he could star in his own cartoon~

Oxford. 11 month old Boston Terrier. Shoe thief, yarn destroyer, eye glass eater (Shopping for new glasses today as a matter of fact. I’m thinking I got 6sts to the inch on my Traveler swatch but a little hard to tell since my glasses are now toast) terrorizer (pun intended) of geese and all around, totally lovable and hysterical pup. The little buggy-eyed, flat faced, snorty nosed beast could be the star of his own cartoon.

It’s been a big week at the studio with the arrival Plucky Traveler and Plucky Sweater, and so soon on the heels of Bulky’s arrival! Which, means it is high time for a contest and some giveaways of the new bases.

That picture of Oxford is just begging for a caption! Leave your caption(s) in the comments section now through Sunday, July 15th. I’ll then randomly choose three winners – each winner receiving a skein of one of the new custom to Plucky bases.

Plucky Traveler – Travel Buff. 6sts/1″

Plucky Traveler 65.20.15 Merino Silk Yak. 310 yds. Sport Weight

Plucky Bulky – 100% Merino superwash. 135 yds

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  1. CA
    CA says:

    See mom? That tangled yarn in the other room couldn’t have been me. I’ve been right here – playing with my ball – just like I’m supposed to. Now – about that treat?

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Hey, seriously, who do you think you’re fooling? This may be the same color as that stringy stuff, but it isn’t nearly as much fun! Now, how’s about some of that Karat Stick string or Roasted Pumpkin? No, wait, I really am in the mood for something sweeter, so a sweater quantity of Sticky Toffee, please!

  3. Melistocrat
    Melistocrat says:

    “But, MOM, I thought you gave me this ball so I’d lay off the Karat Stick yarn instead. Don’t look at me like that for playing in the kitchen. Cut me a break!!”

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    To gain his owner’s attention, Oxford learned to resort to increasingly drastic measures. It was all he could do to draw her attention away from the wooly nemesis that was invading the house…

  5. Renee Anne
    Renee Anne says:

    “Really Mama, you want me to play with this? While I believe it’s a good color for me, it only does one thing: it rolls……wait, what? What do you mean it bounces? It bounces too? I love things that bounce! I love things that roll! I love things that bounce and roll and have good color and……..wait a second….what’s ‘bouncing’? Come to think of that, what’s ‘rolling’? And ‘color’? What’s that? Mama, you really want me to play with this….thing? While I agree that this lovely shade of orange really does set out my eyes, it only does one thing: it bounces………..wait, didn’t we just talk about this?”

  6. Deb C.
    Deb C. says:

    Oooh I’m loving that Flannel colorway. For a caption, how about ‘Okay, break time! You bring your cocktail, I’ll bring my ball. We’ll talk trash about the neighbors and their pathetic pets.’

  7. Susan
    Susan says:

    I did not read all the other comments before writing this – (at work, can’t take that much time) – so I’m hoping this hasn’t been used.

    “You want me to do what with this?”

  8. regina
    regina says:

    Why are you looking at me that way? And why are you waving that shoe at me? I didn’t touch that shoe. Nope. Wasn’t me. I’ve been here playing with my ball. Really. Ask anybody where I’ve been all day. Those are NOT my teeth marks. Frankly, I’m a little offended. Hmph.

  9. Janet
    Janet says:

    I have a ball for you! Try and get it… no, it’s mine! No, I want you to throw it! Why aren’t you throwing it? My ball! Throw it! Play! Play! Play!

  10. BethS
    BethS says:

    I bet you thought you could fool me with this Karat Stick orange tennis ball, but I’m no dummy. Hand over the primo, lady! And what’s this I hear about yak yarn?

  11. Amy Mcgowan
    Amy Mcgowan says:

    “I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him…and pat him…and pet him…and rub him and caress him and… :)” – your hyper hypo

  12. Sarah J
    Sarah J says:

    A ball…how do I unravel this Mom???

    Not related to the caption. My youngest Boston – Bud- of the dynamic Bud & Weiser duo chewed up two pair of prescription glasses of my husbands. I could go on about their antics but I am sure you know all about it.

  13. Yael
    Yael says:

    Hey – you think you’re done (throwing)? well I’m not done (catching)…

    (and my husband’s theory is that every time I want a new pair of glasses I let the dogs eat the old ones…)

  14. Monique
    Monique says:

    1. You really think this is fooling me?? Pass down the yarn!
    2. If I position myself correctly, that yarn is falling right in my mouth…
    3. That harness you’re knitting better be more comfortable than this one.
    4. Take the picture already!!
    5. Does this look like The Queen’s Reserve to you?


  15. Kate
    Kate says:

    No, no, the orange fuzz on my tongue is tennis ball fuzz. Definitely no relation to that missing skein. That was, errrr….. THE CAT!! We have one of those, right?

  16. love2stitch
    love2stitch says:

    Ox thinking: Nice try of distracting me with orange ball; let’s make big, innocent ‘mommy, I love you & can do no harm eyes ‘ … as soon as she turns around and I go after her good stuff again & blame my older bro hehe

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