifically for the bases of Crew, Oxford, Scholar, and Traveler. These four bases due to their unique fiber content/properties, take the dye differently than the others but you can be assured we’ll choose a colorway that make their uniqueness positively sing. And they will be inspired by the same ‘Classic’.

For those who aren’t really sure why we call it Classics, let me give you a little background. Hayley and I love old movies. The Classics. Or, at least those that we consider to be classics! Our idea of a perfect evening is to slip an old movie into the DVD player, make some popcorn, sit back with our knitting and lose ourselves in a movie. But, it’s not just the oldies that we consider Classics. Who doesn’t love a cheezy 80’s or a 90’s disaster movie?  Our tastes are eclectic, to say the least.  And, it’s from our personal list of classic movies that we draw our inspiration for the Classics subscription colors. We hope you will watch and knit with us!

Here is how the Plucky Classics subscription works:

If you are already a Classics subscriber, and you don’t want to change a thing with your current selections, you are golden and don’t need to do anything! Your subscription will continue on in the same manner.  If your subscription included one of the bases that are not featured in this round of Classics, you will have already received correspondence from customer service about your subscription.

  1. Sign-ups go live Sunday, November 20 at 9:00 a.m. EST on the Plucky Blog and will remain open as long as spots remain available.
  2. Upon enrollment (the date you subscribe, beginning Sunday, November 20), you will have the payment for your yarn deducted from your Paypal account. Subsequent payments will continue to be deducted, on the same date every other month, until you cancel your subscription.
  3. At the end of every month following the deduction (December), your Classics order will be shipped to you. You will continue to receive yarn, every other month, until you cancel your subscription (February, April, June and so on).
  4. The base and quantity you choose will be your subscription until you (or we) cancel your subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time.
  5. Bases available are: Primo Aran, Primo Fingering, Primo Sport, Primo Worsted, Bello, Bello Worsted, Single, Feet, Trusty, SNUG Worsted, SNUG Fingering, SNUG (bulky), Crew, Oxford (original), Scholar (original), Sophisticate, Traveler (sport), Traveler DK, Traveler Aran and Plucky Cashmere and Cachet! A quick run-down of yarn details can be found on our website here.
  6. The Classics color each month is a surprise colorway and may be the same across all bases.There may be months where we choose to draw from the same inspiration, but an entirely different colorway specifically for the bases of Crew, Oxford, Scholar, and the Travelers! These four bases due to their unique fiber content/properties, take the dye differently than the others but you can be assured we’ll choose a colorway that make their uniqueness positively sing.
  7. If you would like a subscription for more than one base, you will need to make an additional subscription.
  8. Pricing, including shipping costs can be viewed here.  Please be sure to choose the appropriate selection (U.S. or International) based on your shipping address.

Plucky Classics is a great (and fun!) way to ensure you get a regular dose of Plucky yarn, especially if you find it difficult to make the updates (time zones, work schedules, etc.). Sign-up and yarn will magically appear in your mailbox every other month. Easy Peasy!

Please note: multiple orders will be combined for shipping, domestic and international.
Values for customs documents will be completed in accordance with the pricing shown on your PayPal receipt (i.e. One skein Primo Worsted shipped internationally will reflect a value of $33.00, etc. for customs). Again, thank you!

If you are new to Plucky we invite you to read all about our Blog Updates in the FAQs found HERE. Also, be sure to sign up for our eNewsletter and go to our Plucky Knitter app so you are always up-to-date on events and news.


Plucky Luxe – A Plucky Cashmere Club




A Subscription To Luxury

Does the thought of cashmere regularly arriving at your door appeal to your longing for a bit of luxury now and then? Do you wish you had chosen cashmere as an option for your Classics subscription? Would your budget love a “set it and forget it” payment plan?

Subscriptions for the Plucky Luxe Club will open on Sunday, November 20 at 9:00 am EST here on the Plucky blog and will remain open until subscription spots remain.  Upon subscribing, you will be billed every month for one half of the total amount of your subscription*. Approximately 15 days after your second payment, your yarn will be shipped to you. This will result in six bi-monthly shipments, featuring a brand new color for each installment, and twelve monthly payments.

Let’s use November as our example. If you subscribe for three skeins of Cachet (US subscription), and using the chart below, your total cost for those three skeins will be $226. On the day you sign up (for example, November 20th), your PayPal account will automatically be billed for one half of your total, $113. On December 20th, your PayPal account will automatically be billed for the second half your of your total. And then on/about January 4th, you will be sent all three skeins of your Cachet in the brand new mystery Luxe color. This color will be exclusive to the Luxe Club and will not be available on any other base. And, Hayley and I will be sure to post pattern suggestions in the Luxe Club Spoiler thread, sharing ideas and chatting about what we think will look terrific in the newest color! You can be sure that each mystery color will positively sing on cashmere!

*All applicable postage/shipping fees will be reflected in your subscription total.

This is a subscription only club, with a one-time signup event. Your current subscription will continue, with no changes, until you (or Plucky) cancel. If you wish to modify your order, adding or subtracting skeins of Cashmere (sport) or Cachet to your subscription, you may do so now by cancelling your current subscription in PayPal or by choosing a new subscription during this sign-up event. If you are currently enjoying a Luxe Club subscription (for which you subscribed to last May), you can sit back and relax, knowing that you will continue to receive your regularly scheduled delivery of cashmere! If you are new to The Luxe Club, welcome! We are delighted to bring you this opportunity for a bit of every day luxury.

If cashmere is calling your name, sign ups are below! We will continue to hold the market open while supplies last. Thank you so much for your continued support for all things Plucky! Whether you sign up for one skein or a sweater quantity, everybody deserves a little cashmere in their life!

Please note that if you are currently receiving cashmere in your Classics subscription, your Classics will continue to be sent in the Classics color. The Luxe Club is separate and will be the only way to receive the exclusive Luxe Club colors.


Plucky Reserve!


Have you had an opportunity to take look at the Plucky Reserve lately? It’s getting really interesting over there! And, it promises to be a VERY lively place over the next few days!

As the yarn and all the remaining swag from Glamping arrives back in the barn (we subscribe to the ‘go big or go home’ and the ‘all that and the kitchen sink’ mentality when prepping for a show), we are inventorying and stocking it into the Reserve. We hope you will check regularly because this is going to be a constantly changing scene! Here you will find your favorite scummies, brights, tonals, greys, and SBs across so many of the Plucky bases. But, keep looking because there will also be mystery kits, project bags, Fringe Field bags, coffee mugs, pens, and on and on! About the only thing you won’t find will be a little black and white dog named Ox! He’s not leaving my side, nor I his. So glad to be home with my pups!

Please remember, items from the Reserve Shop are all ready to ship. Your Plucktober/vember project might be right there, waiting for you!












Introducing… BUNGALOW


I promised you guys something exciting!

Just in time for the warmer months (for those of us in the northern hemisphere!) we are very excited to introduce our newest yarn, Plucky Bungalow!

This sport weight yarn is mostly plant based, but we added a touch of silk to give your finished projects a bit of structure and just a hint of sheen. Bungalow will be perfect for summer cardigans, tanks, tees, and open lacey shawls. These are the lightweight, breathable summer wardrobe staples that we all need for warm days, cool evenings or an unexpected blast of out-of-control air conditioning!

75.15.10 Cotton, Linen, & Silk
314 yards $29 per skein




This palette has been especially chosen for this new non-wooly Plucky. This colors will not be available on any other base except Bungalow. I’ll be back over the next couple days with some photos of a few samples knit up in Bungalow.