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Not sure if this qualifies for Eye Candy Friday, Project Spectrum or just a random post. Let’s say it’s all three – shall we?

Project Spectrum  – Generally I am not a fan of purple (as in purple to wear) however, I do like purple accents on various things and I think it is a brilliant  accompaniment  to  all  the rich  Fall colors that I am so fond of. The purple beads pictured belong to Plucky girl (she is patiently waiting for me to fix the clasp for her, but in the meantime they reside in my Bauer fan bowl. Which just happens to be the happiest of oranges).

The boots? Well, let’s just say I will wear these boots until they can no longer be re-soled and they fall off my feet. Not only are they the best color, they are comfy and go with everything (at least I make them go with everything) and they have sentimental value – a gift from Mr. Plucky. Got to love Kenneth Cole. This Fall will be their third season and they are just getting broken in. I love them.

It’s harvest time in the Plucky container gardens – the yellow tomatoes are on. These, however, look a bit more orange to me (must have been left the on the vine a tad too long). Looking forward to having these sliced for lunch today.

It is absured how happy this new creamer has made me today. Caramel – Love. Hazelnut – Love. Together = Coffee Bliss.

 Well, off to the dye pot to dye some yarns to go with Project Spectrum – Thank you, Lolly, for the inspiration.

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  1. Wannabe
    Wannabe says:

    Love the Bauer bowl. I love their butter dishes and pitcher. They remind me a bit of Fiestaware.

    NICE BOOTS! REALLY. They look comfy. I’m like that with my Doc Martens…one pair will be on Season 4 and the other Season 3 and my Doc flips are on Season 3 and barely look worn. Pay more you get more.

    Those tomatoes look sooo good. Yum.

    Have a good day lovey.

  2. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Luv your new colorways. Arabesque, ok I have to admit I’ve never heard of that, will have to consult the dictionary. Painted desert and french silk to.die.for. Lookin’ forward to sittin’ on the deck with ya tomorrow 🙂

  3. Sheila B
    Sheila B says:

    I have something to add in the THINGS I LOVE category:

    TPK’s BELLE WHATLING – Merino Wool Handpainted Fingering Weight Yarn

    It is dreamy to work with: buoyant, lush, seemingly with a life of its own. Even does a k3-together gracefully!

    It is becoming a gorgeous Branching Out (free Knitty lace pattern) scarf unbelievably quickly. (It’s on Inox straight #5s.)

    Just wanted you all to know. Now back to the yarn and needles!

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