IG (Instand Gratification) Guidelines


Yarn available in an IG (Instant Gratification) update is on hand and ready to ship. This means we are not be able to accommodate changes to orders once they have been placed. Likewise, we would respectfully ask that you not place an order then request it to be canceled. IG’s happen in real time and if you have removed an item from the sale, it is no longer available for someone else.

Due to the nature of IG update’s (yarn we have on hand and that is ready to ship) it may be possible that multiple skein orders will not match as closely as those that are dyed to order. We will do our best, but please know that if ordering several of the same skeins, there is a chance of receiving different dye lots.

One last note! Unfortunately, there is a possibility that we may make an error in counting, entering and packaging these orders. If we do, please know that we will refund that item immediately upon discovery and/or will be sure to let you know if we might be able to offer a substitution! 

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