Hayley and I are endlessly entertained and just love seeing the many ways you wear, use, and enjoy your #dailyplucky.
So introducing…. #DAILYPLUCKY

Each week Hayley and I will pick a favorite photo or two and send the winner a little #pluckysurprise. And of course, we’ll also share what we are knitting, loving and wearing too. We’ll even rope the fellas in on the #dailyplucky action. By using the #dailyplucky, you give us your permission to repost your photo and we’ll really appreciate it because we love seeing the pieces you’re creating with Plucky yarn.

So, please start snapping and sharing some #dailyplucky on Instagram and here in Ravelry on your project page and post away using the #dailyplucky on Instagram or tag it ‘Daily Plucky’ on your project page here in Ravelry! And, don’t you dare hold back – let the posting begin!

Things to post to #dailyplucky

  1. FOs
  2. WIPs
  3. Favorite pieces from your stash
  4. How you wear your Plucky daily.
  5. What just came in the mail?!
  6. Plucky in still life.
  7. Your Plucky Pets!
  8. Plucky travels #pluckywanderlust
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