Gad-uh-bout. Noun. Def. A person who travels often or to many different places, especially for pleasure.

Our Plucky Gadabout cowl is just the ticket as you travel around the neighborhood or around the world. It is an open invitation to mix a multitude of bases and colors. Imagine the fun! Snug Worsted and Bello? Snug Worsted and Cashmere (be still my heart!), Traveler Aran and Bello Fingering? SNUG bulky all on its own? Or, how about Scholar and Cashmere (yes, please!), or Scholar and Bello or Single?

There are no limits to what you might choose to do. And, once you have decided on the bases, you can then play with your color choices. You might want to mix two closely related colors or two that are just a smidge different (but not too different, just enough to still let those cables shine!) creating a very subtle tweed. What ever you choose, you will look fabulous in your Gadabout as you Gadabout town!