Please join us for the All About That Base The Snugs Update on the Plucky Blog Monday, December 10th at NOON EST and going through the day, while supplies last.

All Plucky Knitter yarns are custom milled to meet my personal standards of excellence, responsibility and ethical practices. (I’lI be the first to admit I’m incredibly particular!) The fibers used to create our yarns originate from various places – both domestic and international.

I painstakingly work with our mills to personally develop and test every Plucky Knitter base. I focus on combining creativity with my love for luxury and the finest quality, seeking the most exclusive fibers, examining their loft and feel, playing with different twists, and constantly experimenting with unique blends. I believe our bases are a worthy result.

Every skein is hand dyed in one of our signature, artisanal colorways, at our studio, using techniques we have developed and refined. We are always dreaming up new and different colorways, drawing on a passion for creating tones and hues that come alive on our custom bases. And, it goes without saying, we take delight in coming up with the names for all of our colorways – they have a story all their own!

When you purchase Plucky Knitter yarns, you do so knowing that our custom luxury bases, dyed by hand in our one-of-a-kind colorways, are unique and are not available anywhere else in the world. We are proud of each and every skein of Plucky Knitter yarn we produce.